Yun Tianlei don’t know altogether have killed many blood mosquito, these blood mosquitos probably cannot kill to be the same, massacre a batch also to have a batch, massacres a batch, a batch, It looks like in Yun Tianlei, these blood mosquito Ark Continent these Cavalry are repugnant, Ark Continent these Cavalry although attack they, but is impossible simultaneously attack to their all people, in fact only then some people in surrounding will receive attack, the Battalion middle person will not have any matter. However these blood mosquitos are different, the quantities of these blood mosquitos were too many, almost can carry on attack to all people, making all people not have the time to rest, but this way incorrect, is too big to their fighting strength influences. Currently God Race here the appears casualties, the although also don’t know casualties had many, but Yun Tianlei actually frowned. The attack of blood mosquito attacks with the person is different, the person attacks, you can tie to oppose the enemy, but the blood mosquito is not good, body too small of blood mosquito, you were tie, was impossible the attack that could block that to blot out the sky, the final result operated independently. Yun Tianlei look at these blood mosquitos, how are wanting to cope with him, but at this time the remaining blood mosquitos are not many, most at least compared comes to be short most from the beginning, their pressures were also lighter. Looks at this situation, Yun Tianlei let out a long breath, but at this moment, an explosive sound transmits, Yun Tianlei one startled, looks toward explosion Ark, the present Ark Continent Cavalry squad, has thrown their in hand Javelin, started to retreat. Yun Tianlei complexion sinks, he has not thought that Ark Continent these Cavalry will run to grab the bargain at this time unexpectedly, this was also too exasperating. although his ruthless tooth is itchy, does not have any means that this is the war, takes eliminating the enemy as the point, Ark Continent such makes although very hatefully, but Yun Tianlei actually has to recognize, this copes with the God Race best opportunity. Thinks of here, Yun Tianlei cannot help but darkly sighs in the heart, his these time comes out, is most difficult to deal with the Zhao Hai surface that including that legend not to see that has suffered heavy casualties, must the guest be ugly compared with Yun Ying and silver, this is makes him feel that in really the surface does not have up.

However this situation in his expected, he has not actually thought that Ark Continent will cope with him with such method, moreover he also suspected that these blood mosquitos possibly are also the Ark Continent here person make. fantastic that these blood mosquito attack opportunities choose, they in afternoon, have not met attack of Ark Continent person, in the evening has not met attack, when they were just lax, these blood mosquito suddenly appears , must say that these blood mosquito and person relationship on Ark Continent does not have, to kill him not to believe. After that Ark Continent Ten Thousand-Man Squad strikes walks, is Ten Thousand-Man Squad has attacked, same strikes walks, has not stopped, afterward the third team, the fourth team, the fifth team...... When they also when deals with these surplus blood mosquitos, their Continent received Ark Continent Cavalry several waves of attack. attack that attack that about one hour, they receive quickly catches up with day of receive were many, obviously the Ark Continent person and other opportunity, could already Yun Tianlei not have any means. He does not dare to send out small stock army to exit attack Ark Continent other cities. Because of his very clear, so long as he dares to send out the small stock army, the enemy will certainly annihilate these small stock armies, can say that now they were in situation in a dilemma. Yun Tianlei said loudly: Periphery staff pays attention to stand guard, other people, fully anti-mosquito!” As his leads, these in God Race soldier of surrounding, started fully cope with Ark Continent Cavalry, but other person full exterminate mosquito, were actually less than one hour, all blood mosquitos were been clean by exterminate. But in this hour, they received several waves of Cavalry attack, only about this two hours, they receive the number of times that Cavalry and strikes, compared with daytime one day many . Moreover the casualties are also very big, this about 30 waves of Cavalry attack, altogether cause the casualties of near forty thousand person to them, is adding on these blood mosquitos, they to the present, had the casualties of fifty thousand person in the evening, moreover along with Ark Continent Cavalry attack, this casualties quantity will also increase. Is greatly bright to the weather, Ark Continent Cavalry attack completely stopped, the God Race talented person relaxed, in the unify/unified idea, this in the evening they unexpectedly casualties near hundred thousand person, in adding on daytime, on this day a night of time, among their casualties has been achieving about ten fifty thousand!

Hears this digit time, Yun Tianlei has one type of, if feeling in dream, he hopes really one are having a dream, all these are the illusions, but look at stands in own side, face weary look Fei'er, Yun Tianlei knows that this is not the illusion, but is the real fresh matter. Yun Tianlei has rubbed own temples, turns the head to beat a drum to gather to Fei'er said :.” Fei'er has complied with one, turn around to outside, effort played the 100 big drum outside City Lord Mansion. Before long several put on the character of white robe to arrive at City Lord Mansion, in God Race there, only then the War General rank character can wear the white robe in the armed forces, can the exposing white robe be the one type of status to drafting. But Yun Tianlei actually likes putting on to fight armor, this is also he with other War General different places, all puts on War General of white robe in God Race, their series armed forces count in five hundred thousand above, but has more than 40 the present to the City Lord Mansion War General population. Yun Tianlei sits in the City Lord Mansion hall, in the hall is placing some chairs, after this is Yun Tianlei lives, displays, Zhao Hai, took away thing that in City Lord Mansion can take away, has not left behind any useful thing. After these War General pass through the gate, to a Yun Tianlei ritual, then presses the status on oneself, sat on the chair, Yun Ying sat in the first row, what the silver must the guest sit was the second row. After waiting for all people to arrive in full, Yun Tianlei then look at people said : this time beginning, ten points is not smooth, from dispatching troops to the present, we not with the Ark Continent army positive has fought, but has actually achieved hundreds of thousands people of casualties, this regarding our God Race, was the unprecedented matter, everyone/Great Clan said one to the view of this matter.” A people silence, don’t know must say any good, some little time Yun Ying open the mouth and said: General, I present a matter, yesterday we have fought with these blood mosquitos, the quantities of these blood mosquitos should extremely numerous, although by has plenty that we kill directly, but I presently, no matter in the city or outside the city, do not have a mosquito corpse, this matter was too strange.” One hear of Yun Ying said that many War General responded, truly is, yesterday they have fought with the blood mosquito, although has some are is used Fire element Magic direct burned to ashes by them, but no matter what, will have some mosquito corpses to remain, but presently in the city outside the city, is actually links a mosquito corpse not to see, this matter was really too strange.

Yun Tianlei nodded said : well, observation care of , I also present this point, yesterday these blood mosquitos possibly are the Ark Continent person bring, otherwise appears opportunity such coincidence, will not have Ark Continent Cavalry to coordinate to make the war with them, it seems like that the method of Ark Continent here person also really many.” One hear of Yun Tianlei said that all people are being startled, but can become War General, does not have the fool, their immediately has also dealt with, the yesterday do not say the mosquito corpse war to the present, even if were the corpse of God Race person these died had not found, naturally, a large part was directly by Blood Lightning Bead vaporizing, but more actually by Zhao Hai taking away. Yun Ying frowns said : „, if these blood mosquitos are the Ark Continent here person make , we have troubled, what to do if they can cause some blood mosquito that to be possible.” Yun Tianlei knit the brows said : blood mosquito not to be easy to get so far as, not so Ark Continent already had not used, but also has no alternative but against this point, this, if the next time is meeting attack of blood mosquito, all people take three people as a squad, supports Domain, a person kills the mosquito, they rest, the relapse, such blood mosquito will not be so big to our threats, we must pay attention was Ark Continent these Cavalry, everyone/Great Clan thinks that what we did have means to cope with Ark Continent these Cavalry?” The people frown, quite a while has not spoken, a suddenly person stands to bow to Yun Tianlei said : general, I think that we now extremely in relying on Domain, Domain is bringing hauls the attack ability not wrong, but the attack distance is not very far, but also does not have Javelin that the Ark Continent many 9th level people throw to be far, we can only passive coming under attack, this not be cost-effective, therefore I think that against makes Ark Continent these Cavalry to be the same, cuts some trees, makes the a batch wooden javelin, although we cannot like Ark Continent, therefore on the javelin installs Blood Lightning Bead, but by our God Rank. Javelin lethality that the strength, throws is not small, what most important is, we had the method of counter-attack, was not coming under attack completely passively.” One hear of this person of words, Yun Tianlei cannot help but two eyes one bright, look at that person of said : good, Yunyi, your idea is very good, this Javelin although could not cope with the blood mosquito, but coped with Ark Continent Cavalry to be enough, moreover manufactured very simple, good, wait a minute everyone/Great Clan went back, immediately informed all people, gave me to cut trees down to manufacture Javelin, if has not really set up may chop, gave picks several Stone belts on the body, we cannot such come under attack in any case!” The people together accordingly are, they also thought that this idea is good, God Rank Expert and 9th level disparity is very big, Javelin and stone blocks that they throw, feared that will be farther than the 9th level firing distance, when the time comes will not wait for opposite party Cavalry to them, they are Javelin and Stone throw, even if will be hits undead they, will not make them feel better. They do not think that is eliminating Ark Continent all Cavalry through this method, that is impossible, they do not have the opposite party is quick, such method was impossible to eliminate the opposite party, but this can actually make them be short by many losses, so long as they were not fearing that the harassment of opposite party Cavalry, can push directly into, has projected on Ark Continent nest, at the appointed time the Ark Continent person on has to go all out with them. ro!