The Zhao Hai calm look at screen, he has not thought that God Race retreat, this somewhat has stemmed unexpectedly from the anticipation of Zhao Hai, after he sees God Race has rested two hours, immediately tidies up thing, toward teaches direction advancing of country's brightly time, he really has also gawked, but he has not let help some Undead Creature pursue, God Race wanted retreat that is best to be useless, now Lizzy and Megan their there arranged was similar, so long as were giving them time, they can give to extinguish these Pegasus Light Cavalry, when the time comes his strength on will be formidable, at this time God Race one. retreat, he can cope with Demon Race fully, the pressure will be lighter, moreover time also sufficient. The time is Zhao Hai most needs, Zhao Hai also really hopes Demon Race also retreat, when Demon Race retreathe will have more time to arrange, his in hand are also when the time comes many Undead Creature that more than 1000 looked, moreover God Rank Undead Creature that in Tiny Pagoda promotesis second has also approved, God Rank Potion quickly delivered one, this was worth the happy matter regarding Zhao Hai ”, so long as gave him the time, he on can do was better. However what disappoints Zhao Hai is, Demon Race does not have retreat, Demon Race not to look like God Race that to want, after having rested two hours, immediately retreat, the time of Demon Race rest was very conversely long, has rested for five hours, then gets up, after repaired and maintained one simply next, ” leave the Yangping city, started to put in Buddha Empire to push onward. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, cannot help but knitting the brows head of slightly, before motion of Demon Race very discrete, therefore after Zhao Hai most from the beginning, these time first retreat may beshould be God Race that Demon Race will push onward, has not actually thoughtcomplete counter-, God Race retreat, but Demon Race to exhibits the appearance that must then attack. Zhao Hai looked at Demon Race Battalion onecoldly snorted said : not to want that no wonder me to the face. ” Zhao Hai although is still monitoring these God Race people, but he has not been carrying on attackhe to fear that to God Race enrages them not to retreat the God Race level ” ” turns the head dead to spell with him, that was not he wants to see that came Japan in any case often, he had is opportunity and God Race fights. But Demon Race now actually toward the center attack of Continent, if when gives their two days, will not do well them they to meet with Lizzy, that troubled. Has Space to monitor these God Racehe definitely in any case coping with these God Race Undead Creature moves to cope with Demon Raceto have these Undead Creature and these Cavalry copes with these Demon Racethese Demon Race to want in advancing, difficulty ”, so long as towed they to extinguish Pegasus Light Cavalry to Laura, that all were easy to do. But those who let some Zhao Hai meaning eveningsis, Demon Race although leave the Yangping city, has actually left behind many garrisons in Yangping city there, saw these situations, Zhao Hai on understand, it seems like they must occupy this place not. This Demon Race altogether has left behind defense of 1 million in Yangping city there, about thousand God Rank Expert ” , and has the Demon Race army continuously comes toward Yangping city from Demon Capital City there.

Sees this situation, Zhao Hai complexion cannot help but changes, by him presently in hand strength, cannot at one fell swoop the Yangcheng city there garrison troops extinguishing ”, so long as he one will hit undead these garrison troopsthese garrison troops to look like the Demon Capital City there rescue, when the time comes both sides on will become the contest, this will not be Zhao Hai desired. However Zhao Hai has not worried, after all his in hand now not that many armies, when so long as the fight conclusion of Lizzy there, he can bring army, the Demon Race army hitting. Demon Dragon King also present this pointhe presently today attack their, not only these Cavalry, more many Undead Creaturethese Undead Creature these Cavalry but was more difficult than to deal with, their in hand steedbow and Javelin, regarding these Undead Creature lethality were really limited, but these Undead Creature in hand Javelin to their lethality were actually very big, two God Rank Expert were sacrificeddo not say these 9th level people. To be honest, what Demon Dragon King they use regarding Zhao Hai is what weapon, feels very curious, before Zhao Hai battled with their several times, has not used such weapon, this Zhao Hai not only changed the tactic, but also has used this weapon, this made Demon Dragon King fill curiously to this weapon. This weapon superficially is wooden Javelin, not only very simplebut also manufacture can also describe with the roughness ”, but this weapon lethality, actually was really too astonishing. To be honest, now Demon Dragon King also headache, although he wants to call Zhao Hai and God Race war time, occupies a domain, but this losslets some of his really headaches. But after their Battalion leave, the following city must guard against Zhao Hai Cavalry attack momentarily, can say this all the way him in very scared and on edge. Zhao Hai is hard to solve with Demon Race ”, but the change of another place is actually Zhao Hai simply don’t knowis beforehand North Polar Icefield, before North Polar Icefield there, appears Space rift, then walked out of large quantities of Undead Creature from that Space rift, their in all directions investigates on the icefield, for a while arrives does not have unable to go out of icefield ”, because this icefield was really too big.

However they had found quickly volcano there, then some Undead Creature presently Stone Cityquick more and more Undead Creature to volcano therewalked out of more and more Undead Creature from crack. Now had many Undead Creature, started toward Beastman Prairie direction appears , but these Undead Creature will not be tired, these snow and ice to their influences were also not very big, believed in less than the several days timetheir appears on Beastman Prairie. Naturally, these Zhao Hai and don’t know, another Zhao Hai don’t know situation is, before taught on a country very big island brightlyalso appears Space rift, but this Space rift was smaller, moreover inside did not have no life form to walk, no matter straight sea or Sea Race people not presently, but believes that this crack not white appears , here can also be a Ark Continent variable in the future. Zhao Hai don’t know these, he thinks now own enemy is only God Race and Demon Race, now God Rank has drawn back returned to to teach country there to go tohim unable to move them brightly temporarily, his enemy on only remaining Demon Race. Lizzy and Megan prepare to cope with the Pegasus Cavalry matter, has prepared for three days, world God Rank Potion can complete and other, they did not have no information, Zhao Hai to not to worryhe to know that Lizzy their there also soon moved. But makes Zhao Hai be surprised is actually the Demon Race person, on this day Zhao Hai is almost day and night harasses Demon Race . Moreover the blood mosquito has also used one time, this gave Demon Race to cause about 1 million people of casualties, however the Demon Race person did not draw back, conversely, they according to advancingalthough advancing very slow, but actually throughout in advancing. Zhao Hai pliable feels admiring very regarding Demon Race the, but admires to turn over to admire, the weaponry must hit ” the harassment of this several days was more frequent, but the Demon Race casualties were also bigger, can say that each advancing one step, Demon Race must pay the bleeding price. Zhao Hai understand, why the Demon Race person has not drawn back to the present, after these days day and night harassment, Demon Race many people, was very exhaustedthey not to rest one to be good to think that has not had a time good food, but they actually moving forward still, does not draw back. Zhao Hai don’t know, supports reason very simple that Demon Race is not drawing back, is Zhao Hai has not sent out Main Force army to cope with themthis to make them think that Zhao Hai Main Force is still making the war with God Race, if were not calling the present occupies a place, when Zhao Hai Main Force army came back, they were cheaply cannot occupy.

although said that Demon Race has also sent out some scouts toward God Race there, but these people do not dare to leave God Race to be too near, is adding on Yun Tianlei presentlythey, as soon as withdrew troopsZhao Hai not to harass them, they were not worrying, slowly toward taught the direction of country's to catch up brightly \; first, for rest, two was to all around environment further familiar. But these Demon Race scouts have been teaching country there to monitor these God Race brightly, not with the God Race army, therefore and don’t know God Race already retreat ”, if they know that God Race retreat, will certainly tell Demon Dragon King this information, Demon Dragon King possibly not in advancing. Also was one day passed, this another bottle of God Rank Potion manufactured, but Zhao Hai has not neededsurface to keep getting downhe to prepare to anybody in produce God Rank Potion, was giving Stone and Blockhead uses, two person together used. Stone and Blockhead, but twin brothersbetween them have the tacit understanding that one type of difficult stated clearly, Zhao Hai feared, if mister promoted strengthto destroy this tacit understanding, therefore he rather and other several days, when second Potion manufactured, must be able Blockhead and Stone use. Has saying that the worry of sometimes Zhao Hai really has some unnecessary, but he does not worry in any case, now this situation, were many False God level Expert, where was not very bigabout waits for several days to be OK regarding the help of Zhao Hai, did not need to worry. The time passed by for day, this is the fifth day that Demon Race dispatches troops, they still in advancing, the population that but they lose now, crosses 3 million, combat losses about 1/10, in adding on they these five days, passed by the Ark Continent two big city cities, left behind the more than 2 millions soldier to defend the city, this let the population of their Battalion troops, compared with just came out, has been short about one-fifth. Tenacious Demon Race, Zhao Hai has to now recognize Demon Race left his imagination tenaciously, but he also knows that the Demon Race luck must stop, because Lizzy and Megan have solved these Pegasus Cavalry, the Zhao Hai Battalion troops, came back, then they must begin to Demon Race.! ~!