Chapter 793 agreed! Wales after receiving the notice of Zhao Hai, immediately with gathered Tauren Clan all branch Patriarch, discussed with them moves to the matter in Space. Wales in the Tauren Clan prestige is very high, he with strength of the, Hercules Tauren Clan that must dump, again holds the person of throne, the although here surface has the help of Zhao Hai, but cannot separate with his ability. But Zhao Hai is also very high in the Tauren Clan status, he is Tauren Clan Crown Prince, is entire Beastman Race Crown Prince, therefore Zhao Hai said that makes them move, these Patriarch almost want not to agree. However Tauren Clan on Beastman Prairie is not considered as that a small clan, wants integrate to get up very much to spend the time, therefore their motions compared with Human Race and Sea Race on slow a little. However the Beastman Race advantage, they can bring the tent, can have the complete property to enter to Space, because their all properties almost can carry off at any time, this is the nomadic nation compared with a Human Race more convenient place. Zhao Hai heard that Wales has prepared, his immediately opened Space rift in Hercules Tauren Clan encampment there, start has made Tauren Clan all branch races enter to Space. The background that Wales they enter, before is, that back that Lyon Empire they enter, in this back, but there is very big piece of Prairie, is bigger than original Beastman Prairie, the Beastman Race entire clan will send here the matter not to have. Moreover just as was Zhao Hai said that what the grass in Space was long was also better than outside, but also was quick, they entered Space, wanted, although was more comfortable than on Ark Continent. Zhao Hai did not plan that separates several big different race and Human Race, they before after all were the life in together, separates was not good. Moreover Zhao Hai also noted, Ark Continent here several big different race were also actually supplementary, they can definitely put trust of peace with the person, if were not Radiant Church, Human Race will not live the contradiction with several big different race. The Tauren Clan person enters to Space, immediately liked here, here regarding them, looked like Heaven is the same, blue sky, green dark green, the jade belt same creek, here all were the places of they most ideal herding. These Tauren Clan could not bear cheer one, some old Tauren Clan, but also has worked on a grass, carefully looked, saw the mouth to chew, then two eyes one bright, said : this was most high grade forage grass, Crown Prince has not deceived us loud, here was our Beastman Race most ideal homeland!”

The cheers of people were bigger at once. But entire Tauren Clan, last enters to Space, is Wales their Hercules Tauren Clan, their golden big tent, are in Tauren Clan last moves to Space, but Zhao Hai has arranged camp to them, so long as they came on direct pitch a camp. Wales regarding this pasture is also very satisfied, around him looked, here did not have what difference with person team original camp, the terrain was almost same, this was he most satisfied place. But Wales they enter to Space, regarding the influence of entire Beastman Race is also very big, in Beastman Race also some races must enter Space now, now Tauren Clan entered Space, this gives the vibrations of these people are very big. After Wales they entered Space, Zhao Hai has not made them come out, in fact Zhao Hai also wants to make Wales they come out dull previous some time, this can also make Wales help him propagandize Space, making these Beastman Race people enter quick entry to Space. to settle down of Wales after Space good to have gotten the Tauren Clan person to come out from Space, moreover place that their this coming out, is Beast God City. This Wales also understand, before why Zhao Hai can that optional appears on Prairie, this because of Space relationship, Wales one come out from Space, immediately entered the Beastman royal palace to see Beast King, the arrangement of Zhao Hai in Space told Beast King. Beast King wants to make Beastman Race move to Space, in Zhao Hai Space is what he is clear, there this is firmly stronger than outside on many, allowing them to enter to Space, that is absolutely good for entire Beastman Race. The words that however this Beast King spoke, not necessarily were effective at this time, therefore he can only discuss with these big War Clan Patriarch that planned earlier made them agree to enter to Space. However these big War Clan Patriarch had not taken a stand, this makes Beast King also very annoyed, what situation Beast King very clear now is, great Tiger Race, polar bear clan, War Clan of such force, when facing these enemies, can only retreat, before obviously the enemy, is adding on the enemy is bringing that Dark mist, inside includes Poison Technique that big braves, this has almost become the natural blockades of these people, they want to counter-attack are impossible, in this case, what has compared with entering a Space better choice? However Beastman Race here looks like Human Race there is now same, lacks take the lead, so long as there is take the lead, that all were easy to do.

Beast King wants to make great Tiger Race select this head, he is great Tiger Race Patriarch, making great Tiger Race select this just right appropriate, but he also can only make great Tiger Race such do, Tiger Race other races, will agree such to do not necessarily. But only a great Tiger Race clan such does, the component was light, in Beast King was this matter enmity time, Wales came, moreover told him entire Tauren Clan to enter in Space to settle down, this regarding Beast King, absolutely was excellent information. In one hear of Wales said the situation in Space, Beast King immediately decided that please come all Beastman Race Patriarch, making Wales be in front of these people to say one time. although of Tauren Clan in Beastman Race is not considered as War Clan, but they in the nationality are actually strong trends , the prestige in nationality is very high, can say that Tauren Clan in a Beastman clan has some influences, special with after the Zhao Hai matter, status of Tauren Clan in Beastman Race on was higher, all Beastman know that Zhao Hai is best with Tauren Clan relationship. But status of Zhao Hai in Beastman Race is higher, he sells the grain to give Beastman, he looked for a Beastman clan to retrieve Beast God Spear, he helped a Beastman clan manufacture Milk Wine to change money, all these all were enhancing status of Zhao Hai imperceptibly in Beastman heart. After the god demon two clans attack, status of Zhao Hai in Beastman was higher, because Zhao Hai continuously makes the war in most frontline and god demon two clans, Beastman Race most admires the brave warrior, therefore they respect Zhao Hai. Waits for Wales after Beastman Race all Patriarch said the situation on Space Prairie, these Patriarch excited, but they proposed a request, must go to Space to have a look personally. Beast King hears this request, his immediately has put out Message Fish, with Zhao Hai Lian department, and said these Beastman Race long requests to Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai wants not to comply, in the room that directly in they are at opened Space rift, then made all person Beastman Race long enter in Space. These Beastman Race long regarding Zhao Hai this mysterious skill are also surprised serious, but considers for a Beastman clan, they entered Space. Zhao Hai puts the place that they come out, just secure governed Tauren Clan that pasture, the appearance of look at that pasture, these Beastman Race long one has believed the Wales words, because this piece of Prairie is really fantastic.

Beastman is herding for a lifetime, what pasture is the good pasture, their almost eyes can look, this piece of Prairie is very good pasture, moreover water source on Prairie are many, the matter that Beastman Race will move to not to herd absolutely worried. These Beastman Race long visited quite long on Prairie some time, this came out from Space, Space, all Beastman Race long immediately will have decided certainly, returned to own pasture comes up, matter that the immediately preparation moves. Reason that these Beastman comply is so refreshed, because besides Space Prairie is truly good, because also Underworld Undead Creature more compels to be nearer, they have to make the decision as soon as possible. The decision of very happy of Zhao Hai after knowing Beastman Race, but what happy is, Rosen Empire decided finally traded in Space to go, to let old King promised him to move to Space, Zhao Hai also brought old King to visit Rosen Empire in Space, there all almost did not have what change with outside, was because of this, therefore old King agreed. Previous Zhao Hai brings old King is visiting Space the time, Space may also not be this appearance, at that time in Space anything did not have, now Rosen Empire equal to is overall has moved to Space, came on the messenger, old King naturally was not opposing. Actually old King a little cannot look on the bright side of thing, after all he now is the Zhao Hai father-in-law, if entered Space, he is not quite good to suspend in the spectrum that wants to suspend this Yue Men, but Lizzy also urged old King finally, old King also takes advantage of the situation to back down without losing face, agreed to move to Space to come. As the matter stands on Continent also had Elven Race on only remaining Aksu Empire, Dwarf Race has not decided finally, but the present range previous God Race two clans attack Continent, passed half a month time. Half a month time does not calculate often, Zhao Hai Space truly is the wonderful words, simply possibly in half a month, moves to Buddha Empire and Lyon Empire majority of people Space, is more impossible to make Tauren Clan also move to Space, do not say that also had a large number of Sea Race people. But these days, Zhao Hai although in being busy moving the matter of person toward Space, but the surveillance to god demon two clans has not actually relaxed, now the god demon two clans increased troops, the previous time war, making the god demon two clans both lose is not small, they have to one time increase troops toward Ark Continent here, but they know the Underworld matter now, not only otherwise increased troops, feared that was immediately must start. After Beastman Race and Rosen Empire comply to move to Space is less than two days, Aksu Empire, Elven Race and Dwarf Race almost complied also to move to Space in the time, Aksu Empire to did not have what request, Elven Race and Dwarf Race to proposed some requests, the request of Elven Race was, making Zhao Hai also move to Space Elf Tree City, but the request of Dwarf Race was, iron ore and iron hardware belt that their many years of mining came out to Space. ro! ~!