Chapter 776 wrist|skill Before Zhao Hai did not take care the matter on Continent time, he thinks that the issue on very simple, has considered for Buda Family, so long as were favorable for Buda Family, to oneself advantageous, he will do. When he stands in oneself present this position, he presently , he if wants matter were many, took the Accra Mountain defense line, if here processing were not good, may cause the Buddha Empire disaffection. Buddha Empire person although removed in Lyon Empire, but Zhao Hai in there to a Buddha Empire King city, enabling him to rule Buddha Empire some people, in this case, the Buddha Empire people are very sensitive. although they also compel cannot leave Buddha Empire, but is this they are sensitive, Zhao Hai must construct the Accra Mountain defense line, moreover is internally not foreign, in this naturally refers to Lyon Empire, Rosen Empire and north the Aksu Empire these Continent places, but outside naturally refers to Buddha Empire and teaches south of the country these Continent places brightly, this also has Aksu Empire to external Lyon Empire and Rosen Empire internally does not look like, naturally does not have what issue, on is to fight a decisive battle to use with God Race and Demon Race. However looked like in Buddha Empire actually changed flavor, the Accra Mountain defense line cultivated was better, the Buddha Empire person more thought that Zhao Hai this does not think was managing Buddha Empire there, equal to and taught the land of country's to give the god Buddha Empire brightly the demon two clans, they could not be going back the family. This has not calculated that Buddha Empire King even can think, if one day, Zhao Hai really has repelled the god demon two clans, existence of that this Accra Mountain defense line, is not against god demon two clans, but for against Buddha Empire. Because feared that Buddha Empire King has such idea, therefore before establishing fortress, Zhao Hai with Buddha Empire King communicate, even promised them, one, but repels the god demon two clans, this Accra Mountain defense line here, Lyon Empire will not garrison absolutely. These that Zhao Hai makes, for is behind one stabilizes, only then the rear area has stabilized, he can in opposing the enemy of frontline here feel relieved. although Buddha Empire equal to lives under subjugation now, however their influences are not small, because they for entire Continent, gave up their country, therefore Zhao Hai must carry on to them gives favored treatment, otherwise is not enough to obey, other countries will not listen to the arrangement of Zhao Hai relieved.

These King are the same with the Buddha King status, today Zhao Hai how treats Buddha King, how tomorrow may to them, these King since God Race and Demon Race strength, they were not fantasizing can the quick point has repelled God Race and Demon Race, because they know that is impossible. Because of this, therefore they feared that one day, God Race really to the friend the Accra Mountain defense line, they had feared accidentally must face was being far with the Buddha King same life, if Zhao Hai is not good to Buddha King, after that does not need to count on that Zhao Hai is good to them, perhaps they can also think that Zhao Hai is not good to them, to eliminate them, truely has the Continent authority from. The although Zhao Hai present strength can definitely abolish several King, in using thunder method control entire Continent, but he does not want to do, these big Empire King, with Great Noble, rules the Continent more than thousand years ago, the influence on Continent is it can be said that ingrained, various countries' Imperial Family of commoner to several big Empire, the impression is good, wanting control to abolish them not to be easy. Before reason that he can that quickly on control Lyon Empire, that be because before , Dragon Race extinguished Lyon Empire King, in adding on these commoner regarding Dragon Race impression completely difference, therefore Zhao Hai after extinguishing Dragon Race, if these Great Noble did not choose his Zhao Hai, could not preserve their Clan, therefore they can choose to be loyal to Zhao Hai. Therefore Zhao Hai wish makes the people on Continent listen to his arrangement now, does not need this all sorts of methods, otherwise he must cope with Continent Imperial Family, Imperial Family and these Great Noble alliance will oppose him, entire Continent was when the time comes chaotic, do not say that has fought with God Race and Demon Race, feared that was first hits, was because of this, therefore Zhao Hai, when handled these matters, needs to consider the factor in aspects, cannot absolutely a mistake. Reason that Zhao Hai dares saying that after war ties, in the Accra Mountain defense line garrison, because of his status, do not forget, he is also hanging the Lyon Empire King reputation now, but Lyon Empire with the country that Buddha Empire is near, Accra Mountain that between both countries, is away from. Zhao Hai such status only then complied not in the Accra Mountain defense line there garrison, has given Buddha Empire the Accra Mountain defense line on equal to, Buddha King naturally will not have any opinion. But actually Zhao Hai had not planned that the Accra Mountain defense line to Buddha Empire, the Accra Mountain defense line could not certainly control in Lyon Empire in hand, Zhao Hai think, so long as they can repel God Race and Demon Race, that Accra Mountain defense line, must hand over a in hand of Elf clan and Dwarf clan, only then this is safest. Between Dwarf Iron Mountain and Elf Forest draws passage continually in Accra Mountain below, if let Buddha Empire or Lyon Empire control the Accra Mountain defense line, had certain influence to a Dwarf clan and a Elf clan, therefore the plan of Zhao Hai was the defense line one, but did not use, gave Dwarf Race and Elven Race him.

Naturally, did not say now this time, he complies with Buddha Empire, after Lyon Empire, not in Accra Mountain defense line garrison, but he had not said that will give Buddha Empire the Accra Mountain defense line, if you think that was your matter, with my it doesn't matter. This is the one type of wrist|skill, wrist|skill when necessary must use, after all Buddha Empire King is not his Zhao Hai death is loyal, answered own point to be normal with some wrists|skills. Besides the frontline wars and these matters, Zhao Hai has also handled a matter, he besides letting Cai'er writes the written document to look to various countries' King the frontline tactical situation, but also makes the person take these documents to read out in various countries' main cities, letting these people know that the frontline weaponry has projected on any degree. Zhao Hai such does also to stabilize the sentiment of Continent person continues, such that just like King of beforehand various countries is worried about, they organize trains these commoner the time from the beginning, in these commoner started all kinds of rumors, some people said that frontline could not defend, the Zhao Hai severe wound was dying, god demon two clan immediately must attack. Like rumor has plenty, some are the person with high aspirations spread, some are actually these people their worries, moreover in the army on Continent, these ordinary soldiers, mostly are come from commoner, therefore these commoner very care regarding the frontline tactical situation. Before reason that they too did not care that because of that time, Zhao Hai did not have large-scale from Continent toward Buddha Empire there mobilizes soldiers, at that time made the war in Buddha Empire there, was mainly soldier of Buddha Empire our country, major different race, but also the remaining parts adjusted the past person from three big Empire. However now is different, now Zhao Hai starts large-scale has mobilized soldiers from Continent, although he has promoted fighting strength of these soldiers, but the fellows of these soldiers, must be worried about the frontline tactical situation, therefore Zhao Hai decided finally, the frontline tactical situation, truthfully carries on the public readout in various Continent places, making commoner on Continent know that frontline there lived anything. He such does did not fear that will expose own strategic intention, now he uses will be the stalling tactics, the person of this point a little military knowledge knows that can say now Zhao Hai uses will be the open intrigue, I will make you know that I want to do, but you actually cannot prevent me. Now no matter God Race or Demon Race, fell into the Zhao Hai stalling tactics, Zhao Hai copes with God Race with Undead Creature, but with these can Cavalry copes with Demon Race, such arrangement completely correct, Demon Race fighting strength although is insufficient, but that must manifest in the frontage does to fight, their person when makes the war directly, is fierce does not fear, is adding on their tyrannical bodies, Ark Continent here general 9th level Expert truly hits them.

However currently Zhao Hai they with the harassment tactic, have opportunity to hit Demon Race, as far as possible slowing their, Demon Race counter-attack although also very sharp, casualties that but causes to these Cavalry, after is few, if makes these Cavalry harass God Race, that may not say. Javelin and stone blocks that God Race these people throw, the lethality truly is very big, even if Undead Creature, meets the appears casualties, do not say that was the person. Actually must say really that copes with Demon Race, making these Heavy Armor Cavalry Undead Creature go into action is most appropriate, these people are inborn Divine Power, Javelin that they throw, wants on far compared with general Undead Creature many, almost can compare with God Race these God Rank Expert. To cope with Pegasus Cavalry, Zhao Hai actually cannot the present send these Heavy Armor Cavalry to act, so long as Zhao Hai school of these Heavy Armor Cavalry appears , God Race knows that Zhao Hai is coping with Pegasus Cavalry, they may adjust the tactic, this is very disadvantageous regarding the Zhao Hai later tactic arrangement, therefore Zhao Hai can only use some ordinary Undead Creature to cope with God Race now, is good is dragging God Race because of him, was enough with these ordinary Undead Creature. God Race and Demon Race war is still advancing, but they advance is really somewhat horrible to look, moreover previous God Race must cope with on such as the city time, because has not thought Zhao Hai will have the tactic that this uses, the provisions that therefore they have are not many, although impossible a day or two on using up, but is impossible to support them to carry on too the fight of long time, they must from teach country there to mix the commodity brightly, by that time, on will be these Cavalry will give full play. Zhao Hai has been paying attention to the motion of God Race two clans, now 24 hours passed by, bloodletting mosquito of Zhao Hai in toward Space, is waiting also, so long as the time arrives, these blood mosquito immediately meet release, this these blood mosquitos aim at not in God Race, but is the god demon two clans. ro! ~!