Lyon Empire these Great Noble agree to enter to Space, this does not have what issue, the issue is the Sea Race person, some Zhao Hai do not understand, even if he helps Mermaid Race large Gang ” the Sea Race person also should so easily complies to enter to Space in? Why is their this? Zhao Hai does not certainly know that is why this is, actually Mermaid Race and Elven Race also has Beastman Race these different race not to be different, Elven Race and Beastman Race have Dwarf Race, they have clansman ascend to go to God Realm, now the different race god is still resisting with God Race ”, but Mermaid Race does not have clansman in God Realmin other words, they do not have any backer. Because of this, therefore Sea Race will agree to enter to Space, because of mermaid queen very clear, later is Zhao Hai really can defeat the words of god demon two clans, their Mermaid Race is the advantage does not have, likely is not other races, like Elven Race, if Zhao Hai has defeated God Race, even counter-attacked God Race to succeed, that Elven Race can meet in God Realm clansman with them, when the time comes had God Rank clansman to help them, their days can feeling better, Beastman Race and Dwarf Race situation also be almost. But Sea Race is different, Sea Race such clansman cannot help them, even if Zhao Hai successful has defeated God Race, for them, does not have what advantage. Moreover the Mermaid Race characteristics, in their clan 9th level Expert are many, but actually never has a person to be able to become Shen, this is a Mermaid Race worry, but they actually saw the hope from the body of Zhao Hai, these Potion that this hope Zhao Hai takes. These Potion that although Zhao Hai takes are only 9th level and 8th level , but Zhao Hai has the words, he when these Potion said that temporarily has not developed God Rank Potion, in other words he is developing to drink directly becomes God Rank Expert Potion, thisenticement after the Sea Race person was too big ”, therefore Mermaid Race hears Zhao Hai proposal, immediately agreed that entered to Space. Also looked at Zhao Hai on Mermaid Race empress to that background that they arrange, to be honest, that is also better compared with the place that they live in now ”, therefore Mermaid Race naturally cannot say anything. although Zhao Hai do not understand why Mermaid Race these Great Noble agreements rapidness of some such, but regarding Zhao Hai this absolutely is the good deed, even if their some any disloyalties, so long as Space, that is rubs the circle to pinch flatly along with Zhao Hai, how wants how. Sea Race and Lyon Empire Great Noble entered Space to take a lead, but Lyon Empire these Great Noblehad certain influence in the folk, was adding on Zhao Hai this to enroll the King rallying pointat once the entire Lyon Empire commoner unfamiliar road, their King had a almighty personthem to deliver to one not to have the place of war, they have been able to eat to the full to there, can be warmly clothed, moreover in did not need to be worried to have God Race and Demon Race attack they. Lyon Empire becomes King Zhao Hai regarding this with the special way, actually very much respects, because their equal to is Zhao Hai rescues from Dragon Race in hand, moreover Zhao Hai continuously resists in frontline and god demon two clans, the although Ark Continent here person is not Beastman Race, but they same respect the brave warrior, because entire Ark Continent esteeming martial arts, your strength is stronger, exceed can obtain the respect of people, but a Zhao Hai such person.

Has the Zhao Hai famein adding on the help of these Great Noble, Lyon Empire many people agrees to move to Space, naturally, they and don’t know Space matter, they only know that must move out. But Lyon Empire here sound, alarms has brought another gangis the Buddha Empire person ” the Buddha Empire person now lives in Lyon Empire, now Lyon Empire makes such big movetheir impossible don’t know, at once no matter the Buddha Empire person or Lyon Empire personmoved, many people were tidying up their thing, prepared to move. Do the people havethese commoner normally that one type of follows blindly to look at the who conduct at heart? Naturally is these Great Noble, now these Great Noble must move, in adding on will have outside Zhao Hai this summons of Kingthey naturally also with moving, moreover these people will have their idea, matter that these commoner very clear, Noble will knowthey will be impossible to know that now these Noble must move, represented Lyon Empire here to have difficultly? If this is really the case, they must hurry to move. Has such thoughts person to be many, because this ”, therefore entire Lyon Empire moved getting up ”, no matter commoner small Noble, prepared to move along with Great Noble together. This Buddha Empire Imperial Family and these Great Noble could not sit still, if their under the hand/subordinate these subjects did movethey to be useful? under the hand/subordinate nobodythis has King also hung a name to do? When general without an army? Buddha Empire after Noble and King business has managed one next, finally decided that they also move, Buddha King is also thinks that understandthey did not move can the collection the type, when now and God Race and Demon Race weaponry don’t know must project on ”, but they are in Lyon Empire now, if the time grew this weaponry not to fire off, these commoner that then came with themslowly will become the Lyon Empire people, even if were general Buddha Empire is regained, God Race and Demon Race were expelled, how many will have person to be willing then they to go back? With its such, might as well goes to Zhao Hai Space, most at least in there, they can also have own domain. Zhao Hai promised them, after they arrived in Space, immediately according to the Buddha Empire style, constructs the city to them, making them have the feeling of one type of again returned to Buddha Empire. Zhao Hai can definitely achieve this pointSpace here is Zhao Hai control, he can change the terrain at will , because of this, therefore Zhao Hai can change the terrain, can make Buddha Empire grow out of nothing, even is also different from outside Buddha Empire.

Zhao Hai too has understood Buddha Empire there all, moreover in Space is also saving almost entire Ark Continent map, Zhao Hai made Cai'er turn into the Ark Continent appearance according to background of that map Space to be good. Zhao Hai does not prepare to the Ark Continent here person to live in the back that he lives, here is his domainhe does not want some daily people to run up to own villa here to come, therefore he an ordinary back, not letting Cai'er make into was the same with Ark Continent here, then can these to move. However Zhao Hai changes the Space terrain also to construct the city, a back made that is the same with Ark Continent, is not a price does not pay, in Space has deducted on Zhao Hai directly several ten of millions gold coins, almost reset the Zhao Hai Space gold coins several levels. Zhao Hai look at that gold coins drop fast, felt that own heartbeat is getting quicker and quicker, quickly with gold coins below fell same, finally waited for the gold coins digit to stop the beat, Zhao Hai was looking at the Space remaining gold coins numbers, the heart that only remaining more than 10,000Zhao Hai died unexpectedly had. However fortunately, Cai'er told himin Space plants now has been able to sell to Space thing much, so long as these thing one mature, sells toward Space in thing, they can obtain several million gold coins, did not need too to be worried. Zhao Hai feels very strange, he remembers Space beforehand crops does not have probably such valuableone time can buy several million gold coins? Wasn't he already? Afterward asked that Cai'er Zhao Hai only knows, originally this time must buy type in Magic background thing, in Magic background type thing, wanted to be able in background the type thing was much more valuable. Heard this information Zhao Hai to is happy, depressed also vanished very much, Zhao Hai that gold coins almost squandered was not a miser, he was not a ten points stingy person, but his very clear, that several ten of millions gold coins can do a lot in Space. Now in Space moved person, how Sea Race there does not need Zhao Hai to manage, but Human Race there he actually has to manage, these that this entry are Lyon Empire lose, good Mr. Zhao Hai these Great Noble came, has been familiar with inside environment, has established various countries' authority first, then put these commoner to come.

But enters these commoner in Spaceto have some are Lyon Empire, some are Buddha Empire, Buddha Empire these commoner Zhao Hai also arrived in their temporary An Zhi Buddha Empire, afterward after Buddha Empire agreed to enter Space ”, Zhao Hai immediately they brings Buddha Empire to Space, Buddha Empire official in reconstructed in the characters. When these Buddha Empire people, see with the family generally not two houses, they have cried, especially these old person, they think that own this impossible returned to hometownactually not to have thought ofamong them however such quickly to come back for a lifetime, although here is not they original Buddha Empire, but here is different from the original hometown, they also feel very happy.Taught country there destroying completely by God Race fortunately brightly, Zhao Hai cannot in causing light teaches the country in Space, can say in Space this Ark Continent ” was actually a little shrinkagelooked like Black Wasteland not to have, Carrion Swamp did not have, North Polar Icefield did not have, on Continent that several big did not have certainly. If Zhao Hai makes exactly the same Ark Continent, feared that will be his immediately will go bankrupt, has sold own pants, could not build up Ark Continent. Buddha Empire and Lyon Empire such mass moves to commoner Space, naturally could not hide the truth from other people in Space, other countries on Continent cannot sit still. First cannot sit is still Rosen Empire, Rosen Empire old King is in itself the Zhao Hai father-in-law, he most should support Zhao Hai, but he also had his worry at that time, he feared after Space, his status did not have Zhao Hai to be high, this made him somewhat unable to accept at once, therefore has not complied most from the beginning, but looks at Lyon Empire and Buddha Empire appearance now, he was excited. However he is only the heart movement, the motion is not quick, but the motion of another person actually compared with him quickly, be Wales!! ~!