Zhao Hai sits in the living room, army that God Race army on look at screen, God Race these time sends is divided into three teams, Barbarian Heavy Armor CavalryPegasus Clan Light Cavalry, God Race this clan Infantry. Pegasus Clan Light Cavalry is Front Army, first enters from new Continent to teaches in the border brightly, God Race Infantry is Center Army, Heavy Armor Infantry is Rear Army, their motion very fast, quick all entered to teaches in the border brightly, but those who made Zhao Hai pay attention, in God Race Infantry Center Army, had a car(riage). Enters the stage the way to be similar to Great Demon King, this is also one has high level Magic Beast car(riage) then, Magic Beast that but God Race is used to pull a cart is not Demon Race that type looks like very scary elephant shape Magic Beast, but is Magic Beast of one type of lion, but this Magic Beast all over the body snow white, but also steadily the white wing, on the wing steadily the white wing, is looking like holy extraordinary. But this lion shape Magic Beast that car(riage) then also very interesting, that car(riage) looks like looks like one traverse Great Sword, but this sword is actually by made of wood, all over the body whitelooks like probably is the Saint light wood, but actually wanted not to know many times compared with the Saint light wood hardly. In side of this car(riage), is standing one team of Knight, appearance of this team of Knight, before Radiant Church Radiant Knight Corps somewhat resembles, white full body armorbehind brings white cloakin hand to lift Knight Spear, the back carries the shield, the waist is carrying on the arm Great Sword. This team of God Race Cavalry population are not many are only about 10,000guard around that horse carriage ”, moreover Zhao Hai also presently, these Cavalry strengths, are on God Rank Expert. Saw here, Zhao Hai has cannot help but smiled bitterly, God Race was the cow, on this God Rank Expert became team of to become Dui sending outis more formidable compared with him. However makes Zhao Hai be interested, that car(riage) that actually that God Race person rides, if he has not misread, that car(riage) should also be Domain Weapon. Zhao Hai present characteristics, the screen regarding different thing, the way of demonstration is also different likely is the person on one's own side, generally with occupies the demonstration red, the enemy, with the green point showed that opposite party has used Magic Formation or has formidable energy, blocks the investigation of Space, that Space will change will have the white flash to show that but Zhao Hai previous time will note, that Devil War Chariot that Great Demon King will live inon screen will be will use blue by light ball carries on the demonstrationwith this car(riage) of God Race person is the same. Therefore the Zhao Hai bold inference, Space possibly demonstrated Domain Weapon with blue light ball, if this inference is correct, that War Chariot/Tank of that God Race person was really Domain Weapon. Zhao Hai thinks that here has cannot help but smiled bitterly, he presently Ark Continent here also is really Inferior level plane their here continually anything is Domain Weapon don’t know, but God Realm and Demon Realm there really had Domain Weapon, this difference is not a least bit. However Zhao Hai regarding sitting the person of this car(riage) felt curiously, he wants to know that reallywho sat the person of this car(riage) is, not Master of a Realm like Great Demon King? Was on God Realm Taurus Continent king sees?

With Zhao Hai thinks, Yun Tianlei they came out to greet, Yun Tianlei was bringing under the hand/subordinate these War General to horse carriage side to a horse carriage ritual, said : welcomed marshal Sir with one voice.” The Yun Tianlei voice just fell, then like resembling Great Sword horse carriage, in tailstock place opened Dao Sectvery covert of this Dao Sect design almost not to have any slit, therefore Zhao Hai simply has not noted most from the beginning. This Sword Chariot sword pot place, inlays transparent Crystalto understand at a glance that is used for transparent to use, is suiting human-shape Domain to use Sword Chariot length over 20 meters ”. At this time walked several people to see that from the Sword Chariot gate that several person Zhao Hai have gawked, because that was not Zhao Hai imagination the King in God Race Taurus Continent, but was several maidservant these maidservants long very beautifuloutside whiteness clothes is also throwing over the fine gauze strength in 9th level, now comes out wind to blow their fine gauze also fluttering gently from the car(riage) ”, seemed like similar to fairy is ordinary. Zhao Hai had not been serious, influential figure body continually with several attractive maidservants, this no big deal, but he actually notesYun Tianlei their complexion to be not quite attractive, this arrives is makes Zhao Hai somewhat puzzled. However Zhao Hai quick was not quite why attractive on understand Yun Tianlei their complexion, because altogether went out of eight maidservants from Sword Chariot, after waiting for by these maidservant weights to stand, this walked one from the car(riage), looked at young man. This now young man meets Li's white robe, complexion somewhat is also pale, is long the very handsome beautiful, a smiling face of face, but how that smiling face saw that probably in ridiculing you are same, two eyes on looks slightly, performs obviously arrogant true colorsalso to treat the female in his with two. Zhao Hai saw that sitting of this now young man sent to be shockedhe to believe this now young man absolutely possibly is not the Taurus God Race king, his simply that temperament, Taurus God Race has not looked is quite strong God Race, how their kings may be such sitting faction. Moreover what beforehand Yun Tianlei they said is the marshal, but this age was too young, simply possibly is Commander-in-Chief of armed forces, looks at his appearance, feared that has not gone to the battlefield. Now Zhao Hai also knows that Yun Tianlei their complexion so will be why ugly, he because of Yun Tianlei their Bai Cuoren.

Really, Yun Tianlei look at that now young man, said : Third Prince did Your Highness have the time in a soft voice Ark Continent? Moreover rides the car(riage) of marshal Sir?” Third Prince he he chuckle said : does not have anything, I the uncle told that I come to see the world, he made me come, but also has lent me the car(riage).” Yun Tianlei complexion was uglier, his look at Third Prince said : Your Highness, don’t know I give to Your Majesty and Yao's graceful letter, their two can look? The Ark Continent here aspect is not good to deal with, moreover here very dangerous, if nothing, Third Prince Your Highness please return.” Third Prince one hear of Yun Tianlei said that ” cannot help but complexion sinks, recites snort|hum said : Yun Tianlei, what thing are you? What qualifications do you have to order me? Did you believe me to look like the father saying that” has exempted your this frontline Chief Commander status? ” said : that the Yun Tianlei look at Third Prince appearance, strict however does not fear „, if Third Prince can achieve my Yun Tianlei to get up does not work as this Chief Commander not to have anything. ” Third Prince one hear of Yun Tianlei said that ” complexion is colder, his coldly snorted, has put out Command Token from the bosom scroll, he has not opened scroll, but look at Yun Tianlei sneered said : no wonder the father and said step by step Yun Tianlei was the age is really bigger is more uselesshas linked small Ark Continent unable to levelalso several times to increase troops, Yun Tianlei obeyed orders, from now on, will remove from the post of your frontline Chief Commander all fully, but still kept frontline to be useful, now is accepted person iron complete by me comprehensively. Third Prince such remarks, Yun Tianlei behind these military officer in an uproar, they have not thought that can be such resultthis is possibleThird Prince to replace Yun Tianlei command(er) frontline army unexpectedly? Must know Third Prince has not gone to the battlefieldhow commanding a war although he has studied very systematically ”, but that top what uses, can he compare with Yun Tianlei such battlefield veteran? Prince and can the marshal under such order? Yun Tianlei face stunned look at Third Prince, then his face startled and angry expression said : this was impossible, I must see the Your Highness imperial decree!”, Third Prince to has not said anything, he is only coldly snorted one, the hand moves, has given Yun Tianlei in hand that scroll, after Yun Tianlei takes scroll ”, opened scroll impatiently, but the content on look at scroll, he was shocked, the mouth muttered said : this not to be impossible, this was impossible, this was how possible.” Was saying, a hand one snatching going backsnatched scroll person Third Prince scroll, then Third Prince look at Yun Tianlei cold sound said : now you ended, what but also there is to say? All people are listening from now on, by my official takes over the frontline Chief Commander position, is contrary to making, Military Law is engaged. ” Said that turn around entered Sword Chariot, Sword Chariot forwards slowly, manages unexpectedly does not have to manage Yun Tianlei and these War General, Yun Tianlei and these War General, dull standing in there, this accident was too quick, complete left their imagination, they have not responded to the present.

Not only Yun Tianlei they, Zhao Hai look at all these, he really have not thought that will have such matter to live, trades, is this military commander taboo, God Race can thousand arrive at the matter like this? However Zhao Hai changes mind thinks that this regarding them, was the good deed, God Race a Yun Tianlei such experienced veteran trading, has exchanged that any Third Prince, the fellow has not gone to the battlefield obviously, or in the words just that will not arrive crudely exempted Yun Tianlei duty, this regarding the soldier of frontline army, absolutely was a very big attack, can really look comes outthat fellow from this point is not on battlefield absolute beginners. Deals with a such fellow, naturally coping with Yun Tianlei such veteran is much more relaxed, this regarding Zhao Hai, may absolutely be a good matter. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai cannot help but laughs said : good God Race, has helped my busy unexpectedly, I must well thank you are good.” Was saying, Laura they from the building, how many people just had taken obviously also a bath, was somewhat wethappy that such one hear of Zhao Hai smiled, Laura puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai? What matter has happily also?” Zhao Hai looked at Laura their several people of eyes, showed a faint smile said : good deed, God Race trades to challenge, before their command(er) was God of Thunder War General Yun Tianlei, that was not one is good to deal with, fellow body after surface war fight experience very rich, that but traded newly, was actually Taurus God Race Third Prince, probably was one has not gotten up the battlefield fellow. ” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Laura they stare, then their immediately/on horseback returns to look, after waiting to look, Laura they look at screen, some little time Lizzy said : God Race this was courting death, Elder Brother Hai, it seems like we must trade a method to cope with God Race.”! ~!