Chapter 798 Domain Weapon ! This huge Magic Beast crops up from that Space rift, is a great roar of world-shaking, that imposing manner can describe with world-shaking. At this time, jet black whip suddenly has flung from Space rift!, A whip hit in carrying on the back of that Magic Beast, Magic Beast that just also aggressively soared to the heavens, actually one under this whip honest, the puppy that probably was one bullied, the da pulling ear, did not dare. This Magic Beast although very enormous, but is actually flying in the sky, moreover looks like simply has not been 9th level Magic Beast, the surface is God Rank Magic Beast. Along with this only Magic Beast appears , in his, appears several same Magic Beast, on the bodies of these Magic Beast, are iron chain, probably is dragging any thing. These Magic Beast is not quick, but quickly walked out from the crack, slowly, they are dragging thing, walked out from Space rift, sees this thing, Zhao Hai stares, this is one looks like the large cart of demon ghost's head likely style. The large cart of this head picture style, is with a head picture of devil clan the type, two curving length elephants, two blood red eyes, the long canine of mouth has disbursed outside the lip. This although said is a car(riage), does not have the wheel, it seems like that this car(riage) meets is flying in the sky, from the start has not thought ratchet, is a car(riage), might as well said that is a house. This house, the best pupil has more than ten meters, inside looked like also very wide opens, near Zhao Hai that waited was bright, the two red eyes of this demon ghost's head car(riage), mounted with entire red Crystal likely unexpectedly. In mouth there of this demon ghost's head car(riage), sits a person likely, stature ten big of this person, put on black full body armor, was blocked including the face, sits in there, statue that if steel and iron casts, but in his hand, is taking a long whip, the whip body is jet black, was just used to hit that only Magic Beast that whip. This large cart such was being towed by five huge elephant shape Magic Beast walked out from Space rift, slowly stopped to Demonic Abyss there.

Mentioned also the strange phenomenon like this by that several Magic Beast pulling car(riage), when these Magic Beast did not fly, the car(riage) should slowly downward fell, but this car(riage) did not have, this car(riage) so was floating in there, static floating in in midair, looked like probably is a huge demon ghost's head skull flutters in there is the same. The Black Dragon car(riage) that at this time Demon Dragon King rides stopped side of that car(riage), by his Black Dragon car(riage), but also with troop Demon Race God Rank Expert. The Black Dragon car(riage) stops, Demon Dragon King immediately has stood from the seat, is bowing said : to welcome my king to that demon ghost's head car(riage) likely!” His voice just fell, follows in these Demon Realm God Rank Expert of his side, bowing of simultaneously, said loudly: Welcomed my king!” Afterward all Demonic Abyss there Demon Race people, kneeling down of simultaneously, said loudly: Welcomed my king!” The after voices of these people fall, the mouth of that demon ghost's head likely car(riage) opening slowly, then the wicked Demon Race person's walked out from car(riage). This wicked Demon Race person long is not very tall and big, looks like does not have with the general wicked Demon Race person what difference, wore a black long gown, on the face also had some wrinkles, looked like looks like an ordinary wicked Demon Race old man is the same. imposing manner that however on this person unfolds is actually very astonishing, he toward a there station, firm as a mountain, planting forever stands erect, absolutely not the feeling of vacillation. The presence way that Zhao Hai look at Great Demon King such roars, cannot help but shows a faint smile said : sound to make not to be small, it seems like that the strength is also good, has the time to probably be able him.” Cai'er deep voice said : Young Master, this is Demon Race Great Demon King, he lived of millennium, prestigious no one can compare in Demon Race, his strength how, nobody knows that only knows in any case, he had several hundred years not to have make a move, that car(riage) that he rides, called Devil War Chariot, floats the iron to build with a piece that a piece they obtained, all over the body was, moreover in the process of building, in the car(riage) has also installed many Magic Formation, not only can by the person in comfortable, meanwhile can be used to fight, this car(riage) can with Great Demon King. Domain unifies, becomes Domain Weapon, very overbearing.” Zhao Hai said : Domain Weapon? What thing is that?” Cai'er said : I also listen to the Demon Race person to have been by the premise, Domain Weapon is actually weapon that on one type of God Rank Domain can use, like Young Master you, your present Domain can optional transformation, if your Domain after turning into human-shape, in hand can also take weapon, that naturally is fighting strength increases, but general on God Rank Expert, they, when rises to God Rank, their Domain general will change the advantage will be the same with them, in this case, comfortable will be is impossible to enable to have general weapon, therefore the person in the Domain situation, weapon of use general will be Domain weapon that own energy manufactures, but among Heaven and Earth some materials possibly use one type of to let weapon that Domain uses actually, this weapon is called Domain Weapon, this weapon too be formidable more than ordinary weapon, moreover can make your Domain strength wield to a big way, it can be said that rare treasure.”

Zhao Hai nodded, he is the first time had heard Domain Weapon this matter, to be honest, he had not thought before, in this world within however will have Domain Weapon this thing. At this time Great Demon King on screen spoke, he looked at Demon Dragon King one, looked at other person of one, nodded said : to be very good, your work pretty good, Demon Dragon, came in me, why other people should why go.” Said that turn around entered in Devil War Chariot. The performance of old person can only describe with serene, but all Demon Race people thought that this should be, especially these with the Demon Dragon King person, is each and every one lights up with pleasure, although said that Great Demon King only said your work pretty good, but they actually feel their bones becomes two taels(100g) lighter. These Demon Race people know that Great Demon King will not crack a joke, will not satirize, he said their well done, was the sincerity says their well done, did not have other meaning, but can obtain the commendation of Great Demon King, regarding these Demon Race people, was a ten points motivation matter. Demon Dragon King has complied with one, jumps from Black Dragon War Chariot/Tank, enters Devil War Chariot, but look at that other Demon Race person faces envy he, can enter in the person to Great Demon King Devil War Chariot to the present, a finger can count, but Demon Dragon King is one. Demon Dragon King is not first time enters to War Chariot/Tank, but first time enters to War Chariot/Tank, he was exclaiming in surprise for this War Chariot/Tank. Enters to fighting is one about 100 square meters lobby, living room inside is spreading thick carpet, is suspending not big small table on carpet, on small table is putting pots and two cups, two small side dish, very simple small side dish, first time enters to Devil War Chariot, you see is such scene. Great Demon King sat in small table behind, is taking the liquor of pot but in actually toward the cup, nearby Demon Dragon respectful arriving small table, knelt to sit, bowed to Great Demon King said : Your Majesty, I disappointed you.” Great Demon King has put down the wine pot, waved said : not anything, you have not disappointed me, the process that you fight, told me, I knew, you do is very good, this failure, is mainly because your match was too strong, this does not blame you, come, accompanies me to drink one cup.” Demon Dragon King has taken up wine glass respectfully, matched Great Demon King to drink one cup, after putting down wine glass, he personally has taken up the wine pot, to Great Demon King but actually one glass of liquor. Great Demon King has not gone with wine glass, but said to Demon Dragon King said :, that Zhao Hai what's the matter? Is he so really strong?”

Demon Dragon King nodded said : is, is strong, unprecedented, he is I have seen in the person, except for Your Majesty you, strongest, I and he has fought, what a pity, I am not his match.” Great Demon King nodded said : looks like this person is very thorny, was right, undead army that you said what's the matter? Said carefully.” Demon Dragon King nodded, deep voice said : don’t know why, Zhao Hai may be caused many undead to come, moreover undead that all he makes, strength very strong, is ordinary undead, there is a 9th level strength, if before dying, is God Rank Expert, after that turns into undead, but also is maintaining the God Rank strength, but like undead, Zhao Hai in hand good several ten of millions.” The Great Demon King knitting the brows head of gently, deep voice said : said that this Zhao Hai is very formidabe, you said that he has defeated God Race?” Demon Dragon King nodded said : „, since god demon descend, we have sent for monitoring them, wants to call they attack Ark Continent time, we also dispatch troops, together copes with Ark Continent, in the past the scout reported back saying that God Race has dispatched troops, our immediately has also dispatched troops, that thinks that dispatched troops to immediately to start by the person harassment of Ark Continent, their Mount very fast, even if were God Rank Expert cannot overtake, we by each advancing step very difficult that has towed.” Speaking of here Demon Dragon King to stop, looked at Great Demon King one. Great Demon King beckoned with the hand, takes up wine glass to drink one, Demon Dragon King then said : although is then towed by them, but I think that Zhao Hai wants in defeating God Race is very difficult, perhaps will be defeated by God Race, if we because of his harassment on flinching, that possibly gave God Race the advantage at this time, therefore we continuously in advancing, moreover in has seized along the way also to the place city, but has not thought that Zhao Hai has repelled God Race unexpectedly, then led undead army to turn the head to cope with us, this made us lose seriously, moreover Zhao Hai, when carried on the harassment to us, has used the demon. The mosquito, their demon mosquito attack strength very strong, quantity also extremely numerous, very difficult deals with.” Great Demon King nodded said : looks like this Zhao Hai is Ark Continent most formidable existed, can with strength of the block our god demon two clans unexpectedly, great, this person can be called is a hero!” Demon Dragon King looked at Great Demon King one, then before said : „, several days I received an information, Your Majesty please look.” Said that has put out beast skin, has put on small table. ro! ~!