However this weaponry is not Zhao Hai thinks that does not hithim who can not hit to be compelled, does not hit must hit, moreover Zhao Hai has not entered the war today, the main reason to wants to have a look, the Demon Race person has any vital part in the fight, projects on that one type of that dies. However looks at half-day Zhao Hai not to have presently, these Demon Race Life Force were really too formidable, only if these fellows were first chop their heads, not, no matter injured there, their immediately/on horseback will not die, but meets immediately/on horseback self-exploding. To chopthat the head of Demon Race immediately the big skill, Zhao Hai Undead Creature cannot achieve in any case ”, therefore this fought Zhao Hai to lose many Undead Creature. Demon Dragon King they now by Undead Creature of these False God levels tying down, but they have not actually made to fall on leeward, plays is dramatically with Undead Creature of these False God levels, if not the skeletons of these Undead Creature is very hard, feared that is simply cannot block Demon Dragon King their attack. The Zhao Hai look at battlefield, frowns, but Demon Dragon King similarly is also so, to be honest, Zhao Hai Undead Creature army lets his headache really very much, even if Undead Creature army that the Lich clan in Demon Race summoned, did not have Zhao Hai Undead Creature to be so hard to deal with, the team that can block the Demon Race army attack were too few, but Zhao Hai Undead Creature army actually must be. Both sides have hit for two hours, has the damage mutually, Zhao Hai waving of gently, Megan and Lizzy immediately/on horseback command(er) these Undead Creature, ties slowly goes toward retreat, before Zhao Hai has arrived, Demon Dragon King looked that the Zhao Hai appearance knows today feared projected on here, he also wavedDemon Race army also to stop. Zhao Hai look at Demon Dragon King, said : Demon Dragon King Your Majesty, I want to urge one, Ark Continent here not necessarily to suit the Demon Race survival in a soft voice, now Space rift opened God Race also to arrive at Ark Continent here, they become second nature greedily, feared that was the present already conquer several small plane, if Demon Race collaborated to extinguish our Ark Continent with God Race together, feared that will be God Race immediately will cope with Demon Race backhandedly, to be honest, I and God Race and Demon Race have fought, the God Race strength was not weak, when the time comes I feared that the Demon Race meeting casualty was also serious, all has been said that asking the Demon Dragon King many considerationZhao Hai to say goodbye today.. ” Said that command(er) Undead Creature army, has been drawing back slowly. But why Demon Race these people have not actually pursuedthem not to dare to pursuepresent these Demon Race person understandDemon Dragon King to press them finally, does not make their easily attacked Ark Continent, had Zhao Hai, they wanted to attack Ark Continent, thinking well was good. The direction that Demon Dragon King look at Zhao Hai goes far away, sighed lightly, to be honesthe was somewhat agreed that Zhao Hai words, Ark Continent here was good, but suited the Demon Race survival not necessarily.

Demon Race will fighting strength so be why strong? Is because they grow in Demon Realm that place, in that place, your strength is not strongthat you not to eat, can only become others' slave , to promote own strength that or food, in this case ” the Demon Race person has to go all out, therefore had today's Demon Race. But Ark Continent here is different, Ark Continent here environment fantastic, ” here regarding Demon Race everywhere is food ”, moreover does not have that many prestige dangers, will this Demon Race person slowly certainly idleto the there Demon Race person or the Demon Race person? Has not said. However makes them such give up Ark Continent here, they have not given up, Ark Continent here regarding Demon Race is really fantastic, gave up being a pity, do not say others, even if were Demon Dragon King does not hate to give up, although he knows that often in Ark Continent here, may make the Demon Race person not have that strong fight **, but he did not hate to give up. Demon Dragon King command(er) the army was returning Demon Capital City slowly, arrived at Demon Capital City here, Demon Dragon King looked his these under the hand/subordinate on, this Demon Dragon King also gave to find strength Demon Race these people, he wants to have a look at the manner of strength Demon Race person. Strength Demon Race person although is in Demon Race is most militant, most dares to fight, but they after all are not the fools, when facing too strong enemy, they will also make the correct choice, even if when facing Great Demon King, they have chosen submitting, each race can survivenaturally to have their skills, especially in Demon Race such place, strength Demon Race not only survived, but slowly expanded, if they really the boorish fellow who is only what does not understand, is impossible to achieve. Demon Dragon King sits to the hall , the people in look at halldeep voice said : everyone/Great Clan said that regarding today's fight, what view everyone/Great Clan has?” The person in hall, you have a look at me, I have a look at you, no one has spoken, some little time Demon Race deep voice said : formidable, this Zhao Hai stems from the great strength that I anticipate, it seems like that this Ark Continent is not good to hit.”

Along with this person of start to talk, the person in hall has also made noise, person said :understand, his Ark Continent person, how does not cause that many fighting strength formidable Undead Creature, this too cannot intent discuss. Another Demon Race person said : „” today's this person does not have make a move, gave to tow us in here, this person was not quite really good to cope. ” A strength Demon Race person audience person said that stared said : what? you to fear? Are you also Demon Race? That Zhao Hai , can also be what kind, he is also a person, Ark Continent here people like him strong? Must such words, not be we hits them, was they hits us.” Demon Dragon King looked at that strength Demon Race person one, nodded good that said : layman said that Ark Continent here most lets also only then a Zhao Hai person who I dread, looks at such long time I to affirm, Ark Continent here is supporting in relying on Zhao Hai, if not Zhao HaiArk Continent here feared that already made us give to extinguishbecause of this, therefore I after knowing God Race also came, has not let everyone/Great Clan anxiously the attack \; first, because we can use these days, is good the urban construction, had the place to live by behind army, After two can have a look at the God Race strength ”, we must with God Race to, has confidence to cope with themthree to let God Race and Zhao Hai spells, best puts together a mutual wounds, the soldiers of such clans can also little die a little, what opinion currently won't everyone/Great Clan have? ” Said Demon Dragon King two eyes is putting cold light has swept person one in room, person unconscious lowering the head of room, to be honest, they before regarding Demon Dragon King not with the matter that Zhao Hai fought, is I have veiled criticism somewhat embarrassed ” the present also. Demon Dragon King looks at people's response, cannot help but the psychology laughs in one's heart, in Demon Race each every relationship between races very complex, but now these, in their clans is a character, therefore he manages also very difficult, Great Demon King sometimes also has to think how should makes to balance, do not say him. Original Demon Dragon King command(er) they use energy, but today Zhao Hai such one noisy, to was makes these people honest, believes the futurethese people can be obedientthis regarding Demon Dragon King absolutely was the good deed.

Spoiled Dragon King looks at people's response, said :, was then good, today the matter are many, everyone/Great Clan also goes back computation well one casualties in the clan, injured must quickly process, why was also ready this Zhao Hai don’t know suddenly to run up to our here to make such, we must be careful for on. ” These Demon Race people complied with oneturn around to walk. Demon Capital City here calm slowly, but Yangping city there does not have calm such, today's war, Zhao Hai cheaply has not occupiedalso to meet to lose many Undead Creature, but Zhao Hai had already thought of this point, any too excessive action, instead to has not been various countries' Patriarch of various King and clans, their complexion somewhat are ugly. Zhao Hai welcome them to City Lord Mansion of Yangping city , after everyone/Great Clan sat down, Zhao Hai look at people said : everyone/Great Clan also saw these Demon Race fighting strength have been open about the facts everyone/Great Clan saying that ” belongs to God Rank Expert with these Undead Creature of Demon Race God Rank Expert dogfight, but they were the False God level in God Rank Expertare belong most lower level God Rank Expert, with the present Origin Sword Saint similar strength, I have used entire five hundred thousand False God level Expert, tied down these Demon Race people, everyone/Great Clan should be able to think to obtain their fighting strength. ”, These King and Patriarch do not speak, before has not seen Demon Race fighting strength, they have not been able to believe that really this was real, however after seeing Demon Race fighting strength, they understand, before Zhao Hai, has not deceived themArk Continent truly is passes through the very dangerous region. Zhao Hai look at their appearances, said : God Race fighting strength is not then weaker than Demon Race, must speak of the God Rank Expert quantity, they are more than Demon Race, in God Race army level lowest was Heavy Armor Cavalry, they were the average 8th level strengths, but was this, these Heavy Armor Cavalry besides will not fly, their attack strength looked like compared with 9th level are not low, their Innate Divine Strength, defense strength was astonishing attacks to clash directly, feared that was only tribe with Beastman Race Elephant Clan Cavalry and big Strength God strength clan Cavalry family rhinocero Cavalry in Tauren cannot and they puts together a victory and defeat, other. Race Cavalry, with their hedge, feared that will not ask for any advantage, moreover these races that I said that but must in promoting the strength, after having achieved 9th level, possibly has strength of the spellingis 8th level , feared that cannot stand off them. ” Speaking of here, Zhao Haithen said : except for Heavy Armor Cavalry, later was light armor Cavalry, these light armor Cavalry, worst after was the 9th level strength, was God Rank, their attack strength also very ”, moreover flew was quick, made the war in sky, feared that was only then has promoted level, used Blood Lightning Bead Elven Race to lead a war, other races wanted to cope with them, was too difficult. ”! ~!