Chapter 779 Yun Tianlei present Zhao Hai does not certainly know that Yun Tianlei had the plan of withdrawal of troops, even if he knows that Yun Tianlei has the plan of withdrawal of troops, he will not let off Yun Tianlei, after all God Race was too deep with his hatred, so long as can massacre the God Race person, will massacre their effective strengths, Zhao Hai will do. Therefore Zhao Hai after the darkness, on immediately/on horseback release the blood mosquito, God Race and Demon Race half, did not struggle not to snatch, simultaneously these Cavalry and Undead Creature also prepared, momentarily can attack. Zhao Hai looks at the time, was similar, now God Race these people pitched camp . Moreover the main military officers have met, is attack time, therefore Zhao Hai leads, these blood mosquito immediately threw to look like God Race large camp. But at this time, Yun Tianlei they were discussing the matter how to retreat, was speaking of should bring up the rear by whom, suddenly outside has heard the grating alarm sound, then Fei'er ran, his complexion ugly to Yun Tianlei said : Master, blood mosquito in appears .” Heard Fei'er saying that Yun Tianlei complexion was also an ugliness, the matter that he was worried about lived, these blood mosquitos were really opposite party control . Moreover the quantity were many. However now does not have the time to make him think these many, his immediately/on horseback said : transmitted orders, according to method that today says, the full killing blood mosquito, three people of one group, cannot be chaotic, opposite party possibly seize the opportunity in sending out Undead Creature attack, all people, in immediately/on horseback returned to your teams.” although he just was still causing the person to chat with this, however at this time, his words ordered, nobody dares saying that a non- character, all people complied with one, turn around walked. Yun Tianlei looked that all people walked, he has also stood, has taken up own totem pole, turn around to Fei'er said : Fei'er, gathers our people, making Ark Continent these fellows experience fierce of Lightning element Divergent Technique.” Fei'er has complied with one, has taken up own totem pole, walks with Yun Tianlei outward. To outside one looked, is similar to the yesterday situation, throws the day lid the blood mosquito, toward them threw, Yun Tianlei coldly snorted, the in hand totem stick wields, lightning flashes through together, in front of him several blood mosquitos turned into the ash to disappear, but Yun Tianlei has not actually noted, in day midheaven, that several information blood mosquito, in time appears , threw toward him. At this time Fei'er had also concentrated these great Human Race, then these great Human Race took to exhibit their totem stick, has composed a lineup, simultaneously started in a low voice was reading Incantation, tiny lightning appears around their bodies, then that lightning were before long getting stronger and stronger, finally has composed a huge aura, stood Fei'er sound said : in goes!”

His voice just fell, these electrical networks fly toward sky, all bumps into the blood mosquito of this electrical network, instantaneously was changing into the flying ash. But Fei'er their actually control this giant electrical network, in the God Race Battalion sky back and forth is loafing, the quick, large quantities of blood mosquito disappeared, these blood mosquitos after information, immediately in time appears , have still attacked toward them. These great Human Race people are obviously impossible too long time control this are the nets, before long that electrical network vanished in in midair, but the blood mosquito has probably not actually been short of many. When Fei'er they use this electrical network, Yun Tianlei on has been observing these blood mosquitos, he always feels very strange, must know he is leading, but 20 millions army, yesterday they should already these blood mosquitos eliminating normally, but yesterday they have actually taken very big effort, appears many casualties, this have given the elimination the blood mosquito, this is not a little normal . Moreover the corpses of these mosquito their had not seen that this is not normal. Therefore he carefully is observing these blood mosquitos, but also let alone, but also made him see some clue, just Fei'er their acted, should eliminate many blood mosquitos to be right, will be that large net from now on not long after, there is large quantities of blood mosquito appears baseless in in midair. Yun Tianlei sees this situation is greatly surprised, to confirm one were not the eye flower, he carefully will observe the electrical network mistake sky, the electrical network the blood mosquito in sky truly will disappear from now on, but not long after, in that sky appears baseless the blood mosquito, he has been able to affirm that blood mosquito did not fly from other place, that suddenly appears , probably is they are eliminated is the same. This presently makes Yun Tianlei one be startled in there, the cold sweat one has braved, his very clear this situation is representing anything \; first, possibly some people are delivering to here to come the blood mosquito that uses Space Divergent Technique to keep, but Yun Tianlei does not have presently here to use the Space Divergent Technique appearance, therefore he denied this possibility. But another one type of possibly is, these blood mosquitos can the rebirth! Rebirth! This in God Realm there is not one extremely in the strange name, has several Demon Race to have this ability in God Realm there, you must kill this Magic Beast time, he must make into the ash them surely, removes the elimination of bottom, otherwise, they can use their drop of blood, or one with the wool, attaches to another one type of Magic Beast, then that only Magic Beast energy, flesh and blood, all the absorption falls, carries on the rebirth, naturally, after the rebirth , their strength will come under certain influence, but this ability is actually very astonishing, all can the rebirth. Magic Beast, in God Realm there, is existence that nobody dares to provoke, is good because, if big God Realm, this Magic Beast are not many, moreover this Magic Beast also and has the means elimination, therefore had not gone wrong. But this Blood-Devouring Mosquito actually absolutely cannot existence of rebirth, in God Realm there Blood-Devouring Mosquito although be an evil, but so is not difficult to deal with, just Yun Tianlei already present, these blood mosquitos come compared with yesterday these, minimum wants above fierce double, if they in having reproductive property, that these absolutely will not be Blood-Devouring Mosquito.

Thought of here, Yun Tianlei carefully is observing these Blood-Devouring Mosquito, he wants to have a look at these Blood-Devouring Mosquito attack Blood-Devouring Mosquito to have anything with he has seen differently beside. But looks at half-day Yun Tianlei not to have presently these Blood-Devouring Mosquito to have any differences, he to did not suspect that his revolting made a mistake, that had one type of to explain, these truly were Blood-Devouring Mosquito, but was one type of variation Blood-Devouring Mosquito. Thinks of here, Yun Tianlei instead to was light relaxing, he did not fear Blood-Devouring Mosquito, that feared Blood-Devouring Mosquito that can regenerate he did not fear, today these Blood-Devouring Mosquito will regenerate, that yesterday these also will certainly regenerate, no wonder yesterday they felt that has killed many Blood-Devouring Mosquito, must be more, possibly because of this reproductive property that they saw. However finally they these Blood-Devouring Mosquito killing, that showed that these Blood-Devouring Mosquito reproductive properties have the limit, impossible unlimited is living, this is the same with the common regeneration beast. Thinks of here, Yun Tianlei cannot help but let out a long breath, but he has not reminded other people, cannot say that these blood mosquitos have the reproductive property, must know the reproductive property, but lets the God Race very headache an ability, if he presently said it, to harassing the morale of troops, he will not say. After Fei'er command(er) great Human Race has used an electrical network, on returned to the Yun Tianlei side, all approached actually the Yun Tianlei blood mosquito to kill, Fei'er with Yun Tianlei was not a day or two, he presently Yun Tianlei has stood in that time good long time not to have, he knows that Yun Tianlei was observing these blood mosquitos, he naturally cannot make the blood mosquito disturb Yun Tianlei, therefore he solved these blood mosquitos for Yun Tianlei. In this time, distant place suddenly has been hearing an explosive sound, one calls Yun Tianlei recovers, he looked to explode fresh direction one, deep voice said : really I expects, this Zhao Hai was really difficult to deal with.” The meaning of Fei'er nature understand Yun Tianlei, just Yun Tianlei said that Zhao Hai will possibly be calling the blood mosquito carries on, making these Undead Creature come sneak attack, really fulfilled. Fei'er turns the head to Yun Tianlei said : Master, now what to do?” Yun Tianlei sighed said : to support, now does not have what good means that why this was also I decided reason that tomorrow retreated, the method of opposite party were too many, stems from many that I anticipated, we must go back to try to find the solution well, then in coped with him.”

Fei'er in speaking, with Yun Tianlei these many years, he first time heard Yun Tianlei such to speak, from the Yun Tianlei words he heard a dilutedness, before this type feels him , the body that never in Yun Tianlei presently crosses, this is the first time. This made Fei'er cannot help but to Zhao Hai that he has not met more curious, he wants to know really that what person this Zhao Hai was, why he can let continuously self-confidently, having plenty of fight in one did Yun Tianlei have a dilutedness? This person was too fierce, does he become a key man? although thinks these, but the Fei'er in hand movement has not actually stopped, if Yun Tianlei sees Fei'er complexion now, he certainly being startled , the Fei'er two eyes none remaining sparkles now, certainly is thinking any important matter . Moreover the eye of Fei'er first time has swept from the body of God Race person, will be bringing not easy detection killing aura. attack of blood mosquito is continuing, Undead Creature attack is also continuing, their although has thought copes with the method of blood mosquito, but copes with the Undead Creature method actually not to think, these Undead Creature attack real very fast, moreover not because of harassment of blood mosquito to God Race, but is too near by God Race, they look like daytime harass God Race to be the same, keeps throwing Javelin that in the surrounding, throws to retreat, came in a batch, such relapse. Today because of method of yesterday Yun Tianlei arrangement, therefore these blood mosquitos regarding the God Race lethality big reduced, the attack strength of although blood mosquito increased about one generation, but must speak of the lethality, instead to was small, God Race of three people of clans, had the rest time, a person was tired, another person immediately/on horseback took over, such relapse, let the attack strength, only then about the 6th level blood mosquito, did not have with God Race means. However God Race is not casualties does not have, Undead Creature Javelin, the blood mosquito in the coordination, to the casualties that God Race causes, compared with yesterday, that is are only in the evening many. ro! ~!