Demon Dragon King just also in strange, show window why among suddenly Ark Continent here constantly carried on, one stopped, all Cavalry and Undead Creature retreated, what's the matter? God Race has there broken through their defense line? Can't they retreat? Demon Race information is not quite quick, although monitored God Race these people already presently God Race retreat, moreover just wants to tell Demon Dragon King it information them, but this was not that easy, now Demon Dragon King their army, already very thorough Buddha Empire, moreover their all around often will have Ark in 6 Cavalry in roaming, wanted to give Demon Dragon King to deliver a letter is not easy, therefore has not received God Race retreat information to present Demon Dragon King. However quick Demon Dragon King did not need to guess, because[ answered] case appears in him at present, look at distant place that Undead Creature army that approaches unceasingly, with standing in army front Zhao Hai, Demon Dragon King complexion changed, then has smiled bitterly, muttered said : God Race these soft eggs, was really too does not pass through has hit, has not thought that Zhao Hai such quickly came on spatial make a move . Moreover the army strength has not damaged unexpectedly, probably compared with the former population must.” Sound that Demon Dragon King this talked to oneself, naturally concealed the truth follows several Demon Race Advanced level military officers by him, Undead Creature army that they also dumbfounded look at slowly is approaching now, can say that these not truly with the Demon Race person who Zhao Hai has fought, the first time experience fierce of Zhao Hai, even if were these has fought with Zhao Hai, presently the Zhao Hai power and influence won from spelling. Before Zhao Hai most one time also brought more than ten millions Undead Creature to go with Demon Race to the war, but this Zhao Hai belt brought about 30 million Undead Creature to cope with Demon Race, in their Battalion surrounding, many Human Race Cavalry in roaming, such power and influence is suspending, was very scary. To be honest, not only Demon Race these people, even if Cavalry that various clans participate is also startled extremely, they have not thought that ” Zhao Hai in hand Undead Creature, the quantity has achieved so astonishing degree unexpectedly. However afterward they[ is popular] has exerted, the Zhao Hai strength is stronger, more is worth happy regarding themthey, although in does not fear death, but actually also nobody wants dead, Zhao Hai Undead Creature are more, that lets opportunity that they break through enemy lines is few, has been short of breaking through enemy lines opportunity, probability that died in battle naturally also on big reduction. undead army that Demon Dragon King look at approaches slowly, deep voice said : entire armed forces, array!” As the Demon Dragon King wordshe behind rouses the number to sound together, because of approaching of Zhao Hai, some flurried Demon Race armyin moved instantaneously, before long Great Formation has suspended. Now the person in Demon Race army, majority was 9th level Expert, 8th level these people, under Zhao Hai these days attack, almost all died in battle. However Demon Race was unable to look like Undead Creature there to suspend Rubik's Cube Great Formation, this Rubik's Cube Continent besides Sea Race, only then Zhao Hai used, what other has more than enough. The change of this Rubik's Cube Great Formation are too many, extremely in the trouble, has been using except for Sea Race these many years, therefore skillful incomparable beside, undead army that only then Zhao Hai these are obedient completely usedother armies to want in a short time learn Rubik's Cube Great Formation, that was almost impossible.

The battle formation that Demon Race forms now is not Rubik's Cube Great Formation, but is Yan Yuezhen, such as curved bright same stopping in there, static waiting Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai look at Demon Dragon King, he has to recognizeDemon Dragon King really be a very good match, these days he continuously not short attack, has made the Demon Race casualties achieve several million people, but Demon Race not only does not have retreat, instead to adapted to this attackthis to have separation relationship with the Demon Dragon King leader. Demon Dragon King can very good control this army, therefore was in the army appears the Continent casualties, these Demon Race people still trusted him, still did not have retreat one step, this no doubt because of Demon Race person dauntless of , what were more was because of the Demon Dragon King reason. However this Zhao Hai may not have to plan that with the Demon Dragon King idle talk, he is waiting for Lizzy they, so long as Lizzy they prepare, their immediately starts to attack. When Zhao Hai they have about the kilometer to Demon Race Great Formation, the Lizzy sound resounds said : in the ear of Zhao Hai Elder Brother Hai, was good, cone-shape, you for parade!” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head you do not follow to Berry three people of said : side me, to the Great Formation surrounding, regards to Demon Race to carry on attack, goes.” Three people have complied with one, turn around flies from Bone Dragon, to Rubik's Cube Great Formation outside. But Rubik's Cube Great Formation also instantaneously is changing, one turned into a incomparably huge circular cone, but Zhao Hai has become the cone headed of entire circular cone, Zhao Hai not polite, has supported Domain directly, he presently own Domain truly can with change the transformation condition according to own regard, when circular Domain overrun in naturally cannot silly, the Zhao Hai intention moves, his Domain slowly also turned into an only huge cone, above has edges and corners, on probably is a root incomparably huge drill bit. Follows in Zhao Hai behind these Undead Creature, is Undead Creature of idea level, they are the same with Zhao Hai, will become an arrow that will speak attacks Demon Race. After Zhao Hai own Domain turned into a giant drill bit, then his Domain on collection slowly moved, turned into a drill bit, his behind these Undead Creature, along with the rotation of Zhao Hai Domain, started to rotate. Then Zhao Hai harnesses Domain to overrun toward Demon Race Great Formation, takes him as the head, a incomparably huge drill bit, direct Demon Race Great Formation overran.

Demon Dragon King has not thought that Zhao Hai will come this unexpectedly, among them the distance is not very far, about kilometer distance, to flying together person, in the blink of an eye, the Demon Race person has not thought that Zhao Hai they will change so will be unexpectedly quick, will change from Rubik's Cube Great Formation Cone Formation, will be a in the blink of an eye matter. Demon Dragon King wanted to change at this time already late, his very clear, if made this drill bit sneak in their Great Formation, their entire Great Formation had been finished, Demon Dragon King immediately/on horseback said loudly: God Rank Expert, goes forward to accept a challenge!” Demon Dragon King order, Demon Race these God Rank Expert immediately overran, however Zhao Hai Domain transfers was too quick, Demon Race these God Rank Expert just depended on the past, immediately is shot, even if had not been shot, almost was broken Domain by Zhao Hai Domain to the drill instantaneously, responded that slow they were transferred. These Demon Race God Rank Expert have met drilling three by Zhao Hai directly, moreover cannot prevent the Zhao Hai advancing influence, Zhao Hai after drilling that three Demon Race Expert, was bringing this huge turning the head, sneaked in Demon Race Yan Yue Great Formation directly. Demon Dragon King looks at Zhao Hai the big drill bit so savage, knows that must break the matter, but makes him fight this to turn the head now greatly, is actually impossible, he does not have that courage, his very clear, in the one-to-one situation he is not the Zhao Hai match, but now he possibly is not the Zhao Hai match. Demon Dragon King already present, Zhao Hai the large drill transfers this to rotate, has produced very formidable Qi Field around their Great Formation unexpectedly, this Qi Field simply was not the average person can prevent, even if were near body is impossible. In this time, Zhao Hai actually has not been managing these many now, he is only control his, will not be spread out to be OK with behind these undead by oneself. These undead mentioned the limit, with one, they are lifting own weapon generally, is following close on the body of previous person, forwarding of flying, not only such Zhao Hai this drill bit, but is the big drill bit that a belt punctures, probably is one reamer that flies to revolve. Therefore dares to approach the Demon Race person of this drill bit, had been slivered the fragment by the reamer, is impossible self-exploding, if they do not approach this big drill bit self-exploding, they do not have the means to constitute anything to threaten to these undead, but approaches Great Formation, their simply does not have self-exploding opportunity, will be extinguished directly, Demon Race to the present present, they cope with Zhao Hai few their method unexpectedly such. The although Demon Race army are many, but they have actually exhibited the lineup, this has given Zhao Hai opportunity, the big drill bit that Zhao Hai took the lead, has only used not long after, entire Great Formation drilling an insight. When appears of Zhao Hai from Demon Race Great Formation, his behind big drill bit, suddenly has disintegrated, turned into innumerable slightly to turn the head, killed toward Demon Race Great Formation.

Demon Race Great Formation has suspended now inadequately, their Great Formation completely were destroyed by this big drill bit, when they also with enough time have not changed, the drill bit Great Formation collection disintegrated suddenly. These hit Demon Race one to be caught off guard, among in the blink of an eye, their entire Great Formation twisting 8 fell by undead army. Zhao Hai also immediately understand Lizzy their meanings, he turned the head, has killed in the Demon Dragon King direction, Demon Dragon King wants commanding a war, his flag must stand in therelets these Demon Race person understand he in there, such these Demon Race talented people will not be chaotic, will then fight. Zhao Hai must do now, copes with Demon Dragon King, so long as the Demon Dragon five flags, the Demon Race person certainly will be but actually chaotic, such they ended to win. Demon Dragon King also saw the Zhao Hai sound, was looking that had been twisted loose Great Formation thoroughly, Demon Dragon King knows today the situation by going, in has not defeated the Zhao Hai possibility. Demon Dragon King is only some are not willingly, he has not thought that he just one put in an appearance with Zhao Hai, was defeated, this was also too quick. However he also knows that is not willingly is also useless, now most important is, finding the way to preserve some effective strengths, Demon Dragon King also present, in Zhao Hai these Undead Creature, some were before do not have appears , these person of although turned into the appearance of skeleton, but their full body armor actually very good, sparkling light bright silver, but such full body armor God Race liked using. In adding on horse of that winged, before , several days their scouts have told him, God Race that Cavalry, it seems like Zhao Hai obtained large quantities of Undead Creature in God Race there.! ~!