Chapter 794 blows three feet A information on Demon Dragon King look at table, this information he had looked at five, matter that but above said that he has still not managed the Law Idol letter. This information is not other thing, is moving about various Ark Continent clans to the unknown bright Space information massively, in the information said that now Lyon Empire and Buddha Empire person, soon moved, the Aksu Empire also official start of Rosen Empire moved, Beastman Race is also moving, Elven Race and Dwarf Race situation is not clear. In the information also said that this relocation is the overall relocation of entire Ark Continent, on that Ark Continent some people will not exist if successful. Demon Dragon King sees this information, does not believe that this is real, where can the person on Ark Continent south run away to goes? Entire Ark Continent, that big place, can they also run away toward there? Unknown bright Space, how this is possible. Demon Dragon King is very clear, Ark Continent here is only the Human Race quantity has more than a billion, is adding on major different race, that total has certainly billions, billions people possibly said that moves moves, these many people, toward the there arrangement? Eating of these people, uses is an issue, lives is an issue, said it, now Ark Continent has not revealed the appearance that cannot resist, why can suddenly move out? Is impossible? However Demon Dragon King also knows that under they ambush these people, simply is impossible to deceive him, this is he feels the strange place. His scout is impossible to deceive him, but this matter makes him feel that was too inconceivable, therefore his look at this information, really does not have the means to make the decision at once. Is his don’t know this Zhao Hai scheme, to be honest, this twice he by Zhao Hai hitting somewhat has feared, he feared in planning of Zhao Hai, if were losing these people, he may not shoulder this responsibility. But God Race there also received such information, God Race there also had own scout in Ark Continent, after all Radiant Church there has managed these many years, the foundation was solid, the person were too many, virtually impossible to guard against. But in the past Ark Continent strictness of very to these matter tubes, therefore these people were honest, has ambushed thoroughly, but these days Ark Continent is more chaotic than the effect, relationship of war, inevitable can make some troubles, these people lived, therefore God Race can also receive the information about Ark Continent now.

However God Race receives this information time, felt that very inconceivable, they are almost same as the idea of Demon Race, where they do not believe that can one accept these many people, this information possibly is only a trap. But lets a reason that two clans have not dispatched troops should not be, they have not thought how now good to deal with Zhao Hai that harassment tactic, that tactical was too scary, before had not found means restrain, they will not have any movement. They such make Zhao Hai to want, now Buddha Empire and Lyon Empire person, moved in Space, Rosen Empire and Aksu Empire also started the relocation, Dwarf Race and Elven Race also started the relocation. Must say that in entire Space the two inhabited areas in most difficult lane were Dwarf Race and Elven Race inhabited area, the Dwarf Race inhabited area was needless saying that there must have the iron ore to be good, but in Zhao Hai Space besides having iron ore, the coal mine, this was also he gives a gift that Dwarf Race prepared. Since Zhao Hai Space Level Up, he can some optional arrangement mineral resource in Space, before adding on him has Pure Iron, can turn into the iron ore ordinary Stone, but Zhao Hai has put Dwarf Iron Mountain below several Pure Iron, such Dwarf did not lack the iron ore to use. But place that a Elf clan lives was more difficult to make, they were used to live in the forest, that type has not undergone the destruction the virgin forest, this was very difficult lane, Space by planting thing give priority to, Zhao Hai wanted to give Elven Race to cause a virgin forest to come in a short time is impossible, Zhao Hai, also can only in the short time place planted forest to the Elven Race military, but that simply could not meet the requirements of Elven Race. Finally Zhao Hai does not have the means that has to think means that he chose one to have virgin forest background in several background, then carried on transform to that background, this can make one to be similar to the Elf Forest place, but a little he actually could not achieve, was the Tree of Life city, this he could not achieve. Zhao Hai don’t know that Tree of Life forest is the tree of any variety, don’t know that tree had grown for how many years, therefore he does not have the means to cause Elf Tree City to a Elf clan. However Elf to has thought to Zhao Hai good means that they asked Zhao Hai to receive in Space Elf Tree City, this point to somewhat stemmed from the anticipation of Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai has calculated, finally agreed. To be honest, Zhao Hai does not want to give up Elf Tree City, that Tree City looks like in Zhao Hai is miracle, but Zhao Hai invited the Elven Race person, the first Elf Tree City following tree was digging, not, in the words he did not have the means to receive in Space Elf Tree City.

The Elven Race person feared digging most from the beginning by Tree City, but Zhao Hai made them not need to be worried that after Tree City brought to Space, they can using Space the big tree treat, guaranteed unable dead, finally Elven Race agreed. Space has not disappointed Zhao Hai, one received in Elf Tree City Space, Elven Race is official settled down in Space. But condition that Dwarf Race puts forward actually very unique, weapon that they need Zhao Hai to collect the iron ore that and manufacture also to have full body armor their these many years, these ordinary iron ingots, bring to Space, regarding this request, Zhao Hai naturally was happy complying extremely. In Space present although has the iron ore . Moreover the quantity is very big, but can be white these many iron ore and iron hardware, Zhao Hai is very happy. But Zhao Hai sees Dwarf Race these iron ore and iron hardware truly, he has cannot help but been shocked, Dwarf Race these years almost entire Dwarf Iron Mountain hollowing out, them all the iron ore that temporarily cannot use has saved, then the making iron ingot after bit by bit is remaining uses, obviously they also know that the iron ore will dig one day does not have. Some iron ore many, Zhao Hai simply cannot count, was these have not used the iron ingot has only made iron of end product with these, has piled several huge mountain to be the same, do not say that these iron ore, was many Zhao Hai is innumerable. After clear these thing, Billy also proposed a request, he must leave behind few people, then controls the iron ore in Space outside, before he must Dwarf Iron Mountain there, has not dug the place, has all dug, digging was without heirs the iron ore. Zhao Hai one hear of Billy said that the perspiration has gotten down, but he agreed the Billy words, these iron ore keep Ark Continent here to be also useless, later also possibly cheap God Race or Demon Race, Zhao Hai naturally cannot handle such matter, he rather there destroying. Before Dwarf Race considered for the entire Dwarf Iron Mountain security, some places have not dug, because has dug these places, may create the Iron Mountain landslide, but they may not have that many worries now, not only need give to dig Iron Mountain, even if were on Iron Mountain was growing these Iron Tree, they also prepared to reduce to bring to Space. But this idea to proposed one to awake to Zhao Hai, although Ark Continent here, thing of all value money, were brought to go to Space in now, but Ark Continent here, possible thing returned has plenty, likely was some forest, the bamboo, some machines, metal and so on thing, Zhao Hai naturally all did not let off, now the God Race two clan attacks, the person on Continent are also not majority of moved out, Zhao Hai let out these Undead Creature, has carried on time great purge to entire Continent, blowing three feet corrupt official was more corrupt, so long as a little used. thing, all does not let off.

Most makes Zhao Hai be free from worry, feared that was Beastman Race there, thing that their all fellows, all can use, almost can carry off, meets the clothing on the large cart, in pull toward Space, Qi Huo. But most lets the Zhao Hai heart, instead to was Sea Race, the Sea Race person were too many, now in Sea Race many races entered in Space, afterward Zhao Hai present, like this made Sea Race bit by bit entered Space is really too slow, he gave the mermaid the queen to offer an advice, let these races in Sea Race, was centralized, then him receives first to there, brought Sea Race including the sea water, one received in Space, like this will be on the contrary quicker some. The queen also agreed that Sea Race also coordination, they look like compose Rubik's Cube Great Formation same standing in there, but Zhao Hai continuously including sea water, in the Sea Race people received in Space. Such time needed and energy naturally must many, but Zhao Hai does not have other means that but lets the Zhao Hai heart movement is actually, in Sea Race also has especially much materials, likely is the iron ore copper mine and so on thing, in Sea Race also has, if these thing the waste is really being a pity. However Zhao Hai also knows that wanting in the sea to mine these thing is not that easy, compares in the sea these thing, good thing on Continent also to have many, first but he can only be possible to be easiest now to take takes toward Space, then in taking these does not take easily, this is the god demon two clans kills, he did not have the time in taking, can receive many good thing to enter in Space, compared with mining mine much better. God demon two clans do not think that Zhao Hai will really have a Space such place, the Ark Continent here person truly moved out, but their equal to has moved to Ark Continent from Ark Continent, even their empty house styles have not changed, with various countries' effort, their before occupying has not changed, they probably have moved to outside their thing the room, then transferred a circle outside, returned home is also same, moreover this family, before was more comfortable. Before on Continent the houses of some commoner were very worn-out, did not have money to repair, Zhao Hai although according to Space that the Ark Continent appearance constructed, but these deteriorated houses he was naturally impossible also to make the tattered appearance, house with new was the same, these commoner naturally were happy. Passed through effort in every way, the relocation of entire Ark Continent, was has successfully been completed, except for quite far Sea Race that left, other races entered in Space. ro! ~!