Chapter 799 is Cai'er also jealous? Great Demon King has taken up the information on small table, carefully looked, then knitting the brows head, information toward arriving on small table, look at Demon Dragon King said : „has this information also confirmed?” Demon Dragon King nodded said : to confirm, the information comes time, wrote with coded language, even if were intercepted could not understand, thinks that against made against unable to make.” Did Great Demon King knit the brows said : also to have other information?” After Demon Dragon King shook the head said : this information, was not having any information to send, therefore I could not make up mind \; first, because the content on this information, was really extremely unthinkable, second was because I feared that this information was the opposite party makes our scouts deliver specially, they already knew the status of that scout, therefore made him know some false information, after he delivered this information, immediately gave to grasp by him, but this that we obtained, the nature also on was a phony intelligence, this possibility was very big., Finally one type of possibly is, this information real, if this is really the case, our troubles were big, but receives this information not two days in us, all guarding in the opposite with Ark Continent army that we confronted, the withdrawal of total, don’t know was any meaning.” The Demon Dragon King knitting the brows head, then nodded is very right, has not advanced recklessly, if attacks, possibly the [say / way] of opposite party said : you do, from beforehand to fighting experience, the opposite party is not only a powerful match, is a very sly match, makes the war with such match, must be careful to be good, said how your next step does plan?” Demon Dragon King deep voice said : „, I think that God Race will not be resigned to the previous failure, they will certainly be carrying on attack to Ark Continent, moreover Zhao Hai will not let off God Race, God Race this descend, advocating a person in Ark Continent country, to Blood Sacrifice, I heard the person saying that Zhao Hai knows this information, was mad at the scene spat blood, the oath must be clean God Race massacre and wipe out, can say that the hatreds of these two clans are probably more formidable than us.” Did Great Demon King knit the brows said : „to be this? The Ark Continent here person, is not has regarded our Demon Race evilly to drafting? They think that God Race is worse than us?” Demon Dragon King forced smile said : others my don’t know, Zhao Hai this person is actually not an average person, he possibly does not think that our Demon Race evil goes to that conversely, he is real regarding the hatred of God Race, I in Zhao Hai Undead Creature army, presently more than ten millions Ark Continent here no race, these people possibly am the God Race person, after Zhao Hai has killed, turns into Undead Creature.” Great Demon King smiles said : to believe that Zhao Hai will not be short to our hatreds to that goes, after all we are invade Ark Continent, any invades the Ark Continent person, can be the Zhao Hai enemy, but in this information some endless unreality, properly speaking, Zhao Hai with our god demon two clan battles, at the winning side, in this case, he has had no reason suddenly to the person on Ark Continent outmigrate before, in the information only said on Continent appears the situation, what was situation actually also don’t know, did you have to send for checked?” Demon Dragon King complexion ugly nod said : of has sent, but also has sent several, however was a pity that nobody comes back, I estimated that had been killed by Zhao Hai, reason that this is I do not have the attack, I more and more felt now that this possibly is the trap that Zhao Hai sets up.”

Great Demon King nodded right that said : makes, with Zhao Hai such enemy to the war, does not have the blunder carefully, was good, you arrange, lets the successor army rest place, making them also adapt to Ark in 6 here, I think that God Race there reinforcement will not let us and others too long time, so long as a God Race attack, our also immediately/on horseback dispatches troops, I to really want to be able now this Zhao Hai.” Demon Dragon King has complied with one, bowed to ask to be excused to Great Demon King, looked at Demon Dragon King to walk, Great Demon King has taken up wine glass on small table, has drunk the liquor in cup, muttered said : just wait, my Demon Race sooner or later one day must get rid of your control.” But direction that his eye looks, is on the wall a Demon God portrait, that portrait Demon God, Three Heads and Six Arms, the facial expression, in his under foot, the floating corpse is fierce countless, but in his hand besides weapon, but also is taking several head, the entire vice- picture looks like, killing aura is steaming, the blood drippings. Will Great Demon King actually be saying such words to the Magic Beast portrait? This what's the matter? Do they want to change their Faith to be inadequate? Zhao Hai will certainly not know these, that Devil War Chariot is Domain Weapon, this Domain Weapon really very wonderful, the investigation of Space cannot see inside situation unexpectedly. However Zhao Hai has not cared, he is only look at that arrives at the Ark Continent here army from Demon Realm one after another, in these armies, besides that spiritless Death Qi army, other armies was also surely similar to former attack his these Demon Race armies, does not have too many extraordinary places. Zhao Hai has calculated, altogether has 50 million army, figured out this digit, Zhao Hai has cannot help but gawked, then muttered said : has also gotten down the initial capital, has gotten unexpectedly down these many armies.” After waiting for Demon Race all armies to arrive at Demonic Abyss there, entire Demonic Abyss together with Demon Capital City there, turned into a giant military compound, but Great Demon King Devil War Chariot was stopping in the Demonic Abyss sky. At this time Laura they were merry walked, this several days nothing, they went to Ark Space to help, although Ark Space there all were the same with Ark Continent, the matter or has plenty that but must handle, Zhao Hai made them help. Now Buda Family person although also in Ark Space, the place that but they are at is actually in a marine island, although and Continent there has the relation, but wants there not to be easy, this is Zhao Hai must such do, Buda Family cannot leave the Ark Continent person to be too far , should not be too near, must maintain the one type of status however. But Laura they will not certainly help other influences on Continent handle the matter, they were handle the Buda Family matter to go, but Zhao Hai, had not come in Ark Space.

This is actually the idea of Laura, since Zhao Hai becomes in Ark Space the gods of these people, that naturally cannot come easily, you have seen that god, is all right chats with you nearby you. Laura they, as soon as entered the room to see on the screen that to flutter in half Space Devil War Chariot, several people cannot help but had a scare, simultaneously. Zhao Hai look at her type appearance, actually laughs, he is enlarges Devil War Chariot intentionally, then places on the screen, for is frightens Laura their, really succeeded. Laura they, as soon as listens to Zhao Hai to laugh, knows that Zhao Hai is frightening them intentionally, several people do not depend on runs up to the Zhao Hai side, to Zhao Hai one chaotic twists, naturally, they also know that such simply makes inadequate anything to injure to Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai actually painful oh oh yelling, he may not have not to use protective shield to himself, moreover he also has the painful nerve, was such twisted naturally painful. He knows that now wife many faults, were twisted are more than me several times. A person has twisted Zhao Hai several, Laura they then snort|hum, sat the Zhao Hai side, the look at screen, Laura is said : Cai'er, playbacking!” Zhao Hai one hear of Laura said that almost spits blood, takes their several not to have the means that he has stood, holds on Berry said : to walk Berry, takes a bath with me, the Demon Race there situation you know in any case that looks does not have any meaning.” Said that then Berry walks toward downstairs Hot Spring pond. Berry face one red, had not actually opposed that followed Zhao Hai, Laura they actually looked that has not looked at Zhao Hai one, only then Megan turns the head look at Berry said : Berry, if you could not bear, shouted that we helped in the past.” A Megan such saying, Laura their several chirp chirp young lady has smiled, made that the Berry face was redder, but Berry these days also joked with them, was not an ability of counter-attack does not have, she turned the head to look at Megan one, snort|hum said : shouted that did not shout you, felt stifled you.” Said that then Zhao Hai runs toward downstairs, Laura their laughter even bigger. That night Zhao Hai is very tired, the reason, asked that the person of this saying does not certainly have the patience.

Next morning, Zhao Hai is still sleeping, Cai'er goes into the Zhao Hai room, Zhao Hai naked body has lain on the bed now, but Laura several people also lay down in the Zhao Hai side, each and every one was also smooth. Cai'er looks at this situation, cannot help but face one red, then snort|hum, water ball lost in the head of Zhao Hai, her control is very good, this water ball has only dripped wet Zhao Hai, has not actually drenched to Laura their several. Zhao Hai one woke smartly, he gained ground saw Cai'er, puzzled said : Cai'er, did you do?” Cai'er snort|hum said : Young Master, was quick, God Race there had the sound, their reinforcement also arrived.” Zhao Hai one hear of Cai'er said that stares slightly, but he is careful sat from the bed came, careful escaped from Laura their powder leg white delicate arms, and has not waked them. Cai'er looks at the Zhao Hai smooth appearance, the face was redder, snort|hum, the flashes body left the room, Zhao Hai looked at Cai'er back one puzzled, muttered said : Cai'er this is What happened? is strange.” However he went to the bathroom to do the cleaning, wore the clothes to the living room. A Zhao Hai leave room, Laura bu has smiled, then several other females on bed have smiled, Laura opens the eye, look at several female said : Elder Brother Hai regarding sentimental aspect also is really obtuse, is jealous he not to look including Cai'er.” Lizzy also opens eye said : „, but no wonder Elder Brother Hai, he possibly has not thought toward this aspect, he he, real don’t know Elder Brother Hai, if knows that Cai'er also likes him, what expression he can be.” Thinks that the Zhao Hai dumbfounded expression, several people cannot help but looked, but sees opposite party naked body, several people of cannot help but faces one red, Megan throws from behind, has traced Lizzy front said : Lizzy, your here is really big, no wonder Elder Brother Hai so much likes touching.” Lizzy has no intention to be succeeded by Megan sneak attack, the nature immediately/on horseback counter-attack, work they also by pulling, several people noisily were one group before long...... ro! ~!