flatter according to to subdue|grams that is Rosen Empire Ten Thousand-Man Commander, in his former command(er) army Rosen Empire most Elite Heavy Armor Infantry, possibly said that his although is Ten Thousand-Man Commander, however the status in Rosen Empire is not low, comparing favorably with general Local Regiment Army Commander. In Rosen Empire, Local Regiment Army Commander, generally command(er) army quantity in hundred thousand to ten fifty thousand, but this Heavy Armor Infantry Ten Thousand-Man Commander, the status almost are treated equally with Local Regiment Army Commander. flatter according to to subdue|grams that today is about 45 years old, before he was 8th level Expert, but nearest/recent he became 9th level, all these were do certainly obeisance Zhao Hai to bestow. flatter according to to subdue|grams that regarding Zhao Hai admiring, Zhao Hai can in the short time, Buda Family turn into entire 6 on best known Great Clan this to pass through but actually, this itself was very great, afterward he continually married several beautiful pretty little girls unexpectedly, this was makes people feel to envy. However most lets the person matches the clothing/taking is actually his fighting strength, his fighting strength was really too strong, not only extinguished Dragon Race, now has blocked the attacks of god demon two clans by strength of the. flatter is a batch is adjusted on such as the city here person according to to subdue|grams that therefore he regarding God Race strength very clear, Zhao Hai can repel God Race, this itself made him admire, has been adding on Zhao Hai to raise promoted into 9th level Expert, he gratitude that was does not have to attach to Zhao Hai. Tactical flatter under this time Zhao Hai Ding according to to subdue|grams that also very clear, Zhao Hai apportions their Magic Beast is horse shape, moreover they have taken off themselves on now the heavy iron armor, but has put on light and convenient leather armor, in hand weapon is not the heavy long spear big shield, but turned into some javelins, returning very simple that these javelins manufacture, looked like probably is a wooden club is sharpened was the same. However flatter according to Might of to subdue|grams that actually not underestimated this javelin, because of his very clear, this javelin superficially simple, actually of this projection, but is hiding Blood Lightning Bead. However now flatter does not have the mood to think these according to to subdue|grams that but touches once for a while of waist looks like very ordinary small cloth sack, but in these people of his side, actually with vision look at that small cloth sack that one type of envies, probably that is a rare treasure is the same. Must say that this small bag also is really a treasure, this small bag is Space Bag, but is smallest one type of, inside only then ten cubic meters big or medium Space, cannot install too many thing, but in this Space Bag actually has installed good thing now, exactly said that what inside installs is a fish, installs Message Fish in jar. Zhao Hai now Message Fish in Space, but has plenty, these Message Fish Zhao Hai took in the use, he gave Captain of each squad to match Message Fish, like Arab League's ten thousand madames according to to subdue|grams that is that he led prepares to carry on the harassment to God Race Ten Thousand-Man Team, but in entire Ten Thousand-Man Team, only then he had Message Fish. flatter according to to subdue|grams that their present although was 9th level, however flight was not quick, but Zhao Hai gave their Magic Beast is actually very good, this Magic Beast did not make Ark Continent Magic Beast from Beastman Race there, but was in his store some originally one type of Magic Beast, Ferghana horse.

Ferghana horse is an horse on Earth planted, is on Earth the most expensive one type of horse, this stud horse is not only quick, but also the endurance is full. However now this Ferghana horse with Earth on time, but complete is different, now this Ferghana horse is also 9th level Magic Beast, can flying in the sky, moreover they also inherit that two merits on Earth, is quick, endurance, most suits brings, when Mount, especially works as this tour Cavalry Mount. The place that now they stop, to teaches border of country's not to be far brightly, but their here actually cannot see God Race army, if they can see God Race army, can make God Race army see on equal to when the time comes cannot have doing that attacks to use. However they actually sent for monitoring God Race army, this will not cause the God Race army disaffection, God Race army already knows that Zhao Hai will send for monitoring them, if they did not do, instead attended the meeting to cause the suspicion of God Race. flatter stands according to a to subdue|grams that face in there excitedly, he knows that they are the army of a batch and God Race to, this regarding them, is the one type of greatest honor, is representing Zhao Hai to their trusts. flatter according to to subdue|grams that is also heroic general, otherwise he cannot sit the Heavy Armor Infantry team Ten Thousand-Man Commander position, their family may not have any too deep background, but is in Rosen Empire a very ordinary medium grade Noble family. He is the relying on military exploit bit by bit became Rosen Empire Ten Thousand-Man Commander, therefore he does not fear to go to war, conversely, he likes going to war, only then goes to war, their these martial artist will have the military exploit. flatter has traced Space Bag of waist does not drown oneself according to to subdue|grams that muttered said : „to be quick?” As soon as the guard of his side listened to flatter to say according to to subdue|grams that face calm said : Sir, should be quick, has thought mister also soon gave the Sir to believe.” He just a saying ended, flatter according to to subdue|grams that is two eyes one bright, then on a racket toward Space Bag, an ampule appears in in his hand, the glass jar took, the Zhao Hai sound conveys said : flatter according to to subdue|grams that their immediately/on horseback toward left front advancing, if sees the God Race Continent troops, after striking, immediately/on horseback retreats.” flatter according to to subdue|grams that accordingly said : is, mister, our immediately/on horseback leaves.”

The Zhao Hai sound in one time conveys said : „, is more careful, do not depend is too near, kills opposite party many me not to be unimportant, I want you to live.” flatter has complied with one according to to subdue|grams that this put returned to Message Fish in Space Bag. Put away Message Fish, flatter turned the head look at according to to subdue|grams that his under the hand/subordinate, said loudly: Brothers, mister ordering has made us attack, raises to me our flags, now our in hand 12 Javelin, play this Javelin originally is we are most adept, a while we rush, see God Race these people, must within the shortest time, throw to me all Javelin, after throwing, immediately removes, do not have the slight hesitation, do not forget the mister words.” The people rumble has complied with one, the Zhao Hai prestige, in their these frontline soldier, absolutely is supreme existence, so long as is Zhao Hai, they will certainly not respond. A Arab League's side person according to to subdue|grams that the hand moves, a flag had been held by him, on this flag is embroidering Ben Ox, is flatter according to to subdue|grams that their flags. flatter according to to subdue|grams that looked that the colors have lifted, his immediately/on horseback said : ends pats Mount, proceeds to rush, their former although were Heavy Armor Infantry, but will ride also a horse, in Ark Continent here, Magic Beast were many, generally in the family also has plenty raised some level quite low Magic Beast, can be used to draw the goods, can be used to plant crops, but flatter according to to subdue|grams that himself was a Noble family background, must ride a horse, that was Noble compulsory curriculum. Other people are also similar, before some people are, is the Cavalry family background, afterward became Heavy Armor Infantry, because Heavy Armor Infantry is the Rosen Empire most Elite army, allowance is best, the outstanding soldier who therefore displays, will think means join to the Heavy Armor Infantry team. For this reason, therefore Zhao Hai meets feel relieved gives them Mount, how because these people almost do not need to train can become qualified Cavalry. flatter according to to subdue|grams that their very fast, the Ferghana horse four hooves of their crotch flutters, probably steps in Cloud runs to be the same, but is actually the rapidness that the person imagines, before long they saw God Race army. This God Race army has the 20 millions person to compose fully, it can be said that blots out the sky, the person said that the soldier over 10,000 boundlessly not extend, what concept this 20 millions army that is, can only say was too scary, the courage is small, light looked that the quantity of this army frightened softly the leg. flatter actually did not fear according to to subdue|grams that before Zhao Hai on use ten thousand more than ten millions Undead Creature and God Race army, the person many they had looked. These God Race armies also present they, immediately branched out Ten Thousand-Man Squad to welcome toward their here, flatter according to to subdue|grams that look at these God Race squads, two eyes twinkling brightly, bellowed said : preparation!” Said that has extracted two Javelin from the own saddle two leather bags in in hand, other people have also made the similar movement with him.

They have not stopped, straight overran toward that only God Race Ten Thousand-Man Squad, that only God Race Ten Thousand-Man Squad, is Infantry, understood at a glance that is the God Race person composes, the strength is not weak. These people when welcomed to flatter according to to subdue|grams that they, has been adjusting the formation slowly, their teams opened quick that drew, when they also had about the kilometer to flatter according to to subdue|grams that they simultaneously have supported Domain. Their although is only ordinary God Rank Expert , was very great, the words said in God Race, almost did not have a False God level Expert such saying, their fight has plenty, so long as some people became God Rank Expert, can in a short time become had Domain true God Rank Expert, the False God level either comprehended Domain, either died in battle. flatter according to to subdue|grams that knows this that these person of release come was any thing, but they have not stopped, but fast went toward the forward flight , the distance of side slowly approached, at this time these God Race talented people have appeared their Domain true colors, this was one team of spear|gun shape Domain God Race person, flatter was careful their long-distance attack according to to subdue|grams that deep voice said :.” On the mouth although so said that he has not actually stopped, overran toward the opposite party directly. Also distance getting closer and closer of side, when is distanced 200 meters, from Battalion of God Race these people, release 10,000 spear|gun energy of suddenly, often flatter they shoots according to to subdue|grams that. flatter felt the uncommonness of these energy according to to subdue|grams that his immediately/on horseback said loudly: „The first spear|gun, puts!” Said that he has projected oneself in hand javelin, then he said loudly: „The second spear|gun, puts!” Two rounds javelins, such as dark clouds are the same, flies toward God Race Ten Thousand-Man Team. ro!