Green and Merine have Kun, Karen their these know that has Space to exist, moreover all was person appears of Zhao Hai elder in Space. They also don’t know lived any matter now, but listened to Laura saying that some importantextremely urgent matter must tell them, asking them to finish up on hand on work, immediately to Space. Green they regarding Zhao Hai completely understand, they know, if no any extremely urgent matter, Zhao Hai will not say that therefore they, as soon as receives the notice, immediately/on horseback has handled a starting head matter, then entered in Space. Now Green and Merine main responsible is the Black Wasteland there matter, Black Wasteland there now the race is numerous ” the everyday has plenty matter to process, these matters have naturally given Green and Merine. Kun still in Golden Island there is the processing matter, although says now frontline in going to war now ”, but the people must live, Zhao Hai transported generally was the materials of frontline use, these general publicsmajority must obtain itself to live on commodity by these transactions, therefore Golden Island there was very busy. But Karen they now also very busy, they were busy solving that to defend the Magic Formation issuethis are one hear of Zhao Hai that Zhao Hai worried to wantsaid that several people fast rushed to Space. Several people arrive at Space Villa, sees Zhao Hai to frown to sitXu Wanying and Junichi they sits in there in Zhao Hai side, no one has spoken, but Blockhead and Stone at this time just from building. Green they looked that the Zhao Hai appearanceknows what matter Zhao Hai is certainly thinking, Xu Wanying they do not dare to disturb, therefore like this, Green will not have that many scruples, his deep voice said : Young Master, what matter asked us several people to call?” Zhao Hai one hear of Green sound, one recovers, looked that several people arrived, he stood hastily got up said : Grandpa Green, Merine Grandma, Grandfather Kun father-in-law, you cameto sit quickly, these time also really had an important matter to with you discuss. ” After several people sit down, Zhao Hai said to several people the North Polar Icefield there fresh matter, told them wants the Ark Continent people receive in Space the idea. Green they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that ” gawkedthey not to think the matter unfolded this situation unexpectedlyGod Race and Demon Race matter has not solvedthis to come Underworld, no matter who heard this information, wants to shout'mother-fucker'. Now the aspect just a little improvementbackyard appears a big calamity, in this case, except for shifted the person to Space, but also does not have what good means. Zhao Hai looked that several people have not spoken, he words that Xu Wanying and Junichi spoke, said to several peoplehe wants to listen to several people of opinions. although said that Zhao Hai these years have experienced many matters, but compared with these old fox, he was tender a little.

Do not say that they misses compared with Green, even if they come compared with Xu Wanying, he has also missed a point, otherwise not will wait for Xu Wanying to speak of Strength of Faith the time, Zhao Hai will think of this point. After Green they listened to the Zhao Hai words, ” frowned, to be honest, they had not thought of this point before, Space is their Buda Family biggest secret, they have not thought must be public him ”, therefore they will shift toward Space in decide as the last step, but listened to Xu Wanying now their reason, Green they to thought that ” shifts the person to Space , is also not the misdemeanor. HesitatedGreen to turn the head for a long time to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, this matter not necessarily how smooth, but after we arrived has been able to try to try us such to do, feared person who was God Race and Demon Race also has Underworld knows we had Space existed, what even if were their don’t know Space is, feared that will guess also correctly one or two, by God Race regarding respect degree of good Immortal Cultivator, will certainly tell that Immortal Cultivator this information, in this case, we, if had one accidentally naively to that Immortal Cultivator, on. Will be short of the most important card in a hand. ” Zhao Hai nodded, he also knows this point, the Ark Continent here moral behavior are many, among suddenly one all vanished, God Race and Demon Race person impossible don’t know, they to tell this situation to the Lu Wei words, that Lu Wei can certainly guess correctly some thing, when the time comes he when opposed the enemy with Zhao Hai certainly careful. Perhaps Immortal Cultivator there person, but also thinks that Zhao Hai has the rare treasure, drew out the heart of robbingwhen the time comes Zhao Hai, if real appears in Immortal Cultivator there, the people of these Immortal Cultivator, will certainly have chased down Zhao Hai, his trouble can even bigger. However lets Zhao Hai, no matter Ark Continent here person, he truly cannot achievethis to make Zhao Hai in a dilemma, after all this choice was too difficult to elect, a side was own safety, entire Ark Continent was bad luck, a side was troubles, entire Ark Continent to was safe, Zhao Hai confessed that was not sage ”, therefore before making the decision, naturally must thinking well. Green looked that Zhao Hai has not made noise, this then said : if we do not help the Ark Continent here person, they were dangerous, moreover we did not have the place to obtain Strength of Faith, therefore I think that received in the Ark Continent here person Space, was advantageous also has the shortcoming, looked how Young Master you chose.” Zhao Hai nodded said : I to believe that received the Ark Continent here person Space, regarding us, benefits the Continent shortcoming, An Jian existence, impossible forever is hiding the truth from them, but missed this to want the meeting, we feared that was is very difficult in finding these many people, therefore I want to receive in Space them.” Merine nodded said : „the Young Master decision to be good, we can enter next, Young Master I think that we can start from several big different race first, Human Race there will possibly have the Demon Race scout, the different race there scout possibly are on the other hand less. ” Zhao Hai nodded said : I to be good with several different race relationship, but I looked that first started from Dwarf Race, after all Dwarf Race Dwarf Iron Mountain in most frontline, if hit, their there was most dangerous.” Merine nodded said : Sea Race I to want also to comply, in Space present background, that background is a piece of sea, does not have other thing, can make Sea Race survive to there, I think that Sea Race will certainly agree.”

Now Zhao Hai forced smile said : I most worry also Sea Race, the Sea Race person were too many, although said that in Space installs under, but wants to receive in Space all Sea Race people, don’t know resulted in that moon/month to complete that year. ” Laura smiles said : I to is thinks that Sea Race can put finally, no matter God Race or Demon Race, they probably are not the very good at naval battles, Sea Race should be now the safest race, therefore we can ask Elven Race and Beastman Race first, but I think that Elven Race there will not have the too major problem, after all regarding Elven Race, most important is the tree of life ”, but the life sets up in our Space to have severalthey to settle down in that back, we were many to them plant the trees of several life on to be good. ” Zhao Hai noddedsaid : Beastman Race to should better to deal with, regarding them, most important naturally was Prairie, Space here Prairie be also better than Beastman Prairie, moreover in Space the present Magic Beast quantity, feared that will not compare on Beastman Prairie few, allowing them to enter to Space I thinks that should not be a problem.” Several people discussed that finally decided that first starts from Dwarf Race, although Beastman Race there now was also frontline, but the Beastman Prairie place was very big, is adding on Beastman Race now the strength not to be weak, but Underworld that Space rift also just opened not long after, at this time Underworld these Expert appears , not having made Beastman place very some time also yes. However Zhao Hai to wants they to ventilateto make Wales have a preparation with Wales first, after all Wales knew existence of Space. Thinks that good to do, this matter results in Zhao Hai to make linepresent Billy to make mountain there in Dwarf, their everyday is builds weaponto prepare to cope with the god demon two clans. Billy also knows now frontline there hits is very good, therefore very happy, came interesthe also to run up to Iron Mountain thereto begin personally, hit to make iron chain on Magic Cannon. In Billy is brandishing the hammer time, Zhao Hai cameone hear of people saying that Billy was in the hammering, Zhao Hai immediately to that cavern of Dwarf hammering. That cavern must live it up ” the sound of hammering more deafening, these Dwarf the ear blocking, have been brandishing the hammer, Spark partner sweat simultaneously fly, has turns the strength the aesthetic sense. Zhao Hai half step has arrived at Billy side, patted the shoulder of BillyBilly also to stop up the ear in the hammering, otherwise this sound no one settled. By Zhao Hai this racket, Billy immediately turned the head, looks is Zhao Hai, he has not spoken, immediately/on horseback has referred to the back side of the mountain, they walked out from cavern.

One to cavern outside, Billy immediately has put out has stopped up thing of ear, did this you come to Zhao Hai said :? Did frontline have an accident?” The Zhao Hai look at Billy appearance, forced smile said : really has also had an accident, but is not frontline, walks, we walks while said.” Then walks in the Dwarf Divine Palace direction, while said North Polar Icefield there to Billy appears Space rift, with Underworld and Ark Continent link matter. Billy static is listening, he has not thought Zhao Hai will deceive him, therefore a Zhao Hai speech, Billy calm look at Zhao Hai said : what to do you do plan?” Zhao Hai to by Billy calm makinghis curious look at Billy said : what? you wasn't worried?” Billy laughs said : worry to have a bird to use, now was in this situation, it seems like it is the day must perish my Ark Continent, what to do we can also, spell at the worst and that's the end, my Ark Continent person had also feared who comes! ” Zhao Hai to has not thought that Billy really has such heroic spirit, but he is said : matter also has solution, but you must go a place to have a look to say with me.” The hand wields, their appears in Space!! ~!