Zhao Hai nodded, the baby said that some Zhao Hai also really understand, he turned the head that to name with that Immortal Cultivator who I fight to baby said :, he belongs to that Sect?” Baby said : Young Master, that person called Lu Wei, was Immortal Cultivator in Five Great Sect is the elder in Five Great Sect. ” Does Zhao Hai frown said : what Sect this Five Great Sect is?” Baby said : this Five Great Sect is creates this person by known as Wujue Shangren Immortal Cultivator most from the beginning is a rare talent, from childhood, because the family is poor, has worked as Monk, because afterward body root was wonderful, but of Golden Light Temple most famous Buddhist Sect by Immortal Cultivator was selected, became Golden Light Temple Outer Disciple, has not thought that body root of this person left good that the people imagined, the Immortal Cultivator three yearshas achieved Forged Body Stage twelve layers, smooth promote promoted into was official disciple, then five years, broke through to Foundation Establishment itbecome Inner Disciples, succeeded in post- ten years of Core Formationbecame Golden Light Temple Core Disciple, this was also general. The level division of Immortal Cultivator Sect disciple, just crossed the threshold, body root is good, may become Outer Disciple, body root is not good, can only become handymen ”, if can after passing through the gate within five years, achieves above Forged Body Stage nine layers, may promote for official disciple, if in passing through the gate for ten years may achieve Qi Condensation Stage ” to become Inner Disciples, in passing through the gate for 100 yearscan achieve Gold Core Stage, may become Core Disciplethis Wujue Shangren by then person said is the Golden Light Temple first practice talent. ” The babies speak of here to stopto look at Zhao Hai onepresently Zhao Hai not to bear every appearance, this then said : „, but afterward Wujue Shangren with this people exiting value line of Sect duty, was actually framed by a same side people, was seriously injured, although says life finally protect, but cultivation level actually lost, but framed his person ” the backstage in Golden Light Temple to be very hardfinally Wujue Shangren however to be expelled Golden Light Temple. Zhao Hai noddedthis Immortal Cultivator although performance scenerymost is Wuqing/ruthless does not have righteousnesssuch matter these people to do. The babies looked appearance that Zhao Hai is interested in probably very much, immediately/on horseback then said : „, who can want to obtain, Wujue Shangren drove out by Golden Light Temple, has run into an honored person firmly, this person is Five Greats Daoist, Five Greats Daoist is Rogue Cultivator that in Immortal Cultivator became famous, Cultivation Method that he studies is actually known as Five Absolute Demon Art Cultivation Method, must study this Cultivation Method to achieve certainly the situations of five sentimentsthese five sentiments separately is, certainly kinshipcertainly the friendship, certainly the sentiment of men and womencertainly the benevolence, certainly morality and justice, it can be said that Demon Art of true unfeeling certainly righteousness, after Wujue Shangren by Five Greats Daoist asked ”, don’t know Five Greats Daoist What Spell usedto make the Wujue Shangren injury completely duplicate unexpectedly ”, moreover cultivation level won pastafterward Five Greats Daoist dead ” Wujue Shangren to start to create with this given name in Immortal Cultivator, his originally was a practice talent, within slowly however practiced Five Absolute Demon Art extremely tobecame Transcends Tribulation Stage big cultivator, afterward his self-created Five Great Sect, became a school of lord, this was including the matter that Five Greats Daoist has not achieved. ” Zhao Hai nodded, this bites radical Wujue Shangren also is really very fierce, can achieve this situation unexpectedly, how did he gain ground to make baby said : this Wujue Shangren now? This Five Great Sect strength how? Status of that Lu Wei in Five Great Sect how?”, Baby immediately/on horseback said : this Wujue Shangren nobody knows that now he how, he had the good length is the boundary has not made an appearance, some people said that he pass through Heaven and Earth Great Tribulation became Immortal Stage Immortal Cultivator, some people said that he was the life completelyalready died during meditation, but how arrived at the bottomis the rumor, nobody knows, strength very formidable of this Five Great Sect in Immortal Cultivator, although compared with these established level Sect also difference , but also was first-class Sect, status of this Lu Wei in Five Great Sect was not very high, was only an elderby his cultivation level, Can become this elder to be good. ”

The Zhao Hai nod head , the although baby said is very relaxed, however Zhao Hai heart actually very heavy, he did not worry that Lu Wei, what he is worried is that Five Great Sect, that Five Great Sect how formidable, if later with them for enemyfeared really will not feel better. Laura they stand in the Zhao Hai side, asked with Zhao Hai and baby answers, their although was not very understand, actually also knows that Immortal Cultivator will be incomparably formidable existence, they were abundant in the human eyes of these Immortal Cultivator, feared that was one flock of ants. Zhao Hai looks up baby eyeslooked at this baby long fresh-faced adorable, especially when looks like China to manage Olympic Games mascot figure, cannot help but in a soft voice smiles said : „, you called Fu Wa saying that Immortal Cultivator matter to me. ”, Fu Wa has complied with one, immediately/on horseback said :, is, Young Master cultivates there that incomparable generalsome big nobody to know that cultivates has the innumerable small plane compositions, among these plane was connected getting up by Immortal Cultivator use Transmission Formationentire Immortal Cultivator is big plane, but this big plane ” is actually much bigger than Ark Continent and God Realm here, moreover there is also a ratio big plane Advanced level position, there will have other cultivator frequently, ascend arrives at Immortal Realm, but so such person only then about Gold Core Stage strength. Immortal Cultivator there will not have any big show, the best result was included by some big Sect, became an elder or Core Disciple is good. ” Zhao Hai nodded, these he has thought that that Immortal Cultivator is certainly stronger than Ark Continent here, that Lu Wei when was eliminated also said childand other Zhao Hai to Upper Realm, must tidy up himlooks like their this Realm personhas achieved certain cultivation level, will go ascend to Immortal Cultivator, looks like Ark Continent here is the same person ascend to God Realm. Fu Wa looks at Zhao Hai to hearimmediately/on horseback then said : earnestly Young Master, in Immortal Cultivator there Great Sect has plenty, besides Five Great Sect, beside Golden Light Temple, the Buddhist Sect 180 temples, first is the strength is extraordinary, in adding on Daoism 9x9 = 81 Supreme Dao Sect, Demon Path 30 six Hevenly Spirit Sect 70 two Earthly Fiend Sectin these Immortal Cultivator most famous Sect. ” Did Zhao Hai wrinkle by brow said : this goods gate 180 temples what's the matter? They belong to Sect, belongs to different Sect?” These that Fu Wa said : Young Master, just said that belong to different Sect, in the Buddhist Sect 180 temples has Golden Light Temple, these 180 temples, is a general designation of Buddhist Sect strongest strength Sect, Buddhist Sect altogether have 180 formidable Sect actually, therefore is called 180 temples, but Dao Sect 9x9 = 81 Supreme Dao Sect, almostcomprised of different Sect with the Buddhist Sect 180 temples, they are not unionsome not family feud, but is Dao Sect, therefore said knows 9x9 = 81 Supreme Dao Sect, Demon Path 30 six Hevenly Spirit Sect, 70 two Earthly Fiend Sect , are the same. The truth, these Sect are Immortal Cultivator in fact controlafter their these, some formidable Immortal Cultivator Clan, some Rogue Cultivator alliances, their overall strengths, compared with these three big Dao Sect, miss too, therefore the right to speak are less. ”

Zhao Hai noddedturns the head to be good to Fu Wa said : „, after these matters, was saying that” present Young Master I do not have first to help me who time tube theseyou must do now promote some Undead Creature level, this can achieve? ” Fu Wa nod said : „, Young Master feel relieved Young Master these Magic Beast level is not very strong, want to promote them not to be easy hastilyI one time many only to 81 Undead Creature to promote level, in many are not good, moreover one time requires nine days. ” Zhao Hai nodded, sighs said : that first this, was right, you give these Undead Creature promote level the time, but also is possible to help me fight?” The babies nodded said : to be able Young Master, such words, Undead Creature promotion will be slower.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, that first promotes 81, these.” The hand wields, 80 Undead Creature appears nearby Zhao Hai, these Undead Creature, are Dragon RaceDragon Race fighting strength is stronger than Human Race, these Undead Creature although with Human Race altogether are 9th levelwords that but must hit reallythese Dragon Race Undead Creature are stronger compared with Human Race on many, therefore the Zhao Hai preparation promotes Dragon Race Undead Creature first. Now Zhao Hai rushed to that Hell background to go these Undead Creature, to let them can Level Up as soon as possible, butHell background there is obviously useful to these Undead Creature althoughbut the effect will not be quick, comes compared with Tiny Pagoda, wants on slowly many. The Fu Wa two words did not say that ” command(er) Tiny Pagoda was receiving inside tower these Undead Creature, then on look at Zhao Hai helplessly, so is much more lovable. Zhao Hai did not have anything, Laura their each and every one two eyes has shone, Laura cannot bear put out a hand to touch looks like Fu WaFu Wa also to know probably Zhao Hai with Laura relationship, he has not hidden, but is he has not hidden, Laura has not traced toFu Wa is only Artifact Spirit, he does not have the entity, his entity is Tiny Pagoda, therefore Laura this toucheshand directly to pass through from the body of Fu Wa.

Laura has gawked, then disappointed look at Fu Wa, Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : to be good, left disappointedly, if later Fu Wa level rose, he slowly will turn into a genuine child, I said right.” Fu Wa nodded said : „.” Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said that this happy, her look at Fu Wa said : how has that he can be able Level Up?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : that to look my, my strength, was also bigger to his advantage.” Said that mouth, Tiny Pagoda submerged to his saying, appears in his below dantian, in there by Zhao Hai deep breathing controlled by the diaphragm nourishing. Tiny Pagoda was received by Zhao Hai, Fu Wa naturally also disappears, but Laura looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, cannot help but in great surprise said : Elder Brother Hai, you, you Fu Wa eating?”! ~!