God Race Battle Formation just suspended, suddenly from the bodies of these Undead Creature projects blue color with red radiance, these radiance shoot Battle Formation of these God Race people, in Battle Formation has the God Race person to be how same on under the stuffed dumpling, one falls down a big platoon. But the God Race person who these fall down, mysterious information in in midair, this has not actually calculated that in the bodies of these Undead Creature often blue light and red light lighten, so long as hits the God Race person, these people do not have to run. Domain that the war of Yun Tianlei static look at transporting place, Ark Continent attack chooses very marvelous, their God Race Continent distance is not far, is not near, they can see, but wants to pursue, a short time could not have overtaken, this simply is like the Yun Tianlei demonstration. Yun Tianlei has not actually been angry, he is only calm look at there, to be honest, after passing through this several days attack, Yun Tianlei general understand the idea of Ark Continent, his 1 r must with this way delays their advancing, exterminate their effective strengths. Before made the war, Yun Tianlei has also encountered this branch situation, but lethality 8 f Ark Continent of these people have not tested to manage the Law Idol ratio, Ark Continent here attack, certain department to cause the casualties of some Human Race people, minimum several hundred, reached over a thousand. Like this scattered attack although seems like not quite conspicuous, but regarding the God Race rustic and effective strength, was the one type of ten uniform huge attack. In the Yun Tianlei although surface calm, however his psychology goes[ calm, Ark Continent such attack style, with beforehand completely different, in such short some time, he has not met four attack, the although population is not many, but are also many, ten thousand people, said that were many, said were also much less. Moreover following road also don’t know has many people to come attack they, this lets Yun Tianlei worry, most important looks into the distance is, the Yun Tianlei not Ark Continent here person compared with different thing that his 1 r stronger. First was Mount of Ark Continent here person, Yun Tianxu is also a battlefield veteran, his very clear 9th level Expert strength, 9th level Expert, was impossible to have looking into the distance such, reason that now they will have such, orphaned certainly because of their Mount, this Mount he looked, before did not have on Ark Continent probably. Second was their fires, the Ark Continent here Magic Cannon matter he heard from Yun Ying there, at that time he had not cared distantly , before Ark Continent here Magic Cannon was anything was good him, is to know, did not say Ark Continent here, even if were God Realm there, has taken the big effort, strictly has generated that gigantic shape Magic Cannon, however spoke the truth, regarding that gigantic shape Magic Cannon Might, Yun Tianlei was not very satisfaction, therefore he thinks that Ark Continent here will not have too strong Magic Cannon. However just this war, actually full ten to Yun Tianlei on a class, he has not thought that Ark Continent here, that type looks like point also common Magic Cannon, will really have almighty Might such, this surprised people. However Yun Tianlei cannot the look at Ark Continent here person such slaughter his under the hand/subordinate, his immediately sends for supporting, but them one had the sound, Ark Continent there Undead Creature and Cavalry immediately retreated, that walked called a cleanness.

However finally the unify/unified idea victory, Yun Tianlei is actually point happy does not get up, he just sent is also Ten Thousand-Man Team, but this only Ten Thousand-Man Team this time complete completely coming back, less than 4000 people, only one puts in an appearance, by the Ark Continent person extinguishing more than 5000, such casualties may not be really small. Yun Tianlei frowns, his some headaches, if the Ark Continent here person has done to match with them with such method, he may on the headache, not look at 20 million armies { Qiu Duo, but cannot support such hits, this moment ago brightly taught Kuang's boundary not to be far, quickly went to the twenty thousand person by the demon, although shoots twenty thousand to 20 millions is really common, but do not forget, this less than a day of time, less than a day can time on having such big casualties, this is Yun Tianlei does not punish. Some little time Yun Tianlei to his nearby Fei'er said : Fei'er, what to do did you say us to?” Fei'er deep voice said : Master, we had not encountered this situation before, although said Ark Continent here kills extravagant strength even bigger some, but the repertoire is the same.” Yun Tianlei smiles said : you to know me, good, ordering the army, in addition to march, they do not want we to play in this halfway excellent disciple earthen mound, we do not play with them in the halfway, we dash to their native places, I noticed that the time they also follow not to go all out with me, so long as is facing the war, ahem!” Fei'er complied with one, immediately/on horseback transmitted orders, Battalion advancing one sped up, but was a pity very much that they punctured are speeding up being also useless, after all this was one 20 million from Battalion, wanted speeding up, wants to maintain the lineup work is not that easy. If to maintain lineup, they are greatly quickly quickly do not arrive at that to go, but if not maintain the lineup, that suddenly fiercely will have person appears of Ark Continent soldier, has nipped one on their bodies. Such way virtually impossible to guard against, Yun Tianlei is means does not have, he only hopes that can the quick point find the Ark six 6 people, good to get with them open and aboveboard. The light teaches successive of country's to leave such as the city is actually not very far, if flies quick, quite a while about can arrive, but today Yun Tianlei their this all the way by attack, big gorge slow their marching, when they saw on such as the date of city. The period of five days, is afternoon about two days.

Yun Tianlei very clear, leaves their times is not too many, they cannot camp in outdoor, here like well wise teaching country there, in their camp does not have Magic Cannon, moreover city wall as the dependence, they can the rest of feel relieved Big bellied, in Buddha Empire here, they, but anything does not have, such as smokes them to camp in outdoor directly, that certainly will become the Ark Continent these Cavalry targets, their casualties only will be when the time comes more. Therefore they must such as the city on buckle to be good before the darkness, Battalion sees on like the city, advancing was quicker, was quick they to go to such as under the city. However went to such as under city, they were scared, on this such as in the city simply nobody, completely empty, let alone people, did not only have including the Old Mouse department. Yun Tianlei sees this situation, cannot help but complexion sinks, he knows that now knows the plan of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has wanted to use Buddha Empire here Space, gives covering them stubbornly in here, must know that comes out from the morning now, they altogether received the Ark Continent Cavalry attack 24 times, moreover every time will have the loss, to population that the present they damage already Shao quickly to the thirty thousand person. Casualty thirty thousand, has not actually traced including the wool of opposite party to one, this is really makes in the Yun Tianlei surface not have the light, he thinks the opposite party on such as the city here arrangement person, will fight with them, plows the type they also to leave foul air. Has not actually thought that opposite party simply does not give him such opportunity, swept gave up on like the city, Yun Tianlei look at air-to-air on like the city, has inhaled at heart actually a cold air, no matter how the first opposite party Czech Republic wielded the ability, light with opposite party such compelling strength, fully explained location of his uncommonness. A God Race people naturally also has Divine Sense, Yun Tianlei read with the trillion sweeps on similarly knows that on such as arrangement of in the city, on this such as the arrangement of in the city was really very good, not only in the city, outside the field also had the arrangement, the tunnel that underground spread across, fully explained that Ark Continent person attaching great importance to degree to here. But they dispatch troops, the opposite party gave up this them managing for a long time place directly, started to play sneak attack with them, such compelling strength was not the average person can have. Actually the Yun Tianlei most wrong estimate has not calculated Ark six 6 commoner, now in entire Buddha Empire, does not have commoner except for the army, the tactic that in this case, Zhao De can choose were certainly many, on the looks like like the city, f1f said that gives up being able to give up, because here does not have commoner to need the 11 f protection, why he must in here with the enemy dying war. Yun Tianlei has not actually thought of this point, when he in looking to i completely empty on such as city, really being startled, but after being startled, his complexion ugly is better, area for his very clear, if the enemy such as in ke does not fight a decisive battle on with them, after that sneak attack will not stop, working continuously, no matter daytime or in the evening, feared that will be they will not have one to carve was peaceful.

On all God Race person look at such as the city stays, how don’t know below must handle, they come out in high spirits, wants to eliminate Ark Continent here all resistance forces, but now this resistance force they not only had not been eliminated, but also once for a while by sneak attack, this really will be made people feel depressed. On Yun Tianlei look at like city, suddenly clenches teeth said : to enter in the city to rest the matter, tomorrow then enters toward Ark Continent, mounts does not believe that they gave up on like the city, can give up entire floating room Empire, but can also give up entire Ark Continent being inadequate, arranges stand guard, gives me raise the spirits to come.” The people complied with one, immediately have arranged, the person but who Yun Tianlei brought were too many, on such as city simply did not stay, after the mildew , can only have few people to live outside, but other people Also -one point, they caused a chapter of house outside with Earth element Magic directly, to settle down. However makes God Race people feel what is strange, since they approached on such as the city before the present, they in louse any attack, this have not made them feel very puzzled. However today attack, has let their headaches, therefore they are alerting carefully, the powder has sent out 1 million people of patrol squads in their camp 9 } The surface carries on stand guard. Weather bit by bit black, most god traveler has rested, although spoke of God Rank several days to contract continuous will not be what kind, but as soldier Yun Tianlei was actually very clear, the several days non- body rest was also influential regarding a God Race person, under their fighting strength met lowered, when surface difficult Ark Continent this sly enemy, the condition not good was courting death on and other short steps, therefore he made all people rest.