Chapter 760 worried Demon Dragon King Demon Dragon King now is still Demon Capital City here command(er) , not tight is because he is in one God Rank Expert, what most important is, he or ten points have the King of strategy. It can be said that if not Great Demon King appears , Demon Dragon King is most likely to unify existence of Demon Race, his strategy also very fierce, but compares to Great Demon King to come, he has missed an overall situation assurance. But Demon Dragon King this person also very strange, he to a Great Demon King not point counter, otherwise the heart, help Great Demon King wholeheartedly, won the Great Demon King full trust, some important matters will give him to be done. It looks like these time attacks Ark Continent, Great Demon King personally assumes the rear area now, adjusts this types of commodities and manpower, but Demon Dragon King actually assumes the front, deals with the Ark Continent here person. However Great Demon King also has the instruction to Demon Dragon King, making him do not worry, because Great Demon King has such instruction, therefore Demon Dragon King at a moderate pace will be coping with Ark Continent. First several days Zhao Hai made Elven Race tidying up scouting that Demon Dragon King sent, this truly was makes Demon Dragon King feel that dreading, Demon Dragon King although is not long with the time that Zhao Hai contacted, however Zhao Hai fierce located he is actually knows that because knew the Zhao Hai fierce place, therefore Demon Dragon King so careful, although this type was careful that now has caused some newly arrived Demon Race disaffection, but Demon Dragon King has not actually changed foot intent. Newly arrived these Demon Race people, have not fought with Zhao Hai, don’t know Zhao Hai fierce that is very normal, the Demon Race person does not think highly of the Ark Continent here person very much, otherwise has forgotten, the Demon Race person collected the Ark Continent situation is not a day or two, in these situations to Ark Continent here depending on the price was very objective, but also because objective, therefore Demon Race these talented people looked down upon the Ark Continent person, they think that the Ark Continent here person, simply did not match to have a such good place. But Zhao Hai this name, some Demon Race person simply have not heard, the time that after all Zhao Hai rises was too short, Demon Race collection also missed compared with God Race much, they have not heard normally. On this day Demon Dragon King is processing something he to move to Demon Capital City here in Demon Capital City here frontline command(er) now, to at all times carry on attack to the Buddha Empire center.

Demon Race present although attack, but various types of commodities have prepared much, the assignments of these commodities are also an issue, are not less than Ark Continent here in the Demon Race there race, some races have a grudge, this people under the summons of Great Demon King, together killed Ark Continent here, but among them the hatred had not actually forgotten, therefore Demon Dragon King regarding this material distribution also very meticulously, because you, if an assignment were not good, may cause the contradictory intensification, finally will perhaps cause the internal strife also perhaps. In Demon Dragon King handles these matters time, outside transmitted one to quarrel the mixed sound, the Demon Dragon King cannot help but knitting the brows head, this sound he recognized is, was in Demon Race a very famous race, the cry of strength Demon Race person. This strength Demon Race one hear of names on understand, they greatly were famous by the strength, this race is in Demon Race the strength is biggest, a temperament most irritable race, they average height over three meters, the highest person can be more than four meters, differs very in a big way, but the person problem of this clan, is their heads probably is not very good causes, experience was brought being used as a tool. However does not have any race to dare underestimated strength Demon Race in Demon Race, because of strength Demon Race very united, if you with their being used as a tool, not by them presently that, if by them presently, they will die to spell dead with you, moreover is not a person dies to spell with you, is the entire clan dies to spell with you , because of such disposition, therefore the strength Demon Race although head is not quite easy-to-use, but dares to use their people not to be many truly, they fear the retaliation of strength Demon Race. But strength Demon Race although has pledged allegiance to Great Demon King now, but besides Great Demon King, the words of other people, they do not listen, even if Demon Dragon King also can only press them with Great Demon King, he acts simply to be useless. What outside hears is noisy was the strength Demon Race person, Demon Dragon King starts the headache, he knows certainly why strength Demon Race these fellows quarrelled, they want to attack Ark Continent, but Demon Dragon King actually thinks that now the conditions are not ripe, in the past he sent out to scout to go to Yangping city there nosing, was probing, what response he wants to have a look at Zhao Hai to have, if Zhao Hai now entangling does not have means Doppelganger by God Race, Neiyang Pyongsong there defense force will reduce, was impossible to cope with these to scout. If these scouted very smooth touching to the nearby of Yangping city, that represented Zhao Hai to spell with God Race, is best opportunity that they attacked, otherwise was not so, that represented Zhao Hai not dead to spell with God Race, they can and so on. This matter he had said to Great Demon King, Great Demon King also agreed that his procedure, after all Great Demon King is the entire Demon Race king, he did not hope to sacrifice too many Demon Race. However the strength Demon Race person actually does not think that the fellows of these muscles, think Demon Dragon King this has feared Zhao Hai, moreover their simply does not believe that this order was the Great Demon King agreement, they have thought this was Demon Dragon King is deceiving them, but these people one, but has recognized, that refused stubbornly to repent, every other day made must enter attack, Demon Dragon King bothersome was not good, now one hear of outside shouting in confusion sounds, Demon Dragon King on knowing the opposite party cause disturbance .

Demon Dragon King has rubbed own forehead gently, to be honest these days he really by the strength Demon Race person to bothersome serious, but he cannot offend strength Demon Race, population of strength Demon Race in Demon Race is numerous, fighting strength formidable, moreover goes to war fierce not to fear, is in Demon Race the genuine brave clan, how such race he possibly offends. However these people so are daily noisy, his bothersome undead, Demon Dragon King also real don’t know must be what to do good really now. Some little time Demon Dragon King sighed, has stood, prepared outside to go to appease one these strength Demon Race people, no matter what, must make them endure previous some time. Demon Dragon King just walked from the room, saw several blocking by his own soldier outside strength Demon Race God Rank Expert, these strength Demon Race God Rank Expert although were only God Rank, has not achieved on God Rank, however their fighting strength were actually not weak, Demon Dragon King very regarded as important, but this several days was also their several noisy happiest, most let the Demon Dragon King headache. That how many people looked at Demon Dragon King to come out, loud shouting, said : Demon Dragon, why didn't you make us go to battle? Also dares to deceive us with Great Demon King Your Majesty unexpectedly, waits for Great Demon King Your Majesty to harness, I decide however consider your shape before him, ordered, making us go to battle in a big hurry.” These strength Demon Race person although do not respect to Demon Dragon King, but they actually very respect regarding Great Demon King, but Demon Dragon King is Great Demon King personally appointment frontline command(er), they do not dare to disobey orders, must know that Demon Race is very strict regarding the request of discipline, if they dare not to get arrive at the approval of Demon Dragon King, friendly from going to battle, Great Demon King will not let when the time comes off them, therefore they shout to Demon Dragon King in here, before Demon Dragon King has not agreed that they actually do not dare to move. Demon Dragon King is just about to speak to comfort them, in suddenly sky a wicked Demon Race person flew Demon Dragon King courtyard directly, Demon Dragon King looked that this person knows, this person one that in Scout Team was he sends scouts, he at this time, such anxiously was looking for him, certainly had the matter, thought of here, how many strength Demon Race people Demon Dragon King does not have the mood to go to the tube that did immediately/on horseback turn the head to that person of said : what's the matter? Can have the military situation?” That wicked Demon Race person falls after the space, immediately to Demon Dragon King ritual said : Your Highness, that Zhao Hai came, but also is bringing completely Undead Creature army surely, target is our here.” Demon Dragon King one hear of Zhao Hai came, moreover is leading that many people, cannot help but was shocked, then complexion sinks, said loudly: Beats a drum to gather, prepares to meet the enemy.”

As soon as that several strength Demon Race person listened to Demon Dragon King saying that excited called one, turn around to run, they naturally are not the present must exit with Zhao Hai to the war, but was gathers own clansman to go, strength Demon Race person very united, must therefore go to battle, can gather own clansman, then together went to battle. Demon Dragon King does not have the mood tube these strength Demon Race people, these strength Demon Race people work as a breaking through enemy lines brave officer, to become a good general's talent, or the command ability, that was wants not to need to think, therefore military conference anything, they will not participate generally, so long as they gathered the person, was waiting for the order on the line. Before long several Demon Race arrived at Demon Dragon King in the room, in their these people many are wicked Demon Race, other Demon Race, these person of each and every one long odd-shape strange attires, what has, but a person seems like fierce fearful, but their imposing manner also very astonishing, unexpectedly is on God Rank Expert. Demon Dragon King looked at several people of one, deep voice said : „I have thought that everyone/Great Clan also knows why asked you to come, did everyone/Great Clan say your views?” Wicked Demon Race person deep voice said : „the present said that anything must hit, but how this hits, is actually well thinks to be good.” Another person also nodded said : we and other days, is to have a look at God Race and Ark Continent person puts together life and death, has not actually thought that they do not have the too big conflict probably, this somewhat is to us disadvantageous, now the opposite party gets the gate to come, we do not meet head-on are not good, this morale loses, feared after is, in wants to gather is difficult.” Demon Dragon King nodded, let out a long breath said : Ark Continent and God Race do not have battle of large-scale, this also in my expected, fearing that God Race hits with our similar ideas, I do not think that the Ark Continent person will gather the solution with the God Race person, hears this God Race to change Ark Continent Law of the Heaven and Earth, a person with Ark Continent country's has carried on Blood Sacrifice, is more ruthless than us, but also because of this, therefore they and Ark Continent Human Race has had the big enmity of not being able to untie, their large-scale makes war is the sooner or later matter.” ro! ~!