That several Demon Race people also nodded, they also know are this, but why they somewhat are also strangeZhao Hai not to begin to God Race now. Demon Dragon King looked at several people of one, deep voice said : that Zhao Hai method is extraordinary, first several times I and he fight not to ask to be good, although said that at that time we did not have the complete restoration strength, when Zhao Hai that person of also seriously right and wrong with small withfirst time sees him, he is also only False God level Expert, waits with his exchange hands, how actually does not know, he turned into one unexpectedly God Rank Expert, moreover his fighting strength very strong, at that time we by five enemies oneunexpectedly were only the wound he, puncturing the shade gave to rob, heard that punctured the shade. Now already by homicide, moreover was turned into Undead Creaturemost to make me by him what is uneasy isheard that punctured the shade also to turn into God Rank Undead Creature probably, with his before death strength anything, has not been because of this, therefore I to this Zhao Hai dreading such. ” One hear of Demon Dragon King said that the Demon Race people in room stare, they have not thought , the beforehand matter unexpectedly is suchno wonder Demon Dragon King mentioned this Zhao Hai is face the color of dreading, originally plant root in here. These person of said : in Demon Dragon King look at room this Zhao Hai method we cannot underestimated, this time he dare to walk in absolutely certainly somewhat to grasp on own initiative, everyone/Great Clan is certainly careful, in addition some don’t know of ” this Zhao Hai matter probably very familiar also to our Demon Realmbecause of anything, was good, now did not say these times, getting down set personno matter what, first repelled Zhao Hai in sayingalso while convenient has a look at the Zhao Hai details. ” Several people complied with one, turn around walkedDemon Dragon King also to come out his under the hand/subordinate to prepare ride from the room to him, he boarded the Black Dragon car(riage)to non-stop fly the Demon Capital City sky. At this time these strength Demon Race people, prepared to fly from Demon Capital City with other Demon Race people, Demon Dragon King was bringing Battalion, slowly to Demon Capital City outside, the direction that static look at Zhao Hai came. Zhao Hai has not let them and others too long time, his Undead Creature Battalion is not slowhuge Rubik's Cube Formation comprised of Undead Creature slowly has arrived at Demon Dragon King their Battalion opposite party. The Zhao Hai three people stand before the head of Bone Dragonhas flown the body of Demon Dragon King slowly not far awayDemon Dragon King behind many Demon Race curious look at this appearance ordinary young man they really have not thought that ” lets Demon Dragon King headache character extremely, what will look like unexpectedly such ordinary most important will behis side unexpectedly also with Succubus. Zhao Hai bows to Demon Dragon King said : Demon Dragon King Your Majesty, we met, it seems like under the fox the strength completely turned round, should congratulate or like below also don’t know worrying.”, Demon Dragon King look at Zhao Hai, suddenly smiles said :, mister is also, long time no see, don’t know can mister contact with the God Race person? Also does not know that is in God Race some on some my Demon Race.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : work Your Majesty to take the trouble, truly has contacted with the God Race person below, he he, although did not say when any small advantage, but has not eaten anything to owe under the fox the here military strength to be look getting more and more, below was really feel relieved not, came to see.”, Demon Dragon King look at Zhao Hai said : speaks the truth, this Ark Continent was is Mr. Zhao Hai that I most admired also only then Mr. Zhao Hai can keep off one, when my Demon Race army, did not go through another firm as a middleman to live thinks that can block jointly attacking of my Demon Race and God Race? ” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : he he I can block God Race and Demon Race jointly attacks this not to say first I want to ask Demon Dragon King Your Majestywas you and God Race can gather to be defeated me this Ark Continent occupying ”, but later this Ark Continent do you want to divide? Is the two clans equal divisiondoes not divide, if divides equally, don’t know you did agree? Even if you agreed that also don’t know did God Race agree? ”

They from meet most from the beginning, starts the contest of violent debate, Demon Dragon King is this expert in aspect, Zhao Hai is not weak, to is makes nearby People open mind. Demon Dragon King also lost probably, his look at Zhao Hai said : that work mister has not taken the trouble, mister, feared today is asks me to talk openly? Little said wastes breath, in the hand sees the true facts.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Demon Dragon King Your Majesty also really to worry, then below also on impolite.”, Said that his personal appearance flasheshe also has Berry and Xu Wanying together with his Bone Dragon vanished in Demon Dragon King, when they in appears , arrived around Undead Creature Battalion. Demon Dragon King they also prepared at this time, his Domain, his behind these people have also supported Domain, at once all kinds of Domain appears in the Zhao Hai front. At this momentfrom Undead Creature, suddenly projects several hundred blue color, one hit on Demon Race Domain of these people, was hitting Domain running back and forth in confusion of these people, some were not unexpectedly steadythis not to end, was blue light hitstwo blue light simultaneously to hit on Domain of Demon Race person, these have cried out strangely a sound by the Demon Race person who blue light hit, among their Domain many in a big way was broken. At this time his Demon Race person also responded, immediately/on horseback personal appearance flashes, kept off in front of these peoplehas kept off following blue light for them. Demon Dragon King look at these blue light, he never expected, Zhao Hai these time really also had the new method, what thing this blue light was, how possibly to hit broken God Rank Expert Domain? Demon Dragon King knows cannot wait for ” the opposite party this blue light thing was really too strong, if, does not have instead to be at this passive aspect to their advantage ”. Also no wonder Demon Dragon King thinksMagic Cannon that Zhao Hai currently uses, may install on Undead Creature, shows after covering of these Undead Creature, Demon Dragon King had not looked at once reallythis blue light is in Magic Cannon comes out.

Demon Dragon King immediately/on horseback bellows said : to kill!”, Said that he is harnessing Black Dragon War Chariot/Tank, Domain ”, when has killed first. But at this time from Zhao Hai, killed large quantities of Undead Creature, direct Demon Dragon King they welcomed, these Undead Creature may be the False God levels, the quantity were many, in five hundred thousand about, Demon Dragon King looked that these Undead Creature threw the feeling not to suit, these Undead Creature was too quick, moreover imposing manner was too full, has reached the False God level unexpectedly. In Demon Dragon King cannot help but heart one strictimmediately/on horseback said loudly: everyone/Great Clan is careful, this is Undead Creature of False God level, the quantity are too many, ties to meet the enemy.” Demon Race these people are grow up in the war worthily since childhood, was such shouted by Demon Dragon King, immediately responded, these God Rank Demon Race person immediately have concentrated, each and every one Domain was composing Great Formation, alliance has opposed the enemy. Zhao Hai in behind look at, has to take vicious of Demon Dragon King, he actually cannot favor the way that ” immediately changed has made to fight, this person was really an enemy. Undead Creature of these False God clans quick with the Great Formation contact of god Demon Race, Undead Creature of these False God levels do not blame, they have also composed Battle Formation, but this Battle Formation by Lizzy and plum thumb command(er). Now Lizzy and Megan they coordinate getting better and better, now Lizzy Battalion Undead Creature and these Demon Race people are fighting in command(er), but Megan actually Undead Creature and Demon Race of these False God levels person fights in command(er), extremely busy that at this time the space hit ”, but Zhao Hai this has not actually occupied any winning side, an advantage has not fished. Is standing Beast King in Undead Creature, the look at battlefield, complexion very difficult looked that their Beastman Race thinks fighting strength to be extraordinary, most can hit on Continentis they who most dares to hitBeastman Race, when makes war with other races, you little can the capture Beastman Race captive, Beastman Race take into the captive as the shame. But when just fought, Beast King actually look at several severe wounds Demon Race people obviously at the scene on self-exploding, not only the skeleton not savedattack their Undead Creature also to be exploded the ash.

Beast King hears clearly, Zhao Hai these Undead Creature may be 9th level Expert, Demon Race self-explodingexploded ash 9th level Expert unexpectedly directly ”, moreover side several Undead Creature were also struck by the wave, the damage was serious, was given exterminate by these Demon Race people directly. Such situation is not rare in the battlefield, so long as has Demon Race to be seriously injured, almost will choose self-exploding immediately, moreover Might returns very big. Facing such Demon Race person, feel heart of beast Wang Zhen very startled, he confessed that the Beastman Race person cannot achieve this point, but makes him feel fighting strength of fearful actually these Demon Race people. A person with Undead Creature is the same level, they must hit, that person will suffer a loss generally, because these Undead Creature simply do not fear death, will not be painful, if you chop his sword, he possibly will not hide, chops your swordthis to trade one directly, finally profits, but these Undead Creature, therefore nobody is willing to make war with Undead Creature, only if the strength differs is too fierce. But these Demon Race people are not only making war with Undead Creaturebut also they have not dropped the wind unexpectedly, only if they were killed by Undead Creature at the scene, otherwise they meet self-exploding, draws several Undead Creature to cultivate to bury, such fighting strength is makes people feel really fearful. Not only Beast King, other King and Patriarch also almost think that they first time see Demon Race such forms of combat, was too savagewas too scary, they can affirm, even if the Ark Continent here soldier, turned into 9th level Expert, can block the Demon Race attack directly also few, except for Zhao Hai Undead Creature army, other armies, want to block the attack of Demon Race, was too difficult. Zhao Haispeaks the truth he not to want with Demon Race to make war in the behind calm look at battlefield, because makes war with Demon Race, he almost cannot obtain anything to supplement that likely is not God Race, God Race most at least not self-exploding ”, but Demon Race is not good, their Life Force are tenaciousalso often self-exploding, this makes Zhao Hai unable to obtain point throwing to be sufficient, and surface will die many Undead Creature.! ~!