Can sitting of Zhao Hai calm in Space, the sounds of look at god demon two clans, his don’t know god demon two clans retreat, no matter these two clans can retreat, he such do, these two clans are his enemyhe are never lenient to the enemy. Zhao Hai knows that tonight attack, regarding the god demon two clans is a huge attack, appears of these blood mosquitos, let the god demon two clan certainly headaches, is adding on these Cavalry uses Blood Lightning Bead, Zhao Hai believes that tonight the casualties of god demon two clans are not necessarily small. Matter that however tonight Zhao Hai must handle to is more relaxed, his Javelin and other application thing, put the camp not far away of god demon two clansthese Cavalry to take, moreover braving very big that this time he takes, even if carries on attack to two clans that these Cavalry and Undead Creature this late does not rest, the quantity was also sufficient. What Zhao Hai wants to have a look at these two clans now regarding the response of blood mosquito is, but this saw that was makes Zhao Hai note a very interesting situation, he presently, no matter God Realm or Demon Realm, really had existence of Blood-Devouring Mosquito, this made him very puzzled. Original Zhao Hai thinks that this Blood-Devouring Mosquito is the Ark Continent special product, but he, when with Blood-Devouring Mosquito attack God Race, the God Race person actually one called the Blood-Devouring Mosquito name, this let Zhao Hai accident, he has not thought that this Blood-Devouring Mosquito really also had in God Race there, and has not changed including the name. But those who make Zhao Hai accidental is, the Demon Race world however also knows Blood-Devouring Mosquito, but the name is different, they call the demon mosquito. This to was makes Zhao Hai curious getting upZhao Hai very be clear, Ark Continent here and God Realm were different from the Demon Realm environment, moreover Demon Realm there environment, even if were will have produced variation Ark Continent here ordinary Magic Beast to Demon Realm there, but listened to Demon Dragon King the meaning in their wordsthese blood mosquitos with the Demon Realm demon mosquito to be unexpectedly exactly the samethis is the Zhao Hai puzzled place. This demon mosquito will have why in 3 Realms, what has to relate? Zhao Hai cannot help but frowned, he plans to have the words of time, must research well. This is not Zhao Hai looks for trouble, currently Zhao Hai has had the one type of sense of crisis, first do not say that God Race and Demon Race two formidable race that gets the gate to come, appears of that Immortal Cultivator, made Zhao Hai feel the very critical sense of crisis. But this Blood-Devouring Mosquito strange place, truly is lets Zhao Hai feel relieved very not, he wants to have a look between this Blood-Devouring Mosquito and that Immortal Cultivator has anything to relate, if there is a relation, what relation can be. The head of Zhao Hai keeps is transferring these thoughts time, outside god demon two clans also entered degree of blood heating with the wars of these blood mosquitos, Demon Race loss even bigger some, in them had many people are only the 8th level strengthopportunity that but these 8th level Expert, beside dozens or attack of over a hundred blood mosquitos, simply ran continually did not have, therefore most 8th level Demon Race, have chosen self-exploding.

What if they face is the ordinary blood mosquito, this move is very definitely useful, these blood mosquitos not possibly died in living, but was a pity whatthey faced was in Zhao Hai Space the blood mosquito, after dying, can live, their blood exploded appear somewhat are unworthy. Majority that now present Demon Race here dies is some 8th level Expert, but Zhao Hai is very satisfied, Demon Race 8th level Expert is not good to deal withtheir strength is not weak, if really with the Ark Continent army to the war, feared that was the present these just promoted to the 9th level armynot necessarily is their matches, the key was the Demon Race this self-exploding way is really too repugnant. But these Cavalry and Undead Creature, to the damage that these two clans cause are also very big, although said Javelin that they throw, will possibly injure to these blood mosquitos ” the consequence that but causes comparessuch loss completely not beyond the consideration of Zhao Hai, the blood mosquito over 24 hours will be putting in any case, die many Zhao Hai not to be grieved. This time war entire held following one night, that night the God Race casualties have achieved astonishing three hundred thousand ”, but the Demon Race casualties cross five hundred thousand, it can be said that the damage was serious. To dawn time, the god demon two clans are the blood mosquito suppressing was similar, only then remaining some fragmentary existences, to ponder insufficient, but Zhao Hai alsoissued order of restto make them to these Undead Creature and Cavalry not want to carry on attack to the god demon two clans. God demon two clans after counting their casualty situationcomplexion have not been very good looked that Yun Tianlei immediately convened oneself in the room major War General, look at people said : „the present looks like, Zhao Hai has not coped with Pegasus Clan and Barbarian probably not in words yesterday he will certainly send army to come attack we, our casualties only met even bigger, moreover this is the second batch of blood mosquitos that two days Zhao Hai release came, obviously Ark Continent here really might want the control blood mosquito, was not Zhao Hai ” is also the Ark Continent here other person, we brightly teach in the country on returned to now. ” Then this situation, responded like God Realm that asking them to send for delivering the medicines of some restrain blood mosquitos to come, otherwise can only attempt to increase the casualties. ” The people naturally cannot oppose, but Cloud clenches teeth said : I to look that gives Pegasus Clan and Barbarian sends the letter, making them know that the people of their two clans had been killed, if Zhao Hai is not copes with Barbarian and Pegasus Clanaffirmation, not only a little soldier, so long as and other person of two clans camemy God Realm medicine also to send, we dispatched troops, quelled Ark Continent at one fell swoop, I certainly tore when the time comes to shreds Zhao Hai. ” Cloud also said the aspirations of most God Race people, God Race and various Realm goes on an expedition, has not eaten such big owing, even if initially conquer God of Thunder time, although they have the casualties, however opposite party casualties even bigger, that looks like now, only sees the person on one's own side casualties, the opposite party does not have the appears anything casualties, this lets these arrogant God Race people, how regardless of not to have the means to endure. Yun Tianlei looked at people said :to transmit orders, rest two hours, later our sound reflected light wise teaching country there, should not be hard to solve with these Undead Creature in here, went.People simultaneously complied with one, turn around walked.

Looked that all people walked, Yun Tianlei then relaxed, turns the head to standing in nearby Fei'er said : Fei'er, what do you have to note these blood mosquitos to have not normal place?” Fei'er face bewildered expression isn't said : normal? No, aren't these blood mosquitos the blood mosquitos? although compared with our God Realm blood mosquito, but are not many.” Yun Tianlei has smiled bitterly next step: You did not think that these blood mosquitos were too many? yesterday in the evening the blood mosquito, does not have many that the day before yesterday we met obviously, but we hit actually depends on is not relaxed, why is this?” Fei'er puzzled look at Yun Tianlei, has said : to be unfair to Master finally, I have not noted these.” Yun Tianlei has smiled bitterly next step: This do not blame you, everyone/Great Clan have not noted, the Ark Continent here blood mosquito, within however can regenerate, moreover they are the instantaneous regeneration, regeneration was two ten five times above.” Fei'er one hear of Yun Tianlei said that cannot help but stares, then does complexion change said : regeneration? Master was said that these blood mosquitos can regenerate? Is this possible? How if these blood mosquitos so were really fierce that Ark Continent here person not to be extinguishedpossibly by person control? ” Yun Tianlei smiles bitterly next step: Real, yesterday I carefully observed these blood mosquito for a long time, reached this conclusion, no matter the Ark Continent here person comes control these blood mosquitos with any method, regarding us, will not be the good deed, later we must non- heart.” Fei'er noddedin saying anything, at this time outside god camp Continent was very peacefulYun Tianlei also to sigh said : to be good, today you were also tired, after rests do not forgettwo days of hour, we withdraw troops. ” Fei'er has complied with one, walks outwardwalks outward, but he, when the back to Yun Tianlei, two eyes is actually being the none remaining sparkles, obviously he is thinking anything does not want to let the matter that Yun Tianlei knows.

Compared with God Race here, the Demon Race there situation is also similar, their casualties are almost God Race two times, such loss regarding a several ten of millions army, although is not cannot withstand, but can also describe with the death seriously, this does not pass the night, if the daytime casualties, Demon Race night of casualty figure of this day has achieved astonishing seven hundred thousand about, this will not think in former Demon Dragon King. Now Demon Dragon King sits in own in the room, he is thinking an issue, this issue is, he must withdraw troops, this evening's time, they lost these many people, although loses mostly is the 8th level people, this digit are also many, if not Demon Race inborn dauntless, now feared that wanted the appears military deserter. Demon Dragon King frowns to sit in there, such loss is not he cannot withstand, but this loses back thing, lets Demon Dragon King extremely worried, he has not thought that some Ark Continent here people can the control demon mosquito carry on attack to them unexpectedly, this is the Demon Dragon King worry. Has thought some little time, Demon Dragon King decided finally, temporarily not retreat, advancement with steady steps, because of his very clear, even if were he has drawn back the soldier, Ark Continent here person, same can cope with them with such method, when the time comes their not only domain has not fished, will also be at completely the passive condition. However they cannot do to supportDemon Dragon King to hit the person to return to Demon Realm there to look like Great Demon King to report the Ark Continent here situationrequested reinforcement at the same time, asked the Demon Race there sorcerer to manufacture to cope with Potion of blood mosquito. In God Race and Demon Race there, the situation of blood mosquito is different from Ark Continent here, Ark Continent here, has only lived a mosquito disaster, moreover not long after was eliminated, from then on has not lived the mosquito disaster, therefore Ark Continent here too has not been serious the blood mosquito, but has recorded. But God Realm and Demon Realm there, is actually frequent fresh mosquito disaster ”, therefore the time grew, they research left has coped with Potion of blood mosquitojust these time to come Ark Continent here, their two clans both have not thought that will meet the blood mosquito in here, naturally has not brought this Potion.! ~!