But Zhao Hai is the don’t know God Race meeting content, the God Race first abandoned meeting, will use one type of to isolate Divine Sense Magic Formation, but this Magic Formation is also effective regarding Space. Now Zhao Hai is monitoring Demon Race there, he feared that Demon Race there will obtain any information, then carries on attack to them, he was approaching Demon Capital City there to keep many armies, these armies now are only a row of appearance, lulls the Demon Race person, but if the Demon Race person attacks, these army immediately will transfer Cavalry to be right, with Demon Race deal with. Copes with the Demon Race army compared with coping with God Race few many, current population also about 2 million, moreover one after the other from Continent has the army to arrive. The entire side Continent army are many, although various countries the army of most Elite is not many, however other Local Regiment actually not, but these Local Regiment can also move to use now, they are 9th level Expert, does not go to that compared with these Elite difference. Besides the Human Race army, in adding on Elven Race, Dwarf Race, Beastman Race and Sea Race army, entire Ark Continent causes the several ten of millions army to be also a cinch, special Sea Race, endless sea big, nobody knows that but the Sea Race person has many, nobody can reckon up, these Sea Race people are their army, is only Sea Race can leave many armies, some big war-making potentials, feared that is Royal Family Mermaid Race in Sea Race cannot reckon up. Now many different race people have not drunk Spatial Water, without Level Up, but that does not have the matter of means that Zhao Hai the release words came, Spatial Water can let loose the supply, everyone can drink, drinks a time effectiveness in any case, was drinking does not have what difference with the ordinary water. Now Zhao Hai must do must give to stir up the entire Ark Continent war-making potential, is used to cope with God Race and Demon Race, can say that this is also a Ark Continent evolution process. Good, walks evolution, Zhao Hai thinks that this time war, before is a Ark Continent evolution process, their Ark Continent only passes through is God Realm subordinate Continent, is lower than on First Grade God Realm, but now is different, now God Race 2 Realms making a connection, Ark Continent here Law of the Heaven and Earth was the same with God Realm there Law of the Heaven and Earth, in this case, Ark Continent here person , if not carry on a promotion of time big evolution, certainly eliminated. If no Zhao Hai not to have Space, the Ark Continent here person is impossible evolution, but there is Zhao Hai Space, that has provided the evolution condition for them, therefore Zhao Hai believes that this time war , to promote a Ark Continent evolution process. However the different race there situation is not quite same as the Human Race situation, very concentrated that on the other hand Human Race lives, moreover management agency improvement of Human Race here, Rosen Empire their management are the 1st level 1st level strokes, divides, low 1st level can divide in the village, is managed by Village Chief, but different race there is different, fortunately Dwarf Race and a Elven Race point they live also comparatively concentrates, but Beastman Race was not good.

Beastman Race lives on Prairie, but Prairie was also too big, but on the Beastman Race life style continuously is the life style of move about, a small tribe, possibly on several households or several households, moreover they move about in all directions on Prairie, in this case, wanting the tube is very really difficult to them. Beastman Race must come compared with Sea Race also almost, after all Beastman Prairie so was big and endless sea compared with Beastman Prairie mostly, managed difficulty. Actually the beforehand Sea Race mode of administration is also very relaxed, but all Sea Race people know that a mermaid clan is the king of Sea Race, obeys their management, but a mermaid clan not uses others to deliver many tax, therefore manages also lightly is naturally more negligent. But now Zhao Hai headache also this point, Sea Race person's management extremely in lax, but entire Ark Continent here, can dispatch troops to the most multi- races actually exactly is Sea Race, but the Sea Race person makes the war on land , is not very familiar with, 9th level that even if various arriving, they will make the strength that will fight also greatly to sell at a discount on land, this will be the Zhao Hai most headache place. For this reason, therefore many Sea Race people, have achieved 9th level now, directly has not actually arrived at the battlefield to come up, but is carrying on the compatible training in the rear area, their Mount are also Magic Beast that Zhao Hai provides. Now the Buddha Empire here Human Race army population adds insufficient surely, this does not have the matter of means that latter upright some adapted to these Mount armies, advances Buddha Empire. Actually if with the Zhao Hai method, but also has no need for these many armies, but Zhao Hai wants these to know that is anything felt to the war with God Race and Demon Race, therefore he will make these armies enter Buddha Empire. Zhao Hai looked at the Demon Race there situation, fortunately, this is only God Race first day the attack, Demon Race there did not have the too big sound, but Zhao Hai also knows that feared also quickly had the sound. Looked that Demon Race there does not have what sound, Zhao Hai collection to have a look at God Race to be busy at anything, looked that God Race there Zhao Hai stares, these God Race people are cutting trees down, sort Stone, Zhao Hai puzzled look at these God Race people, his really do not understand, these people must do.

However was quick his understand, after these God Race people have gotten down the tree firmly, has made unexpectedly wooden Javelin these big trees directly, this Javelin although did very simple, but was a wooden club has truncated a point, if made the God Race person throw, that lethality slightly will not go to that absolutely. Looked that the God Race person moves like this does, Zhao Hai they must do on understand, it seems like that the God Race person also wants to cope with them with long-distance weapon. Thought of here, the brow of Zhao Hai cannot help but wrinkled, God Race this Javelin attack strength although impossible to add with their these expected Javelin to compare, but was God Race army that huge digit, that this Javelin Might did not allow to look down upon. Thinks that 20 million God Race person together throw the Javelin appearance, Zhao Hai cannot help but shivered with fright, that scene made Zhao Hai one think on Earth has looked at movie «Hero», scene of that arrows falling like the rain makes Zhao Hai unable to forget to the present, but Javelin that the God Race person threw, feared that in Qin shoot out the arrow compared with the movie strove to excel on does not know many times. But the Buddha Empire here big tree may be many, but regarding the God Race person, the big tree in cannot block them greatly, as soon as strikes, they must make Javelin are really too simple. But sorts Stone, Zhao Hai also understand what's the matter, God Race and army quantity were too many, all was Javelin surely does not have that many trees, Stone that these God Race people sorted was not very big, was very portable, if threw, feared can also throw was very far, the attack strength will not be small. If these thing the average person took is being certainly impossible to cope with Cavalry, but these thing one but to in hand of God Race person, that has been possible to be extraordinary. Zhao Hai knitting the brows head, it seems like God Race these people are also the battlefield veteran, the strain is quick, can cope with their type Javelin attack? Zhao Hai sits in there calmly is thinking, at this time Laura walked, sat the Zhao Hai side, looked at these God Race person one on screen, puzzled to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai? Are these God Race people doing? Also is sorts Stone is the stone big tree, can they construct the city to be inadequate?”, Zhao Hai forced smile said : how possible, these fellows are preparing thing to cope with our Cavalry, Javelin and Stone that these God Race people throw, the lethality is not small, is used to cope with our Cavalry not to be bad.” Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said that also knitting the brows head, words multi- Zhao Hai these Cavalry, just rose to 9th level not long after, their true fighting strength, feared that is can't compare with these points, a point rises to 9th level Expert, but this throws the Javelin not too many technique contents, Zhao Hai, so long as threw fully walked, very simple that does not request you to throw.

Because of this, therefore these people now regarding the utilization of their energy are not very skillful, under these Javelin attack, they can guarantee one and oneself were good, Mount feared that could not preserve, one, but cannot preserve Mount, their these Cavalry, has become dish of God Race person mouth. Is adding on Javelin that the God Race person throws not to be good to deal, will not do well the appears casualties, this regarding their harassment tactics, will be a giant war strikes absolutely, if will harass the tactic to have more than enough, the matter was not quite easy to do. Laura turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, now what to do do you say must? Now these people in our army, they could not be called 9th level Expert, making them while using Javelin attack, is supporting protective shield to block God Race Javelin and Stone attack, feared that is a little difficulty.”, Zhao Hai nodded, sighs said : I also to worry that for this matter, the God Rank Expert strength with 9th level Expert in a scale, besides Demon Race these abnormal fellows, I had not had that 9th level Expert to injure to God Rank Expert, especially the opposite party can also support Domain, but in the God Race army almost is God Rank Expert, Javelin that they throw, the lethality absolutely is not small, depends on now on Continent the strength of army, can block also really few.” The Laura knitting the brows head, two eyes bright said : suddenly Elder Brother Hai, I to have means that do you remember that the Radiant Church person, has coped with you with Magic Formation formation disk, you said us, if manufactures some Magic Formation formation disk, can be useful?” Zhao Hai has gawked next step: Manufactures formation disk? What formation disk manufactures?”, Laura smiles said : to defend formation disk, you forgot on Continent various big city cities to have the Magic Formation defense, but these Magic Formation not very complex, we can these Magic Formation, according to carry on shrink compared with the row, then used made of metal formation disk, in each Cavalry squad, was bringing formation disk, ran into the God Race person time, put in formation disk to put Crystal Stone, started formation disk, that God Race no matter threw Javelin to throw Stone, has not used.”