Chapter 758 God Race slave Zhao Hai one hear of Laura said that has almost not fainted, he turned the head look at Laura said : what is I have eaten him, I received in him my dantian, carried on nourishing in there with my deep breathing controlled by the diaphragm to him, only then he can Level Up like this slowly.” Laura suddenly big enlightment: Originally is this, if that later Fu Wa Level Up, hasn't been able to turn into a genuine child appearance? That Elder Brother Hai haven't you cherished a child on equal to in the belly?” The Zhao Hai plump lay on the ground, he turned the head look at to smile all Woman who the flowering branch shivered all over, shouted that said : counter- you, have dared to tease unexpectedly I, looked how I tidied up you.” Laura their scream, turn around walks. Merriment a while, several talented person returned to in villa, but also let alone, just this turned the merriment, to was the Zhao Hai spirit relaxed, after entering the living room, Zhao Hai in one time turned on the screen, look at Demon Race there had any sound. The Demon Race person to can calm down, that many scouting were killed, they link a point response not to have unexpectedly, when one time sends out scouts, the first team of people of were many, Elven Race is thinking exterminate they, was impossible. It seems like Demon Race these time decided to attack with steady steps, regarding such match, Zhao Hai was most headache, because they were steady, the flaw will be less, looks like a farmer is planting crops, if this farmer worried very much, some shallow places that 2-3 the place plowing, you presently, he will have plowed the place that is not plows not to plow, but a farmer, if did not worry, bit by bit, advancing gradually, that he plowed certain was deeply is also good. But present Demon Race looks like the farmer who that does not worry, his advancing carefully, so long as has a piece not to plow, his advancing, such although will not plant crops very slow, but the effect is actually best. Zhao Hai frowns, sighed lightly said : really don’t know these people are Demon Race, was not legend Demon Race is militant, the person has a look at their present appearances, that a little militant appearance, really pressed them, actually endured such long time.” Laura also frowns said : these Demon Race behaviors truly is somewhat unusual, evidently command(er) their people, disposition certainly very calm vicious, such person is not good to deal with.”

Zhao Hai nodded, turned the head to look at God Race these people, God Race there military compound constructed was very good, now they have dispatched troops to enter to teach the country and Buddha Empire border brightly, complete taught country there place control brightly. But those who most make Zhao Hai accidental is, today came many people from God Realm, these person of although from God Realm, but Zhao Hai sees, these people are not the God Race people. Stature short and small of these people, are similar to Dwarf Race, but they do not have are not strong like Dwarf Race, conversely, a person looks like very thin is weak, in adding on their green skins, two sharp ears like Elven Race, the big eye that one is in sharp contrast, does not have skin of fur, the whole person appears somewhat strange, but does not lose cute. However now these villains, actually by God Race catches up with the child to come out with the whip, these villains have almost only put on the strip half the short pants, the bodies of many person are wounded, moreover thin skin covered bones, the each and every one facial expression is numb, looks like the beforehand Ark Continent here slave. Zhao Hai saw that these villains know, these villains certainly are the God Race slaves, these slaves but who don’t know they catch from there. Appearance that Laura their also look at screen, sees these villains, cannot help but the heart lives the sympathy, Laura turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, you know that these villains are who? How I do not remember that Iron Hammer has mentioned them?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : don’t know, Iron Hammer their simply had not mentioned these villains, I think where these villains are God Race grasp certainly, moreover nearly tens of thousands years have, Iron Hammer their simply don’t know, looks like these Heavy Armor Infantry is the same.” Laura nodded, does he look at these villain said : present God Race to send them to do? Their military compounds are not constructed similar?” Zhao Hai sneers said : not to construct, moreover perhaps these villains are come Ark Continent here to a God Race type of grain, now God Race all supplies, ship from God Realm, such very inconvenient . Moreover the cost is too high, the light teaches the domain in country's, although is in Continent several big Empire smallest one, however arable land area is not small, if uses these farming on, that solves the grain question of God Race army, is not impossible, looks like the God Race these fellow, was plan long-term Sino-Japanese War.”

Laura nodded said : truly is, if not we have Space, transports the grain like God Race, cost big increase of that grain, it seems like God Race does not certainly want in this way.” Zhao Hai nodded, then sighed said : to fear that God Race came this, they one, but started to teach the country there cultivation brightly, had planned that took root in there, later we were want to counter-attack them, their resistances also certainly intense, not easy to do that.” Lizzy knit the brows said : Elder Brother Hai, you said that God Race there was conquer other small plane, Fu Wa did not say, our here was big plane, comprised of innumerable small plane, can God Race also with coping with the Ark Continent means that copes with other small plane, these Heavy Armor Cavalry and these slaves, grasped from other plane.” Zhao Hai has gawked, then knit the brows said : well, possibly is this, if this is really the case, that has troubled, no wonder after God Race has seized a place, immediately starts to immigrate, it seems like before them, little has not done this matter.” Lizzy nodded said : God Race here to be formidabe, Demon Race is not good to cope, it seems like these two races are sufficing let our headache, only hopes that they when the time comes really hit, otherwise our troubles on even bigger.” The meaning of Zhao Hai understand Lizzy, Lizzy said was Zhao Hai said that by retreat to Accra Mountain defense line there, blocked the god demon two clans, making these two clans hit, they quite obtained without labor the strength of fisherman. Zhao Hai also sighed, God Race and Demon Race were the old reprobate race, wish make them fight mutually, was not easy, wish made them fight mutually, must have the qualification that made them fight mutually, only then made these two clans unable to capture the Accra Mountain defense line, they mutually will fight, otherwise feared that was these two clans first Ark Continent tidying up, was fighting, by that time, anything late. Many that God Race these slaves come, is really such as Zhao Hai thinks, these slaves arrived have taught country there brightly, started to cultivate on the ground, look at them to act the skillful appearance, knows that they often did such living. Zhao Hai sighed, God Race these time feared is determined, must overcome Ark Continent, now their so many slaves, even if did not want the Ark Continent here person to give them to work as the slave to be also good, their person to the Ark Continent here so was no wonder ruthless.

Looked some little time, one that Zhao Hai shouted has stood, turns the head to Laura their said : I from now on, I prepared to put out some Spatial Water to promote on Continent the strength of average person, the god demon two clans, or perished we, we said that anything cannot let their Ruyi Scepter, we spelled with them.” Laura nodded, face firm said : good, Elder Brother Hai, I also agreed that even if cannot make everyone/Great Clan turn into God Rank Expert, but makes them 9th level Expert, in Magic Beast that adding on our Space produces, can quick arms large quantities of people to come, we spelled with the God Race two clans.” Megan also nodded said : Elder Brother Hai, now on Continent various clan and various countries' army are many, but now the strengths of these armies were too low, simply cannot help, so long as has promoted their level, our fighting strength will be higher than a big truncation, copes with the god demon two clan also convenience.” Zhao Hai look at their appearances, smile bitterly next step: This I know certainly, but you also know, if we have done, does not do well Space secret to expose, this was we biggest secret, oh, ok, was in this situation in any case, in not rebel, did not have what hope, clung to tenaciously Space to be useful, Laura, you related with various countries' Patriarch of various King and clans, told them, I have manufactured large quantities of Potion, official on all armies Continent to the 8th level people did not promote to 8th level , 9th level Potion Is manufacturing, quick can complete.” Laura and Megan they have complied with one, has managed, Zhao Hai turns the head the look at God Race sound, cannot help but sighed, to be honest, his today's suddenly must increase the output of Spatial Water, was actually stimulated by Fu Wa. Fu Wa told him that many matter about Immortal Cultivator, Zhao Hai understand, God Race so is then formidable, but in the final analysis, a private thing that is also in Immortal Cultivator elder minute of arriving in Five Great Sect, gives this elder to collect Strength of Faith specially, they are just the opposite party is raising one flock of pigs, to others simply not any threat. But Five Great Sect is also not big gate in Immortal Cultivator, he is first-class Sect, listens to the meaning of Fu Wa, that anything Buddhist Sect 180 temples, Dao Sect 9x9 = 81 Supreme Dao Sect, with 30 six Heavenly Spirit of Demon Race clan, in 70 two Earthly Fiend simply does not have Five Great Sect, in other words, Five Great Sect in the strength of Immortal Cultivator, feared that must arrange at about 400, in such Sect does not calculate the elder who is in power, on can control their this big position, be able to think this Immortal Cultivator has great strength how. But the great strength of Immortal Cultivator, stimulated Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai does not want to become the pig that others reared in a pen, does not want to become the ants in eye, he wanted rebel, he wanted to be competent, he must let these Immortal Cultivator, not having the means to use that keeping aloof look to come to see him, he must step on these people in the under foot! ro! ~!