Yun Tianlei is in God Race most famous War General, was called God of Thunder \; first, because he is Lightning element Divergent Warlock , the Lightning element Divergent Technique attack strength is very strong, second is his voice very big, the speech looks like thunders, third is God of Thunder regiment that because he forms. The God of Thunder regiment in God Race is a very famous regiment, in this regiment has massive different race, such that just like Zhao Hai thinks, these different race were God Race when conquer other small plane, some different race that subdued, looked like Heavy Armor Cavalry, Pegasus Light Cavalry and these giant regiments, these belong to different race. These people's status in God Race is not high, like Heavy Armor Cavalry, their status also specifically is used for on green skin small Dwarf high some that plants crops compared with these, according to Human Race this time in a moment is, small Dwarf of these green skins is the slave, but Heavy Armor Cavalry this kind, is Battle Slave, the although status compared with on green skin small Dwarf high some, but has not been separated from the range of slave. But in these slaves, has the status high generation of division, the Heavy Armor Cavalry well Pegasus Light Cavalry status is low, Pegasus Light Cavalry is low compared with the giant regiment status, but the status of giant regiment, almost no less than God Race person. The giant regiment is one in God of Thunder regiment, known as attempts Fujibe, is in the God of Thunder regiment doing of force fights the military force, not only these giant regiment in hand chart cane columns can be used for the close combat, must be used to haul attack, they can use the in hand chart cane column, summoned their chart cane to fight for them, but their chart canes were actually thunder variant beast, the strength very formidable. Yun Tianlei these years for God Race going on an expedition in all directions, with the in hand God of Thunder regiment, the countless war that establishes attack, but God Race has not treated unjustly him, kindly gave his plane to take the territory unexpectedly, but that plane was attempts plane that Fujibe was, God of Thunder takes that plane to assign the known as God of Thunder lead(er) directly ”, but that plane original name was called the God of Thunder mainland, because there person takes Lightning Beast as chart cane. Yun Tianlei over 400 years old, such age in God Race is not very high, only the equivalent to Human Race middle-aged personhe has one very attractively silver white by hair, his hair very unusual, the chaotic vigorous top on his head, looks like probably was one just by the electricity hitting the person, hair must set upright probably, actually somewhat burnt appearance. A face silver full beard, is the silver-white color, in adding on silver-white war armor, weapon is also a silver-white attempting Fujinawa, sitting down is a silver-white horse, but this horse and common horse are differenton this horse to grow a silver vertex angle, but has not been actually winged, but on that sharp horn actually once for a while has Thunder light to flash, is Lightning element variant beast. Yun Tianlei although does not think that the Ark mainland here person, will bring anything to trouble to him, however many years of going on an expedition of made him form the collection information habit, therefore he just arrived at Ark mainland here time, must guest there collect the situation about Zhao Hai from Cloud and silver.

Before Radiant Church collected much situationthese situations about Zhao Hai not to permit obviously, when God Race and Zhao Hai made war, they discover, the Zhao Hai strength compared with also on fine many, has almost not used before these information that this situation draw that they imaginedthem collected, but these information that now collects, doing that also through the battle of twice, some impression information of collection, plays used is not very big, but actually can also be known an under present Zhao Hai strength by Yun Tianlei. When Yun Tianlei sees now the Zhao Hai strength depending on estimation, he felt that accident, he has not thought that Zhao Hai unexpectedly such fierce, can twice repel their drawing back to attack unexpectedly successively, will also make them take the soldier to fold. although this makes Yun Tianlei somewhat look down upon silver to the guest and Cloud, but he actually really paid attentionhis very clear silver to Zhao Hai the guest and strength of Cloud Regiment, the silver must the troops from another country be able to be regarded Vanguard to use, this is in itself one type of of their strength showed that but in the Cloud regiment has to summon on Summoner of god, is adding on Heavy Armor Cavalry and Pegasus Light Cavalry, the strength does not allow to look down upon. Such two regiments have not asked to be good unexpectedly in Zhao Hai in hand, this itself explanation strength of Zhao Hai, therefore Yun Tianlei although thinks that the silver must the guest and Cloud cannot take on like the city, is their command(er) issue, but he actually very pays attention regarding Zhao Hai. Because of his very clear, even if silver must the guest and on Cloud command(er) the real existing problem, but fighting strength of these two regiments still, in this case, Zhao Hai can repel them, this fully explained the Zhao Hai strength. Yun Tianlei does in own Cloud Beast, his side, some God Race people special is looking for his silver long stick to him, this person of stature also very tall and big, fully about four meters, besides giving Yun Tianlei carry his big stick, oneself are also bringing a chart cane stick, this person of Yun Tianlei God of Thunder leads a great Human Race person. This person of although was inferior that the general great Human Race body is so big, but this person is actually deity Divine Power, in adding on inborn flying Mao Jiao, runs very fast, now after becoming God Rank Expert, his speed is not slow, even if with can follow Yun Tianlei Mount generally, therefore was elected, became the Yun Tianlei guard. Yun Tianlei at a moderate pace proceeding, in his front is vast God Race army, in his these great Human Race chart cane army.

Must say really that these great Human Race chart cane army are the Yun Tianlei most trustworthy armies, because these people go out from his God of Thunder lead(er), in family members of these people in God of Thunder leads to live, to his absolute loyalty, moreover fighting strength is very strong, goes to war is fierce does not fear, is he most efficient under the hand/subordinate. The beforehand multiple war, is attempts the person who Fujibe initiates finally most fatally strikes, at one fell swoop has secured the victory, therefore Yun Tianlei settles on regarding these giants, can say that in the God of Thunder regiment, these giants even also want on high some compared with the status of God Race person. Is muttering said : to be good to clamp in moving forward Yun Tianlei suddenly has not run into such interesting match, Fei'er, you said how that Zhao Hai will cope with us?” Fei'er follows in his side that great Human Race person, this person of although looks like dull silly, actually the head is not stupid, is Yun Tianlei most trustworthy under the hand/subordinate, has any matter to like with him discussing. On Fei'er look at such as direction said : of city „, if I am Zhao Hai, I you hardly will certainly not spell with the Sir, in these situations that before we collected has demonstrated that entire Ark mainland here, can you fight with the Sir, feared that was only then this Zhao Hai, if he lost is too heavy, that Ark mainland completely lost the resistance on equal to, in this case, Zhao Hai, so long as met lead the army to go to war, you hardly will not spell with the Sir, either retreated, will adjust either wage levels army, turned into a giant battlefield entire Buddha Empire, obtained from these days. The information, Zhao Hai also such does.” Yun Tianlei nodded, smiles said : well, Fei'er, your this fellow study thing is quick, he he, but do you have to think, does the army that Zhao Hai will send out the small stock harass us?” Fei'er nodded said : to think, but this harassment regarding the several ten of millions army, almost does not have the matter of significance on equal to, should not be worth the Sir attaching great importance.” Yun Tianlei laughs, very happy said : good, right that Fei'er, you said that the army of small stock carries on the harassment is the one type of good tactic, however is facing the several ten of millions army is, such harassment, the simplicity irrelevants, I to am hope that Zhao Hai can send out the person to come us to harass, like this we can a strength of better understanding Ark mainland.”

Fei'er was not speaking, he upward such as the direction of city looked at one, he also thinks that now was saying how Zhao Hai must do, Zhao Hai matter Fei'er also knew, because his everyday will follow in the Yun Tianlei side, therefore Zhao Hai defeated the silver to the guest and Cloud matter he be knows that this also made him to Zhao Hai curious. Fei'er does not have the Yun Tianlei that high status, does not have Yun Tianlei such illustrious military exploits, therefore his match silver must the guest and Cloud very admires, to be honest, in God Race there, can alone the lead the army military officer, not have one to be simple. In the past their God of Thunder mainland had resisted the attack of God Race, but was actually finally defeated, but dealt in their people to win Cloud and silver medal must the guest, fierce of these two people, great Human Race people were know that they little had not made the person in God of Thunder mainland suffer loss in the past, has not actually thought that just arrived at Ark mainland here hitting by Zhao Hai, although said not complete being defeated, but regarding these two people, was in does not have the light matter. No matter Fei'er or Yun Tianlei, have not thought that they think tactic that the harassment tactic of useful, actually Zhao Hai Ding gets down, when their army teaches the territory in country's brightly, they by the army that Zhao Hai sent staring, this Zhao Hai sent out to stare at the person of God Race army, was not Elven Race or that different race, but was several pure Human Race armies. Zhao Hai sends out the point of Human Race army is makes them adapt to this tactic, must make these different race have a look, I did not make the Human Race army go to battle, I to all races very fair. although Zhao Hai such does some unnecessarily, but he such has done, his very clear, if he did not make the Human Race army go to battle, that several big different race person will certainly live to his heart discontentedly, thinks his extremely Yu Tanhu Human Race army, moreover wants to use the god the hands of demon two clan, information different race, Zhao Hai cannot let this situation occur, because of one, but this situation occur, then he status in different race will suffer a disastrous decline, the entire Ark mainland will lose unified command(er), on was the end arrived to there. Fair, superior most should achieve, specially in this race composition very complex situation, if Zhao Hai cannot achieve fairly, Ark mainland immediately will turn in a state of disunity, when the time comes was he promotes 9th level all people, was impossible to block the attacks of god demon two clans.