Chapter 801 Fei'er strange action Yun Tianlei complexion ugly sitting in hall, other Yun Ying and military officers, complexion ugly in the Yun Tianlei command(er) hall, today the arrival of Third Prince, that imperial decree that Third Prince brings, will be makes them have the feeling of one type of the skies falling and the earth opening up. They too have understood these Third Prince, this Realm Taurus God King altogether has six, Crown Prince is the born, moreover is not interested from passable article Martial arts simply together, therefore he now is only ordinary False God level Expert, this in God Race is very rare, especially in God Realm Royal Family, almost does not have. However Yun Tianlei their actually understand why Crown Prince must such do, because Crown Prince is the born, properly speaking he does not have the right of inheritance, because of him the Taurus God King first child, therefore has many God Race people, hopes that he can succeed to the throne. However Taurus God King queen, Clan influence actually very formidable, but son of Taurus God King and queen, is Second Prince, has such strong mother, he is the status of closely related, succeeds to the throne naturally is natural, can Crown Prince actually is in front of them, if Crown Prince performance very outstanding, that certainly will become this to mother and child's eye-sore, the thorn in the side, feared will be early on being killed dead, therefore Crown Prince Martial Arts, only from the article, to the present just on is not False God level Expert, nature also on losing the competitive power of throne. But the performance of Second Prince also truly is makes the person be speechless, now Second Prince is on God Rank Expert, moreover in small arrives in the armed forces to gain experience, has gotten up the battlefield person, in adding on has learned from the father and mother since childhood, not only the [say / way] of handling matters, it can be said that the most perfect successor to the throne, Great Clan in Taurus God Race almost supports Second Prince to succeed to the throne. However as the matter stands on appears the one type of situation, Taurus God Race King or the prime of life, he has not wanted to abdicate, a short time cannot die, but Second Prince so is also superior thoroughly, almost can produce to his throne has threatened, this makes Taurus King very restless, therefore he found out another means to keep in balance Second Prince, was favor and trust Third Prince. Third Prince is also Taurus King is closely related son, Second Prince compatriot Younger Brother, but this Prince is different from Second Prince, Second Prince is diligent since childhood intelligently, in the armed forces to gain experience, has been adding on the itself strength to be also strong, therefore being favored. But Third Prince is different, Third Prince from small long in deep palace, the love of deep place father, although very intelligent is diligent, but he is actually very arrogant, moreover does not listen to the criticism, is adding on him not to go out to gain experience, regarding the manner place matter, he missed far. However a little this Third Prince is actually in their several brothers, best that makes, that will be he very much will coax the parents to be happy. From small Third Prince on understanding very how coaxes Taurus God King and queen is happy, grew up is so, in Taurus God King and queen, he was obedient cleverly, however in other front, he was actually supercilious and self-conceited, in the item uninhabited, moreover addicted to sex, frequently mixes with the playboy who some Taurus God Race became famous in together, naturally could not learn anything to be good to go, to the present is also the God Rank strength.

The discerning people can look, Third Prince has fallen far short compared with Second Prince, but Taurus God King actually likes Third Prince, favor and trust Third Prince, not being able to allow others saying that his half a word malicious remarks, the queen was also same. But Taurus King other three children, young . Moreover the born, simply does not have what competitive power to the throne, therefore this throne finally will produce on Second Prince and Third Prince, Second Prince will be outstanding, the people will support, but was actually envied by King, but Third Prince by King and queen happy, will want seize the opportunity to expand the Noble support of oneself Clan strength, the momentum will not be small. But most makes Taurus God Race Noble feel what is surprised, Taurus God Race marshal, King own Younger Brother, actually very likes this Third Prince, but actually does not catch cold regarding Second Prince, has this kind of strong character's support, Third Prince succeeds to the throne the possibility, probably is bigger than Second Prince. However them the frontline military officer like Yun Tianlei, is actually very clear, the Third Prince strength and ability, has fallen far short compared with Second Prince, therefore they regarding Third Prince are not colds. However Yun Tianlei belongs to Crown Prince of Taurus clan, Yuan master, King own Younger Brother direct personnel troops, therefore their although cannot have a liking for Third Prince, will not actually support Second Prince. What Yun Tianlei don’t know is, reason that this Third Prince will arrive at frontline to come command(er), Taurus Yuan master facilitates, the point that he such makes only then, making Third Prince have the military exploit, succeeds to the throne to prepare for later. Actually these time besides that imperial decree, a Yuan master has given back to a Yun Tianlei private letter, making Third Prince give Yun Tianlei, in the letter, a Yuan master has talked clearly with Yun Tianlei, making Third Prince come, when this frontline Chief Commander to not truncate the Yun Tianlei authority, but to let Third Prince has the military exploit, therefore true command(er) person or Yun Tianlei, but also lets Yun Tianlei help Third Prince well. Moreover the Yuan master also told Third Prince the content of this letter, after letting Third Prince to frontline, must listen to the arrangement of Yun Tianlei. However this bit normal university person, this Third Prince too did not find that this Third Prince is a very obstinate person, as soon as he listens to the marshal to arrange like this, has to look down upon his meaning faintly, he at that time on not happy, but he actually the appearance that pretends to be obedient, but simply has not been at heart actually serious this matter. Is adding on Yun Tianlei straightforward, looked that Third Prince came to give Third Prince complexion to look, Third Prince naturally impossible to read to Yun Tianlei that letter, but has exempted the Yun Tianlei command strength with the imperial decree directly, in his opinion, oneself also since childhood studies Art of War, but also couldn't tidy up small Ark Continent? What? You said that Yun Tianlei hasn't tidied up? That is because of Yun Tianlei was old, the courage is small, older was more useless.

Winding Yun Tianlei of here surface is naturally impossible to know that but that imperial decree and Command Token are actually real unmistakable, this is also Yun Tianlei awkward place. Yun Ying looked that Yun Tianlei quite a while will not have spoken in there, he cannot bear said : general, why a Yuan master can under such order, this be too strange, don't you think?” Yun Tianlei knit the brows said : I also to think that the matter is somewhat strange, normally a Yuan master besides the imperial decree, should give me to come a private letter, but these time does not have, I also feel somewhat strangely.” The audiences in hall will frown, they also thought that this matter is somewhat strange, the Yun Ying look at Yun Tianlei appearance, in the eye Elf sparkled said : general, you said that can be the capital city changes?” Yun Tianlei one hear of Yun Ying said that cannot help but has gawked, then does complexion change said : your meaning is?” Yun Ying deep voice said : marshal Sir there will possibly have any accident, these years our Taurus God Race expansion in all directions, but majorities are Yuan normal university person command(er), his merit is biggest, now on Taurus Continent many people only know that has the Yuan master, don’t know has King, therefore I was worried.” Yun Tianlei complexion sinks, immediately/on horseback said loudly: Fei'er, comes.” Defended to want entrance Fei'er to comply with one, walked, Yun Tianlei look at Fei'er said : my immediately/on horseback wrote a letter, if you want the means that with quickest, delivered to the Yuan Shi Residence this letter, fought personally the Yuan normal university, has remembered, was certainly quick.” Said that Yun Tianlei with beginning a stroke to give the Yuan master to write a letter, then installed the letter in a small bamboo tube, has given Fei'er, after Fei'er received the letter, to a Yun Tianlei ritual, turn around was walking. Yun Tianlei turns the head look at Yun Ying several people of said : „, no matter capital city there lives any matter, in your present immediately returned to own team, is ready, such as has remembered, if Third Prince lets your light cannon fodder, gives me smartly.”

Yun Ying they are not the fools, one hear of Yun Tianlei said that their understand Yun Tianlei what is this, they belong to direct personnel of Yuan master, if in the city really lived any matter, the marshal was certainly under the control of others, but the enemy will not let off their, met seize the opportunity to eliminate the wing of Yuan master, but they by elimination. However must eliminate they is also not that easy, everyone in own army, stayed many years, may compare regarding control uninhabited of army, if braves rashly their positions removing, that will likely cause the mutiny, therefore best copes with their means is, murders with a borrowed knife, with them, when the cannon fodder, coped with Zhao Hai by them, then used the hand of Zhao Hai to extinguish them, when their armies have polished, that they also on not any threat. Yun Ying they have complied with one, stood to walk to Yun Tianlei gave a salute turn around, Yun Tianlei has stood, has arrived at in front of the door of hall, having a look at not far away that to stop in in midair Sword Chariot, in the eye cold glow flashes. Third Prince has not thought that a oneself action, will make Yun Tianlei they think unexpectedly these many matters, but he has not thought that this matter is a blasting fuse, matter that latter looks unfamiliar, is already complete left his imagination. Now temperament of Third Prince in Sword Chariot, he is thinking that he was insulted, but with his several maidservants, actually each and every one lowering the head stands in there, moves does not dare to move, they too understood this Third Prince temperament, if they dare to move at this time, that will be but actually big mildew. Has given scolding good in Sword Chariot , after falling several types of thing, the Third Prince air/Qi has been suitable for a point finally, he changed to the vision that several maidservants, he one catches a maidservant, one has ripped open her clothes...... After Fei'er received the Yun Tianlei letter, immediately leave God Race large camp, flew in the God Realm direction, after complete leave God Race large camp, Fei'er suddenly slow, then put out that to think of the letter the bamboo tube, without hesitation turned on the bamboo tube, took the letter, carefully looked. After having read the letter, twinkling brightly in Fei'er eye, then the personal appearance moves, goes toward the forward flight, direction that but this time he flies, is not God Realm, but teaches another side of country's brightly. ro! ~!