Exploded weakly! Just explosion to was power and prestige, but this Might ” was really makes the person not know whether to laugh or cry, has probably hit the half-day thunder, looked like aggressive, finally under was drop of rain does not have. Third Prince look at these dirty God Race Infantry, were silly at once in there, good long while has not said the words. HaHaHa!” Third Prince maniac laughing suddenly, he has no reason not to smile, this matter was really too funny, this by wonderful Blood Lightning Bead that Yun Tianlei they did say? HaHaHa I said that he is a waste, unexpectedly being defeated has frightened to feartoo the waste by such attack ”! ” Now Third Prince at heart full is proud, he has not really thought that Ark Continent attack unexpectedly such weak, leaves weakness that he imagines, destroys completely a such match, in his opinion, but turns the matter between palms. But walks also pays attention to a Deng this situation after Yun Tianlei of team, he also in there, just that draw exploded although very to the explosion of Blood Lightning Bead, but Yun Tianlei actually very clearthat simply is not the explosion of Blood Lightning Bead, Might of that explosion, comes compared with Blood Lightning Bead, weak far more than hundred times. Yun Tianlei looks at this situation, does complexion change said : so cannot help but weak? Unreasonable, does Zhao Hai want to do? Do they want to lure the enemy in deep? Has the possibility very much, I must remind Your Highness carefully.” Said that Yun Tianlei waved, received a messenger, you goes to that messenger said :, to three Your Highness there, will tell Your Highness Ark Continent attack so not to be weak, they will certainly want to use any scheme, asking Your Highness to be certainly careful. ” That person complied with one, turn around walked ”, but at this time, Ark Continent second attack came, Javelin still, was still loud thunder but small raindrops attackall does not have any change. At this time that messenger also arrived around Sword Chariot, to around Sword Chariot these guards Cavalry ritual said : General Yun Tianlei assigned slightly seeks an interview three Your Highness, something consulted.” That Cavalry contemptuously looked at this messenger one eyes, cold sound said : is waiting.” Said that turn around walks toward Sword Chariot there ”, but by this time that messenger neutral tones in several Cavalry saw to his person said :, these fellows by Ark Continent such attack defeating, HaHaHa, are really laughable.” By him person said : perhaps they at that time because collectively has died of illness unaccustomed to the climate, Yun Tianlei to obtain meritorious military service, therefore said that is when dies with the Ark Continent war.”

Said that they laugh ” the words sound that although they said not to be big, but also enough that messenger heardthat messenger to hear these two saying that cannot help but complexion sank, coldly looked at their one eyes. That Cavalry that before long delivers a letter came back, looked at that messenger said : three Your Highness to be very busy does not have the time to see you ”, if had any verbal message to stay behind, if did not have, went back. ” That messenger has not thought that can be this situation, but he restrains one's anger said : General Yun Tianlei to make me have the words to three Your Highness, attack of Ark Continent person so will not be weak, they have certainly any plot three Your Highness to be please careful. ” That Cavalry very optional nod said : of knew, you can go back.” That messenger looked at this Cavalry appearancecannot help but clenching teeth of bitterly, turn around walks. That messenger regarding these Cavalry very familiar, this only Cavalry known as Divine Sword Cavalry groupis the Taurus Continent Imperial Clan special-purpose Cavalry groupthese Cavalry truly is on Taurus Continent most Elite soldier, each has the God Rank strengthcan be said as elite of the elite, moreover their fighting strength are also on Taurus Continent highestthat was by spelling. Before this only Cavalry group fought with various Continent strong soldiers, the strength is really very formidable ”, but these year of Taurus Continent have not lived the war with other Continent, even if entered line of wars, also the war various place armies like conquer Barbarian or Pegasus Clanfully can deal withsimply not to need them to dispatch troops. But some veterans in this regiment retired ” the present soldier are some recruitsthese recruits have almost not actually gone to the battlefield, reason that they become on God Rank Expertcompletely by the practice, such army although strength is very strong, however some true fighting strength many, but also does not say. Good messenger returned to the Yun Tianlei side, has bowed said : general three Your Highness to be busy to Yun Tianlei, not having the time to see me, small has left behind the verbal message. ” Words of Yun Tianlei one hear of this messengers were any meaningYun Tianlei complexion cannot help but sank on understand Third Prince, his very clear, this Prince Your Highness will not listen his. Yun Tianlei sighed, although he wants to make anything very much ”, but the reason told him, at this time was best is anything do not do. Now his power of command(er), by Third Prince avoiding, in fact, him except for own direct line army, any command, Rear Army has not turned over to his command(er) nowsurface is a person of Third Prince designation, but that person, with Yun Tianlei actually simply is not a clique. Yun Tianlei knows, if at this time, what he dares to order Rear Army to make, that Third Prince will certainly not let off his, this is also Yun Tianlei felt that strange placehis understand Third Prince why one does not aim at him, he remembers the beforehand marshal with Third Prince relationship is very goodwhy will turn into this appearance?

He possibly can never think of the real reason. But this time Zhao Hai, look at these Undead Creature in Space is actually acting in a play in there, look at their times throw into Javelin God Race armythen an explosion, dust Fei Yang/flying upwards, in then, the God Race person makes dirtily, an injury does not have. Zhao Hai was too clear these Javelin what's the matter, simply that in these Javelin put was not Blood Lightning Bead ”, but was stone ball of Elf clan. stone ball of Elf clan can also explode, Might was not small, before coping with Ark Continent some place armies enough to use, but before do not forgetArk Continent some place armies, their strengths, most were also 3rd level to 4th level about, can create the lethality to such army weapon, to God Race God Rank Expert, can be useful. These stone ball are Zhao Hai makes a Elf clan do specially, to attract Third Prince uses, has not thought that also is very effective. Looked completely these God Race army are not serious proceeds, Zhao Hai cannot help but laughs said : well, fantastic, the plan, very successful, I to have a look at this Third Prince, when meeting our true attack, what expression can be.” Sits also smiles said : in Zhao Hai nearby Lizzy this Third Prince also is really very interesting, just Yun Tianlei sent for come to see he he seeing unexpectedly has not seen, really lets my accident. ” Zhao Hai smiles said : this is not, right Lizzy, you said that Yun Tianlei can guess correctly our plans?” Lizzy shows a faint smile said : „unable!”, Did one hear of she sayZhao Hai puzzled look at her said : why?” Has not waited for Lizzy to speak, Megan on connection said : „, because in the bone of Yun Tianlei is also arrogant, he also looks down upon our Ark Continent person, this our attack although was seen by Yun Tianlei, he also reminded Third Prince, but he does not think that we will cope with their den he only to think we must lure the enemy in deep, he he, God Race the arrogant a short time cannot change. ” Zhao Hai nodded, what method no matter in any case this time God Race uses, the light taught country there him to decide on, for these Magic Cannon and these earth deities.

attack on screen is still continuing, but regarding Zhao Hai them, such attack is the cracking a joke scope already, does not have any noteworthy place, what now they pay attention is another place, Zhao Hai wants to have a look, the person in that place how. The person who Zhao Hai wants to look is not others, is Demon Race, now God Race has attacked, normally Demon Race there certainly will have the sound, Zhao Hai wants to have a look, when Demon Race there will have soundthey to use what method to cope withthis well harassment tactic. In order to let that Third Prince Your Highness feel relieved bold advancingZhao Hai these time does not have the blood mosquito to cope with him, these days Zhao Hai although continuously in the heart toward the matter that in Space evacuates, but he may not have to idle, when the blood mosquito can toward manifestation timehe will cometo pass through such my day storage blood mosquito release, the quantity of blood mosquito was very astonishing, release goes to become a big mosquito disaster absolutely, exempts the god demon two clans to drink a pot. Laura they now to are very relaxed, but Laura also found the matter to beher to analyze Universal Machine now, this Universal Manufacturing Machine can be said as anything can make, some are on the machine itself on the belt, some are actually need you to design, but Laura must analyze is not the Universal Manufacturing Machine ability, but is the cost! thing that in Universal Manufacturing Machine manufactures also needs the cost, but some thingArk Continent can produce come out, thing that Universal Manufacturing Machine and Ark Continent simultaneously can manufacturehad a cost height the issue. Laura must calculateto have these thingnow the production cost to be lower with Universal Manufacturing Machine, has there to manufacturecost with Universal Manufacturing Machine compared with high of Ark Continent. Calculates these thing, is very useful regarding them, ” use of gold coins regarding Space was too big, had gold coinsthey to buy many thing, no matter must manufacture Potionto change Space, all, could not leave gold coins, therefore Laura was wants to have a look, how can be Space saves many gold coins, moreover Laura was still using Space to do the business with the Ark Space there person. For example is very valuable in Space, but Ark Continent there production cost low thing, they can look like person ordering of Ark Continent there, then buys in Space, is high for example the Ark Continent there production cost, thing that or cannot manufacture, but the cost of Universal Machine here manufacture is very low, that can manufacture with Universal Machine, is selling Ark Continent to go, this absolutely is a unique business.! ~!