Laura they are also first see to hear Zhao Hai to explode the thick mouth, naturally also knows that Zhao Hai this is angry performance extremely, they also understood that the Zhao Hai mood, original Zhao Hai has adjusted the tactic, when copes with God Race and Demon Race, had been in the upper hand, but now Underworld suddenly appears , making the Zhao Hai beforehand arrangement all waste. The Zhao Hai beforehand arrangement, mainly in view of God Race and Demon Race, ” Continent north side here Zhao Hai south of Continent has not arranged any military strength, here equal to is his rear. Now Underworld appears , inserted a blade on equal to in his back of the body fiercely, this blade fatal very existence, Zhao Hai deals with the god demon two clans both already suffices the headache, if adding on this Underworld, that really wants to compel him. Laura feared that Zhao Hai angry body, previous Zhao Hai was mad the matter that spits blood by God Race he to present also clear remembering, therefore she looks at Zhao Hai this, grasps Zhao Hai said : hastily Elder Brother Hai, leaves this, asked you, you must walk to have an accident, that Ark Continent really not any hope.” Lizzy their several also hastily ran over appease Zhao Haisome little time Zhao Hai to grow. The air/Qi, he has patted already pear hua belt rain Laura gently, said : was in a soft voice good, I am all right, feel relieved!” Zhao Hai waved, received Ginko, then to Cai'er said : Cai'er, what skeleton I just heard in Space to have prompt to say to be able evolution, that what's the matter? ” look at Zhao Hai said : that Cai'er two eyes shines Elder Brother Hai, before these skeletons in Space the promotion of level absolutely because of Space relationship, did not have no relationship with them, but on Ginko has a merit to be able evolution to higher level, Space has withdrawn this merit, has put in Space these Undead Creature, in other words now these Undead Creaturenot relying on Fu Wa and help of Hell background ” can also evolution, the evolution degree not be quick. ” One hear of Cai'er said that Zhao Hai has gawked, said : that then two eyes shines this arrives is good information, the good deed, if the skeleton in Space can evolution that regarding us, absolutely be a good deed.” Zhao Hai most worries is these skeletons does not have means Level Up, now good this evolution on equal to is said that these skeletons can Level Up, this regarding Zhao Hai absolutely is good information. However thinks that threat from Underworld, Zhao Hai started the headache, how he was really don’t know must cope with this aspect. Laura looked that Zhao Hai was all right reallyhas then stopped the weeping sound, turned the head look at Zhao Hai headache appearanceshe cannot help but grieved said : Elder Brother Hai, received us to the friend office? This Underworld strength feared that will not compare God Race or Demon Race misses their this time appears , regarding us, is really not the good matter, Beastman Prairie to fear that could not defend.”

Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: Defends, Ginko in these skeletons is existence of low level, but I just when outside fought with him presently, his strength unexpectedly no less than 8th level Expert . Moreover the strength compared favorably with Barbarian, you know that what this does mean? This means that even if they will not fly general 9th level Expert to cope with him, must spend turns trick/hand and foot, a low level skeleton so is fierce that high level what degree will arrive at? I cannot think, not only Prairie feared that was entire Ark Continent could not defend, must know that these time came, mostly was Undead Creature, Undead Creature, our Undead Creature, cheaply could not occupy in their front, did not have this superiority, did we also deal with Underworld these fellows? Moreover there is God Race and Demon Race eyes covetously in one side, it seems like before us all arrangement, have all wasted, moreover you think not to have, this Underworld can appears in Ark Continent here, be able in having other plane person appears in Ark Continent here, if is really such, when the time comes only trouble, if also hardly spells with them, how many people Ark Continent here will die? ” Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but wrinkled under the brow, the meaning of his understand Zhao Hailooked like Zhao Hai does not prepare to defend Ark Continent, that can only walk last. Laura gains ground look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, do you want? Really to this situation?” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: What means now can also have? What to do did not arrive at these step also to be able not to have other means. ” Lizzy the meaning of their also understand Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai was the preparation starts last, the person in Ark Continent, received in Space, before this was also them, last step that reached an agreement. Lizzy knit the brows said : Elder Brother Hai, such does, our pressures on even bigger, moreover can the person on don’t know Continent agree.” Zhao Hai forced smile said : we also can only enter the human affairs, listens to the destiny, but this matter must with Grandpa Green their discussing principle one Laura, your immediately they welcome Grandpa Green to Space, Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow, you have a look, how Blockhead and Stone read two smelly youngster such long time not to come out. ” Laura and Xu Wanying immediately/on horseback complied with oneLaura to go to the well person, but Xu Wanying went into the room in building, looks Blockhead they.

Blockhead they Level Up has succeeded actually, but is taking a bath, the matter that and outside don’t know looks unfamiliar, looked Xu Wanying to their room that knows they did do, he did not have to call themturn around returned to downstairs, to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, it seems like they Level Up has succeeded, now is taking a bath.” Zhao Hai nodded, wields said : you also to sit Wan Yao, Junichi, you said that our these time received the people in Ark Continent Space, is to or wrong? ” Xu Wanying look at Zhao Hai, in a soft voice speaking sounds: Young Master, wanted me saying that should get so far as in Space them.” Zhao Hai this arrives stares, his look at Xu Wanying puzzled said : how did this saying say?” Xu Wanying said : Young Master, have you forgotten that Immortal Cultivator? He wants Ark Continent here, God Realm does there do? To not collect Strength of Faith, very heavy of this Strength of Faith regarding them wants obviously, but after Young Master you, meets Level Up, when the time comes Young Master do you go to there to collect Strength of Faith? If received the Ark Continent here people Space, when the time comes they slowly regarded god that Young Master naturally to collect enough Strength of Faith Young Master. ” Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought that Xu Wanying unexpectedly is because this lets receive in Space the Ark Continent here person, this goes out of his unexpected. Junichi at this time connection said : good, Young Master, before that Immortal Cultivator appears time said that he will be waiting in higher plane, in other words, later Young Master strength, if has promoted, feared that will arrive certainly at their plane to go, if when the time comes side Zhao Hai these people have not provided Strength of Faith to you, we with that person to, but suffers a loss, moreover Young Master do not forget, after that person, has formidable Sect, if Young Master to that plane, but whatfinally only cannot. By oneself, if Young Master is leading the Ark Continent here people, to that position, we have been able then Level Up, but can also from Ark Continent these people, select powerful some, making their strengths also promote, when the time comes did not need Young Master you to fightus also with them to establish own Sect, resisted with them. ” Zhao Hai look at Xu Wanying and Junichi, he has not thought really that this Xu Wanying and Junichi will offer such advice to him unexpectedly, this idea is to him very advantageous, but the match Ark Continent here person, is is a little probably unfair, thinks of here, Zhao Hai frowns said : as the matter stands, wasn't the Ark Continent here person, equal to rears in a pen by us? Is this not quite good to them?” Xu Wanying deep voice said : Young Master, said sentence not of pleasant to hear your heart has also covered, such before long time, how many matters have you handled for Ark Continent? If no Young Master you, feared that is the Ark Continent here person, already by Demon Race and God Race killing off, but received Spacealthough to let them them gives Young Master you to provide Strength of Faith, but similarly, you have provided a safest place to them, after letting them, in does not use for the matter worries of god demon two clans, this equal to has helped them, said itStrength of Faith, does not have an influence to them, their normally is also must the letter god, that letter who is not letterwhy not on by their letter Young Master you, is most minimum. Young Master you not optional slave they not? ”

Lizzy and Megan they are listening to Xu Wanying and Junichi words, to be honest, they have not thought of this point, but Xu Wanying and Junichi have actually thought that but Lizzy and Megan must result in recognize, right that they said that received the Ark Continent people Space, has the advantage regarding Zhao Hai, Lizzy and Megan knew, so long as was received in Space by Zhao Hai person, will become only will consider slowly for Zhao Hai, that Zhao Hai will receive in the Ark Continent these people Space, these person on can provide endless Strength of Faith for Zhao Hai, When the time comes Zhao Hai and person battle, had confidence. Several people looked at one mutually, it seems like Xu Wanying and Junichi were also affected by Space, now all things are considering for Zhao Hai, but they have not lost self-them to be just more loyal regarding Zhao Hai, this regarding Zhao Hai absolutely is the good deed. Zhao Hai frowns to sit in there, to be honest, he had not thought before , received the Ark Continent here person Space, will have any advantage to him, he does not want to make Space here be known by others, now after Xu Wanying and a Junichi such sayingZhao Hai present, received Space probably not to have what fault the Ark Continent person ”. However he decided that after Green and Merine they discussed is making the decision, after all this matter relationship was too big, moreover like Lizzy said that but can also the don’t know Ark Continent person agree that Ark Continent comes.! ~!