However these two waves of javelin attack have not projected on these God Race people, spear|gun shape energy that but comes with God Race person release hit in one, listened to with a bang sound loud noise, the spear|gun shape energy simultaneous disappearance of javelin and God Race in in midair. flatter has not actually stopped according to to subdue|grams that but then said loudly: Ten ripple fires, put!” Was shouting while the both arms same were rotating like the wheel, the remaining ten javelins fast had been thrown by him. After throwing these javelins, flatter removes according to to subdue|grams that immediately/on horseback said :!” At the same time the dragging does not have, turned the horse around, escapes to go. But these God Race people after release first time spear|gun shape energy, this have thought that can be able with flatter according to to subdue|grams that their close combat, their people to look, flatter according to to subdue|grams that they are the 9th level person, not having Domain therefore them to think that flatter they cannot leave too strong long-distance attack according to to subdue|grams that therefore simply has not been serious. Has not actually thought that flatter they only threw two Javelin according to to subdue|grams that perished together with God Race release spear|gun shape energy, when their dumbfounded, flatter arrived according to to subdue|grams that their throwing spear|gun attack, wave of ten ripple fires, gave not being able to find the way that them looked for directly. Their originally against the Ark Continent army will be using Blood Lightning Bead, therefore early Domain to, to guard against the opposite party, but they have not actually thought of opposite party attack unexpectedly so savage. When they stare, ten waves of Javelin exploded among them, top five only Javelin exploding has broken to pieces their Domain, the explosion of latter five Javelin, one wanted them to take. Must say 10,000 God Race, region that but also Domain, they are occupying is not small, if average person, even if wants not to be impossible to achieve with Javelin attack such big Domain. However do not forget, flatter according to to subdue|grams that they are 9th level Expert, before 9th level Expert, existed in Ark Continent here, naturally was not that simple existence that most top passed through, Javelin that they threw, nearest/recent can be about the kilometer, but God Race the team of people also suspended Battle Formation, are opening very much, but generally speaking, they who although drew have not escaped flatter according to to subdue|grams that their Javelin attack range, because distance they and Arab League's between according to gram that was really too near. Both sides when are away from about 200 meters, simultaneous attack, can say, when release attack, wanted the close combat, good flatter Ferghana horse very fierce that they rides according to to subdue|grams that transferred curved, has circled from God Race Great Formation, facilitated flatter they to carry on attack according to to subdue|grams that. When God Race Battalion there responded, when sized up to send for pursuing flatter according to to subdue|grams that they, flatter they did not have the shade that soon ran according to to subdue|grams that pursuing definitely could not overtake.

Yun Tianlei has not cared about the contact of this small scale, in his opinion, a ten thousand people of squad, wants Battalion this of their 20 millions person, that is almost impossible, what let alone comes is one team of 9th level Expert, sent out an army the opposite party extinguishing casually. However he has not thought that is because of his having a low opinion of the enemy, one suffered a loss, a ten thousand people of squad, actually does not have one to come back to look, continually injured does not have, even does not have including the corpse, directly by energy that Blood Lightning Bead exploded vaporizing. Yun Tianlei look at just flatter according to to subdue|grams that and place of God Race that only Ten Thousand-Man Team battle, cannot help but knitting the brows head, muttered said : to is a little meaning, Fei'er, transmitted orders, later was meeting Ark Continent attack, must carry on long-distance attack to them, do not leave them to be too near.” Fei'er has complied with one, transmitted orders, the God Race army now the atmosphere is not quite good, just from brightly taught country there to come out wonderfully, this came up to lose ten thousand people, it can be said that beginning the master was disadvantageous, this was not the good sign. At this moment, in their right, appears Ark Continent Cavalry, this Ark Continent Cavalry, just Cavalry was only same, they also ride the blood and sweat treasure to ride, on the saddle is bringing Javelin, but regarding this team of people, the order of Zhao Hai is actually, distant after Javelin throws, immediately removes near. The Zhao Hai ten people of clarity, although Domain also has the long-distance attack ability, but actually cannot be a kilometer distance, but Javelin that 9th level Expert makes an effort to throw, can actually be this distance, therefore he in letting this team of human form flatter according to to subdue|grams that such, leaves nearly throws Javelin, but lets them beyond the God Race Domain attack range, throws the javelin, then immediately retreats. Such tactic looks like looks like Cavalry on Prairie is used to cope with the Infantry tactic, distant is hanging you, capture opportunity, comes up is arrow rain, then retreats, then in capture opportunity, in wave of arrow rain, is such method that Zhao Hai uses now. The God Race army also really little comes across such matter, before they with other small plane wars, if the opposite party is also God Race, that exhibits solemn, God Rank Expert of their relying on large number of elderly persons, is adding on formidable Battle Formation, defeats the opposite party at one fell swoop. If the opposite party has not arrived at God Rank, that was easier to do, because opposite party simply does not have no weapon to injure to arrive at them, they killed directly on the line. Before God Race to fighting in this regulation, Thunder God Continent there, is they have met most formidable existed, for conquer Thunder God Continent, God Race has paid many prices, because Thunder God Continent there God Rank Expert are also many, moreover has Battle Formation, if not God Race God Rank Expert are more, the under the hand/subordinate slave are also many, wants to overcome Thunder God Continent, feared that was more difficult, even if were like this, they for piece clothing/taking Thunder God Continent, has also paid the prices of several million people.

This is they have met, most dangerous one time has fought, but the situation like Ark Continent here, they have not actually met. Ark Continent here these armies, obvious does not have the God Rank strength, can say that entire Ark Continent here, achieves God Rank few, but Ark Continent here unusually strange, they can make, has Blood Lightning Bead of formidable lethality to God Rank Expert, this makes them very puzzled. God Race although God Rank Expert is numerous, but actually impossible to Ark Continent here this, endless manufacture Blood Lightning Bead, in fact Blood Lightning Bead simply is not their conventional weapon, because the manufacture of this Blood Lightning Bead is really too troublesome, even if were God Rank Expert has done, to their damages was also very serious, therefore Blood Lightning Bead simply was impossible becomes God Race standard weapon. However the God Race person has not actually thought that has Zhao Hai to have existence of Space such Ultimate Weapon, Blood Lightning Bead to put it bluntly is also the energy one type of table reveals true colors to show, Space already recorded energy of God Race blood, in adding on Zhao Hai Dao Lotus has the Lightning element strength, this Blood Lightning Bead naturally can unlimited was made, became standard weapon of Ark Continent here person, how to was one makes God Race don’t know handle. This team of Cavalry after projecting 12 waves of village spear|gun attack, retreats, God Race wants to pursue cannot overtake, their was too quick, the casualties that but this time they cause to God Race are not big, less than 1000 people of casualties, regarding God Race 20 million army, simply are not anything. However Yun Tianlei actually happy does not get up, how he frowns to think should face this situation, opposite party attack makes him feel headache very. When the Yun Tianlei thinking, another wave of attack comes, is still Cavalry, is still Javelin attack, still leaves is very far, is still fires off walks, does not give them absolutely opportunity of close combat. The brow of Yun Tianlei has locked, good person of he to turn the head to Fei'er said : Fei'er, transmitted orders, lets the team intermediate-range attack strongest person, quickest to the Battalion outermost, Ark Continent person, if in the time, their immediately/on horseback attacks, carries on attack to the opposite party, cannot make Continent be harassed attack absolutely like this.” Fei'er has complied with one, transmitted orders, before long a God Race army here tumult, an intermittent soldier was adjusted the most surrounding of team, these people according to using the bow and arrow Domain person, bow and arrow Domain happen to have that two characteristics that Yun Tianlei said that long-distance attack that their Domain release go, not only the firing distance is far, but also very fast. The God Race here army just changed completed, Ark Continent fourth wave of attack came, was Cavalry, was the pivot man, but this God Race Battalion here saw that the enemy attacked, immediately sent out a bow and arrow Domain squad to move forward to meet somebody, obviously wants to attack on own initiative, eliminates this only Ark Continent Cavalry.

However that only Ark Continent Cavalry is not a fool, looked God Race person initiative welcomed, immediately understand was any meaning, their turned the horse around, turn around ran unexpectedly, saved including attack unexpectedly. But God Race that team of bow and arrow Domain soldiers look unable to overtake the opposite party, had returned to this, but they just came back, that Ark Continent Cavalry came back, still depended toward their this, the God Race bow and arrow soldier on time welcoming, the opposite party drew back. So repeatedly tossed about several times, finally that team of God Race bow and arrow Domain soldiers enraging, their these time looked at the opposite party to retreat, does not have in immediately/on horseback returned to Battalion, but is straight pursued, a oath must the opposite party extinguished the posture. The Yun Tianlei also look at Ark Continent these Cavalry sounds, some of his also vitalities, Ark Continent such fighting method was really too a rascal, the proper face made the war not to hit them obviously, actually such was moistening them, making them not hit, flung and cannot throw off, was too annoying. Because of this, therefore that squad bow and arrow Domain soldier pursues, Yun Tianlei has not prevented them, he is to have a look, these Cavalry can run up to there to go. However was quick he to regret for own decision, after that squad bow and arrow soldier pursued didn't have long time, suddenly all around flew several to bend big Undead Creature, these Undead Creature were the appearances of skeleton, very fast, they not like these Cavalry, running of going all out, but exhibited one to with the appearance that the God Race this only bow and arrow soldier went all out, their Great Formation threw directly, God Race these bow and arrow soldier immediately stopped, has composed Battle Formation, prepared to meet the enemy, but at this moment, mutation. ro!