The use of blood mosquito, must in the evening advantageous, therefore is the daytime time, Zhao Hai has put away in Space the blood mosquito, he still does not have immediately ordering to let blood mosquito attack ”, but, when he is making the blood mosquito cope with the god demon two clans in the evening. Actually no matter the daytime or in the eveningregarding the god demon two clans, the influence is not very big, after all their strengths are very strong, but is the influence is not big, may be influential, but this point influence, regarding Zhao Hai is also very useful. This time he did not prepare only to cause blood mosquito attack to the god demon two clans, but wanted the Cavalry harassment and blood mosquito attack also carries on, must use to be utterly exhausted the god demon two clans, like this he will strive more often, when so long as Lizzy they Pegasus Cavalry eliminating, Zhao Hai this chess was also under lives on equal to. So long as Lizzy and Megan, can smoothly solve Pegasus Cavalry, Zhao Hai one were many more than ten millions helper on equal to, when the time comes Zhao Hai can use these Cavalry to handle many matters, for example attack God Race line of supply, but goes to attack to teach the country directly brightly, but Demon Race therehe did not need to fear, the Demon Race person although strength was very strong, but these Undead Creature were not worse than Demon Race, if Undead Creature died, Demon Race also died, such loss, Demon Race definitely could not withstand. Zhao Hai look at screenonce for a while leaves instruction to make them carry on attack to many Cavalryin the assigning place to these Demon Race, but these Undead Creature Cavalry, he must continuously command(er). Zhao Hai felt own present looks like on Earth plays the game to be the same with computer, on the screen everywhere is the gaily colored dot, but each red, is representing a person on one's own side, each green point is representing an enemy, now on screen red, ten points minute of palace, advancing or retreat on screen. But these green point actually very concentrated red points and green points will contact once for a while, will have then some red points and green points vanishes. Red point that look at these vanish and green, Zhao Hai does not have too many mood to fluctuate, although information of his clearly know each luminous spot, is representing disappearance of human life, but he also knows that ” war so, cannot accommodate a point sympathy. Except that with god demon two clans to is Lizzy and Megan that there situation beside the warZhao Hai pays attention, did not mean that Zhao Hai was worried Lizzy and Megan there can have any accident, he believes Lizzy and Megan can certainly destroy completely these Pegasus Cavalry time that now he requires, quicker destroys completely these Pegasus Cavalry, regarding Zhao Hai is advantageous. However Zhao Hai has not gone to urge Lizzy and Megan his very clear, Lizzy and Megan two people are also clear his present situation, they certainly completely maximum effort, as soon as possiblethis matter that the matter is solved anxiously is anxiously.

The weather bit by bit dark getting downZhao Hai also knowsopportunity that gives full play camehis immediately mandibular to make that this Cavalry rest in turn some time, to guarantee in the evening moved time, they can in the best condition. Actually these Cavalry not very laborious, after all harasses Demon Race, not only after their squadthey just enters the line replaces each time attack, will make them go to a place to carry on the supplies, including carries on to rest in there. Zhao Hai such arrangement makes them maintain the optimum condition for him, these Cavalry now more or less appears casualtiesZhao Hai have fought the remains of Dead-soldier soldier to preserve these, has not turned into Undead Creature instead to Ferghana horse that was these died in battle, was turned into Undead Creature by Zhao Hai, after these Ferghana horse turned into Undead Creature, not only the strength will not drop, the endurance instead attended the meeting longer this is Zhao Hai needs. Saw weather slowly black getting up ” the God Race there person has been careful \; first, because attack they are Undead Creature, but Undead Creature can wield 120% strengths in the nighttime, second lets God Race more careful principle yan is the blood mosquito. yesterday they can make to fear by attack of these blood mosquitos, although said that today they have thought the means cope with these blood mosquitos, but this day and night was tossed about, they also feel unable to bear. Wave of Undead Creature that Yun Tianlei look at just retreated, turned the head to Fei'er said : Fei'er this is today's several times attack? ” Fei'er turned the head to look at Yun Tianlei one, forced smile said : Master has excused me, I have not remembered.” Yun Tianlei has also smiled bitterly, his do not blame Fei'erkey was today these Undead Creature attack number of times is really too many ” a ten thousand people squad, was almost this team just walked, that team camein this casethem, if can record Qing by attack many times, that called strangely. Watched the weather, Yun Tianlei immediately/on horseback said : transmitted orders, the immediately/on horseback same place rest, the arrangement sentry post, making everyone/Great Clan more careful, if yesterday these blood mosquitos were really opposite party control, that they will also come today.”

Fei'er complied with one to arrange, Yun Tianlei was the surface has sky of worried look look at distant place, today although their advancing was not quick, but Yun Tianlei was not the matter has not actually done, he one carefully observed these undead to live. Undead Creature Zombie shape that Zhao Hai these time sends, but Yun Tianlei after looking at several times these Undead Creaturefinally has made him present a point, these come attack their Undead Creature, the population is not many, has several million people probably, in taking turns to be carrying on attack to them, this point Yun Tianlei has affirmed ”, because he in their Undead Creature teamsaw several ripe faces in these attack, that several people attack in this one day their several times, at these person appears number of times, have carried on the calculation the words, Yun Tianlei has been able to be affirmativeattack their Undead Creature The quantity, will not take on over 5 million. But he information that obtains from Cloud there is actually, Zhao Hai minimum has 20 millions Undead Creature, but these time comes attack, only then about 5 million, Zhao Hai did not have appears , that did Zhao Hai go to that? Other that more than ten millions did Undead Creature go to that? more than ten millions 9th level Undead Creaturethis is not a small digit, now did not have appears , Yun Tianlei to think of various worst results. After God Race army stops, some immediately people have built up the room with Earth element Magic, there has become the Yun Tianlei command(er) hall, will enter the hall, Yun Tianlei immediately makes Fei'er beat a drum to gather. Waited for all military officers to arrive in the hall the time, Yun Tianlei looked at a following military officer, deep voice said :Yunyi, sat to after three rows. Notpromotion that wanted underestimated the promotion of this seat this to sit draws, expressed the promotion of status ”, therefore heard Yun Tianlei saying that Yunyi eyes stirred up country's has stood, arrived at the third row to sit, but all person look at Yunyi in hall, nobody said anything. Truly is, that Yunyi wants to come out coped with the method of harassment, although cannot say completely usefully, but played very major role, in this situation, elevating his status to be also normal. Yun Tianlei looks at nobody to oppose that ” immediately/on horseback deep voice said : everyone/Great Clan presently, today Ark Continent here has also harassed my person to turn into Undead Creature what we to have from the here surface thinks of? ”, The following person frowns, Cloud deep voice said : this matter has two possibilities a one type is coincidence, another one type of was Zhao Hai knew our plan, therefore made these Cavalry retreathas exchanged Undead Creature, if were on one type of, all said that if after were, one type ofthat our each motion under the surveillance of opposite party, the prospect was less optimistic. ” One hear of Cloud said that hall the brow of person wrinkled, they are not the fools, conversely, they are also experienced War General, but they have placed the energy have coped with on these Undead Creature Cavalry, therefore has not thought that this pointpresent one hear of Cloud saidtheir immediately understand.

although was understand, but this regarding them was not good information, own any motion under the surveillance of opposite party, regarding themcan be good information. Yun Tianlei nodded is very right, I who said : the flatter shade said suspected that is the second possibility, our motions certainly under the surveillance of Zhao Hai how, but arrives at the bottom to monitor, I now have not made understand, but the matter makes me be worried. ”, Said that Yun Tianlei looked at following person one eyes, presently most people some appearances of being perplexedhave three person exceptions, these three person one are the silver must the guest, one is Cloud, one is Yunyi. Sees these three people's responses, Yun Tianlei cannot help but secret nod, these three people have such response, lets Yun Tianlei very happy, this is having into the Famed General potential on behalf of these three people, but he most favors is Yunyi. Cloud and silver must the guests battle with Zhao Hai, they regarding Zhao Hai strength very clear, regarding Zhao Hai method also have some understandingthey can presently these Undead Creature differences, this not have what quite strangely, but Yunyi is different, he has not fought with Zhao Hai to the present, against Cavalry means that but previous time proposed very much had the effect, now he present matter did not suit, this on fully explained his power of observation strong. However Yun Tianlei has not asked Yunyi this matter, because Yun Tianlei is clear, if he asked now Yunyi this matter, that must tell all people, he favors Yunyi very much, plans to promote him, this regarding Yunyi, not necessarily is the good matter. Yunyi's status enhancement, is the advice that because he offers rendered meritorious service, this point everyone/Great Clan will not oppose ”, but if in this blatant promotion, will endure the envy of some people, they may give when the time comes Yunyi to cause to mix the child, Yunyi may fall very much. Is adding on Yun Tianlei also to think that an demon demon Yunyi's temper, has a look at him is can become the Famed General person, becomes Famed General, not only need have the power of observation, the heart silk in calm calm is good. Therefore Yun Tianlei turned the head the look at silver to guest said : silver probably you say, the here surface you were first fight with Zhao Hai, should to his strength have some understanding? ”! ~!