One hear of Zhao Hai said that King and Patriarch complexion becomes very difficult looked, Zhao Hai look at their then said : I suspected this light armor Cavalry and Heavy Armor Cavalry are not the true God Race people, but was God Race in conquer small plane after our Ark Continent, some people who plundered, they the status in Demon Race, obviously were the cannon fodders, each time war was they clashes in front the God Race regular army in behind ”, but God Race regular army also very formidable, they almost on few level Expert, all were God Rank Expert, attack strength great strength, on one. The time with the strength of Magic Cannon, my simply could not block. ” Speaking of here, Zhao Hai sighed said : these time is really my Ark Continent for tens of thousands years biggest Great Tribulation, the god demon two clans, coming one to make us be tired out by dealing withpresent appears two, was more difficult to deal with, reason that I made everybody train commoner, was feared that later God Race and Demon Race army attackedmy here unable to deal with, when the time comes can only adjust the armed forces from behind. ” All people do not speak, their although has not seen God Race, but Zhao Hai regarding the God Race ratio to Demon Race attaching great importance, from this point can see that obviously Zhao Hai has not lain. Zhao Hai look at they, forced smile said : actually the matters I had not then told you that is feared this matter extremely in the fearfulness, will frighten you.” Rosen Empire old King one hear of Zhao Hai said that stares slightly, then stares said : what words also to have, you said quickly that you think my old cannot stand up to frighten, said that” has something to arrive at also the fearful matter compared with the god demon two clans? ”, look at Rowson said : of Zhao Hai forced smile, father-in-law, this matter is really, oh, said that” my these days has only fought twice with God Race, each time is their vanguard armed forces, is comprised of the God Race army, Magic Cannon and massive Magic Crystal that their fighting strength very formidable, I use, are adding on the response that these Undead Creature do not fear death, attack has repelled God Race, what second time I meet is the God Race regular army, this army is Demon Race Heavy Armor Cavalry, Light Cavalry and Infantry also has Summoner comprised, Heavy Armor Cavalry and Light Cavalry strength I said to everyone/Great Clan, Infantry is ”, but that Summoner that the true God Race person composes is also God Race person trains, these Summoner first can summon massive Magic Beast, these Magic Beast strength very ”, but these Summoner most from the beginning are actually the strength of set all people, summoned a person to come. ” The people gawked, summon the person to come, this they to were first time heard that heard Summoner of some strong audiences, can summon some human-shape Magic Beast, but listened obviously is a person who the Zhao Hai toneGod Race these time summoned ”, but wasn't human-shape Magic Beastthis what's the matter? The Zhao Hai look at peopledeep voice said : exactly said that is only projection of person, but God Race tube that person called god the God Race sound he for on god, this itself on very strange, afterward this projection with me greatly with, him was projection, made me be at leeward, last attack wounded me in placeis almost confused on God Rank, was given to kill by him. ”

The people stare, what meaning their although do not understand projection is ”, but he also knows that certainly is not the main body of person, perhaps thing shade sample thing like shadow ”, almost Zhao Hai killing? All person hearts to at heart hurried. Zhao Hai look at they, have smiled bitterly next step: To be honest, since this has been my appears most dangerous one time, afterward smiled Ji their several, at that time did not have me of rebel ability, really the prestige is dangerous, but my in hand has some Potion to make person immediately restore that person fortunatelynot to think rapidness that such I can restore, was broken his weapon by me finally, that projection killing. Speaking of here, the people in room relaxed, before their this, although did not believe the Zhao Hai words, but regarding the Zhao Hai knowledge bucket actually did not suspect that ” although saw Zhao Hai intact standing in here, but heard the thrilling place, could not bear the worry. Zhao Hai look at their said : after killing that person of projection, I used Secret Technique in Black Magic to obtain some information from that person of mouth, but these information were makes me most surprised. ” King and Patriarch look at Zhao Hai, waited for him saying that Zhao Hai look at their types, deep voice said : from that person of memory I know, originally in this world, like Ark Continent, God Realm, Demon Realm plane returned has plenty, but our Ark Continent, God Realm and Demon Realm, but was in this numerous plane, most common one, in addition was big plane, but that personunexpectedly by the minute to this plane, specially used our these small plane to collect Strength of Faithalso in other words, in eyes of these person, Our uses, specially provide Strength of Faith to them. ” The people stare, then puzzled look at Zhao Haiold King is said : Little Hai, that what is Strength of Faith that you said what thing?”

The Zhao Hai look at people, forced smile said :, this Strength of Faith, was one type of invisible shadowless thing said actually „, before looking like on Continent these believed the Radiant Church person, so long as his letter Radiant Church wholeheartedly, can be Radiant Church sacrificed, such person will produce Strength of Faith this Strength of Faith to say that to people not too tremendous influence, but regarding was called on the person of god by God Race, had the use very much, no matter God RaceDemon Race was our Ark Continent herelooks like in these person, the sole use, on was gives them to provide Strength of Faith, looked like we raises. Argali, to eat muttonshears the wool to be the same. ” As soon as the people listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but in an uproar, these people were whothey may be stamp stamp the feet, entire Ark Continent will tremble the character who three trembled, but they, in God Race summoned in the eyes of personunexpectedly is similar to Argali like existence, was this possible? Zhao Hai look at their appearances, have smiled bitterly, recognized that King and Patriarch just heard this information unable to accepttheir normally is existences of keeping aloof, now however turned into Argali in others eyes, how they possibly accepted. The people were some little time calm, each and every one complexion quite uglyZhao Hai look at these person of forced smile said : I know that everyone/Great Clan does not feel better at heart, but no wonder others like this will also say us, projection that everyone/Great Clan possible don’t know I just to say is any meaning, that projection although is phantom, but with that person of long exactly the same, but this phantom, can only use that person about 1% strength, in this case, that person also almost feared that I killed can be imagined his main body many fiercely, but a that person just on was in their Space, ordinary Expert, On equivalent to about our Ark Continent here 6th level Expert, you said in this case, will they place in us the eye? ” A Zhao Hai such saying ” the people in hall were complexion one white, they never expected, can be this ”, if the opposite party sent a person casually, can go against 100 Zhao Hai, that may really be was too scary. Zhao Hai look at their said : everyone/Great Clan did not need too to be worried, these people were impossible easily in arriving at our Ark Continent, looked like the beforehand God Race person cannot easily came to be the same, but their strength although was strong, but arrived at Ark Continent here, actually compared with the God Race person difficulty of”, therefore they most can only send projection to come, impossible main body descend. ”

One hear of Zhao Hai said that the people in hall relaxed, Zhao Hai then said : is they cannot come, but regarding the help of God Race is also very big, this God Race breaks Magic Formation that the Space barrier uses is they teaches, moreover these year of don’t know they have given back to God Race many advantage, therefore I such take seriously God Race. The people nodded, Zhao Hai said these many, they do not dare underestimated God RaceZhao Hai to look at their said : now I now are these people who to fear God Race summoned, there is means like God Race, broke Space to arrive at here, we really ended, but this possibility almost did not exist, if the opposite party had such ability, they feared that already came me not to frighten everyone/Great Clan, but wants to say to everyone/Great Clan that making everyone/Great Clan have preparationif after a period of time God Race and Demon Race hand army, that I on have had to. Gives up the Buddha Empire here territory, fell back on Accra Mountain there has defended fully ”, if can with the Accra Mountain there defense line, block attack of god demon two clans, our Ark Continent had life force, after waiting, I left God Rank Potion in research, making the Ark Continent here people promote God Rank, we can counter-attack, so long as we have blocked attack of god demon two clans, they first will possibly hit, this had the advantage to us very much, therefore after everyone/Great Clan went back, must train the first reserve person, after the war, will use to them possibly., Even if cannot need themalso to be prepared is good. ” Patriarch and King nodded, today after seeing the Demon Race strength, the idea that they that disdained before already vanished is cleanto speak the truth they to wish one could immediately/on horseback to go back all commoner to train into Warrior to be good now. Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, has smiled bitterly next step:, I also know that everybody is very busy, I did not keep you, only after hoping everybody to go back, these army trainings good to be good, God Race entire brightly has taught the national capital to turn into a giant military compound now, following armies arrived for and other, but Demon Race there also in unceasing dispatching troops, can say that now the military strength of their two clans, in addition also wanted compared with our military strength on many many, my in hand had many Undead Creature, simply looks insufficiently, we spelled on was the military strength.” The people are also with a heavy heart, but also just as is such that Zhao Hai said that their status are not ordinary, cannot come out too long time, therefore did not have to say anything, making Zhao Hai send back them with Space.! ~!