Zhao Hai knits the brows, naturally is not because that skeleton injured him, that skeleton at most was also about a 8th level the strength, how possible wound to Zhao Hai. The pupil of Zhao Hai to knit the brows, because of that ku strength, this skeleton although superficially only then about the 8th level strength, however his strength is much bigger, under this blade, actually has does not missthis is Zhao Hai has not thought in the Barbarian strength. The Barbarian strength is very big, is big compared with the general Beastman Race strength, even if in Beastman Race the strength by shape Human Race that grows perceptibly, puts together an evenness with Barbarian, but this silver skeleton, strength unexpectedly no less than Barbarian? This goes out of the anticipation of Zhao Hai. The good silver skeleton looked that Zhao Hai control blocked him to strikeactually not to stop, oppositehis moved, a foot kicked to Zhao Hai. This skeleton such movement to was makes Zhao Hai stare, Zhao Hai has not thought that this skeleton besides strength big, responded that also so will be unexpectedly quick, every gesture and motions used was very goodcompared with general Undead Creature, but much better. Naturally, must say that these skeletons compared with his Space in Undead Creature of is the non- ear energy, but Zhao Hai can look, this skeleton not by person control ”, but wild, the wild skeleton can be so fierce, this is not simple. The Zhao Hai personal appearance lets, the shunt the attack of that skeleton, in this time, that skeleton is actually big mouth one, then probably left a roar to be the same, then one of the Zhao Hai around on hearing passed on the sound of footsteps to transmit, his Divine Sense searched to feel, all around did not have these skeletons of what sound to clash toward him unexpectedly. Zhao Hai stares slightly, he has not thought that this skeleton actually also will summon other skeletonsthey unexpectedly like the person, will ponder. Besides the skeleton in Space, Zhao Hai first time saw that such intelligent skeletonhe had not fearedhe planned catches in these skeletons Space, having a look at these thing to come from there. Zhao Hai does not think that these skeletons come from Demon Realm, Demon Realm there although was called Demon Realm, some there also wild Undead Creature, but these Undead Creature, so are not intelligent, moreover in Demon Realm there, does not have such strong poisonous cloud. Zhao Hai in hand Blood Staff wieldedone to turn into large net, one covered on the body of that silver skeleton, then flungto throw in Space that skeleton.

That skeleton just entered Space, hears in Space to transmit prompt speaking sounds: Presently by Cyborg-type object of viral invasion, is eliminated the virus, the virus eliminated, presently has the hostility procedure to Space, surrenders the procedure, the procedure has surrendered.” Presently evolution shape class machine Artifact body extraction merit, in strong superior Space all Cyborg-type objectSpace Cyborg-type object evolution. ” Zhao Hai stares, then one happy, his turn the head and take a glance at the surrounding, presently several skeletons encircle comingZhao Hai Blood Staff to wield first successive to grasp several skeletons to lose in Space continually ”, but in this Space does not have to transmit any prompt sound, moreover Zhao Hai also present, the skeleton that these come newly is not the silver-white color, but is the Aomori woods color, looks like a little likely is made from bronze. Zhao Hai looked that all around anything has not been, his flashes body that is worth him paying attention returned to Space, then his immediately turned into Zombie ” this person to turn into ZombieZhao Hai to these silver skeletons to stare, because of this world however long very handsome. However Zhao Hai does not have the mood to pay attention to his appearance, his immediately/on horseback said : What is your name? Comes from there?” That skeleton immediately/on horseback bows said : to return to the Master words to Zhao Hai, I called Ginko, the place that I was born called Underworld, history is in Underworld a low level skeleton.” Zhao Hai has gawked, then complexion changes said :, you were said that you did come from Underworld? Has existence of Underworld really?” Ginko nodded said : is Master, I to from Underworld, when my don’t know wake in Underworld, at that time I was also only a low level grey skeleton, because afterward has killed the skeleton with level much, has absorbed their Soul Fire, turned into white skeleton to turn into the black skeleton, then changed the prestige the bronze skeleton, now I am the silver skeleton. ”, Zhao Hai look at this skeleton that called Ginko, he has not thought really that he came from Underworld unexpectedly, Underworld, that only has plane in legend, wanted mysterious several points compared with God Realm and Demon Realm, now actually the skeleton tells him, he came from Underworld.

Laura their complexion are not quite attractive, at this time Zhao Hai turned the head look at Ginko said : to call me Young Master, since you are Underworld, how that is appears in here?” Ginko said : returns to the Young Master words, my also don’t know one day of suddenly large hole appears in leaving my territory not far place settles, I walked out from that large hole, then arrived at here. ”, Zhao Hai complexion was uglierhis understand, certainly was appears that Space rift had no intention in Underworld, therefore Ginko in their high that crack walked out. What Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : in your Underworld severest is what? What level you in contemplating belong to?” What Ginko said : returns to the Young Master words our Underworld to be fiercest is Yama, but Yama Your Majesty few appears , what the true control contemplates is God King of various clans ” I am is existence of low level in Underworldonly compared with the grey skeleton , the white skeleton, the black skeleton and bronze skeleton, I am fiercer than has golden skeleton ” the Divergent Technique skeleton, the Crystal skeleton and Skeleton King, the skeleton Saint, the skeleton god in upward is in Underworld one of the most formidable existences, skeleton God King. ” Zhao Hai considers as finished, can hear from the Ginko words, the Underworld skeleton altogether is divided into 12 ranks, but Ginko to level in Fifth Grade, has seven types on him compared with he more formidable skeleton, but now Ginko already equivalent to 8th level Expert, skeleton that is upward fiercer than him in these fierce to what degree? Thinks that here Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : Ginko, what degree these skeleton that you are fiercer than as fierce as?”, Ginko immediately/on horseback said :, returns to the Young Master words, the golden skeleton compared with my strength even bigger, is quicker, moreover their also a golden skeleton can cope with ten silver skeletons about weapon by my hardness, but Divergent Technique skeleton compared with golden skeleton fierce, ” they also meets one type of Divergent Technique besides Life Source Weapon, but Divergent Technique of first Skull and Bones is different, controls the Divergent Technique skeletons of our area, Divergent Technique of his meeting is the earth, he can the optional control land, the great strength of ten points, moreover their strengths compared with Vajra skeleton even bigger, the degree are also quicker., Body also hard, Life Source Weapon also hard ”, moreover to their this level, their Life Source Weapon will live changeto turn most suits their shape attires, the Crystal skeleton is the evolution body of Divergent Technique skeleton, they except for meeting the Divergent Technique Skull and Bones all beside ” the one type of skill will also be promoted ”, moreover they will also fly, Skeleton King is also samejust they compared with the Crystal skeleton formidable, moreover they can subdue some Crystal skeletons become their under the hand/subordinate, the skeleton Saint also wants formidable existence to hear compared with Skeleton Kingthey can in the body all around, causes one piece only to belong. Own Heaven and Earthvery formidableskeleton god is also the type, Heaven and Earth that but they make around the bodyalso formidable, can turn into the appearance of skeleton ”, but skeleton God King has fiercelyis unfair to Young Master, I have not listened. ” Zhao Hai nodded, he already general name white the level divisions of these skeletons, the level division of skeleton, compared with Human Race detailed somepossibly is because they are the skeleton reasons, but Zhao Hai believes that Ginko saidcan cause own Heaven and Earth around own body, that piece of Heaven and Earth is actually Domain, in other words in Underworld, only then achieved skeleton Saint Levelnot to have own Domain, but the skeleton god on equivalent to on God Rank Expertskeleton God King, has achieved Saint God Rank Expert in legend possibly ”, but that what YamaZhao Hai actually does not believe. That possibly is looks like Lu Wei type Immortal Cultivator. Zhao Hai thinks that to Ginko said :, in Underworld, skeleton Saint beforehand Expert are many?” Ginko nodded said : has plenty, in Underworld, not only has our skeleton clan also to have a Zombie clan, a Lich monster, a Magic Beast clanalso has other racesthese race has plenty to achieve skeleton Saint above Expert, the quantity has many, my don’t know, our Underworld was too big, but our skeleton clanin Underworld is not a strongest clan, our strengths can only be but actually the number, skeleton of although in Underworld is largest, but our strengths are actually in Underworld comparison weak existence. ”

The Zhao Hai brow wrinkles was tighter, he has not thought that the matter like this, Ginko idea in 8th level Expert, that type of golden skeleton besides will not fly unexpectedly now, should unable to miss many compared with 9th level Expert, do not say that type of Divergent Technique skeleton, moreover their also some also can only be in Underworld existence of medium grade level, the quantity is more certain. But now Underworld Space rift opened, that Underworld person continuous appears on Continent, when the time comes the Ark Continent here person, will be many a powerful enemy. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai cannot help but at heart is angry, could not be bearing, shouted curses said :, damn, was your this goes to the market?”, After Zhao Hai was a very careful personto Ark Continent here, continuously very careful was maintaining own image, almost did not say the thick mouth, what because he must face was these Nobleyou, if said the thick mouth in front of these Noble, will make these Noble look down upon the person, Zhao Hai although does not care about these Noble visions, but he must maintain good relationship with these Noble for the Buda Family show ”, therefore he has been very careful, said the thick mouth. However this time he could not bear, God Race and Demon Race, these two races triumphantly have also coveted Ark Continent, moreover they have the Ark Continent criminal record, therefore they attack Ark Continent to feel emotion to be possible original, but this Underworldonly exists in the legend, before the people do not believe that has existence of Underworld, they actually in this worked as appears on the Ark big stubble, this has almost disrupted the overall scheme of Zhao Hai, how he can not get angry!! ~!