God demon two clans were not quite right finally, they had the several days time not to receive their scouts to information that they deliver, although said that the Zhao Hai there soldier has not retreated, but unifies the content on previous information, they felt that restless, they fear that information reallyreally what to do, if the Ark Continent here person has outmigrated that? Thinks that the people of here god demon two clans somewhat are restless, Demon Race does not arrive safely is little, their main points want the Ark Continent here land, even if were Ark Continent here all people have outmigrated, for them did not have what influence. But God Race more wants the life of Ark Continent here person, they these time invade Ark Continent to regard as is a revenge, because the beforehand Ark Continent person had defeated their one timethis regarding arrogant God Race, is intolerant. However they do not have what good means now, Demon Race there reinforcement although continuous coming ”, but Great Demon King also has the several days time to be able, Demon Dragon King does not want to attack in advancing of Great Demon King arrival, therefore he and other Great Demon King. But the God Race situation somewhat had complex, wants to come in them, Barbarian and Pegasus Clan person eliminated information, told these two bearing a grudge races, these two races cannot the elite completely leavecome to go all out with Zhao Hai. But they have not thought that they told Barbarian and Pegasus Clan this information, that two clan although said that ” preparation helps in the entire armed forces, however their entire armed forces were also too slow, such day, actually did not have the entire army, this in the protracted time, this made Yun Tianlei somewhat puzzled obviously, his understand Barbarian and Pegasus Clan what is this. Actually Yun Tianlei had forgotten a point, looked like beforehand Zhao Hai said that Barbarian and Pegasus Clan bore a grudge, but must mention with the hatreds of two clans, God Race deeply ”, but Barbarian and Pegasus Clan person was killedstrict ” unable to blame to the head of Zhao Hai, if God Race did not invade Ark in 6, these Barbarian person Pegasus Clan people naturally will not die, if this account calculated, calculated to the head of God Race. But Yun Tianlei has not thought this point, he has been thinking in the mentality of according to superior the response of Barbarian and Pegasus Clan, in his opinion, Barbarian and Pegasus Clan should listen to God Racedoes not listen to God Race was killed that also to get what one deserves, they are the God Race slavehave any qualifications to hate God Race. Because has such idea, therefore Yun Tianlei has misplaced the responses of two clans, lost a lot of timefinally Yun Tianlei to feel that the matter was not quite right, after two clan appears an expression severe letter, Barbarian and Pegasus Clan quick a point ”, but these days, Ark Continent lived the change of Heaven and Earth turning upside down, entire Ark Continent, besides some walk alone Magic Beast, almost could not see anything living thing ”, only then these Undead Creature still in bustling about. Zhao Hai sits in Space, long vented anger, now he can relax finally, entire Ark Continent entered in Space, all people were safehe finally except a bulk worry, remaining how how made Space Level Up ” have to cope with the god demon two clans. The Ark Continent person in the happiness of very in Space living, the Space early morning air is better than ” the crops output Ark Continent compared with Ark Continent on high, moreover various countries' authority ” completely moved to Spaceto add on the Ark Continent there original commodity also to be received the Space city by Zhao Hai, therefore the life of Ark Continent these commoner moisten compared with before now ”.

Before some commoner were also worried the issue that one can unable to eat meal, complete does not need to be worried aboutland has plenty in Spacenow . Moreover the crops output was very highis adding on Zhao Hai subsidies their some thing, all people did not worry the food and clothing, can say that they one have solved the food and shelter problem, remaining how to rush well-off. Zhao Hai sat in Space, currently although Buddha Empire there also has the army, but these armies are not originally with god demon two races' army to the war, but has moved to Space the family, lived the several days army in Space, the original these armies, Zhao Hai has made them retreat to Space in recuperation. Zhao Hai has not thought must let off the god demon two clans, these two clans are not the good person, special God Race, Zhao Hai is more impossible to let off them, do not look at now the Ark Continent person, entered in Space, probably two was putting with the god demon to fighting did not have what significance. Zhao Hai actually does not think that the Ark Continent people entered Space, happen to have relieved the trouble of Zhao Hai biggest heart, later he is coping with the god demon two clans, does not use in being timid to act howhas wanted to tidy up these fellows how to tidy up. Moreover Zhao Hai also lived a pointhe presently not to use for the military strength enmity, his immediately will certainly not mobilize soldiers from Space, now Ark in 6 people, just entered to Space, just crossed on two days of auspicious day, how Zhao Hai possibly to move them with the god demon two clans to the war, that did not make Ark Continent people feel that moved with has not moved not to have what to distinguish. The military strength that Zhao Hai said originates, is only a place, North Polar Icefield! North Polar Icefield there has been able to occupy by Underworld these Undead Creature, these Undead Creature that but comes out now, is only some level quite low skeletons or Zombie, some Darkness life form, these thing do not have any threat regarding Zhao Hai, reason that these thing Beastman Race compelling is so distressed, because they have moved in that piece of Dark mist ”, but Dark mist is poisonous, but can also tunnel the vision of person ”, therefore Beastman Race by these level is not calculated high Undead Creature compelling to have drawn back. However these Undead Creatureregarding Zhao Hai, actually in the good also no manpower resourcescaught in these thing Space, immediately will be surrendered by Space, became in his under the hand/subordinate undead armyZhao Hai has not used to now not have the military strength enmity.

Moreover reason that before he was always the military strength enmity, was because he must persevere Accra Mountain defense line there, because defense linegod demon two clans have been able to slaughter Ark Continent commoner, Zhao Hai cannot look at this situation live, in this case, he can only in Buddha Empire and god demon two clan deal with, the strategic depth was too short, sometimes he needed positive ripped to kill with the god demon two clans, in this case, Zhao Hai naturally was felt that own military strength is always insufficient. However now does not need to be worried, entire Ark Continent is his strategic depth, he wants to hit in there hits in there, how wants to hit how to hit, at his in hand present military strength, can definitely with the God Race two clans to fighting, him to has wanted to have a look, is his guerilla tactics is fierce, is the god demon two clans is fierce. In the Zhao Hai look at picture God Race camp, has sneered, now he can tidy up the god demon two clans well, was in this time, suddenly sound speaking sounds: Elder Brother Hai, did I ask your matter to be good?” Zhao Hai stares, turns the head to look, was Berry, Zhao Hai puzzled look at Berry said : Berry? What matter? You said that so long as I can achieve I will help you, we are the husbands and wives, did anything ask. ” Berry excited look at Zhao Hai, then sighed said : Elder Brother Hai, this matter possibly made you very awkward, I, I want to ask you to comply to enable my clansman also to enter to Space. ”, Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought that Berry will say such words to come, he turns the head look at Berry said : „, how has suddenly thought of this?”, Outside Berry look at villa blue sky said :, Elder Brother Hai, in Demon Realm we could not see these these are in our opinion ordinary incomparable thing, regarding the Demon Realm person, like Heaven, our Succubus clan, the status in Demon Realm is very high, but these strength strong Demon Racelike regarding us is toysbut a Succubus clan to survive, ” does not marry these level to be high the person in clan, strength strong Demon Race, received exchange our survival Space, our Succubus clan does not want day like this, but actually not means that Elder Brother Hai, you. Space is so big, if there is opportunity, you can delimit a scrap place, gives us a Succubus clan to live, I asked you. ” The Zhao Hai look at Berry appearance, showing a faint smile said : suddenly I consider any matter, does not have the issue, so long as later has opportunity, I can make a Succubus clan enter Space, but also delimits any scrap place they to like living in there in there, reaches an agreement, this villa cannotI get used to living in here to them. Berry one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but throws to smilethen to throw to kiss toward the face of Zhao Hai on to the body of Zhao Hai ”, Zhao Hai actually turned the head, kisses on the mouth of Berry, Berry immediately/on horseback was responding warmly. In this time, the Megan sound is conveying said : „, everyone/Great Clan comes to see quickly, stirs up, the sentiment performance!” Then has transmitted Laura and Lizzy they several people of tender laughter.

Berry heard the Megan sound, immediately/on horseback jumped getting upface red look at Megan they, just Megan they ran up to secure to govern in that Space of Ark Continent person to look that these Ark big 6 people went, therefore Berry so was bold, now one had been dashed by Megan, she felt certainly embarrassed. Zhao Hai look at them to come back, has not cared, showed a faint smile said : to come back, there governed how? Nothing?” Megan honk mouth said : Elder Brother Hai be not hitting the difference, you such have not kissed me.” The even bigger sound that a Megan such saying, Laura several people of smiling ” the Megan also smiled face was red, but she did not care, in any case now in villa, only then their several with Zhao Hai, Xu Wanying they also had Blockhead and Stone they, ran up to Ark Space. This Ark Spaceis secure governs that background of Ark Continent these people, now Zhao Hai official name there is Ark Space, besides Ark Space, Sea Race Space, naturally is used for secure to govern Sea Race that Space. These two Space arrange, Zhao Hai really has extricated, he had one type ofsea to depend on the fish dive finally extravagantly, the feeling of vast sky for the birds to fly! The Ark Continent here person looks like entangles in his shackles, making him not have the means to let loose the trick/hand and foot lesson god demon two clansregarding ascend to Immortal Cultivator, he also has many misgivings, now was good, Ark Continent was being brought by his Portable, he in did not need to worry anything.! ~!