Zhao Hai has been paying attention to the God Race large camp there situation, came from that Third Prince, Zhao Hai has been paying attention to there, any words that although his don’t know Yun Tianlei they spoke, but he actually saw the Fei'er movement, however the Fei'er sound makes him somewhat unable to understand. Zhao Hai very clear, looks at the Fei'er appearance he is only a messenger, but this messenger actually read letter ” , moreover changed his advancing direction probably. Zhao Hai saw Fei'er to go to Pegasus Clan camp first, then went to camp of concubine clan, finally flew toward God Realm, this made Zhao Hai smell an unusual aura. Laura they also saw the Fei'er sound, finally to Fei'er went to God Realm time, Laura puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, I felt that the matter a little doesn't suit? The God Race interior went out of the issue probably.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to remember that I have said that Barbarian and Pegasus put, absolute ratio will be much bigger to us regarding the hatred of God Race, I thought these giants before to God Race very loyal, but now looks like, probably was not that a matter, it seems like these by God Race conquer race, not willingly became the God Race slave. ” Laura stares, then two eyes one brighther look at Zhao Hai said : „is Elder Brother Hai your meaning?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : according to the office that Lizzy said that but from now on, must select to start to Pegasus Clan and Barbarian lightly, so long as their two clans are not quite excessive, can make them select temporarily. ” Lizzy smiles said : I to think that Third Prince was not one can shout perhaps him who the person urged to begin to us probably over the two days, Elder Brother Hai, we should also prepare. ” Zhao Hai nodded said : „to prepare to start to arrange. ” Lizzy complied with oneto run up to with Megan to investigate strictly at the same time. Laura look at their appearances, turned the head to show a faint smile said : present Ark Continent people to enter Space to Zhao Hai, I to idled, their two to were busy.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, grasped Laura also to grasp Ryan gently, showed a faint smile said : past to be laborious you, happen to was calling these days rest well, do not forget us also to grasp these Gnome after a period of time. ” Laura nodded, Ryan has not said anything, is only according to the suspicion of Zhao Hai, regarding her ”, so long as can walk arm in arm in the Zhao Hai bosom, was very satisfied. In this time, is Cai'er flying Zhao Hai said : Young Master Wales Big Brother to ask you to drink you unable to go? This several days he called you good several times. ”

Zhao Hai one hear, why cannot help but laughs said :to go not to go, Big Brother asked me to drink, my can not go, walks, Big Brother went.How to be coping with God Race Lizzy and Megan in that research has drawn. Quick Zhao Hai appears on Ark Space Prairie, Wales pacing of back and forth outside own tent, is waiting for Zhao Hai. Looked at Zhao Hai to come out, Wales cannot help but laughed said : my goodness you to be comes this several days you to run that to go, but made me good. ” Zhao Hai laughsnow I very busy good that said : Big Brother you also know, now finally finished, was right, after a period of time lets your anticipation good thing. ” Wales puzzled said : good thing? What good thing?” Zhao Hai smiles said : when the time comes you to know, now does not tell you.” Wales did not care, laughs said : line of you not saying that come, today may probably well two cups come the person with my drinking, roasted the cow quickly.” Did not need him saying that the person of these God Race cow had run over vigorously, these fellows with Zhao Hai very familiar, each and every one lauching and joking has collected. Zhao Hai looks at their appearances, the face sinks said : to do, why depends to leave my distant point. ” A Hercules Tauren Clan person, had not been given to retreat in fear by Zhao Hai, instead to toward piecing together two stepshas cracked into a chuckle said : my Crown Prince Your Highness, you were laborious, I am making my young married woman make the skin on surface of boiled milk that you like calling to you.” Zhao Hai look at that person of appearance, smiles said : get lost, when I said that I liked nursing to hide, the skin on surface of boiled milk that said it, your young married woman made was not delicious.” That person does not care, still grinning following in the Zhao Hai side, Zhao Hai has ridiculed a few words, a person gave them several jar milk bottlesthen to give to hit them. Wales standing look at with a laugh, has visited them to walk, Wales then smiles said : these fellows to be good to me to your ratio, look at you to come, each family delicious toward leaving to take, such allowance I did not have.”

Zhao Hai laughs said : that naturally, my human spirit is higher than you.” Wales smiles said : „saying that you were fat you also to breathe heavily, walked, today with my drinking well, I thought that your youngster alcohol capacity regressed these days not to make the god demon two clans make to me, the liquor has not drunk. ” Zhao Hai laughs said : also to fear that your non- adult entered the tent, hadn't actually seen Yale, Zhao Hai puzzled look at Wales said :Big Brother, Yale mister?” Wales smiles said : to close up, said that also had the comprehension, wants bright equally new Beast Token, did not need to manage him, now we may pass through the auspicious day, Beastman Race nobody have gone to war, the here pasture was so good, moreover grass also long fast, these sheep ate could not finish eating, is adding on now Prairie here, daily had the caravan, the Human Race commodity attains here not to be inexpensive, but can also buy some Elven Race and Dwarf Race commodity, we enjoyed happiness.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile on does not have the mistake that good this that happily said : you cross also to represent me to do, Big Brother, later I will open a shop in here, if you have any thing to sell, attained in the shop to be good directly, if there is anything especially to buy, can go to that shop saying that ” I guaranteed did well to you. Wales two eyes bright said : that sentiment is good, although on Prairie the caravan are now many, but wants to buy some good thing, very used energy.” At this time some people got up Milk Wine to them but actually, naturally, is that type has not passed through purify Milk Wine, now this Milk Wine, Beastman Race has regarded the tea to drink him, drank officially, purify from now on Milk Wine that drank. Zhao Hai drank Milk Wine, let out a long breath said : your this entered Space, I also on thorough feel relieved, these days, God Race and Demon Race increased the armed forces, God Race Third Prince came personally, but Demon Race and Great Demon King also personally arrived, after a period of time I feared was must deal with themnot to have the time to drink. ” Wales has put down in hand wine glasslook at Zhao Hai said : brothers, was laborious you.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : anything to be laborious, God Race these fellows my look at is not pleasing to the eyes, therefore wants the teaching wool well their. ” Wales shows a faint smile, has not said anything, Wales knows, as soon as they entered to SpaceZhao Hai did not have extra worries ”, but similarly, when facing god demon two clans, only then a Zhao Hai person island of resistance did to fight. On before Continent various large clans, all that positive dispatching troops, are because their lives were threatened, if they do not get up rebel, will be killed by God Race, but now is different, now their this person entered Space, the god demon two clans was not threatening them, later in wants to make them dispatch troops to cope with the god demon two clans like before, was almost impossible.

What Wales don’t know is, reason that he thinks that ” is because they enter the Space time too to be short, if they enter with the Space time are long, do not say that Zhao Hai makes them dispatch troops, even if will be Zhao Hai makes them diethey not to hesitate. Zhao Hai does not want to explain that anythingSpace the ability he does not want to change, change, this is a procedure of Space bringinghe wants to change is impossible, speaks the truth, Zhao Hai to very likes this procedure, like this he must be worried about loyal under the hand/subordinate available. Before long Argali and raging bull roasted, not only Wales, the entire Hercules Tauren Clan people attended this meeting ” the entire race to drink. Drank liquor returned to in Space Villa to rest well, Zhao Hai then went downstairs, turned on the screen, but this time he in has not looked at the god demon two clans, but in watching the Ark feast there. Ark Space there person after is very goodon Continent these Great Clan to carry on a on simple secure has governed, start makes Continent quickly operate. Zhao Hai regarding this situation very much happy, why this is also he wants the hua high price to make Ark Space there with the Ark Continent similar reason ”, if he Ark Space there did not make that is similar to Ark Continent, that Ark Continent person needs for a long time to adapt to there, that will only let Zhao Hai exercise more heartsmight as well now, a multi- hua money, one step took place. Ark Space there several big Empire have established, the Continent trade fully restored, even was better than before, because of this Sea Race, Dwarf Race, Elven Race and Beastman Race, join, everyone/Great Clan started the fair transaction, will also discriminate against different race in nobody. These days they experienced many matters, especially the god demon two clan main strength threaten the border, major different race and Human Race unite, resists the matters of god demon two clans together, has made all people have a new look to different race, in adding on them may arrive at Ark Space now, is not original Ark Continent, Zhao Hai to different race with Human Race same fair, if in some people will look down upon different raceZhao Hai not to let off hisbecause this ”, therefore the person on Continent, lived the change regarding the different race manner. Saw that Ark Space there all were normal, Zhao Hai also on feel relieved, he changed to God Race there the picture on screen, now Zhao Hai regarding God Race there curious, what change he wants to have a look at God Race there also to live. Really ”, when Zhao Hai changes to God Race there the picture, sees Yun Tianlei they toward to teach in the royal palace in country's to walk brightly, but Zhao Hai very clear, that Third Prince , since arriving at Ark Continent, has been admitted to the imperial palace on immediately/on horseback, there has become his room.! ~!