\; Zhao Hai also changed now like before, custom that what kind of that frontline hits, the person on few full Gen trigram Continent said that now his everyday will be what kind of that frontline will hit, making Cai'er manufacture the writing the document, will then deliver to the major races and major Empire on Continent in hand these documents, making them have a more direct understanding regarding the frontline tactical situation. What such does to let they more personal feeling the frontline tactical situation is, making them not feel that the war will leave us to be not very far. God Race is resting, the Zhao Hai army is also resting, but Demon Race there has not actually rested, Demon Dragon King received information that God Race army has unleashed an attack all along the line, received this information, Demon Dragon King immediately convened his in hand all Advanced level military officers, has notified the matter of God Race attack like them. These military officers heard that God Race has unleashed an attack all along the line, person immediately excited, in which person said loudly: fantastic, God Race attacks finally, Your Highness, are we also the immediately attacks?” On the face of Demon Dragon King also revealed smiling face said : God Race to attack for day a night, now there situation don’t know will be what kind, but the Yangping city here garrison troops to did not have what sound, but I think Yangping city here remaining was also only some Human Race garrison troops, Zhao Hai should not have the time to run up to here now to block us, our attack opportunities should arrive.” The people are cheering, the appearance of Demon Dragon King look at people, then said : we dispatched troops at this time, can gain the even bigger benefit, but similarly, we must prepare for dealing with the God Race person, just as was such that Zhao Hai said that what God Race will be will not divide equally Ark Continent with us absolutely, naturally, we have not thought must divide equally with the God Race person, the strengths of these God Race people were not weak, therefore everyone/Great Clan must be ready the line.” People simultaneously has complied with one, but each and every one is the general happy expression, Demon Dragon King look at their appearances, is shows a faint smile said : to go back the entire armed forces, after one hour, army leaves, target, Yangping city!” The people complied with one loud, turn around outward ran. These have been to the Ark Continent here Demon Race person, without one does not think that the quick point goes to attack Human Race, because they think earlier Ark in 6 here and person to the Demon Race domain in, Ark Continent here environment fantastic, on here dull one day, they in has not wanted to return to Demon Realm. After one hour, the Demon Race army set finished, along with issuing an order of Demon Dragon King, enters 30 million Demon Race army, leaves from Demonic Abyss here, dashes to the Yangping city. But in that moment that Demon Race army leaves, Zhao Hai has ordered the Yangping city there garrison troops, draws entire is zero, leave the Yangping city, has prepared to start to Demon Race to carry on the guerilla tactics. Uses such tactic for Demon Race, should compared with God Race convenience, because of Demon Race these people, too many God Rank Expert, they not be impossible to support Domain, wants to block Blood Lightning Bead attack difficulty, therefore Zhao Hai to coping with Demon Race has confidence some. Quick, the first confrontation of Demon Race person's with harassing Cavalry arrived, these time is still Human Race Cavalry harasses the tribulation clan, they also in leaving Demon Race near kilometer place of start to project Javelin, but this time attack, one had killed unexpectedly the Demon Race more than 10,000 people, is very obvious, the God Rank Expert quantity was inferior that God Race many Demon Race, suffered a loss under Blood Lightning Bead.

The Demon Race person also felt that being startled, their don’t know Ark Continent here person uses what weapon is, why will live the explosion, moreover Might so is big, this makes them very puzzled. However quick Zhao Hai presently their troubles came, these Demon Race people like the God Race person, most people do not have Domain, therefore the God Race person does not bring long-distance attack weapon, Demon Race person here majority is eight, 9th level strengths, they have long-distance attack weapon, like Javelin, bow and arrow, the nag, these thing Demon Race has, in first time by Cavalry attack, after they lost more than 10,000 people, Demon Dragon King immediately has made the adjustment, making these use bow and arrow, the Demon Race person of Javelin and nag arrived at their Battalion surrounding, moreover and Continent maintained certain distance, so long as one presently. Human Race Cavalry, they will carry on the correlation with Human Race Cavalry, this has caused the Human Race Cavalry casualties unexpectedly. This lets some Zhao Hai headaches, he has not thought that the Might of bow and nag of Demon Race person competes is so big . Moreover the firing distance is so far, therefore these time made Zhao Hai eat unexpectedly slightly has owed, many of although Demon Race casualties, but Zhao Hai was not quite happy. The adjustment of Demon Race, demonstration they regarding defending the Magic Formation plate urgently needs, Zhao Hai they discussed with Karen, making them probably manufacture the formation disk sample to come as soon as possible, then makes Dwarf Race help, when is shortest within to manufacture formation disk. Shortly after Demon Race here moves, the God Race large unit also rests was similar, they also moved, prepares to continue toward Ark Continent to enter. This Zhao Hai must make the test that fights faced with both sides, but he also already prepared, immediately sent out Lizzy to furnish his these Undead Creature, then harassed God Race, but Demon Race there, he has not actually changed players, then on Cavalry of various races with Continent harassed them, even if were the damage of causing is very low, cannot let their smooth advancing. But at this time, Lizzy and Megan have been getting these Undead Creature and other Continent armies cope with these Pegasus Light Cavalry. Surprise-attack forces that this only God Race sends, population about 7 million, uniform Pegasus Light Cavalry, because their motion are quick, other branch of the services almost cannot follow them, therefore does not have other race soldier in this army. But Zhao Hai wants with Pegasus to come actually, when Mount of Human Race army, harasses God Race and Demon Race, because of such words their, the mobility is stronger. However in Zhao Hai Space just received this Pegasus didn't have long time, now was unable the assembly of batch to come up to the army, although said that Space can speed up the Pegasus mature time, the quantity that but they need is very big, wants to replace Ferghana horse with Pegasus, but also requires not the short time. Yun Tianlei presently the Zhao Hai adjustment copes with their armies quickly, before coped their, was the Human Race armies, but now actually completely turned into Undead Creature, these Undead Creature also very fast, moreover they used Javelin, probably compared with Human Race these armies familiar, lethality also even bigger.

Yun Tianlei naturally don’t know, the armies of these Human Race and other races, just promoted 9th level, regarding the 9th level strength, is not very good, but these Undead Creature that grasps, promoted to 9th level is at times, and has experienced several wars, they regarding own strength utilization very skillful, Might naturally compared with on these army big several points. But makes Yun Tianlei feel worry is actually the adjustment of Zhao Hai, the adjustment of Zhao Hai was too prompt, how was almost God Race here just found out to cope with these Cavalry, Zhao Hai here has made the adjustment, just as was Laura said that these Javelin and Stone regarding living the Cavalry lethality was very big, but regarding Undead Creature Cavalry, what the lethality was straight was very limited, only if were continuously Javelin straight striking on the head of Undead Creature, or was a piece Stone hits in a big way the head of Undead Creature broken, otherwise, these Undead Creature will be will not have the matter., Is Javelin passes through from their fronts, they can still fight. But Zhao Hai these Undead Creature have certain self- repair capability and is living the ability, so long as is the soul does not extinguish, these Undead Creature almost can be said as true undead, doing that in this case, God Race these Javelin and Stone, can play used is very limited. Yun Tianlei don’t know Zhao Hai such arrangement , because knew they prepared Javelin to wait for him in Stone, was a complete coincidence. If Zhao Hai is because knew their arrangement, changes into Undead Creature the army of harassment, that in other words, their this line, continuously under the surveillance of Zhao Hai. Thinks that this consequence, Yun Tianlei cannot help but was startled, his immediately strengthened to scout of place, having a look at there to have the person on Ark Continent to ambush in there monitors them. However invisible, also has slowed their marching, happen to have achieved the Zhao Hai point, now Zhao Hai requires the time, he requires the time to eliminate Pegasus Light Cavalry, needs time research Magic Formation, requires the time to construct the Accra Mountain defense line, needs the time changes prestige God Rank Expert more people. Naturally, Zhao Hai not because marching of God Race is slow. Lets off their, the harassment of Undead Creature Cavalry to God Race compared with living Cavalry frequent, because Undead Creature Cavalry almost will not be tired, moreover their supplies also very good solution, so long as their leave the line of sight of God Race, Zhao Hai has been able to receive in Space these Undead Creature, making them take weapon, exits in time killing. Yun Tianlei they now almost in using the turtle in advancing, such as the city come out from, to the distance of next city, if with the ordinary flight, is three and four hours, can Yun Tianlei they such as the city come out now for nearly five hours from, actually links 50% distances not to arrive, such, already, not only described with the turtle, was can only nest Ox to come describe. Zhao Hai is very satisfied regarding this result, now he must do makes every effort to constrain the attack of God Race and Demon Race, when Lizzy they Pegasus Light Cavalry eliminating, him have been able to vacate the massive manpower to cope with their two clans . Moreover the Zhao Hai also more ruthless plans, encircle Wei Qiuzhao! So long as Lizzy there military strength vacated, Zhao Hai will let Pegasus Light Cavalry, turns into the Zombie appearance, to teaches these cities of country's to carry on time attack brightly, when the time comes Zhao Hai to wants to have a look, these God Race armies do not draw back retreat.

Naturally, Zhao Hai has not thought through planting the method can compelling returned to God Realm goes God Race, that is impossible, light looks at these giants, Heavy Armor Cavalry and Pegasus Light Cavalry, knows that God Race these year of certain conquer many small plane, they have definitely been able to adjust the army from these small plane, with the Ark Continent war, therefore wants to catch up with returned to God Realm them in a short time, that is impossible. However attack teaches the state-owned several advantage brightly \; first, can compel God Race army retreat, two can obtain God Race that gigantic shape Magic Cannon, takes carry back research well, third can snatch some green skin small Dwarf to come back, asks the God Race matter. However this capital city requires the time, so long as to the Zhao Hai time, Zhao Hai can make God Race forever unable to achieve the Accra Mountain defense line. Accra Mountain defense line there construction also sped up, that is one forever the national defense line, therefore Zhao Hai request very strict, not only inside has defense Magic Formation, constructs the defense line the material is also request strict of , these material not only anti- physics attack ability very strong, have to achieve anti- Magic attack, and there is a certain demon effect certainly, in other words, the person some people wants to use the Magic words with these materials, is absolutely incorrect. On for example such as city here, on such as city here defense Magic Formation is very good, but one but God Race defending Magic Formation has broken through, they can manufacture Magic to city wall, if they have used Earth element Magic to city wall, Stone on that city wall, will turn into Stone Giant, carries on attack to the person of defense. But Accra Mountain defense line here, appears this situation, Zhao Hai will actually not request here to construct city wall, does not permit to come in handy Stone, but must use the concrete, this type of concrete works as in Earth on is different, but has used Ark Continent here some materials, for example crushed stone, rice milk, with other thing, but in these thing, wants the join some certainly demon the material. In Ark Continent here, the demon material is not very difficult looks certainly, the has plenty material does not need to use Magic to it, but the beforehand these material people use are not many, only then some Empire imperial palaces will use these materials to construct, but the theory of this type of concrete, Zhao Hai raises. Moreover Zhao Hai also has another request regarding Accra Mountain defense line here, is this defense line must achieve, outward not internal, in other words, all defense capabilities of this defense line in view of the Buddha Empire direction, but regarding Lyon Empire this aspect, does not have what defense capability. Reason that Zhao Hai such does, is fears one day, if the Accra Mountain defense line defended really unsatisfactory, God Race on the fortification with this defense line will deal with the Ark Continent here person, if Zhao Hai cultivated this defense line, internally or externally had the ability of defense, God Race, if has occupied this defense line, can defend to advocate south Ark Continent, when the time comes Zhao Hai was the strength was stronger, wanted to hit the returned to Ark Continent south, difficulty. Actually such way, is advantageous also has the shortcoming, but Zhao Hai can only choose now has such done, before such does, he had greeted with Buddha Empire King, such construction way, not in view of Buddha Empire, complete to cope with God Race considers.