Zhao Hai one hear of Laura said that cannot help but two eyes one bright, nodded said : this means to be good, can let on Continent the immediately manufacture, but this Magic Formation also needs to experiment, cannot too unable to be too small greatly, too big waste Crystal Stone energy, too small, cannot have doing of defense to use.” Laura smiles said : this not to be easy to do, now on entire Continent, you said that a few words are effective compared with anyone, is adding on my father these years not to be short of the matter in aspect of research, gave them to be OK, believes that quick will have the result.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, your immediately goes to relate with the father-in-law, him told that this matter, I think that this Magic Formation, father-in-law certainly will, making them make the best use of the time to carry on research, must manufacture as soon as possible.” Laura nodded said : this I to arrange, but Elder Brother Hai, cannot idle these days, you ask Lizzy and Megan there dry how, the incorrect words, we can adjust some Undead Creature to come God Race to attack, these Javelin and Stone, have the lethality regarding the person, but regarding Undead Creature, the lethality was actually small.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, this matter I with them will say that I think that these Heavy Armor Cavalry quickly were also given to tidy up by them.” Zhao Hai just said that the Lizzy sound conveyed said : looks like I and Megan has not harmed the Elder Brother Hai matter, Elder Brother Hai, these Heavy Armor Cavalry have tidied up.” Zhao Hai turns the head to look, Lizzy and Megan face excited walked, does Zhao Hai smile said : hastily what kind of „? Tidied up these Heavy Armor Cavalry really? Then, these Heavy Armor Cavalry now how many people?” In reinforcement that this God Race comes, although by God Race person give priority to, but Heavy Armor Cavalry and Pegasus Light Cavalry also came, other races, these races these time has not moved with God Race Battalion, but was taken the surprise-attack forces by God Race, copes other Buddha Empire cities, therefore Zhao Hai asked how many these time tidied up these Heavy Armor Cavalry altogether to have person. Megan smiles said : this tidying up Heavy Armor Cavalry to be many, Elder Brother Hai, you could not guess correctly that many people, have 5 million people, 5 million that.” Zhao Hai one hear of Megan said that also great happiness said : fantastic, these were many 5 million Undead Creature, this is a big harvest, these Pegasus Cavalry are more than Heavy Armor Cavalry, our strength big enhancements, good, fantastic, you rest well, then in tidies up these Pegasus Light Cavalry, was right, pulls out these quick Undead Creature to me, I must cope with God Race Battalion with them.” Lizzy and Megan have complied with one, this command(er) in view of the motions of these Heavy Armor Cavalry, is makes them beat the brains really very much, the opposite party strength is not weak . Moreover the large number of elderly persons, wants to tidy up them in a short time, is really not easy.

However Lizzy and Megan actually think that means that their Dwarf Race has dug down the trap in the Heavy Armor Cavalry advancing three directions, Heavy Armor Cavalry, when meets the trap, must stop its. But Heavy Armor Cavalry strongest is their impulse, one, but they stopped, that impulse will pelt, Might greatly will reduce, but doing of these traps with make them stop. These Heavy Armor Cavalry see the trap, immediately knows, Dwarf Race has wrapped, their immediately has shot Earth element Magic like the ground, this Earth element Magic only then one type of does to use, is makes the land very hard, looks like the iron stone is the same, can continue for about one hour, they do not need to fear that Dwarf Race carried on attack from underground to them. However their these time has actually thought mistakenly, Lizzy their these time do not carry on attack through underground to them, but has used the one type of method, in these Heavy Armor Cavalry when enters to the place uses Earth element Magic, their suddenly appears Undead Creature, these Undead Creature, started to that to tie Heavy Armor Cavalry to carry on attack. These Undead Creature suddenly suddenly too, and has the 9th level strength, therefore these Heavy Armor Cavalry have not responded what's the matter time, already by exterminate. Doing that among this types blossoms fights the way, only then Zhao Hai they can use, they have Space, can let these Undead Creature appears at any time in Continent any place, Lizzy and Megan has used Space the characteristics, has gotten so far as the Heavy Armor Cavalry middle these Undead Creature, when Heavy Armor Cavalry has not responded, gave exterminate these people. This plan looks like very simple, but does not to be simple, the person but who uses in Zhao Hai here well are not many, other institute people had give Lizzy them to go to command(er), therefore Lizzy they can complete was so quick, remaining must cope with these Pegasus Light Cavalry, Lizzy they plan well one, Pegasus Light Cavalry will fly, moreover was quick, must therefore plan well. Lizzy and Megan have rested, Laura also goes to discuss that with Karen made the matter of Magic plate, but Zhao Hai remained then to monitor these God Race sounds. Besides monitoring these God Race people, carries on the supplies to Cavalry that these participate, these most need to supplement is Javelin. Now on Continent the has plenty place is manufacturing this Javelin, except for wooden, but also the has plenty bamboo makes, Javelin Might that the bamboo makes meets even bigger, moreover convenient.

Now in Zhao Hai Space has planted many bamboos, specifically is used to manufacture Javelin, Javelin of bamboo system simple, a person blade, a day can manufacture much. These Cavalry supplies also very interesting, Zhao Hai will place a stratagem place on Continent supplies thing, then makes these people take, these people arrived at there, not only can take weapon, but also in drinking of eating, but can also rest well. But the places of these supplies are different, some are in the Buddha Empire city, some in some rural areas, the place firmly were not difficult, moreover supplies thing are not many, can only they eat one or two. Now Zhao Hai to these Cavalry Captain level characters, has provided big Space Bag, this Space Bag has about thousand cubic meters fully, inside besides Message Fish, is eating drinking some thing, Zhao Hai feared, when if he has not delivered to eat to these people, they will be hungry, but weapon is actually provided by Zhao Hai. Now all Cavalry of participation obtained the supplement, is resting well, but these God Race people are also resting, they by these blood mosquitos suffering heavy. yesterday blood mosquito although Level Up, but these release go did not have Level Up, Zhao Hai unable now the release blood mosquito, because away yesterday bloodletting mosquito time was also less than 24 hours, the blood mosquito that but he came after release was Level Up. The blood mosquito strength after Level Up continues compared with on original strong double, Zhao Hai believes that the blood mosquito that this release comes suffices the God Race person to drink a pot absolutely. although God Race these armies are God Rank Expert, a person strength is extraordinary, but Zhao Hai can look, these people on the face appears weary look, have done well Javelin and Stone God Race person immediately now have rested, it seems like they were exhausted. However their surrounding actually some God Race people in there stand guard, want to cope with them not to be easy, but Zhao Hai does not worry, if he thinks really immediately deals with these God Race people, now can make these Undead Creature send out, direct appears in God Race Battalion medium right, comes time suddenly surprise attack to God Race. However this move Zhao Hai does not plan to use now, God Race these armies are different from Heavy Armor Cavalry and Pegasus Light Cavalry, these God Race armies are the God Rank strengths, stronger compared with Heavy Armor Cavalry and Pegasus Light Cavalry on many, even if lets Undead Creature suddenly appears in the God Race army middle , can only with from the type trial method, God Race Battalion middle massive delivery Blood Lightning Bead, like coping with Heavy Armor Cavalry, made Undead Creature kill the God Race person directly, was actually impossible, after all the level disparity was placed in that.

Zhao Hai did not plan that with did not mean this move is useless, conversely, this move very useful, but also can only use one time, next God Race had the protection, is not easy-to-use , because of this, therefore Zhao Hai did not plan that use this move easily, he planned, when the crucial time is using. Because has such idea, therefore Zhao Hai has not been sending for harassing the God Race person, enabling them to rest well, but Zhao Hai believes that this presently the God Race person now sleeps, must open an eye, on this day the much time, these God Race people had been feared to the harassment by him. Looks at God Race person there nothing, Zhao Hai on feel relieved, he has also found time Black Wasteland, now on Continent many specially research Magic Formation person, arrived at Black Wasteland, but Karen specially has established research lab in there, research weapon had some Zhao Hai to let their research thing. This Zhao Hai defends the Magic Formation matter to give Karen research, Karen their immediately started research, defends Magic Formation regarding this type, they work as are very familiar with, in fact they were starting research this Magic Formation. Since the god demon two clans have invaded Continent, Karen started in research these Magic Formation, Magic Formation that research these defenses and attack of these Magic Formation use, therefore Zhao Hai this issuance of order, preparation that Karen they have not been thrown into confusion, but is immediately shifts in the request of Zhao Hai the research direction. Before their research this type defended Magic Formation, was how research to make this Magic Formation defense strength stronger, province energy this side both sides, such research they only needed to complete small Magic Formation with Stone to be OK, did not need made of metal to make, in research, they were big regarding the Magic Formation picture, can protect big area also some certain understanding, when the research Magic Formation plate, was not very difficult. Zhao Hai looked Karen their research carries on very smooth, feared that can manufacture the Magic Formation plate in less than the several days time, he also on feel relieved. ro!