Chapter 759 that asked them to come to see Now Ark Continent here appears a very strange phenomenon, God Race with Demon Race, is invades Ark Continent obviously, but they do not worry to begin, in there leisure is constructing the military compound, farms, another in there not anxiously not slow is constructing the city, probably is constructing own homeland to be the same. But at this time a invaded side, did not worry, the Ark Continent here person did not certainly worry, Zhao Hai this several days has let loose the supply of Spatial Water, this regarding the person on entire Continent was good information, especially the people in these armies, the people in these armies, knew from each every channel the strengths of god demon two clans, they also know, by own present strength, with the god demon two clans to the war on is in courting death, for own family member, they actually has to fight this war, almost all people were the report must die the heart in preparing. Facing the attacks of god demon two clans. However at this time, ocean started massively provides Spatial Water, no matter this type of water you were several levels of people, after drinking, can raise promoted into you in a short time is 8th level Expert, this regarding some ordinary soldiers, was the good deed that had a dream cannot think. These people reported must die the heart, but there are to die the heart, equal to they do not want dead, nobody wants dead, can undead that be best. When the god demon two clans to the war, how can undead? Very simple, the strength of person suffices to be able undead, can one make them promote 8th level , their strengths naturally, later when god demon two clans to war, opportunity also many several points of life. These people have been full of the sense of gratitude regarding Zhao Hai, but following information, made them regard the god Zhao Hai directly, they listened to others saying that Mr. Zhao Hai in hand also had one type of Potion directly to become 9th level Expert, that was 9th level Expert, can existence of flying in the sky, before entire Continent also few, but this Mr. Zhao Hai can achieve 9th level through Potion unexpectedly, this was too scary. Naturally this is not most important, what most important is, heard that Mr. Zhao Hai fully is manufacturing 9th level Potion now, plans Continent on all soldiers , to promote 9th level, this information is these soldiers most cares. Moreover these soldiers also know that Zhao Hai not in talk nonsense, they are clear awareness, this Mr. Zhao Hai, had to promote 9th level with Potion much, they have seen with one's own eyes several. Because of this, therefore these soldiers regarding this information are complete trusts, Continent morale surges upward at once, especially these frontline soldiers are so. But Zhao Hai has not gone back on word, large quantities of Potion have delivered to Continent various big city cities, in major different race, so long as is the soldier, no matter person in frontline does not have on frontline, one rate promotes 8th level , is 8th level , you must wait, later waits for 9th level Potion to be you to use.

At once 8th level Expert on Continent looks like the spring bamboo shoots after rain same has braved, by top three and 4th level person, changes now, has become 8th level Expert, existence that before can only look up, now was equal, this made these people on Continent at once not excited by, the has plenty strength of the person, has regarded the god in oneself heart same to respect Zhao Hai. However Zhao Hai then also announced that later commoner on Continent, can receive some 8th level Potion, these Potion drink to these commoner, even if before is you, has not practiced Magic and Battle Qi did not fear that this Potion can make you strong and healthy body, moreover later you, if had a child, very much has the advantage to the child. At once entire Continent crazy, people have not thought that Zhao Hai frantic such, will provide unexpectedly this Potion for the entire Continent people unexpectedly, this many thing. Several big King and several big Patriarch urged Zhao Hai, but after they listened to the explanation of Zhao Hai, in saying anything, Zhao Hai explanation very simple, God Race and fighting strength of Demon Race these two races were extraordinary, was only a clan they deals with on the very wasteful vigor, do not say that two clans added in together, reason that this time he put out these many Potion, has been at cost of the life, for on is gives will prepare in the future, if the frontline infantry unit has polished accidentally, that these commoner when the time comes on armed, at the same time he also with Continent on various. Big Patriarch and King discussed that invited King and major Patriarch, now starts to organize the manpower, carried on the military training to these commoner, to do preparation military. On Continent various countries' Patriarch of various King and clans have not thought that at this time, Zhao Hai will make unexpectedly also them do such matter, this did not clarify said that their frontline these armies can't block the attack of God Race and Demon Race? Matter really as serious as this situation? God Race and is the Demon Race person so really strong? Now the army on entire Continent, has achieved 8th level , such strength, meeting god demon two clans? Zhao Hai regarding various countries' King and clan Patriarch such mentality also completely understand, they grows up in Ark Continent here, naturally cannot fierce of understand God Race, not think that God Race is others raises is being used to collect Strength of Faith, in their opinion, 8th level Expert was not weak. Zhao Hai sits in the living room, is listening to the report of Laura, now various countries' Patriarch of various King and clans, somewhat suspected it is necessary to train these commoner, in their opinion, this simply does not need. Zhao Hai sighed came, these fellows who said : should come did not believe me, thinks that I was have been owing the big its word, was good, Laura, you said one to them, had a look of that day to have the time, asking them to arrive at frontline to come, we driving going report annoyed Demon Race and God Race person, making them know that fierce of these two clans, when the time comes looked they added anything.” Laura knit the brows said : Young Master, was this too dangerous, if in these people, there is that to have an accident, our troubles were not small.”

Zhao Hai forced smile said : I also know, but does not make them see that they always do not believe we said that that made them have a look, was right, told them, person who various countries and clans had the status, brought to come, after remaining they went back, but must look like these people to explain.” Laura knit the brows said : „, but can they come? Can they think that this is our plot, specifically aims at their plots?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : they not to think that they know our strengths, we must cope with them, simply does not use fee these many matters, you arrange, making all people stare in one day, we also well prepare.” Laura nodded said : well, I try, if can succeed, that Elder Brother Hai you will attack Demon Race really?” Zhao Hai nodded said : attack to attack, but cannot the attack of large-scale, if we do , may arouse the intense counter-attack of God Race and Demon Race, by that time we troubled.” Laura nodded said : that well, I arrange.” Zhao Hai nodded, Laura turn around walked. Such that just like Zhao Hai expects, Laura relation various countries and major race Patriarch matter very smooth, they agree to look for a time, comes to see to frontline, has a look at the god demon two clans strongly. In order to unify their time repeatedly, Laura had determined with them a date, the date decides after contacting with them third day, in other words, three days later, on Continent Patriarch and various countries and King major races, these big shots in these influences, will arrive at frontline to come, when the time comes must watch the performance of Zhao Hai. Three days of quick on the past, this several days Zhao Hai has not made the Yangping city there Elven Race person in annoy Demon Race that this person specially, now Demon Race these Scout Team, each team of population are many, Elven Race has not grasped can wipe out them, moreover may incur very heavy loss, Zhao Hai does not hope this situation appears , therefore makes the Elven Race person endure several days first. Three days later, Patriarch and various countries' of various clans King, was bringing their trusted aide under the hand/subordinate and various countries' big shot arrived at Yangping city here, naturally, they are Zhao Hai with Space meeting.

Waited for these people to arrive at Yangping city here, Zhao Hai has done to them said that came most was Beastman Race, in Beastman Race major War Clan Patriarch almost arrived, their population added to have several hundred, in adding on various countries' the big shot in King and their country, the population of this team crosses thousand people. Zhao Hai after these people have said the hello, this turns the head look at people said :I to know that everybody wants to know God Race and Demon Race to fierce, will make us attach great importance unexpectedly, I also want to make everyone/Great Clan know, therefore lets like coming to see today greatly, a while I will bring Undead Creature to go to attack Demon Race, everyone/Great Clan can stand in Continent behind have a look, but asked everyone/Great Clan to obey the arrangement, otherwise outside an accident sentiment, my Zhao Hai on ten thousand died also difficult refined language it to investigate, Various clans and Patriarch to have not said anything, they are good with Zhao Hai relationship, Mermaid Race Patriarch has not said anything, is only nod of gently. But Rosen Empire old King is impolite, he nodded said : well Little Hai, we knew, I arrange, we can also be untrustworthy you.” Zhao Hai looked at people one eyes, nodded, then summons large quantities of Bone Dragon, these Bone Dragon like Alien, their within the body left each and every one independent Space, Zhao Hai invited all Patriarch and King enters Bone Dragon within the body, the population are few, a country occupied Bone Dragon, the person said many separated several Bone Dragon. Even if this, Zhao Hai also used 100 Bone Dragon to install these people, then he summoned Xu Wanying and Berry, was summoning large quantities of Undead Creature, expunged in the Demon Capital City direction. Zhao Hai looked, Demon Capital City there now already appears Continent Demon Race, moreover their God Rank Expert quantity has achieved near fifty thousand person, it seems like Demon Race was the preparation attacks. However before they attack, Zhao Hai wants to tidy up their first, lets their understand, Ark Continent here is not the soft persimmon, you want to pinch pinch. ro! ~!