Chapter 778 Yun Tianlei method Yun Tianlei chooses the silver to the guest not be Bai Xuan, the silver must the guest be first is not false with God Race War General that Zhao Hai battles, but he is also the first failure, therefore the Swiss silver must the day of guest not feel better. Most from the beginning Yun Tianlei must guest have some views regarding the silver, but after the two days matter, Yun Tianlei actually changed the view, Zhao Hai can with such select the person, moreover strength might as well they, in this case, can still them in here, sufficiently demonstrate that his method, in this case, the silver must the failure of guest be nothing unusual. Therefore Yun Tianlei plans to help the silver probably guest, therefore he uses this way to tell all people, I must the guest not have the view to the silver, I also want to entrust with heavy responsibility him. The silver must the guest not think that Yun Tianlei can select to his name, he has gawked, meets to focus on happy expression flashes, immediately/on horseback said : is, General, I today also really present an issue.” Looked at Yun Tianlei to select the silver to the guest, Yun Ying and in Yunyi's eye flashes through a disappointed facial expression, on their faces did not have what to indicate that was still the appearance that listened to earnestly, but facial expression change in their eyes, has not actually escaped the eye of Yun Tianlei. The look at silver of Yun Tianlei motionless sound must guest said : say.” The silver must the guest comply with said :is, General, I attack our Undead Creature, the quantity is not presently right today, Zhao Hai in hand has Undead Creature altogether near more than ten millions, may be more, but attack our Undead Creature, have several million today, quantity bad were many, their remaining these Undead Creature that? I think, only then two possibilities, one type of, these Undead Creature dash to teaches country there brightly our supreme headquarters, now our army outside, defense force of supreme headquarters is not as before, their attack supreme headquarters, even if cannot give to break through supreme headquarters there, will bring not the small trouble, was about two days of much time, supreme headquarters there presently any rescue letter has not come, this only then two possibilities, one type is they did not publish the rescue letter, another one type is has not received attack, I think that the second possible even bigger point, we have left behind many strong soldiers in supreme headquarters there, these person who wants to hit rescued the letter not. Comes out, is unlikely, that can only be supreme headquarters there has not received attack. Supreme headquarters there has not received attack, but Zhao Hai these Undead Creature disappear, I look, only then another one type of, they possibly have possibly coped with Barbarian and Pegasus Clan went, they can, when we just left teaches country's of brightly on attack we, explained that they had the surveillance to us, they presently Barbarian and Pegasus Clan motion opportunity even bigger, therefore I think that they possibly were cope with their two clans to go, if so, the matter on was troublesome. ”

Yun Tianlei nodded, the silver must the analysis of guest be just right for the idea in his heart, but Yun Tianlei present, Yun Ying still frowns, probably the family words do not say. Yun Tianlei look at Yun Ying said : picture, are you probably also some dissident views? Said.” Yun Ying looked at Yun Tianlei one, nodded said : is, General, I have also thought one type of is possible, in the situation that we obtained before said that Demon Race appears on Ark Continent, their fighting strength was also also good, can be Demon Race after knowing us has dispatched troops, dispatched troops to cope with Zhao Hai? But is Zhao Hai bringing these Undead Creature to cope with these Demon Race?” Yun Tianlei look at Yun Ying, shows a faint smile said : well, the picture, you said that has the possibility very much, but you slightly a point, Zhao Hai besides these Undead Creature, has been possible also to have these Cavalry, today only then these Undead Creature cope with us, these Cavalry have not actually come, these did Cavalry go to that? Will Zhao Hai put them not to use? Moreover Zhao Hai can cope with us with this method, can't cope with Demon Race with this method? If he lets send these Cavalry or Undead Creature, has constrained Demon Race, but he actually leads to cope with Barbarian and Pegasus Clan, is not better, now Ark in Buddha Empire here, Zhao Hai enemy, only then we and Demon Race, but Demon Race this attack, feared that will not divide forces, Demon Race arrived at Ark Continent first, their certainly clear Zhao Hai strength, moreover heard that the Demon Race strength is inferior to our God Race, in this case, Demon Race will not divide forces, they do not divide forces, Zhao Hai can use this method to constrain them, but Demon Race fighting strength although is inferior to us, but cannot the difference. That goes, therefore now Zhao Hai in Buddha Empire here, equal to, only then four groups of enemies, we, Demon Race, Barbarian and Pegasus Clan, in these four groups of enemies, we and Demon Race strength are strongest, Barbarian and Pegasus Clan strength is strongest, Zhao Hai certainly first will eat raging bull and Pegasus Clan, will then be turning the head to cope with us, this will be he currently speaking, is safest, to he most advantageous method.” The people in hall static is listening to the Yun Tianlei words, they very believe regarding Yun Tianlei, after all the Yun Tianlei success is placed in there, although these time to Zhao Hai time ate slightly has owed, but this did not affect status of Yun Tianlei in these person of hearts. Therefore analysis of one hear of Yun Tianlei, all people nodded, nobody makes noise the opposition, Yun Ying is right that said : or the general said that is the Yun Ying consideration inconsiderately.” Yun Tianlei beckoned with the hand, although he just said Barbarian and Pegasus Clan possibly by attack, but on his face does not have a worry expression, this makes the people somewhat puzzled. Yun Ying puzzled look at Yun Tianlei said : „isn't general worried about Pegasus Clan and Barbarian probably? The general thinks that they can defeat Zhao Hai?”

Yun Tianlei laughs said : that to be how possible, although I to the present not with Zhao Hai positive fighting, what person but is only the motion of this several days Ark Continent here can look at him is, this person method is extraordinary, moreover regarding utilization also arrival of tactic, how such person possibly is Barbarian and Pegasus Clan person can defeat! If I have not guessed that wrong, now Barbarian many Heavy Armor Cavalry feared that was extinguished, but Pegasus Clan Cavalry also can not live on much longer, but this was also the result that I wanted.” The Yun Tianlei words made the people in hall stare, some intelligent, immediately understand Yun Tianlei this saying was any meaning. Did Yun Tianlei look at people eyes, show a faint smile said : everyone/Great Clan also to think understand? That by you said that Yunyi, I thought that your youngster resembled the fart section chief sharp to be the same, let you.” As soon as the people listened to Yun Tianlei saying that cannot help but he he a chuckle, this several days that depressing mood that the harassment that because Zhao Hai kept brought, vanished slowly. As soon as Yunyi listened to Yun Tianlei saying that cannot help but face one red, but his actually happy, because Yun Tianlei such spoke to him, was obvious has not regarded the bystander him, this regarding Yunyi absolutely was the good deed. Yunyi stands to bow to Yun Tianlei said : „the meaning of general is, race that no matter Barbarian or Pegasus Clan, very bear a grudge, after initially my God Race conquer these two races, they actually also listen to move do not listen to proclaim, therefore these time makes them dispatch troops, they are also refuse, although has dispatched troops, sends is actually only a two army, true Elite they have not sent, but this Zhao Hai has killed their these many people, by disposition that these two clan that bear a grudge, they certainly in sending out army, moreover Elite, When the time comes makes these people deal with the Ark Continent person, we will be more relaxed.” Yun Tianlei laughs said : well, good that Yunyi said that no matter Barbarian or Pegasus Clan, they bearing a grudge, this Zhao Hai has killed their these many people, that two clans will certainly not let off their, when the time comes can work as the cannon fodder with them.” The people in hall have smiled, somewhat low morale, one surged upward, but Yun Ying and Yunyi are actually look at Yun Tianlei that a face admires, they know that promotes morale is Yun Tianlei today's point. Yun Ying also probably was some understand the idea of Yun Tianlei, his look at actually Yun Tianlei said : general, how do we then want to do?”

Yun Tianlei deep voice said : two days Ark Continent person simply did not spell with us directly hardly, was only such harassment, this let passive that we divided, therefore I planned that tomorrow first temporarily withdrew troops, then had a look at Zhao Hai really Barbarian and Pegasus Clan extinguishing, if he such has done, immediately told this information to these two races, let their soldiers, Pegasus Clan Pegasus was quick, did not compare these to harass the Magic Beast difference that our people they rode, moreover their Elite, the strength was also stronger than in 6 these people Ark, so long as Elite of their two clans. We have been able to dispatch troops, quelled Ark Continent at one fell swoop!” If did not have just Yun Tianlei these words, he came up saying that directly wanted retreat, morale of that God Race these people will certainly be greatly affected, but there are just these words to make the background, situation on complete is different, these people morale surges upward now, thinks that this time retreating, for next better attack, this not only will not affect their morale, their at heart is felt suffocated, when under one time in must cope with Ark Continent, they certainly going all out, but result that this Yun Tianlei wanted. A general, not only need think that you can fight many successful battles, but must think that what performance you will have in the adverse circumstance, Yun Ying and Yun Ying they confessed that if sat the Yun Tianlei position, could not achieve Yun Tianlei this degree absolutely, defeated sometimes to be called strategic withdrawal, but failure of strategic withdrawal in ordinary significance was completely different, strategic withdrawal had the meaning that oneself gave up on own initiative, but the defeat has defeated, this was two completely different concepts. Cites a best example, in the past after Sino-Japanese War ended, moved the large-scale civil war to our party, but our party gave up Yan'an this revolution sacred land at that time, this looks like probably is a big defeat, but actually retained the majority of effective strengths, moreover morale has not come under the too tremendous influence, finally changed China with a Yan'an. ro! ~!