After having packed off King and Patriarch, Zhao Hai let out a long breath, returned to in Space, static sitting in there, Meg has then carried one cup to be possible sub to walk, put on small tableLaura they also to sit. although just Zhao Hai not complete speaking the truth with, but Laura their understand Zhao Hai is any meaning, some matters cannot say that especially this matter will possibly expose existence of Space. Laura look at Zhao Hai said :, „ Elder Brother Hai, believes after this time, King and will Patriarch attach great importance to? We did not need to be so laborious. Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: Yes, hopes that they can attach great importance, all these that otherwise we make wasted time.” Lizzy actually somewhat puzzled said :, Elder Brother Hai, why we do not go to hit God Race to make them know fierce of God Race, makes my father know ”, avoid also said that many to them. ” Zhao Hai forced smile said : hits God Race is different from Demon Race, Demon Race dreaded to us now, moreover they decided to make us fight with God Race mutually, therefore in us before God Race comprehensive battle, they will not have had the too big motion, but God Race is different, this several days and God Race fight, is monitoring their such long time in addition, didn't you have presently? God Race these fellow each and every one very arrogant, if we hit them, they dare at the present military strength with our full battles, when the time comes Demon Race perhaps also to move, that Demon Dragon King is not simple character, in adding on the Demon Race army does not have Magic Cannon, but in the God Race army has one type of also to want big Magic Cannon, although we not to see this Magic Cannon Might compared with Magic Cannon that we use, but God Race suspends to come out them, on proving this thing puts regarding the god is threatening God Race felt that threatening thing, the nature is not good to deal with, we must. Walks to attack the God Race words, the loss of Undead Creature will be more. ” The meaning of Lizzy understand Zhao Haithey go to attack Demon Race, Demon Race almost does not have what city garrison strength, can only with their field operation, God Race not be different, the God Race city garrison strength does is very good, these Magic cannon are not ornaments ”, if Zhao Hai goes to attack God Race that loss is very certainly big really ” ” . Moreover the Zhao Hai in hand strength cannot lose. Lizzy sighed said : Elder Brother Hai you too to be also laborious, these matters considered unexpectedly, how I felt one were so useless, any matter could not help. ” The Zhao Hai look at Lizzy appearance, shows a faint smile said :, who said you unable to help, is not you with plum thumb command(er) these Undead Creature? Laura and Ryan have Meg to help me mix the commodity, I can handle these matters otherwise my time to fear that handled at these matters on the use . Moreover the level of my command(er) army you were not don’t know, if made my command(er)fear that was these Undead Creature loses everything by me. ” Lizzy and Megan their eyes listened to Zhao Hai saying that has smiled, Laura look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, you said that Immortal Cultivator won't come Ark Continent here really? If he in what to do?”

Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: This everyone don’t know, but the status of Lu Wei this person is not high, is adding on them to want from Immortal Cultivator to arrive at our here, certainly will pay not the small price, looking like God Race must come Ark to be the same in 6 here, didn't they entire teach the people in country's to give Blood Sacrifice brightly? I think that these Immortal Cultivator must come here, certainly compared with price even bigger that God Race pays, therefore they impossible easily comes, even if can come, that price feared that is not that Lu Wei can pay,” now what therefore we to do not need extremely in being worried about me somewhat are worried, if, our strength ”, if ascend to Immortal Cultivator, the possibility on to that Lu Wei, that is we most troublesome time. ” Lizzy smiles said :, is all right, Elder Brother Hai, you do not need to be worried, even if we wanted ascend, when that also don’t know must wait, was adding on us to have Space, does not need to fear that he Elder Brother Hai, you said when God Race will attack? ”, Zhao Hai shook the head said : to return don’t know, no matter looked that the God Race appearance does not worry probably, what I also really somewhat am in doubt these God Race people in thinking now, ok, did not say these, crossed several days this bottle of God Rank Potion to complete, when the time comes gave the Junichi clothing/taking to get down, then in letting him exercised, finally was about a point to form Domain, such our fighting strength were higher, did Cai'er have how long, these medicinal herbs in Magic background can use? ” Cai'er smiles said : Young Master feel relieved, in having several days has been OK, original many medicinal herbs could use now, but has not produced variation, therefore after I want to wait till that this medicinal herbs lives variation, am using, such effect good, moreover after there are these variation medicinal herbs, our later produce God Rank Potion was simpler. ”, Zhao Hai nodded said : right, you do is very right, these medicinal herbs sentenced lost to view was good on give you processing, I will not manage, today was tired, I must rest.” Said that stood to return to room. Next morning, Zhao Hai getting up early, after having had the breakfast, arrives at the sound that the living room there look at screenGod Race there has made to be as expected small, these small Dwarf slave official start cultivation lands of they send, moreover had reinforcement to advance Buddha Empire from new Continent there. Zhao Hai sees this situation, complexion cannot help but sinkshe to know that these reinforcement come, that God Race could attack, but this attack will be the violent storm! Laura they were also the complexion ugly look at screen, although this situation already in their expected, however worked as this naive arriving, they felt at heart coolly. Zhao Hai let out a long breath, said : looked like these time must fight the major battle, is don’t know God Race will attack in several days, these fellows, they have not paid attention to Demon Race really completely, their clearly know such does will make Demon Race organically be possible saying that may such do, was really extremely arrogant.” Laura they also sighed, in saying anything, Zhao Hai transferred the screen, looked at situation on the next present Continent, this looked at his finally feel relieved, now on various Continent and clans ordered to start to train commoner, although was only a startactually also had a good start.

Looked at one, Zhao Hai turned the head to Laura their said : immediately sends the letter to various countries and clans, told them God Race reinforcement to arrive, possibly after several days, will attack, gave them 9th level Potion, making the people in all armies 9th level Expert. ” Laura complied with one, immediately has managed, Lizzy they also helped, but Zhao Hai actually still worried in there that are many these many 9th level Expert naturally is the good deed, but these 9th level Expert, when with the God Race war, can give many strengththat his don’t know. Shook the head, has flung these ideas, Zhao Hai release Fu Wa, asked in Tiny Pagoda how these Dragon Race, Fu Wa told him also to several days the time, Zhao Hai did not have other means that now has not fought time, if after there is a fight, feared that had fearedthis God Rank Expert also was really the difficult lane. Next day, God Rank Potion makes finally, Zhao Hai immediately called Junichi, making him take Potion, Junichi also smooth became God Rank is strong ” the present badly is his also not Domain, but Zhao Hai did not have specially brought to look for the trouble of God Race and Demon Race, the present is very dangerous time, made Junichi be familiar with own strength in saying first. Let alone, Zhao Hai this chess also really walked right, although said that Junichi cannot Xu Wanying such, one cause that many Doppelganger, but he was a Dead-soldier family background, was adding on his hidden weapon unique skill, rose the strength of God Rankstrength more formidable, Zhao Hai considered as finished, now feared that was Expert of ten False God levels not necessarily is the Junichi match, his hidden weapon was been virtually impossible to guard against. Junichi and Xu Wanying this arrived at togetherunder Zhao Hai to prepare to the old friend Stone and Blockhead these two fellows finally raises promoted into is God Rank Expert, Technique of Joint Attack of these two fellows, was very strong ”, if turned into God Rank Expert them, by their Technique of Joint Attack, attack strength certainly formidable. Now Zhao Hai looks like Merchantwholeheartedly is thinking wields the biggest strength own in hand thing, therefore every step is fine talisman Xisuan. Zhao Hai and Xu Wanying help Junichi be familiar with his present strength, to let the Junichi strength obtained wielding of even bigger, Zhao Hai hua some gold coinshave enabled Universal Machine Junichi to manufacture a batch hidden weaponspecially also to give along 1 or 2 Space Bag, inside has packed hidden weapon, sufficed Junichi to use for dozens years.

After having Junichi and Xu Wanying, Zhao Hai felt one were more relaxed, before Junichi and Xu Wanying with him, he must make anything, they know, therefore they onehas plenty matter Zhao Hai do not need to do with Zhao Hai now, gave them to be good, looked like stares at screen matter to give them, but the sea actually found a placeto be familiar with Tiny Pagoda attack style. After original Zhao Hai is preparation and other Tiny Pagoda a batch Undead Creature Level Up, is experimenting Tiny Pagoda attack and defense capability, but seems like is not now good, when God Race don’t know attacks, but Tiny Pagoda attack and defends Zhao Hai familiar now also not very ”, if cannot make Tiny Pagoda wield 100% strengths, that absolutely is a loss, this is promoting some God Rank Expert is more important. Tiny Pagoda pull-up is also Expert of False God level, if can make him wield 100% strengths, the attack strength will not be lower than several hundred False God levels Expert, Zhao Hai naturally must be familiar with Tiny Pagoda first. Familiar Tiny Pagoda wants energy, as the matter stands Tiny Pagoda will promote the False God level Expert time longer, but Zhao Hai actually cannot give a thought to these many now. Junichi becomes False God level Expert two days later, large-scale God Race reinforcement arrived at Ark Continent, the war has touched!! ~!