Chapter 786 brave soldier breaks the wrist Thinks that a here Demon Dragon King cannot help but forced smile, felt fierce of Zhao Hai, their Demon Race person dauntless, hits time self-exploding, simply will not give Zhao Hai to turn into Undead Creature opportunity them. However Zhao Hai can actually massacre large quantities of God Race, then turns into Undead Creature these God Race, must know that God Race also wants on strong some compared with their Demon Race, in this case, Zhao Hai can turn into Undead Creature large quantities of God Race unexpectedly, does not wear is really not good. However he does not have the time to think these now, Zhao Hai has killed, Demon Dragon King very clear Zhao Hai fierce this, although now their Demon Race many Expert in here, but has these people to gather, can Zhao Hai keeping here not necessarily, so long as lets Zhao Hai capture opportunity, they ended. Zhao Hai Domain is still an appearance of drill bit, proceeded to kill, some Demon Race God Rank Expert also want to come to prevent Zhao Hai, but this drill bit appearance Domain actually Zhao Hai wielding quickly, all wants to block the Zhao Hai person, was not shot directly to be strangled to death, opportunity did not have. Demon Dragon King silently said: Draws back!” The Demon Dragon King personal appearance moves, has supported own Black Dragon Domain, toward fast toward retreat, is rocking, this that simultaneously his flag keeps is Demon Race to the flag indicator that the critical moment has spoken to use, is lets these Demon Race person immediately/on horseback withdrawing entire armed forces in the meaning of war. These Demon Race person although are making the war with Zhao Hai undead army, but they meet frequently is paying attention the change of Demon Dragon King flag, saw Demon Dragon King to issue such order, how these Demon Race person understand have done, almost all Demon Race people have not been fighting with undead army, killed directly in the Demon Capital City direction. However now they want not to be easy, the small drill bit that these Undead Creature compose, the drill transfers very fast, if each and every one resembles swimming fish to be the same, very skidding, they want to evade are not easy. However these people also let Zhao Hai understand understand, why the Demon Race person can survive in Demon Realm such place, moreover slowly was big in attire. These Demon Race people looked that does not have means to rush, has chosen unexpectedly simultaneously self-exploding, in the battlefield the explosive sound rises from all directions at once, undead army also appears many casualties. Continuously in command(er) army Lizzy and Megan looked that this situation knows Demon Race must go all out, they do not want to go all out with Demon Race in here, Lizzy immediately/on horseback ordered, making these undead army kill from Demon Race Great Formation, to opportunity that Demon Race army withdrew.

However these Undead Creature just drew back, these in the one side, various clan Cavalry of look at this war had moved, right in the face is Javelin, just was still using to calculate that explodes this to draw on to cope with Zhao Hai their Demon Race person, these was also exploded to be in chaotic situation. Waited for the Demon Race person to fall back on with great difficulty behind, entire armed forces again, Demon Dragon King sorrowful present, Demon Race army in Zhao Hai under this rushing, the casualties unexpectedly has actually achieved astonishingly about 2 million. A Demon Dragon King pain, he turned the head look at to put in order Zhao Hai of armed forces at heart, but this simultaneously Demon Dragon King also present in Zhao Hai undead army, left many Demon Race forms. Just with Zhao Hai they made the war, has plenty Demon Race person with enough time self-exploding had not died, Zhao Hai will be certainly impolite regarding these people, turned into Undead Creature them directly. look at all these that Demon Dragon King clenches jaws, his hate to Zhao Hai have achieved the extreme now, but he present has let his disheartened matter, they put in order the armed forces, not having Zhao Hai these undead entire armed forces to be quick, they just killed, did not have with enough time the entire armed forces time, these undead army have put in order the armed forces to complete, has exhibited Demon Race Great Formation, but Cavalry of various clans, but also in Rubik's Cube Great Formation two wing roaming, looked like looks like on a giant box long two wings. When Demon Dragon King look at Zhao Hai Great Formation is dull, suddenly his side transmitted two pitiful yells, Demon Dragon King turned the head to look that Demon Race a head of God Rank Expert was just reduced, but another God Rank Expert, on neck appears a round hole, but their side unexpectedly nobody. That neck on had been put on round hole God Rank Expert, does not have immediately/on horseback dead, but he actually does not dare self-exploding, because he now is in Demon Race Great Formation, if his self-exploding, did not say first can explode that sneak attack his enemy, these people on one's own side of his side must be buried along with the dead, therefore he can only nurse hatred, but finally. This has not calculated that these two people just died, two Space rift on appears , directly these two people swallowing, then Zhao Hai suddenly appears two Space rift, that two Demon Race God Rank Expert appears in the Zhao Hai side, but they turned into Undead Creature, but before these two God Rank Expert presently, but also appears two people, Berry, another is actually Demon Dragon King has not seen the person, this person makes a Assassin appearance of body, behind one Rapier. This person naturally is Junichi, just Junichi may not have to idle, he became God Rank Expert also has the several days time, although he has been training with Xu Wanying, has not actually brought forth any positive result to come, how utilization Domain he does not have learn to today. However Xu Wanying had an experience, how comprehension Domain therefore Xu Wanying told Junichi, but Junichi after battle, looked for Demon Race God Rank Expert directly, for under that person of attack, entered quick comprehension Domain.

He succeeds, his successful comprehension Domain, but his Domain unexpectedly with Berry the looks like of ten points, Berry Domain is a flying claw, can the stealth, Junichi Domain puncture sword-shaped, can the stealth. Just Junichi and Berry, advantage thought the demon not to have the entire armed forces to complete this opportunity, has killed Demon Race God Rank Expert, to assure their securities, Lizzy immediately has met them with Space, has delivered then to the Zhao Hai side. Zhao Hai turned the head to look at their one eyes, nod said : slightly good, well done, but such do not take risk next time.” Said that he turns the head look at Demon Dragon King. At this time the Lizzy sound passed to the ear of Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, Demon Scorpion, paid attention, this these Undead Creature will use Javelin.” Zhao Hai nodded, the personal appearance moved, draws back returned to in Great Formation, then has fallen back on Great Formation final slowly, this Great Formation was they in Sea Race has used that Demon Scorpion, but behind the front matter did not need the Zhao Hai tube, Zhao Hai to fall back on must become that most poisonous scorpion tail of that Great Formation. Rubik's Cube Formation turned into Demon Scorpion instantaneously, threw toward Demon Race army, Demon Dragon King looks at the change of Rubik's Cube Formation, complexion cannot help but changes, now they did not have to put in order the armed forces completely, at this time made them accept a challenge? Demon Dragon King cannot the flag wield, Great Formation toward retreat, draws back entire armed forces, is Demon Race such elite troops can achieve this point, the common army do not say that draws back the entire armed forces, this drew back feared that turned retreated, but Demon Race has achieved this point, drew back, while slowly reorganized the army. Demon Dragon King does not have time tube that many now, how this Demon Scorpion Great Formation saw that compares that drill bit to be better to deal with, the armies of his two wings move, moved forward to meet somebody toward the Demon Scorpion two wing that two big pliers, simultaneously the Center Army advance, directly soars Demon Scorpion Center Army. His is wants positive hard to put together that Demon Dragon King is very confident regarding the Demon Race person, he believes that the frontage spells hardly, even if will be Zhao Hai undead army is not the match of Demon Race person. However this time he has thought mistakenly, Zhao Hai simply has not given opportunity that he puts together directly hardly, when Demon Race army just entered the undead army firing distance, Javelin rain has shot from undead army.

Demon Dragon King looks at this Javelin rain, complexion cannot help but changes, today Zhao Hai has not made these undead cause Javelin most from the beginning, he perished unexpectedly, these undead can also project Javelin to come, this they suffered a loss. However this has not ended, when the Demon Dragon King regret, his suddenly felt that sky one black, he looks up, presently that the drill bit that made him abhor in appears , these time from below, moreover target was he. Demon Dragon King face by invariable, at this time he thinks that change the maneuver without enough time, saw he must die in Zhao Hai is bringing the small formation undead in hand, suddenly his side clashes two people, these two people flushed from the Demon Dragon King side, welcomed directly to Zhao Hai the drill bit, when also had a distance to Zhao Hai that drill bit, they simultaneously self-exploding. But these two people on God Rank Expert in Demon Race, his self-exploding Might is not small, Zhao Hai felt that a tremendous strength hit in his Domain, his whole person such as the bad thunder stroke, the body rocked fiercely, on the face appears not normal red, advancing one fell, Zhao Hai in then has not proceeded to clash, leading that team undead to draw back going back. But just that two Demon Race Expert self-exploding, has caused the huge damage to Demon Race this, their these has the person of Domain protection besides Demon Dragon King, about ten thousand Demon Race 9th level soldiers, this were exploded give to kill directly. But Demon Dragon King they do not feel better, was exploded affects, was injured, but this is also they best means that if by Zhao Hai just that compaction, Demon Dragon King were ended, Demon Dragon King ends, entire Demon Race army removed ending of bottom. This brave soldier breaks the courage of wrist is not who can have, but Demon Race actually does not lack such brave warrior. The corners of the mouth of Demon Dragon King have hung up blood thread, he knows that cannot hit, has been hitting, they will only die more people, therefore his immediately/on horseback deep voice said : transmitted orders, three armies draws back, returns to Demon Capital City.” The order handed down from generation to generation quickly, Demon Race army is suspending the lineup, slowly goes toward retreat, but at this time Zhao Hai Undead Creature army and these Cavalry naturally cannot let off this opportunity, the Javelin rain one after another, sprinkles toward Demon Race army, can say that Demon Race army draws back every time one step, some people will die, but they actually did not dare to turn head with Zhao Hai to fight, because Demon Dragon King knows that the war will only die more people. ro! ~!