Chapter 787 icefield drastic change This was road of the death, the first minute will have the Demon Race death, but Javelin in Zhao Hai army looked like the each and every one Spirit Hook messenger is the same, was harvesting the Demon Race life. Now Demon Dragon King somewhat regretted really that he regretted why he must advance such, if such is hitting, many people can live are returning to Demon Capital City there, his real don’t know. But Demon Race army that these that he leaves behind along the way defend a city, in front of Zhao Hai army, actually appears such collapsing at the first blow, simply could not prevent Zhao Hai their attack. Demon Dragon King does not have the means that must draw back toward retreat, but Zhao Hai they pursue, projects on child Demon Capital City outside to Zhao Hai, this stopped, Zhao Hai has not spoken a few words to Demon Dragon King, was leading army retreat slowly, because Demon Race also had many army in Demon Capital City there, was hitting, really has gone all out with Demon Race, Zhao Hai has not wanted to go all out with Demon Race at this time, therefore he drew back. Saw Zhao Hai retreat, Demon Dragon King cannot help but let out a long breath, this time he led three army to go to battle surely, but now returned to Demon Capital City here, insufficient 20 millions, has fought the impact personnel losses, one third, such proportion was really was too scary. Many Demon Race people died in battle in last war, they very heroic, if they face is not undead, that final victory possibly is they. The common army, is impossible to achieve to fight in the reduction one third situation, but can also make the war with the enemy, but the Demon Race person has achieved, but they do not feel proud, because they have defeated, defeated in in hand of person, moreover not only one time. After Demon Dragon King returned to Demon Capital City here, immediately arranges these to rest with the person who he leaves the struggle, but his returned to own room to oneself healing, simultaneously has sent for reporting to Great Demon King the here situation. A war, only one war, the casualties of more than ten millions person, this want not to dare in former Demon Dragon King, before the Zhao Hai war, do not say Ark Continent here, even if God Race, Demon Dragon King does not think that can fight makes them lose these many people, but this time they really have actually defeated, but achieves this point, is only a person. Zhao Hai returned to in Space, simultaneously and on such as city there in the Yangping city has arranged the person, other Cavalry also arrived in Buddha Empire other cities to rest, entire Buddha Empire calm. But Zhao Hai and god demon two clan time wars, quick has spread over entire Ark Continent, no matter different race or Human Race, knew this information, an entire Ark Continent here scene of jubilation.

However Zhao Hai actually has not been idling now, he prepared to handle another matter, was to brightly teaches the country to carry on the exploratory attack, always came under attack, Zhao Hai has been tired, he wants to hit the person. Now Demon Race had been given dozen to be painful by him, believes that honestly some time, but God Race this although has some losses, but they lose what are more is these Barbarian and Pegasus Clan, God Race loss is not very big, they momentarily possibly in time dispatching troops. But Zhao Hai is to hit God Race, makes his thorough is honest, to obtain Gnome, wants to have a look, can snatch the 1 or 2 place God Race use Magic Cannon. Zhao Hai said to Lizzy, Lizzy immediately agreed unexpectedly, these time with the God Race war, although they lost some Undead Creature, but is not many, only then more than 1 million, with the Demon Race casualties ratio is 1 : 10, is one wins absolutely. Few of because losing, their strengths have not damaged, they want to attack now attack, wants to defend defends, but the possible tactic are many. Is adding on Lizzy they saying that Zhao Hai wants to snatch these Gnome, for their research Magic Cannon, will therefore certainly not oppose that Zhao Hai copes with God Race. However before coping with God Race, they must have an understanding to the God Race military strength, choosing a place to attack, moreover strikes walks, does not make the entanglement with God Race. How tackled God Race Zhao Hai they sit in Space research, but on Continent Cavalry of various clans also arrived at Buddha Empire here, Zhao Hai right they have carried on assignment again, one team of veterans must lead a recruit, although these people cannot be the recruits, however in the god demon two clans to the war , they were the recruit, area must need the veteran to bring. Such matter does not need Zhao Hai extremely Yu Xin, assigned to be good to them, then gives them the commodity, now not with god demon two clan wars time, can make them rest well. On this day Zhao Hai they in the research God Race military strength branch, Cai'er sound suddenly are transmitting said : Young Master, has completed God Rank Potion, can use.” Zhao Hai one hear, immediately/on horseback has stood, happy said : too, Laura, quickly called in Stone and Blockhead Space, this they.”

Laura has complied with one, calls Stone and Blockhead, before Stone and Blockhead, several days received the notice of Zhao Hai, they were good their in hand work explain/transfer, waited to enter Space to drink the medicine. They entered Space, Zhao Hai had not wasted breath with them, person of Potion, then rushed to in the room them, in does not manage. Most from the beginning Xu Wanying drinks God Rank Potion time, Zhao Hai somewhat is anxious, now he was not anxious, this God Rank Potion complete being effective, moreover drinks the undead person, he also fears anything. In Stone and Blockhead just entered in Space, when Zhao Hai is wanting a research God Race military strength, suddenly Beast King that Message Fish transmitting sound speaking sounds suddenly: Little Hai, you in? Little Hai? You in? In words quick answering, has the urgent matter!” Expression very anxious, Zhao Hai stares, immediately/on horseback received that Message Fish, said loudly: Your Majesty, what matter?” The Beast King sound conveys said : Little Hai, is not good, North Polar Icefield there appears , there are large quantities of Undead Creature to kill from North Polar Icefield there, arranges to me in the there polar bear clan, great Tiger Race moved attack, blue Hawk Clan they have not let off, besides Undead Creature, but also has plenty Darkness life form, these thing strength very strong,, if were not you give various races to promote the strength, they feared that could not block opposite party attack, now these three races have drawn back returned to Beastman Race original.” Zhao Hai one hear, feeling their head buzz, his immediately/on horseback said : „were the casualty situations of three clans what kind of?” At the same time was saying a screen changed to North Polar Icefield there. Just changed to North Polar Icefield there, Zhao Hai was scared, North Polar Icefield there originally only then the one type of color is white, but now North Polar Icefield there changed the color, there had the one type of color, was black. Entire North Polar Icefield probably is already complete had been covered by Dark mist, simply cannot see other thing, but in that piece of Dark mist, large quantities of Undead Creature and Darkness life form is moving in all directions, their activities do not have what rule probably, but has actually proliferated entire North Polar Icefield. But at this time the Beast King sound in one time conveyed said : „the casualties of three clans to is not very big, but these Undead Creature ten difficult manipulations, their bodies were bringing greatly poisonous, in that Dark mist also brings deadly poison, although immediately not to want the human life, but that type of toxin can actually not to have the means to wield strongest fighting strength, three clans did not have the means that has to draw back returned to on Beastman Prairie.” Zhao Hai they dull look at screen, they see are more than Beast King, these Undead Creature and Darkness life form was really too many, in that Dark mist everywhere was Undead Creature and Darkness life form, among these thing also mutual battle, but more was actually advancing to the Beastman Prairie direction. Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback to Beast King said : Your Majesty, you do not want to despatch troops toward frontline now, immediately/on horseback lets give people a hard time Prairie to carry on the alert to install condition, these Undead Creature and Darkness life form were too many, evidently probably is not the Demon Race person in control, you must get ready for action, lets all races, closes up in the Aksu Empire direction large camp, I will make the person inform Aksu Empire, now I in North Polar Icefield here, when I have a look at here am any situation, was telling you what's the matter.”

Beast King has complied with one, has not been making noise, Zhao Hai has put down Message Fish, slowly has stood, the look at screen, two eyes is actually piece of angry look, but he has not bellowed to yell, but turns the head their said : to inform Aksu Empire to Laura, making them be ready, do not live the conflict with Beastman, my immediately/on horseback goes to North Polar Icefield to have a look, these thing brave from there.” Laura they also by this suddenly accident shaking some wounds, nods of several people of mechanical types, actually at once don’t know must say that any was good. The Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, vanishes in Space, direct appears in North Polar Icefield there, his appears place, all around is Dark mist, in his not far away, actually the skeleton, this skeleton whole body is the silver-white colors, looks like very beautiful. However Zhao Hai may not have the mood to appreciate him now, he just one came out from Space, Space has transmitted prompt speaking sounds: Presently includes in a big way braves Dark Energy toxin to enter Host within the body, activates the Detoxification procedure, toxin to relieve, withdraws the Detoxification ingredient, join to Spatial Water, extracting toxin, returns into to Space toxin.” Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought that toxin in this Dark mist so is unexpectedly strong, can affect him unexpectedly, must know that his Spatial Water, had strong Detoxification ability, in this case, must start the Detoxification procedure to be able unexpectedly this toxin solving, obviously this poisonous mist the place of overbearing. But when Zhao Hai stares, that silver-white skeleton also noted existence of Zhao Hai, that skeleton immediately to flushed toward Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai paid attention to his, this skeleton very fast, has not been lower than 8th level Expert, moreover in his hand was also taking a silver-white blade, seemed like one type of thing makes with his body probably. Zhao Hai has not moved, he stands in there, static look at that skeleton, that skeleton several steps rushed to Zhao Hai, captures the blade of skull brain to divide toward Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai in hand Blood Staff raised, keeps off in this blade on, but Zhao Hai actually gently wrinkled the brow. ro! ~!