Zhao Wen is lying as in the head of Zhao Hai, the small eye look at screen, her body any change, has not looked like still like is that red Crystal carves, so long as he lies in there is motionless, others think certainly that is only a sculpture, but now Zhao Wen actually indeed was God Rank Expert. On Zhao Hai look at screen these face anxious God Race people, puzzled to Zhao Wen said : Little Wen, how these God Race people to fear the Blood-Devouring Mosquito appearance probably very? Does your clan have who to be inadequate in God Race?” Zhao Wen shook the head said : Young Master, this I was not saying that I was born in Ark Continent here, continuously long in here, and don’t know God Realm matter.” Zhao Hai nodded said : attack although of these blood mosquitos not to be weak, however majority of God Race can endure, but so long as these blood mosquitos were killed three ten times above automatically to disappear, it seems like also to the God Race human-shape not too big threat.” Zhao Hai is also nearest/recent knows that he thinks the harmful insect or the mosquito that before Space release goes, hit existence of undead within certain time, afterward presently is not this, like mosquito, so long as same only mosquito, continual hit three ten times, he forever disappearance, these harmful insects also will be the same. However is so, that was also very astonishing, three ten times, a mosquito was killed three ten times dead, if 10,000? Is 10,000 is multiplied by 30 on equal to, on equal to is three hundred thousand only mosquito, if hundred thousand? 1 million? But mosquito that Zhao Hai release goes to today far more than 1 million, do not forget the God Race army to have 20 million people, if the release 1 million mosquito, will only make 2000 ten thousand God Race people be startled? Definitely not, the mosquito that therefore Zhao Hai release goes to today, the quantity is much more than God Race quantity actually. When this in not like evening's Zhao Hai makes, opens Space rift, then toward manifestation, in fact since Zhao Wen comes back, Zhao Hai has put these mosquito to come toward Space, when continuously evening's time let out these mosquito together. Now on entire such as outside of city, blotting out the sky is the blood mosquito, these God Race person each and every one somewhat is tired out by dealing with, did not have God Race injured although to the present, however these many blood mosquitos also truly let their headaches. Zhao Hai actually has not been idling now, he wants then in the bloodletting mosquito toward Space, after the preparation and other a batch blood mosquitos were extinguished, he in release goes to a batch, rubs these God Race people. fantastic that Zhao Hai thinks, he presently a Space day can only put a blood mosquito, after letting off one time, within 24 hours in cannot let blood the mosquito . Moreover the time of first bloodletting mosquito cannot six hours, within in other words these six hours, he can release many blood mosquitos be many blood mosquitos, was impossible to be many, this was a day of limit. although so many limits, but Zhao Hai thinks that this blood mosquito is Ultimate Weapon, in six hours of Space can release many blood mosquitos, Zhao Hai and don’t know, but he knows that quantity certainly very astonishing, when the time comes these blood mosquito release go, sufficing lets the God Race head pain.

However Zhao Hai presently strength very formidable of these God Race people, until now, that these God Race people do not have the present casualties, instead to was blood mosquito appears some casualties. Must know that a blood mosquito was killed three ten times to disappear, now unexpectedly appears casualties, in other words that had the blood mosquito to be killed three ten times continuously above, it seems like these God Race people also really had real skill. However quick Zhao Hai was not disappointed, God Race person appears the casualties, Domain of God Race person had been broken through finally, then big pile of blood mosquitos fiercely threw, that God Race person also wants in protective shield, but simply is useless, these blood mosquitos one has broken through his protective shield, fell his body, these God Race people left a pitiful yell. Zhao Hai has not made these mosquito meet the blood of that God Race really gives the suck dry, he feared that such words, will affect him to turn into Undead Creature the God Race person. When that good God Race person by attack, Zhao Hai immediately to be received these people with Space, then turned into Undead Creature. But those who make Zhao Hai accidental is, when these mosquito bit that God Race person, in Space suddenly transmitted prompt speaking sounds: „The Space mosquito inhaled strong almighty yesterday the blood, blood mosquito evolution, each blood mosquito attack strength equivalent to 6th level Magic Beast, every other 24 hours, Host may put the mosquito seven hours, the mosquito above or stayed over ten days by attack four ten times, vanished automatically!” Zhao Hai stares, then the great happiness, he has not thought that the Space mosquito unexpectedly is in this manner Level Up, in other words, later how the blood mosquito can attract to the blood of Advanced level, same can in Level Up, day that this be possible absolutely to be the good deed. The unit body attack abilities of although these blood mosquitos only then about 6th level level, but do not forget their fearful quantities, moreover Life Force of blood mosquito is very strong, wanting type them not to be mutually easy. God Rank Expert in fierce, but simultaneously was flown by tens of thousands, 6th level Magic Beast that fierce does not fear gathers round attack, feared that also had being out of fallen. Outside these God Race people also in diligently is carrying on the war with these blood mosquitos, but Zhao Hai in presently him today cannot after the release blood mosquito, the horse handle another matter, was preparing to attack God Race Cavalry to call Shan Rucheng the nearby these, after the preparation and other God Race people the blood mosquito extinguished, immediately sends Cavalry to God Race to carry on attack.

But at this time, Lizzy and Megan actually in handling another matter, to God Race, attacks the even bigger matter. The attack of this God Race is divided into two parts, part by Yun Tianlei command(er) Center Army, dashes to like the city, even if cannot eliminate Zhao Hai, wants makes Zhao Hai not have the means to rescue other place, second he is, they let Heavy Armor Cavalry and Pegasus Light Cavalry, gives to sweep clean other Buddha Empire cities. But Heavy Armor Cavalry and Pegasus Light Cavalry after God Race army sets out two hours leaves, for is makes God Race army attract the Zhao Hai attention, then lets Heavy Armor Cavalry and Pegasus Light Cavalry to make surprise-attack forces. However what they not said that Zhao Hai already knew their movement, when their Heavy Armor Cavalry and Pegasus Light Cavalry send out, Zhao Hai has been ready. However he does not prepare with coping with the Yun Tianlei means copes with these Heavy Armor Cavalry and Pegasus Light Cavalry, he prepares to use Undead Creature, these two armies wiping out, him has been like this able to obtain large quantities of Undead Creature to supplement that own consumption, simultaneously is cut off two arms of God Race. Now Lizzy and Megan are handling this matter, their command(er) these Undead Creature are carrying on attack to Heavy Armor Cavalry, because God Race Heavy Armor Cavalry and Pegasus Light Cavalry are not together move, they are divided into two Ark, one on the left and other on the right, prepares to carry on attack to the Buddha Empire center. How Zhao Hai possibly lets off this opportunity, this Heavy Armor Cavalry and Pegasus Light Cavalry, these two branch of the services although are not the God Race people, however their fighting strength are not weak, but they had been ruled too long time by God Race very much obviously, already complete by God Race enslaving, therefore Zhao Hai has not planned to let off them, turns into Undead Creature to be best them directly. These Heavy Armor Cavalry, turned into Undead Creature, turned into 9th level Expert, but their Innate Divine Strength, its attack strength should not compare true God Rank Expert difference many. The Pegasus Light Cavalry strength does not allow to look down upon, therefore Zhao Hai prepares with each one method of defeating, first has tidied up many Heavy Armor Cavalry, then in coping with Pegasus Light Cavalry, after these two teams of people have tidied up, Zhao Hai can slowly cope with Yun Tianlei. But tied down the Yun Tianlei matter to give Zhao Hai, Lizzy and Megan command(er) these Undead Creature were coping with these Heavy Armor Cavalry.

although these Heavy Armor Cavalry fighting strength very strong, however they to after is Undead Creature in Zhao Hai Space, do not forget, but in Zhao Hai Space many Beastman Race Undead Creature, these Beastman Race Undead Creature, they currently have the 9th level strength, moreover their strength is not small, copes with these Heavy Armor Cavalry after to is relaxed. Zhao Hai regarding Lizzy their feel relieved, his command(er) level might as well Lizzy they, making them tidy up these Heavy Armor Infantry and Light Cavalry will definitely not have the issue, he must do now, how to let Yun Tianlei headache. Besides these matters, in having was Demon Race there, Zhao Hai now changed military strategy, therefore has not been resisting stubbornly in Yangping city there with Demon Race, but he has arranged the massive armies in Yangping city there, to lull Demon Race, making the Demon Race person not think that they were making war with God Race. However Zhao Hai also knows that this matter could not hide the truth from several days, Demon Race finds certainly the way to monitor God Race, God Race there had the sound, they definitely know when the time comes they can join in the fun. Is popular present these Demon Race people not to move, the Zhao Hai in hand military strength is also sufficient, can use these days, as far as possible tidies up God Race, hit God Race painful, let them honestly some time. Zhao Hai needs is a time difference, he did not fear that also makes war now with the god demon two clans, after he has adjusted this tactic, no matter God Race or Demon Race, will meet the headache, but he will need a time difference, finally will be lets God Race and Demon Race cannot also attack, like this he can tidy up well these two clans. On such as city here, God Race and fight of blood mosquito is still continuing, but Ark Continent these Cavalry, arrived, in them, the has plenty person should carry on attack in afternoon to evening's these days to God Race, because of appears of blood mosquito, Zhao Hai has cancelled their attack, making them rest well, now makes them arrive on such as city here. This Zhao Hai copes with the God Race army quantity also and many, has more than 2 millions, including Human Race, has Elven Race, there is Beastman Race, naturally must have Dwarf Race. The although 2 million armies, are not many compared with God Race 2000 ten thousand army, but regarding use guerrilla warfare, were many, these armies almost can in turn, day and night carries on attack to God Race army, now is adding on the blood mosquito, may suffice God Race to drink a pot. ro