The although weather at the evening, God Race has not met any attack, however Yun Tianlei at heart is actually continuously very restless, he does not believe opposite party such good intention to time that he rests, by the application of tactics of opposite party, the opposite party is simply is impossible to give them such opportunity. However now naturally already not early, but outside guard posts is a point warning does not have, on such as city here, firmly this is nobody , does the opposite party want to do? If Zhao Hai also direction daytime such they carry on the harassment to Yun Tianlei, Yun Tianlei instead to will not be worried, after all the there Zhao Hai tactic, does not have what good worry. Now Zhao Hai suddenly stopped, this is the place that he most is worried about, why his understand opposite party such do not do, the unknown danger lets person most headache. suddenly Yun Tianlei one startled sat, because in his ear has transmitted one humming sound the sound, this sound in this silent night clear, Yun Tianlei sets upright the abandoned ear careful is listening, was quick he present, this was the voice of mosquito, mosquito thing, no matter had before that plane, but was not specially fierce existence, almost can kill conveniently, Yun Tianlei heard this sound is the mosquito on not caring, shouted the tone, has lain down. However this humming sound sound getting bigger and bigger, getting bigger and bigger, Yun Tianlei actually somewhat could not sit still, he has stood, said loudly: Fei'er, what's the matter, this in the city how so many mosquito, will have a look what's the matter.” Fei'er rests outside of Yun Tianlei room, therefore heard Yun Tianlei saying that immediately/on horseback has complied with one, has stood, walked outward. Just opened outside door, Fei'er holds breath. The cold air, he is also God Rank Expert, but outside the situation, he first time sees likely. Sees on entire such as in the city sky, by one group of dark clouds surrounding, this group of dark clouds were really too big, moreover kept was fluctuating the shape, but most made them feel surprised was actually, that huge humming sound the sound transmitted from that group of dark clouds. The Fei'er personal appearance moves, rolls Wu Yunfei to go toward that when has several hundred meters to that group of dark clouds, Fei'er actually stopped, he felt that his head set upright, that there was any dark cloud, measured one pile of mosquito obviously, one pile of number also innumerable mosquito. Fei'er or the first time see these many mosquito, but most makes Fei'er feel what fear is, these mosquito were really too big, these mosquito each had the palm of the hand size, the blood red body, look at let head Pi Ma. What most important is, Fei'er knew that this mosquito, Blood-Devouring Mosquito, this is God Realm Blood-Devouring Mosquito, he has seen this mosquito in God Realm, even if in God Realmthis mosquito is also one type of very fearful existence, naturally, two were not fearful, is large quantities of Blood-Devouring Mosquito that fears, then regarding God Race is a giant disaster.

Fei'er slowly toward retreatfeared that has alarmed these mosquito, because saw that these mosquito are scared, therefore Fei'er has not noted in the middle of these mosquito, small Space rift, only Blood-Devouring Mosquito kept departs from the crack, very fast ”, but the quantity of blood mosquito also keeping is increasing. About Fei'er one leave many blood mosquito kilometers, fierce one adds, one flew returned to on such as in City Lord Mansion of cityYun Tianlei to rest in City Lord Mansion. Now Yun Tianlei also got up, he is standing in there look at sky ” is also face the color of shaking nose, Fei'er looks at the Yun Tianlei appearance, immediately/on horseback said loudly: Master, is the mosquito disaster, called everyone/Great Clan to get up quickly, this was the mosquito disaster!” Hears mosquito disaster these two characters, the one of the blood on Yun Tianlei face by draws back cleanly, immediately/on horseback bellows said : to call the alarm, quick 4 alarms!”, Fei'er in that many, immediately has flown on city wall, is having an alarm in there, flew there, has sounded the alarm that Fei'er immediately/on horseback made an effort. dāng dāng ding all deep sleep the God Race people called the police, these God Race people by quickly most put on clothes armor, flushed from the house, simultaneously person immediately in various teams have put several outside Light Element Magic toward sky, was sizing up all around. Before long some people present that troop Blood-Devouring Mosquito, the scarlet on all faces draw back cleanly. Blood-Devouring Mosquito is also one type of lets the person very headache in God Realm Magic Beast, they have not thought that can meet these many in Ark Continent here unexpectedly, this was too scary. At this moment, these Blood-Devouring Mosquito were under the order to be the same probably, a bang dispersed, threw toward them, these God Race people were complexion change, then almost simultaneously has supported own Domain, has blocked Blood-Devouring Mosquito attack. However this Blood-Devouring Mosquito was really too many, some don’t know many, kept often their attack, although these people kept with Magic attack these blood mosquitos, but these blood mosquitos actually still took place of the fallen, launched attack to them. But some attack person of command(er) of these blood mosquitos are probably same, some person there only then some blood mosquitos keep in their Domain all around chaotic extension, some God Race person there, actually large quantities of * attack of spirit blood mosquito round turning, links his Domain to creaky at once unexpectedly. These by large quantities of blood mosquito attack God Race, complexion were been pale, going all out of transports energy toward own Domain on, their very clear, one, but their Domain by Blood-Devouring Mosquito breaking through, that waited for that their orders have one, the death!

Yun Tianlei is also complexion ugly look at these Blood-Devouring Mosquito, if Blood-Devouring Mosquito of quantity, they have not met in God Race there, these many Blood-Devouring Mosquito, must walk appears in God Realm, that certainly is a giant disaster. No matter in the city or the outside the city God Race people moved, uses the most adept way to strike to kill these Blood-Devouring Mosquito, war between a person and mosquito such launched. But at this time, Zhao Hai actually face calm sitting in Space look at all these, these mosquito naturally was his release goes, he soon had forgotten in Space also to have blood mosquito thing, because Zhao Wen was put outside Space to practice by him, after the preparation she had conflicted God Rank, was making her come back. However Zhao Hai has not actually thought that in Carrion Swamp there, the strength can only be Zhao Wen that sets the base to have, compared other 9th level Expert quicker practices unexpectedly God Rank, this made him be surprised. When this afternoon, Cai'er suddenly told him, said Zhao Wen has practiced God Rank time, Zhao Hai was startled. When Zhao Hai summons in Space Zhao Wen time, although presently in the Zhao Wen present appearance too big change, however her strength truly has not arrived at God Rank, this makes Zhao Hai very puzzled, he asked Zhao Wen what's the matter, Zhao Hai did not talk clearly. Finally Zhao Hai summarized, that drop of blood that because possibly initially Zhao Wen drinks, initially he infers, that drop of blood that Zhao Wen drinks possibly is the blood of God Race, inside includes huge energy, therefore Zhao Hai can in the short time with the person, the strength achieve 9th level. However after afterward Zhao Wen by Zhao Hai calling in Space, she also obtained many advantage, she is in these animal, is longest in the time in Space staying, therefore she obtains in Space the place were also most. In adding on that drop of initial capital comes is the blood of God Race, has the possibility is in God Rank Expert God's Blood, strength that inside contains very formidable, not only can let the Zhao Wen liter 9th level, so long as Zhao Wen rest well, achieves God Rank not to have the issue. But in Carrion Swamp these Magic Beast, Zhao Wen and Zhao Hai their relationship is best, she wants to keep Zhao Hai their side, does not think leave, but Zhao Hai for her security, hates the heart finally let her with Carrion Swamp there Magic Beast together leave, but after Zhao Wen leave, has not hated Zhao Hai they, she is thinking quick returned to Zhao Hai their side, she was not stupid, she knows, so long as arrived at God Rank certainly to be able returned to Zhao Hai their side, practice that therefore he kept outside, was relieved the practice, finally she unexpectedly was in Carrion Swamp all Magic Beast, the first breakthrough. To God Rank. Really, she just broke through God Rank, Cai'er immediately gives to meet returned to her in Space, if others broke through God Rank, nose such possibly will not do, but Zhao Wen was different, Zhao Wen was best with Cai'er relationship, therefore she just a suddenly skin, Cai'er immediately gave to meet her.

Zhao Wen comes back, makes Zhao Hai suddenly think that oneself Ultimate Weapon has not used, is these Blood-Devouring Mosquito, in his Space can release innumerable be able Blood-Devouring Mosquito, this to seek Ultimate Weapon certainly. Before Zhao Hai, when with person battle, reason that has not used Blood-Devouring Mosquito , because he was fighting with the Ark Continent here person at that time, was enough with Undead Creature, was too troublesome with Blood-Devouring Mosquito, therefore he was only on Prairie, has used Blood-Devouring Mosquito, has almost not used in other. However now they are fighting with God Race, but God Race these fellow dying insufficient rests, therefore Zhao Hai saw that Zhao Wen immediately has thought he also has existence of Blood-Devouring Mosquito, therefore his afternoon time does not have to let the army attack of Human Race, but is when directly the evening starts toward lending out Blood-Devouring Mosquito. Zhao Hai don’t know altogether release many Blood-Devouring Mosquito, were always many also wants compared with the God Race quantity on many many, these Blood-Devouring Mosquito level although are not high, but the attack strength is actually one weak, was used to cope with God Race not to have really well. Do not look that Space Level Up returned, because of Blood-Devouring Mosquito this thing, is the harmful insect, is in Space brings to increase interestingly, does not have what direct help regarding Zhao Hai, Space although multiple Level Up, but these Blood-Devouring Mosquito level are was not high. The Zhao Wen appears words, Zhao Hai soon forgot also to have Blood-Devouring Mosquito existed, what Zhao Hai has not thought that his release Blood-Devouring Mosquito, the God Race person actually knew that this made him very puzzled. To come in Zhao Hai, God Race there should not have existence of Blood-Devouring Mosquito to be right, saw that their appearances resemble God Realm there not only has Blood-Devouring Mosquito, but also very fierce appearance?!