Chapter 803 strange Javelin attack After Yun Tianlei they enter to teaches imperial palace Great Hall of country's brightly, Zhao Hai cannot see inside situation, he changed to North Polar Icefield there the picture, he wants to have a look at Underworld there to carry on any situation now. Really, appears these poisonous mist from North Polar Icefield, has occupied Beastman Prairie one third area now, inside has the massive Undead Creature activities, too toward North Polar Icefield there, because the poisonous mist density is too strong, Zhao Hai could not see, but these poisonous mist surrounding, have been moving to has plenty low level Undead Creature. Zhao Hai will certainly not let off this opportunity, once for a while runs up to there to grasp some Undead Creature to put in Space, Zhao Hai wants to have a look, he such does whether to bring in Underworld these Expert, if Underworld these Expert bringing, what strength he to wants to have a look at these Expert is. Grasped in Underworld there has met Undead Creature, Zhao Hai receives the notice of Cai'er, God Race has to move, Zhao Hai one hear of Cai'er said that immediately changed to God Race there the picture. When transfers, Zhao Hai loud said : Lizzy, Megan, is also quick, this you worked.” Lizzy and Megan have complied with one, ran from the building, how just they were in the building research to tidy up the God Race person, now one hear of Zhao Hai said that their immediately came the spirit. After they arrived at downstairs, Zhao Hai adjusted God Race there the picture, Yun Tianlei they when leave taught the imperial palace in country's brightly, complexion is not quite attractive, moreover after going back, these God Race military officers started the entire armed forces, was the preparation attacks Ark Continent evidently. Lizzy sees this situation, smiles said : „is really the first on battlefield, does not give time of these reinforcement rests, only rested one night, immediately must exit, but also was really an impatient person.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : under to look your, I also really want to take a look now, that youngster happy appearance.” Lizzy and Megan one hear of Zhao Hai said that has smiled. Their plans are, sends out the army to harass, but the intensity reduces, letting God Race can smooth draws back suddenly, them toward Ark Continent in directed, to wait till walked for two days, was not possible to return to time of photoprotection wise teaching country's in a short time, they are having the surprise-attack forces, attack brightly teach the country, snatched some Gnome and Magic Cannon comes back, simultaneously forced God Race retreat. If God Race retreat, they do not use soon construct the good Accra Mountain defense line to withstand the attack of God Race, when the time comes believes that Demon Race will also know information, they will certainly not fall behind God Race, will dispatch troops to cope with them, they take Accra Mountain as the defense line, blocks the attacks of god demon two clans, when the time comes Zhao Hai to wants to have a look, can the god demon two clans the cooperation of sincerity, together annex Ark Continent.

Zhao Hai believes that makes god demon two clans cooperate that is impossible, the god demon two clans certainly will hit when the time comes, but Zhao Hai was calling these days, grasped some Underworld Undead Creature to enter Space, when Underworld Expert came time, he withdrew from the Accra Mountain defense line, then when the time comes Underworld, God Race, Demon Race will get on Ark Continent bustling, but Zhao Hai in one side dozen of staggering blow, must make their three sides hit remnantly, he was dispatching troops to grab the bargain. These that really if Zhao Hai they think, God Race after the entire armed forces, immediately has dispatched troops, their is not quick, moreover Zhao Hai also paid attention, these time dispatches troops, is these reinforcement that Third Prince leads take Front Army, but Yun Tianlei they as Rear Army. Lizzy sees this situation, two eyes one brightly, shows a faint smile said : fantastic, they arrange to suit me like this, when they from teach in the territory in country's to come out brightly, sends out the harassment army, but cannot hit to suppress them, must to the impression that they one type of collapse at the first blow.” Megan shows a faint smile said : that Third Prince, but the first on battlefield, we must to him the face, if makes him obtain the war phobophobia, that is not good.” Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, helpless shaking the head, this woman, if fears, is more fearful than man, that Third Prince has met Lizzy and Megan they, later wants not to get the war phobophobia to be difficult. Zhao Hai looked, the Barbarian person and Pegasus Clan who person this Third Prince brings, moves with Third Prince together, moreover as about two wings, what these time comes is Elite in two clan, Barbarian Heavy Armor Cavalry is 9th level, can flying in the sky, Pegasus put is also God Rank Cavalry, flight is quicker, flexible, moreover can support Domain, absolutely is very existence of terror. Zhao Hai turned the head to Lizzy and Megan said : Barbarian and Pegasus Clan these time to sends out Elite, a while you to send for trying, had a look at them is sincerity attack, was present at work does not strive, if they were present at work do not strive, we also turned on the water, do not hit to get angry these two clans, then did not have the advantage to us.” Lizzy smiles said : feel relieved, even if their sincerity attack we, is useless, do not look that Pegasus Clan these people were quicker, but they cannot overtake our Undead Creature Cavalry, the first department they plays to play, when starts truly, multi- attack God Race, lets off their two clans and that's the end, such one can convey a well-meaning information like them, two do to God Race looked that must God Race to have the suspicion to them, if they had the disloyalty with God Race, wants to be separated from God Race control, that they on began, we on. Must compel them to begin.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, he thought that he said these were too unnecessary, how Lizzy and Megan possibly let off this matter not to use, that too not like them. At this time Laura their several also came out, Zhao Hai looked that all people came, he cannot help but smiles said : to walk, we to outside, Meg, prepare to make tea, was making a snack, we ate thing, while looked at these God Race people to perform.”

Lizzy their several with a laugh with Zhao Hai to outside, but Meg led Cai'er to prepare the tea and dessert, must say this tea leaves, but also a little came to benefit, other place of Zhao Hai on Continent had not found the good tea, finally had actually found this type of tea leaves in Elf Forest, after wonderful, drank the flavor to be very good, thinks taste that Zhao Hai most liked, therefore Zhao Hai little has drunk to be possible now sub, general was drinks tea. Sitting of Third Prince excited in Sword Chariot, on Crystal by Sword Chariot, look at outside army, this is his first time commands troops to go to war, at heart unusual excited. However thinks in the morning meets, Yun Tianlei their performance, the Third Prince face sank, his coldly snorted said : old fogy, I have not believed is so fierce, snort|hum, do not let me who the Ark Continent here person can some you say see that Zhao Hai, otherwise, I make certainly him know our fierce.” That ten maidservants have stood in Third Prince, just on a face and hand, all dew on clothes outside skin, can see the wound. Properly speaking she is a 9th level strong talent, a little small wound, so long as a energy revolution, can restore, but Third Prince this person has a problem, by person who he injures, he cannot that treatment, if that rule by people, he can hit hates, therefore that maidservant simply does not dare wound treatment, can only stand in there is toughing it out. although said that Third Prince has not gone to battlefield, but he truly is very systematic how studies to go to war, to let him has certain understanding to the battlefield situation, old King also arranged him to carry on several times to bandit suppression, the here bandit, referred to was some Gnome on Taurus Continent. although God Race already a Gnome clan exterminating, but some Gnome have hidden, they hide some unvisited places, difficult survival, but Third Prince exterminates is these bandits. These Gnome eat continually has the non- food, can have anything to fight, is bandits suppression, might as well said that gets the soldier to exit to catch the slave, how that possibly increases fights the experience, how marching but regarding, Third Prince to is not strange, therefore army sets out, to does not have appears any accident, moreover military discipline very neat, meaning of pond somewhat Elite. army leave slowly has taught within the boundaries of country's brightly, Third Prince also knows from Yun Tianlei there that previous time they were leave brightly have taught in the border not to have how long to meet Ark Continent harassment attack, moreover Javelin was bringing Blood Lightning Bead attack, very fierce. Third Prince although thinks otherwise, but has been careful, has taught within the boundaries of country's brightly, Third Prince orders, to start to alert, especially Barbarian Heavy Armor Cavalry of two wings live Pegasus Clan Light Cavalry.

But Yun Tianlei also sits in Rear Army, the look at Third Prince army, some little time he sighed said : Fei'er, you said that Third Prince after meeting attack, what response will have?” Some little time has not heard the reply, Yun Tianlei turns the head to look, the one who follows side him is another Thunder Clan person, is not Fei'er, he then thinks that Fei'er had been sent to deliver a letter by him, looked at a that thunder to release people, Yun Tianlei also sighed, was not speaking. After Third Prince ordered army to alert, on the facial expression is anxious and around excited look at, what he wants to have a look at Ark Continent attack is really. The Ark Continent person has not disappointed him, before long the horizon on appears one side Cavalry, these Cavalry not to Barbarian Heavy Armor Cavalry and Pegasus Light Cavalry of his two wings carried on attack, but was a curve, his Center Army came directly, Third Prince complexion blood flushes, breath shortness look at that team of Cavalry. Quick that team of Cavalry arrived at their Battalion surrounding, then Javelin lost, Third Prince was more anxious, he is staring at these Javelin points of descent stubbornly, wants to have a look at these Javelin Might in a big way. Javelin fell quickly, then rumbling an explosive sound, moreover had been also raised dust by the attack place, waits for the dust to diverge, Third Prince dumbfounded look at by the attack place. Sees by attack these God Race people, each and every one facial expression usual standing in there, a face bewildered expression, do not say that was vaporized, links a wound not to have unexpectedly, but was on full body armor falls grey, making them look like a little dirty. ro! ~!