Help sheep that the God Race person on Zhao Hai look at screen, this God Race comes, by Infantry give priority to, in person who also in other words these come, majority was the true God Race people. Besides these God Race Infantry, some people are some Summoner and Zhao Hai have not seen the races, the appearances of these races do not have what strange place, strange is their heights, the height of this race really about six meters, has the Beastman Race shape is not shorter, moreover the body is capable, the body wears the clothes that beast skin makes, in hand weapon is actually a root giant club, but on this root club actually carved fully the each and every one strange chart cane. The appearance of these people look like look like wild man are the same, this makes Zhao Hai very puzzled, but fighting strength of these people, Zhao Hai actually did not suspect that these fellows really each one have the God Rank strength . Moreover the population are also many, has about the hundred thousand person. The hundred thousand person appears not many in front of surely army, but do not forget their stature, this hundred thousand big robust man stands in together, is quite astonishing. Laura they sit in the Zhao Hai side, together look at God Race these reinforcement, reinforcement total that this God Race sends before 20 millions, before adding on they sent the army on Ark Continent, now they have achieved 30 million in the Ark Continent here total military strength. What concept are 30 million army that? Is adding on these God Race slave Dwarf that is used to cultivate, they almost brightly have taught these cities of country's to give to be filled up with now. Laura frowns said : looks like this God Race really takes a walk, Elder Brother Hai, what to do can this? These fellows are not good to cope.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, God Race that these time comes is not good to cope, but is not good to cope must cope, in the army the majority of people have promoted to 9th level in any case now, we must do with God Race deal with, to be honest, regarding God Race very much did not fear that” Space can cause Undead Creature to come, we can be supplemented, but like Demon Race, Demon Race these fellows does not come up on going all outreally not the line on self-exploding, that is true ruthless character. ” Is Laura nodded said : we should also be joined to some Magic Beast to these people, best is quickly.” Zhao Hai nodded said : immediately/on horseback to do, later we also can only carry on to fight with the enemy with this way.” Laura has complied with one, leading Lizzy their several people to arrange, before this was also them , the means of reaching an agreement, were joined to one type of quick Magic Beast to Ark Continent here all armies, then full use these Magic Beast mobilities ”, so long as God Race dares to attack, let the harassment that they kept, moreover when they harassed used was Blood Lightning Beadin any event cannot God Race to feel better.

Zhao Hai must do is actually same as the matter that the past years too mainly handles, with the guerrilla warfare, constrains God Race, making God Race unable to obtain the temporary rest. This method Zhao Hai can use, to have Space, Zhao Hai did not fear that the idea clan ambush person will cope with these soldiers, therefore this is the best means. Zhao Hai this does not have the means that now they are enemy they are weakin this case, can only come to stumbling God Race with this tactic. As Zhao Hai leads, large quantities of Magic Beast arrived at in hand of various clan armies, Beastman Race itself had Mount, naturally does not need although inBeastman Race to have Iron Armor Beast to take Mount, but Cavalry are not many, moreover Iron Armor Beast is mainly is used to dig a hole, normally runs is not quick, therefore and not suitable is used, when Mount. Elven Race completely changed to Space now, therefore their Mount unification veryuniform Blood Hawk, these time matching Mount is mainly the Human Race army, because sea Human Race the body was specialalthough to arrive at 9th level now, can the long time leave water ”, but wanted to make the war in the six, they required some time to try should. The God Race army just arrived at Ark Continent, always wants recuperation several days, they do not worry in any case, in their opinion, Ark Continent now is the it's in the bag that he dodges, simply does not have what to be good to worry. But has used these days fast, Zhao Hai has divided these quick Magic Beast in his Space, these Magic Beast have reached the 9th level level, very fast, believes that has in God Race these most Pegasus Cavalry unable to overtake them quickly. After has given these armies these Magic Beast, Zhao Hai also immediately made these armies enter the command(er) fight place, was Buddha Empire each every city, has prepared various types of commodities in there Zhao Hai, so long as these people arrived at there, had thing available, but they walked, these thing immediately took back with Space, has Space such Ultimate Weapon, Zhao Hai completely had the confidence to get down with God Race deal with. Actually beforehand Zhao Hai also not and removes the bottom using Space, he regarding commanding a war this aspect after is not very adept at it, frequently how this several days he they investigates strictly with Lizzy copes with the god demon two clans, but also let alone, obtained some attainments. The although Zhao Hai command(er) army will not make the war, but do not forget, he lived before a brave time of information explosion, even if the command(er) army, these classic applications of tactics he always has not heard, therefore he proposed guerrilla warfare, actually one by Lizzy and Megan startled is a beauty, thinks that this is with the best one type of tactic that Space unifies.

Zhao Hai one hear of they said that this understand, he had underestimated doing of Space uses, to let the guerrilla warfare and Space unifies, that was in good not to have, now he has not wanted to make these soldiers know the Space matter, if he wants these to know that the Space matter, he can definitely use Space, these army investments momentarily to Continent any place, momentarily was then making them come back, this was compared with guerrilla warfare must absolutely the cow many guerilla tactics. Now he does not want to make these soldiers know existence of Space, that only then means that were joined to quick Mount to these soldiers, lets they can use these Magic Beast and enemy deal with. Because must change to the guerilla tactics, Zhao did not plan to be concerned for a city success and failure, therefore these put Magic Cannon on top, by Zhao Hai receiving, has installed on Undead Creature. Is the preparation was used to give the people to work as the grain ration the Magic Beast corpses on these Accra Mountain, majority was turned into Undead Creature by Zhao Hai, especially these builds are big, by Zhao Hai electing, to have made moved turret, but these move turret mainly does to use , helping these army join choose the regulation attack ability. Zhao Hai prepares these executions to harass in any army, is joined to several Undead Creature to move turret to them, making them fully coordinate these armies, causes the damage of even bigger to the God Race person, gets so far as many Undead Creature for Zhao Hai. Blood Lightning Bead Might extremely in overbearing, one, but by Blood Lightning Bead positive hit, was almost vaporized, Zhao Hai simply cannot receive any Undead Creature, therefore he makes these Magic Cannon go into action. Zhao Hai already complete told these soldier own combat readiness intention, the arrangements of these soldier naturally also complete obedience Zhao Hai, they almost all were because Zhao Hai can achieve 9th level, regarding Zhao Hai very grateful, how therefore Zhao Hai arranged on how the matter. It can be said that now was Zhao Hai makes them go King of their country killing, these Human Race armies will do, entire Human Race depends on Zhao Hai to make the resistance in any case now, these King look like does not have Zhao Hai to be reliable now. different race to does not have this situation, but prestige of Zhao Hai in different race same is very high, these different race can not listen to others, but will certainly listen to Zhao Hai. Ark Continent has prepared war completely, the Accra Mountain there defense line has also been grasping the time to construct, but at this time, Demon Race there also had the change. Demon Race continuously very pays attention Zhao Hai and God Race sound, God Race these time sends out these many reinforcement to come, their naturally impossible don’t know, God Race reinforcement has gotten down these many . Moreover the Ark Continent there sound also makes not to be small , the side looked the appearance that must fight, how Demon Race possibly lets off this opportunity.

fighting strength of Demon Race on army regarding present Continent is very clear, they know that Zhao Hai has one type of Potion the person to become 9th level Expert in short time internal change, but also has even gotten so far as some Potion, prepares to carry on research, but Spatial Water is not that friendly research. Reason that Demon Race will know these , because they have the informer in Ark Continent, do not forget the beforehand Engraved Ark organization, had not found some Engraved Ark organization many people to present Zhao Hai, even if he has Space, also impossible to look for all Engraved Ark, specially at this time. Demon Race there has the change, Zhao Hai also knows that the genuine war must come, feared that is God Race there moves, Demon Race will not be idling, if they were not calling this opportunity attacks, they were not Demon Race. Can do facing this situation Zhao Hai, can only entire Buddha Empire here, turn into a huge guerrilla battlefield, can drag how long to tow how long. God Race has not made Zhao Hai wait, the God Race army arrives at Ark Continent five days later, the God Race thing had the motion finally, they gathered two to do ten thousand people of only Battalion, by God Race Infantry and that giant give priority to, dashed to like the city, but by these Heavy Armor Cavalry and these Pegasus Light Cavalry, for the second road and third route army team, attacked directly toward the Buddha Empire center, their army quantity also has sufficed in any case now, moreover they from thinking fighting strength compared with Human Race army much stronger, army drag Zhao Hai on such as city here, two route armies and three route armies on. Gave to clean up Buddha Empire the armies in other center cities, then can lively come excessively, at one fell swoop on such as city here Zhao Hai army extinguishing, even if cannot extinguish Zhao Hai, can make Zhao Hai flee on like the city, entered entire Buddha Empire domain control in hand. This idea is good, but their don’t know, Ark Continent this time army, has promoted the strength, moreover changed the tactic, was not dying to fight in a city with them!!