Chapter 797 Death Qi army Lizzy and Megan they in that astonishing insight regarding battlefield, are Zhao Hai do not have, therefore at this matter, he hopes to ask the opinion of Lizzy and Megan. Lizzy knit the brows said : Elder Brother Hai, I think that to the god demon two clans, we should the color take two different manner, hits one, puts one.” Zhao Hai gently knit the brows said : „” Lizzy nodded said : god demon two clans to cope with the Ark Continent reason is different, God Race for the person on Ark Continent, this point I did not need me saying that Elder Brother Hai you also know, God Race dealt with the person on Ark Continent, to that Immortal Cultivator collection Strength of Faith, but looked at their appearances, hated to the Ark Continent here person is deep, feared that will not let off the Ark Continent here person, but Demon Race, for the Ark Continent here land, the Demon Realm environment too difference, they wanted a better place survival, they will not let off Ark Continent person, if we can a Demon Race better living environment, that not need to hit?” One hear of Lizzy said that Zhao Hai they have gawked, what meaning is their understand Lizzy this saying, Lizzy unexpectedly wants certainly also to receive in Space Demon Realm? This possibility? Does Zhao Hai turn the head look at Lizzy said : what good means to have?” Lizzy shows a faint smile said : this also to look at the opportunity, now we win over the demon to put definitely are incorrect, I thought that we must wait for some time, we must hit Demon Race first painful, has frightened, they will accept our winning over, but God Race, I looked, they regarded that Cultivator are on the god, will not accept our winning over.” Zhao Hai coldly snorted said : can win over me not to win over them, the light teaches country these ghosts not to comply, ok, we must hit in any case now, thinks that many have not used, but this Underworld comes out may really be the time . Moreover the situation in Underworld also greatly has the difference with the god demon two clans, how do we want to cope with them?” Lizzy smiles said : also to cope with them, before Elder Brother Hai, wasn't has thought? Regards manpower resources place Underworld, when that later Underworld our special-purpose manpower resources were good.” Zhao Hai one hear of Lizzy said that cannot help but laughs said : well, that such manages, later Underworld is we pass on with the manpower resources place.”

Since received Ark Continent all people Space, Zhao Hai now is it can be said that self-confident, Ark Continent here anything has not been lets his feel relieved not below, he can let loose trick/hand and foot finally. the dragon returns to the sea, tiger enter deep in the mountains, this is the Zhao Hai present mood, he does not fear the god demon two clans, even if he hits these two clans for a while, can hide in Space show slowly, in did not use like before, even if could not hit, must with the god demon two clans to spelling, this was not Zhao Hai is good. Is so relaxed with Zhao Hai here differently, now god demon two clan there actually really anxious, because their reinforcement must come. Demon Race here was needless saying that was led by Great Demon King personally, 50 million army, God Rank Expert 1 million, although has looked like compared with God Race wants on few many, however their fighting strength actually did not accommodate underestimated. But the God Race there situation is actually quite special, reinforcement that this time they come has three, one is Barbarian Heavy Armor Cavalry, but is Elite, one is Pegasus Clan Pegasus Light Cavalry, is Elite, last is actually reinforcement of God Race this clan, total number of people has also achieved astonishingly about 40 million. Naturally, these people have not arrived at Ark Continent here now, but has the information determination by this clan, when about three days they arrived, believes at that time, war. Zhao Hai and don’t know these, he don’t know knew now, he in the Ark Continent here flay, thing that all can use is receiving toward Space, now he received the minerals class Ark Continent here all minerals there, he has sent Undead Creature to dig, some specially precious minerals, he meets really uses Space to receive, to is very fast. Except that on Ark Continent, endless in the sea thing he has not been short toward Space in receives, Zhao Hai these minerals belong may not in the fresh resources, cannot keep here to waste. After this does not mean Zhao Pa, dozen god demon two clans, therefore to give to take away Ark Continent here good thing first, the polarity, Zhao Hai believes after one, certainly can defeat the god demon two clans, but that actually requires the time, the strength of god demon two clan that clans is not weak, wants to defeat them in a short time is impossible, but the god demon two clans are not the fools, they after obtaining domain, will be will receive to blow thing, will look like Zhao Hai is the same. At that time, Ark Continent here thing true was destroyed, therefore Zhao Hai must receiving well blow these thing, so as to avoid when the time comes wants to receive unable to receive.

Zhao Hai and don’t know leave his time not to be many, but he does not need to know now, he received returned to Buddha Empire there all Cavalry in Space, Undead Creature has not put, can say that entire Ark Continent a person did not have now, but Zhao Hai Undead Creature, is busy mining. God demon two clans naturally also noted the Buddha Empire there sound, before they presently, has guarded on such as the city and Yangping city there garrison troops already vanish from sight, but they actually do not dare to walk toward Buddha Empire , the previous lesson they may still remember. Three days of in the blink of an eye on the past, Zhao Hai as usual, sat in the living room the look at screen, on screen appears naturally is the god demon two clan there situations, when reinforcement of although Zhao Hai don’t know god demon two clans, but from the sounds of this several days god demon two clans, their reinforcement soon arrived, therefore this several days Zhao Hai pays attention to the god demon two clans specially. Now Zhao Hai look at, is the god demon there picture, these Gnome still work in the place, looks at these Gnome strengths not to be big, if compared with Human Race, is a equivalent to ordinary woman is the same, but they have not actually stopped, has been doing. Zhao Hai knows that is not these Gnome does not want to stop, but is they do not dare to stop, before he sees with one's own eyes, several days had Gnome to stop to rest a meeting, by God Race killing. Zhao Hai sees this situation, had a new understanding regarding the cruelty of God Race, such race that matched to call the god, they also looked like Demon Race compared with Demon Race simply. Zhao Hai was a pity for these Gnome really very much that he was too clear, if makes these Gnome unfold, establishes Magic-Mechanical Civilization, that Might how huge, what a pity, God Race has not given them this opportunity. In Zhao Hai was sighing these times, suddenly Cai'er said : Young Master, Demon Race there had the sound, their reinforcement came.” Zhao Hai gawked, immediately changed to Demon Race there the picture, their Space rift there already appears in large quantities of Demon Race armies . Moreover the population were getting more and more. Demon Race army that the Zhao Hai knitting the brows head, he presently these time comes with the beforehand these Demon Race armies obvious has some differences, beforehand these Demon Race army although fighting strength are not weak, moreover trains is also very good, but compared with these Demon Race armies, has actually been short of same thing, Death Qi!

Is Death Qi, is not killing aura, so long as killing aura you killed people, the body will have killing aura, that feared that is that you kill is only an average person, on you will have killing aura, Magic Beast that even you kill were many, the body will have killing aura, but Death Qi and killing aura are different, Death Qi is the killing aura Level Up version, before has not killed thousand people, on him is impossible to have Death Qi. But so-called Death Qi, completely not regards the life and death actually the one type of manner, they toward a there war, spiritless, probably is a deceased person, but they actually live well, has not practiced that type to play dead or hide cultivation level Cultivation Method, this is only the person who because they kill were too many, they do not regard the life the life, does not regard the life others' life, does not regard the life own life, will therefore have this Death Qi. Those who let Zhao Hai be worried, all people in this army, the body has this Death Qi, in other words, this army, absolutely is one army that walks from mountain of corpses and sea of blood, takes a person casually, putting outside can be the character of Slaughter God level, even if compared with their level high person, when facing them, finally death often also compared with their level high that person. This army puts on black full body armor, weapon also unification of their in hand, black long spear, looks like looks like in the ordinary army, but Zhao Hai believes that a such army, their any army to God Race, can positive routing, because the God Race army may not have on them that Death Qi. The quantity of Zhao Hai look at this army, a batch then a batch, the population has surely about, 10 million whole bodies are the Death Qi armies, this was too scary. although Zhao Hai does not need to be now the Ark Continent person was worried, but he felt that braved the one layer cold sweat, he did not imagine, if he Ark Continent here person, has not shifted to Space, facing such army, he can defend how long. A such army, do not say the Ark Continent here ordinary army, even if undead army with a such army to, will not ask for absolutely any is good. But Zhao Hai also presently, after this army comes out, these are constructing the Demon Race person in city, with vision look at these that one type of worships, although these people stand in there motionlessly, probably is the statue, but these Demon Race people use eyes of worship look at they. Zhao Hai believes that this army is not absolutely simple in Demon Race, in this time, was coming out huge Magic Beast from that crack, this only Magic Beast very enormous, looks like probably is the elephant, a pair of fan same big ear, long tray, two long, the curving ivory, however in his top of the head, actually grew an corner/horn! Moreover on him the skin seems like more like full body armor, unexpectedly is piece by piece, skin that cutin same thing composes, four are thick and long thigh, looks like four big pillars, moreover tail is also very long, on tail point, has one to put the same arrow with the devil, that arrow is vibrating gently, appears flexible exceptionally, looks like a live snake is the same. ro! ~!