Sitting that Lizzy and Laura they are merry in living room, Zhao Hai actually not in living room, this several days his daily with God Race and Demon Race deal with, is really tired heavy, in adding on his grieved wife, after Lizzy and Megan extinguished Pegasus Light Cavalry, his immediately let Lizzy and Megan has rested, oneself stared in there is dragging the attack of Demon Race, when Lizzy and Megan rest well, he has rested therefore now living room here not to have the Zhao Hai shadow. Lizzy looked on the screen these face weary look Demon Race people, cannot help but smiles said : looks like these days, Elder Brother Hai gives them, you who heavily suffers have a look at their each and every one down in the dumps the appearance.”, Laura white her said : you added that also did not have a look at Elder Brother Hai to stare at several days in there, you did not say that earlier Pegasus Cavalry extinguishing, has quite made Elder Brother Hai rest earlier.”, Megan smiles said : Laura Elder Sister, we do was good, we have not let escape Pegasus Cavalry in any case finally, was good.”, Laura snort|hum said :has considered as finished, called to ask that the person of that two race they were any races, can look know about God Race more situations. Because Laura is longest with the Zhao Hai time, although her not commanding a war, but the Buda Family matter is almost he is managing now, therefore is natural, she status in several woman is highest. Lizzy not hesitant, immediately called Heavy Armor Cavalry and Pegasus Light Cavalry questions, this was also the meaning of Zhao Hai, he when turned into Undead Creature the people of these two races, the person who led turned into Advanced level Undead Creature, by facilitating to ask something. This Heavy Armor Infantry stature fruit big very tall and big, wants compared with general Beastman Race on high many, but these fly to ride the Light Cavalry person, their statures are actually not very tall and big, moreover looks like very slender, the light is looks at the semblance the words, within however some looks like the Elven Race person, just the Elven Race person is the sharp ear, but these Pegasus Cavalry, their ears, actually likely are two only wings, above is unexpectedly long the feather. Lizzy they curious look at these two races people, some little time Lizzy What is your name to that tall Heavy Armor Infantry said :? Is that race? Are you God Race people?” That Heavy Armor Infantry returns to madame's words to Lizzy ritual said :, I called Ding, we were the Barbarian people, was not God Race just our plane to God Race to conquer, each God Race must cope with who, will make us dispatch troops. ” Lizzy noddedZha Ran is this, his look at Ding said : „are the people in your clan look like you to be so fierce? How many armies in the people clan has?”, Ding shook the head said : to return to the madame, we in the clan can only be two armies, true Elite has not come out, in our clan the Elite infantry unit is almost 9th level Expert, but most Elite [gold/metal] corner/horn Cavalry, is God Rank Expert, but the population are not many be only the fifty thousand person, but elite troops has over 10 million, two armies like us, the population were more, how manyI and don’t know. ”, Lizzy and Laura they have actually inhaled cold air, they have not thought that strength unexpectedly of this Barbarian person such, if it seems like it is not their God Rank Expert are too few, feared that is they cannot by God Race conquer. Thinks of here, Lizzy immediately/on horseback said : that you will also dispatch troops? I meant that” this time you lost these many people, in your clan will also dispatch troops to help God Race? You with God Race Ying Xi? ”, Ding said : returns to madame, we are not very good our normally are also listen to move with God Race relationship do not listen to proclaim, ” perhaps but I also will send out Elite that will think in our clan also to dispatch troops but [gold/metal] corner/horn Cavalry, because our Barbarian person exquisite will have a grudge on the report, the madame turned into Undead Creature us, my clansman will certainly dispatch troops to revenge for us. ” complexion that Lizzy and plum want changes, they have not thought that can be this, at this time couldn't Megan wait, to turn the head to that Pegasus Light Cavalry said : you? What race are you? With God Race relationship?”

That Pegasus Light Cavalry hides said : to return to madame's words to Megan, we are Pegasus Clan, we with God Race relationship, are similar to Barbarian, we are also listen to move do not listen to proclaim, but this time our clansman also will possibly dispatch troops, because our clansman are similar to the Barbarian person, having a grudge must report, the madame turned into Undead Creature us, our clansman will certainly dispatch troops.” Lizzy and Megan smiled bitterly, they never expected could be this, Laura has not actually managed these many, he was only look at that Pegasus Clan person said : What is your name, how many armies in your clan had? Your strengths in your clan how?”, That Pegasus Clan person said : returns to the madame, my name was called the show day, our armies in putting , can only be two armies, what was stronger than us was God Rank Elite Cavalry, the quantity surely, on about God Rank silver wing Cavalry hundred thousand.” These has smiled bitterly including Laura, the level division of this God Rank, they from God Race Undead Creature there know that naturally also knows, on this God Rank almost on equal to is God Rank top existed, but the Pegasus Clan person, will really have God Rank Cavalry hundred thousand, can have God Rank Expert 10 million, such quantity was really too astonishing, but Pegasus Clan and Barbarian sent the words that their Elite came out, was suffices them to drink on a pot. Lizzy smiles bitterly said : that you to know don’t know, is the giant who that type is taking the big stick what race?” Unfolds the day to nod said :to know that is the Thunder Clan person, their Faith thunder Divine Beast, their in hand weapon is the totem stick, this thunder Divine Beast, heard that probably looks like good, actually only then a foot, nobody has seen genuine thunder Divine Beast, this thunder Divine Beast is when the Thunder Clan person uses the totem summon appears , a strength of their clan is very strong, not only super strong, but also defense strength also very strong, in adding on them can enable to have Lightning element Divergent Technique with the in hand totem stick, fierce, hears God Race in conquer Thunder God Continent, bill many strengths, person of dying. Many, afterward they had carried on the massacre to Thunder God Continent, deterred the Thunder Clan person, now Thunder God Continent there turned into the God Race God of Thunder War General Yun Tianlei territory, Yun Tianlei was this command(er) army God Race military officer, his side with one team of guard Thunder Clan. Lizzy has smiled bitterly, is a Demon Race race, Megan immediately/on horseback connection said : I was teaching country there also to see small Dwarf of one type of green skin brightly, what race they were, looked like probably is the slave?” Ding said : returns to madame's words, they truly are the slaves, their originally is a Gnome clan, belongs to the God Race one type of native race, this race fighting strength very low draw, but they regarding thing being interested of machine class, they regarding Magic Formation utilization also very fierce, before heard that they manufacture some to be able the flying in the sky machine, but their race actually does not like making weapon, therefore afterward by God Race sealing for the heathen, the entire race was reduced to the slave.” Laura then said : God Race is there also conquer other races? If any, what fierce race but also there is?”

Ding shook the head said : this my don’t know.” Unfolds day actually said : to return to madame's words, on present this God Race army, inside in other races, this time has not attacked Ark Continent God Race is in God Realm Taurus Continent God Race, was only one in God Race, Taurus God Race only conquer several of us race, in race in addition, other God Race Continent hasn't been the piece has taken other plane races, this I on don’t know.” Laura stares, then said : of complexion big change that other Continent can God Race attack our Ark Continent? Did not say that God Race there also does have heterogeneous God Race to battle with God Race? Have their wars subsided?” Unfolds the day to shake the head said : to return to madame, other Continent cannot come our don’t know, the Taurus God Race person not saying that heterogeneous God Race that but you said that I to have heard some, probably they by the piece clothing/taking, the war had not been hit, but the heterogeneous God Race strength is inferior to God Race, therefore one hear has the defensive the condition.” Laura frowns said : to hear that God Race there has 13 Continent, do you know proportion between don’t know heterogeneous God Race and God Race?” Unfolds the day to nod said : this matter to hear, God Race 13 Continent, in which ten were fought by the god variety institute according, has three control in heterogeneous God Race in hand, separately is Aries Continent, Virgo Continent and Libra Continent, besides these three Continent, remaining ten Continent, control in God Race in hand.” Laura let out a long breath said : „do that you know that three by heterogeneous God Race control Continent on, did have these heterogeneous God Race?” Unfolds the day to nod said : to hear, Aries Continent there probably is some by Beastman God Race control, Libra Continent there for a while is by Dwarf God Race control, but Virgo Continent there continuously by Elf God Race control, besides these three big heterogeneous God Race, other heterogeneous gods, includes some Divine Beast, lives on these three Continent, these years they have resisted God Race, has not submitted.”

Laura they nodded, to be honest, this matter somewhat stems from their unexpected, they have not thought that God Race strength unexpectedly such, only one Taurus God Race will quickly have made them unable to deal with, do not say that also had God Race on that many other Continent, if they came, feared that was Ark Continent already extinguished. However Laura also thinks that is unlikely, from Taurus God Race dispatching troops to the quantity, Taurus Continent will certainly not compare Ark Continent small many, possibly on big some, in this case, God Race has not needed for not big plane, to use all ten Continent God Race to cope with them, such too gain does not equal the loss. In adding on God Realm there also has heterogeneous God Race in diverting God Race, they impossible to place on the complete energy Ark Continent, this perhaps is Ark Continent opportunity. These heterogeneous God Race had not been extinguished, regarding them is good informationthis to explain absolutely they possibly have the ally to exist!! ~!