Zhao Hai woke, this several days he was exhausted, has been cancelling the heart corner/horn with the god demon two clans, lets him, as soon as carves the time of relaxing not to have, this makes him feel very exhausted. Was adding on Lizzy they to finish the Pegasus Cavalry matterZhao Hai to look that they exhausted have not said anything, instead to was makes them rest first, he very in there, then coped with Demon Race ”, therefore these time also really gave to be exhausted him. After own in the room has done the cleaning, Zhao Hai pushes gate walked out, this comes out he to stare, he knows that Laura they in living room, how a sound does not have now. Zhao Hai knows that certainly went out of any matter, otherwise Laura they not such peaceful, thinks of here, the Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback half step went to the living room. Looked to the living room that Zhao Hai stares, sees Lizzy several people to sit in the living room, but actually a person frownsnobody to make noise. Zhao Hai looks at their appearances, cannot help but curious said : What happened? does each and every one look distressed? What matter lived?” Laura they then noted Zhao Hai to come, several people to Zhao Hai made a position, Meg to Zhao Hai one cup of heat sub, Laura they then inquire but actually them the matter that said to Zhao Hai. One hear of Laura they said that Zhao Hai also knit the brows ”, if really flew to say like this and showthat this Zhao Hai they also were really annoy to several extraordinary enemies. Laura they looked that Zhao Hai has not made noise, they have not said anything, they know that ” this matter must decide to be good by Zhao Hai finally. Some little time Zhao Hai deep voice said : considers as finished, now thinks that these are also useless, if these Elite of their two clans must come to come, we do not fear them in any case, moreover must speak of the hatred, they and God Race hatred will not be more they can submit to God Race ” the future also will perhaps submit to us, but these different race gods will still arrive in this are good information, so long as these different race gods, God Race have not been able to put out 100% strengths to cope with ushe he, said it, our Ark Continent here area, possible not to have been watched by the God Race person, they will not be worthwhile. Several Continent alliance cope with us, this matter did not need too to be worried, moreover Taurus God Race person to cope with us, made such big move, other God Race also will certainly have detect, other God Race possibly will not think what kind, but these different race gods will probably have some ideaswe not to have what understanding regarding God Race there, impossible to find these people, but these different race gods will possibly find the way to contact with us, opportunity, they should not missafter all their day did not feel better. ” Laura nodded said : „, but was Taurus God Race was not only good to cope, if that any God of Thunder clan in dispatching troops our troubledfighting strength of these giants not to be weak. ”

Zhao Hai nodded said : well these great Human Race fighting strength is not very weak, but the population of their clan will certainly not have too, otherwise they impossible to be given to destroy completely by God Race in the past, you looked at our Ark Continent oneblocking God Race in many soldiers, if that Thunder Clan population really very many, God Race was impossible conquer easily their. ”, Laura they also nodded, they were just extremely worried, but must say that the fear did not have, after all they had Space inreally the non- well, the person on Ark Continent, in an attire toward Spaceon God Race that found them to go, the strength when the team produced all promoted getting upto come out to look for God Race to do accounts walks. Zhao Hai look at Laura they, show a faint smile said :, actually I to am think in these information, most useful the information about these Gnome, I before also was really underestimated this race, has not thought that they really had such skill.” Laura puzzled look at Zhao Hai said :, what? is Elder Brother Hai interested in these Gnome very much? I have not seen them to have any extraordinary skill.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : show day not saying that these Gnome regarding the machine felt very much[ was popular] exerted? Moreover is also interested in the application of Magic Formation, this is very to us useful.” Laura puzzled is said : useful? Magic that these machines can achieve can also achieve Magic that machine cannot achieve also to sit, can this be useful? ” Zhao Hai smiles said : always to be useful, if these Gnome, are an expert regarding the application of Magic Formation really very much, perhaps that can find out the one type of method , to promote Magic Cannon Might, for our many knot province some Crystal Stone, these Crystal Stone we such uses, solid Yu Tai wasted.” Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but has gawked, then two eyes one bright, nodded said : „, this method is good, if can make the power with Crystal Stone, we can manufacture more machines, manufactures more cannon, when the time comes did not need to fear God Race and Demon Race.” Meaning of Zhao Hai understand Laura, Karen this for a lifetime wholeheartedly wants to change the life of average person with Magic Formation, wants to make them go on a journey convenient, wants to let their life convenient, but Space here all, very much look like with Earth on, likely is that screen, is not the television program that although there broadcasts, but made Karen think, in adding on Space also had the thing in electric lamp and kitchen, these were very ordinary in Earth, very common thing, actually gave Karen to bring not the small inspiration. But Laura after seeing thing in villa, was not opposing that Karen Bang investigated these Magic Formation, but did not let Karen extremely in infatuated, has forgotten eating meal, has forgotten sleeping, that is not good. Therefore such raises after Zhao Hai, Laura immediately understand doing of these Gnome have used, if these Gnome can make movementto make with Crystal Stone really to their useful thing, then regarding them, but good matter.

However Lizzy frowns to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, before the show flew, but said that these Gnome did not have what interest regarding weapon research probably, otherwise not that relaxed was taken to the piece by God Race.” Zhao Hai smiles said : this for a while other for a while, before these Gnome , does not have what interest to weapon, but now is different, they by God Race to the slave such long time, should understand weapon regarding their importances I think that they should be interested by weapon now. ”, Does Megan actually frown said : this to be good Elder Brother Hai? These Gnome by God Race conquer these many years, their simply did not have opportunity research these machines, feared that was the beforehand inheritance also breaks? To us really useful?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : is they inherits, so long as their people on lineearth deities to machine feeling[ were popular] exerted, possibly was in the bone has, looked like the Elf continuously very intimate nature, but Dwarf Race was the best blacksmith is the same, in brief we must get so far as some Gnome first, how then knew. ” Several people nodded, was not speaking, Zhao Hai let out a long breath, muttered said : God Race these fools, if I they, I already let these Gnome for my research machine, if they have used earth deities research weapon, perhaps now Ark Continent already by conquer.” Was saying Zhao Hai while look at screen, the Demon Race situation on the screen demonstrating, these Demon Race people are resting now, the harassment of Zhao Hai has not actually stopped, but now Demon Race is better than being utterly exhausted the appearance to compare wellactually on couple of days ago many. This did not mean that the effort of Zhao Hai harassment reduced, the polarity, the Zhao Hai harassment effort has not reducedjust Demon Race these people to adapt to this harassment, if before , they meet Zhao Hai their harassment, will be very anxious, now did not walk, except for some police armies of surrounding, other people, can achieve to sleep, should eat meal, when does not have that matter. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, this Demon Race really worthily is the most militant race, theystrive to excel compared with any race regarding the adaptiveness of war, these Demon Race people who now remains, not only did not fear Zhao Hai their harassment, attack of blood mosquito, most effect from the beginningthey gradually adapted to this attack unexpectedly. Zhao Hai turns the head to Lizzy and Megan said :, how we should move Demon Race these fellows now, making them know that God Race retreat, we with single-hearted devotion have tidied up them now. ” The Lizzy look at screenshows a faint smile said : „to make them know all of a sudden, otherwise them also thinks we quite bully, thinks seize the opportunity to profit, does not have is so easy.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : motion, making them also know our fierce.” Lizzy noddedputs out Message Fishorder one after another to pass around with Megan immediately.

They made these cope with Demon Race Cavalry to rest first well, then their immediately release large quantities of Undead Creature, have prepared to cope with Demon Race. Original Zhao Hai wants to let army attack Xiayang Pyongsong there, Demon Race draws back us to give to shut off, then annihilated Demon Race this only army at one fell swoop. However afterward presently, this was very not realisticfirst did not say Demon Race also had large quantities of reinforcement in Demon Capital City and Demonic Abyss, was Demon Dragon King under the hand/subordinate remaining 20 millions army, was not they can one annihilate. If the 20 millions Demon Race person one spells to assign, that lethality is also very big, Zhao Hai with great difficulty accumulates this family propertyhe not to want with Demon Race one to spell now up, such only cheap God Race, therefore Zhao Hai overruled this idea finally, coped with the Demon Race matter to give Lizzy command(er), but he decided that broke through enemy lines well. Looked that Lizzy they in preparingZhao Hai were bringing Berry, Xu Wanying also has walked out of Junichi from Space, but other these Undead Creatureand Cavalry, gave Lizzy and Megan comes command(er). Four people stood in a head of Bone Dragonappears to the place that God Race army kept, afterward dense and numerous Undead Creature army, appears in Zhao Hai, aggressive compelled toward Demon Race army.! ~!