Because felt that the Zhao Hai mood improved, therefore Megan will play such joke with Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai one hear of Megan said that cannot help but laughs said : that well, I well cherish one's relatives now my small Megan, come!”, Said that has opened the both arms toward Megan. Megan snatched ugly face said : not to hug to you to Zhao Hai.” Said running off that the young lady smiles tenderly. Zhao Hai at that moment present, today felt that is specially relaxed, specially happy person who Megan runs off not, only then his one, Megan they are also same. Changes mind thinks that Zhao Hai on understand what's the matter, Laura they are the locally born Ark Continent people, they ” have very my family member and friend besides the family member live on Ark Continent, before the god demon two clans attacked, although Zhao Hai has blocked attack of these two clans, but Megan they will be worried, if some day they could not defend, their family members and friends were awful. Megan they continuously with Zhao Hai and god demon two clans to warbecause of this, therefore they regarding fierce degree of god demon two clans, are very clearalso because fierce degree of clear god demon two clans, they will be worried. Their had been worried at heart family member's safety, how possibly with ease results, but Zhao Hai has actually been busy dealing with the god demon two clans, therefore has not noted the change of their mood. But now Zhao Hai they received in Ark Continent all people Space, lets Zhao Hai has been short of the worry at the same time, made Megan they remove the bottom feel relievedtheir naturally very delighted. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai at heart cannot help but one warm, Megan they, when is most difficult, had not told him that allowing their family members to enter Space such words, obviously in Megan their at hearthe is first, this lets Zhao Hai very touched. Simultaneously Zhao Hai also very guilty, he has thought one they are few to Laura, now he presentlyslightly many thing, if this time he did not set firm resolve to entire Ark Continent shift to Space, feared that was he is forever impossible to see Megan just that happy appearance. Zhao Hai stood getting upto open both armstheir several air/Qi to hug Laura in own bosom, said : sorry in a soft voice!”

Laura they are extremely intelligentone hear of Zhao Hai said that their immediately understand Zhao Hai is any meaning, they do not have blame Zhao Hai, had not said that anythingwas only returning gently holds Zhao Haithey to feel each other heart in this momenttrue association in together. Some little time Zhao Hai in a soft voice said : just I complied with Berry, if later has opportunity , received her clansman Space.”, Laura they also loosened Zhao HaiLaura wellDemon Realm there the environment to Zhao Hai said : too to be in a soft voice bad, making Berry clansman enter that to be good to Space, Elder Brother Hai, the Space here environment was much better later these commoner not to worry about food compared with Ark Continent there much, with, such time grewthem slowly changed lazy, should we look for a matter to do to them? ” Zhao Hai gawkedto let loose them, how many making their sit down, this did said :, what idea have? Said that looks?” Laura smiles said : why we to receive in Space actually to collect Strength of Faith Ark Continent all people, to increase our strengths, but the environment in Space was much better compared with outside, without any natural disasterin here, so long as you move do not need to worry that has not eaten, the life naturally also very abundantthis people slowly possibly on became lazy, therefore I want to give them to look for a matter to do, main on started ” one from two aspects is Faith, two on were the strengths. ”, Zhao Hai one hear of Laura said that ” the meaning of Laurahe nodded said : you to mean on understand, will make from now on them start me to regard god same Faith, simultaneously makes them practice Martial Skill and Magic?” Laura nodded said : „” now unable immediately to tell them that making them regard god same Faith you, that is impossible, may also cause their dislike, therefore I have thought means that you look to be good, in Ark Space there, the middle of each each one city, release projection, especially you projection with god demon two clan wars, you looks what kind of? ” Zhao Hai thinks that said : this to is not difficult, fight time supported projection to be good on in the city, but can this be good? ”, Laura self-confident said : can be good, the definitely can line, Elder Brother Hai, you every time is having the undead army presence appearance, may very much roar.” Zhao Hai one hear of Laura said that cannot help but has smiled, roars this word or Laura they learns from him, has not thought that Laura such quickly can learn with a lively mind. Megan their how many one hear of Laura said that also has smiled, these that actually Laura said that is how many people their discussed that after result, wants these in Ark Space Zhao Hai regards is the god same to come Faith, this is not an easy matter, after all before Zhao Hai, appears on Continent, regarding the people on Continent, Zhao Hai probably is their people are frequently same, will you regard the god same worship the friend of your side, Faith? Is impossible , because of this, therefore Laura said that ” the present makes the Ark Space person regard god same Faith Zhao Hai is impossible. Zhao Hai was nodding said : well to Laura, let's do it according to your advice, but we must make war with God Race and other time, currently on Ark Continent also has many good thing not to take in Space to come, my idea is, if God Race does not attack us, we first do not go to God Race, slowly, we can also make some good thing to enter Space like this, did you say?”

Laura smiles said : Elder Brother Hai is really money-mad, but these thing, if keeps on Ark Continent, only cheap god demon two clans, these people in Ark Space must adapt to some time in any case now well, the god demon two clans feared that could not wait for too long time, that were good because and other time.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : do not worry, the god demon two clans should now already present the change of Ark Continent, do not forget, we caught many spies in the past.” Zhao Hai said the people in Ark Continent move to Space in the time, some Demon Race and scout of God Race ambush in Ark Continent jumped coming outto be natural, they have not stood to do visibly right with Zhao Hai, they in the back were finding some people saying that the Zhao Hai malicious remarks, making these people in Space not listen to the arrangement of Zhao Hai. However what they are obvious was control of don’t know Zhao Hai to Space to any degree, was having the Cai'er view to regard in addition, these people one by Zhao Hai investigating. Why most from the beginning Ark Continent some people puzzled Zhao Hai must catch these people, but this Zhao Hai have not begun, but invited Dark Magician in Space, massacres several people, then turned into Advanced level Undead Creature them, was asking on entire understand. Moreover knows from the mouths of these people that they to the god demon two clans said the matter that Ark Continent must move, but this has not affected Zhao Haito move in any case now has completed, waits how must tidy up the god demon two clans. Laura smiles said : also well, the present is this god demon two clans worry, but Elder Brother Hai, do you prepare to cope with the god demon two clans? As before?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : why not, must know that what now we face is only Taurus God Race nine God Race has not come, now Ark Continent here completely was destroyed by us, why we do not go to God Realm to transfer extension ”, if has if possible, transfers the extension in Demon Realm, having a look at their there to have any good thing, happen to attains in Space, lets Space good Level Up. ” Laura nodded said : truly, if can get so far as some good thingto be helpful regarding the Space Level Up real spoon Gen trigram from god demon 2 Realms there, what most important is, we need as soon as possible the Space level liter, later to Immortal Cultivator there, more some qualifications of self-preservation. ”

Zhao Hai noddedis silent sighingspeaking the truthhe now also is very at heart depressed, not because of other, because of Ranch there, before he, when plays the Ranch game, but remembers that can raise some Divine Beast Ranch to the later period, for example ninth dragon, in Ranch on appears several, these Divine Beast, the first strength very strong, that had feared that these novel is also existence of most top in him has read ”, but by his depressed was ” the present his Space rose to 70 multistage, Normally these Divine Beast should appears be possible to arrive at the present, Space there God Rank does not have appears , in his Space strongest animal is also only some Ark Continent here Magic Beast, in strong does not have, why he really makes understand this is not. However afterward in Space appears that three special background, to had given some Zhao Hai prompt, because of him in Ark Continent here, Space depending on surely is Magic plane, therefore here appears background and Magic Beast are the Magic kind, but ninth dragon, are belongs to thing in Cultivator plane ”, therefore in present Ranch does not have appears these Divine Beast. Also in other words, if Zhao Hai wants to raise these Divine Beast, after that can only be he arrived at Cultivator plane, has the possibility, now he can only raise Magic Beast. This is also the Zhao Hai most depressed place, if they really can raise two Divine Beastthat to be needless now saying that any God Race, Demon Race, but also insufficient Divine Beast hits, what a pity, he now can only think. Lizzy turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : happen to we to use these days, lets the Ark Space there person, regards the god Elder Brother Hai, such Elder Brother Hai had Strength of Faith, what a pity understanding of we to the present this Strength of Faith are very limited. ” Zhao Hai sighed said : do not want that far matter, how thinking well must cope with the god demon two clans, Lizzy, Megan, what opinion did you have?”! ~!