Chapter 805 chatted with you Zhao Hai heard most from the beginning Laura must handle this matter time, wants to make her do not do, is not useful, thing that in his Space produces in any case , is very valuable, does not need to make this anything to analyze, his wealth can still rise slowly. However Laura actually insists on to do, Zhao Hai did not have to say anything, he knows that Laura wants to look for a matter to do actually, does not want always to stay any matter not to be dry. Berry and Ryan this several days is also uneven with Laura together, they are not interested in the matter of going to war in any case, Zhao Hai has not called them, tossed about along with them. First day passed by, God Race still when advancing, moreover on this day they even/including Guo three cities, have almost caught up with previous Yun Tianlei lead the army all distances of walking. Zhao Hai has not actually carried on large-scale attack to the God Race army, he, this Zhao Hai target, only then two, teaches the country there God Race supreme headquarters brightly, another is the Demon Race person. Second Heavenly Demon Race there moved, under the leadership of Great Demon King, Demon Race set out 40 million army, threw toward Ark Continent. The Zhao Hai look at Demon Race this strong enormous team, in this army that only most makes Zhao Hai pay attention, spiritless army, in. This Demon Race army obviously in makes fully preparation skill, in their armies has plenty archer, but also has plenty powerful crossbow . Moreover the surrounding of our army, release has measured quick Demon Race to scout greatly. Zhao Hai noted a point, no matter God Race or Demon Race, Cavalry of their two clans were not many, the Demon Race majority are winged, can fly, therefore they did not use Cavalry, but Demon Race was powerful badly, was 9th level Expert, can fly, therefore did not have Cavalry. However Zhao Hai believes that these two clans are not deliberately do not want Cavalry, because does not have appropriate Mount, God Race there Magic Beast is very strong, but also because the there Magic Beast very strong, therefore average people do not have the means to tame, therefore they want to form Cavalry, is not that easy, the Demon Race there situation should also be similar. But Barbarian and Pegasus Clan situation is a little special, these two races are Cavalry, Elite that now dispatches troops, was Cavalry, Pegasus Clan is needless saying that their Cavalry itself were Pegasus, is winged horse that can fly, was used is in did not have as Cavalry Mount that this was not strange, but made Zhao Hai feel the one who was strange was the Barbarian person. Barbarian person their Mount are that rhinocero same Magic Beast, this Magic Beast although is Advanced level Magic Beast, however understood at a glance that they want to fly not to be easy, but these Elite Barbarian Cavalry, are actually every 9th level rhinocero bull shape Magic Beast, this makes Zhao Hai feel that was very surprised.

Zhao Hai has Space this to make shortcoming to exist greatly, can cause that many 9th level Magic Beast, these Barbarian people get so far as that many, 9th level Magic Beast with one type of class? This makes Zhao Hai very puzzled. Afterward called to find out Dean, originally Barbarian person Level Up, with the Diamond Ape clan some looks like, Diamond Ape clan, if wants Level Up, to be the person with Magic Beast together Level Up, gave people alone Level Up very difficult, but Barbarian was also same. Barbarian wants Level Up, must with their Mount together Level Up, if thinks person alone Level Up, very difficult, is almost impossible. Hears these Zhao Hai understand what's the matter. He takes the show to fly to call, asked the show flew the matter about Pegasus, normally God Race conquer Pegasus Clan, they should be able to use Pegasus as their Mount, is few God Race to present Cavalry, this also made Zhao Hai puzzled, had asked the show flew later Zhao Hai to know, this Pegasus is not who wants to be used, when Mount when resulted, only then there is a Pegasus Clan bloodline person, can use Pegasus, when Mount, other's people were impossible, is better than the God Race not line, was you uses weapon to defeat Pegasus, he will not become you. Mount. Hears this speech, Zhao Hai also cannot help but sighed that God Race of creation, can make such life form unexpectedly, was really too odd things. However is good because of him has Space, Pegasus that in Space raises, may not have this problem, no matter Zhao Hai assigns to anyone, that only Pegasus can become his Mount, this is the Space most convenient place. Demon Race although does not have Cavalry, reason that because most Demon Race have the wing, therefore they regarding the flight, are not strange, moreover very familiar, these that this Great Demon King sends scout are outstanding people, extremely quick. Zhao Hai look at Demon Race army, sighing gently, to be honest, he somewhat cannot hate regarding Demon Race, looks like in Zhao Hai, Demon Race invades Ark Continent, feels emotion to be possible original, since Demon Race has invaded Ark Continent, has not made the too excessive matter, Zhao Hai has not hated them. Does not hate not to hate, but this did not express that Zhao Hai can make Demon Race run amuck on Ark Continent, Zhao Hai understood that the mood of clan, they have thought on the good life, but Zhao Hai is not a sage, you have thought on the auspicious day, ran up to my family to come, wants to hug my family, no way, the leg discounted to you. Zhao Hai transfers right Lizzy said : Lizzy, God Race there is dragging first, drags their two days, we deal with Demon Race first, I want to go to chat with Great Demon King first.” What does Lizzy frown said : to discuss? Elder Brother Hai, you do not think that you can urge Demon Race retreat?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : I not to be naive, but now the situation changes, Demon Race also don’t know Underworld and Ark Continent the joint matter, I want to give a try, told them this information, having a look at them to be able retreat.” Lizzy turned the head to look at Zhao Hai one, nodded said : well, you tried, but Elder Brother Hai, I urged you not to have the too high hope for good.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : feel relieved, all right.” The Zhao Hai flashes body, walked from Space, this time he has not brought Berry and Xu Wanying they, he. Demon Race army in moving forward, their scouting before army in careful is searching the road, these scout are Great Demon King bring, belongs to elite of the elite, very fast, moreover they like God Race, do not think that the Ark Continent here person has no merit to speak, Demon Race no matter to on what enemy, fully by duplicate. In scouting of advancing, suddenly is noting front to have black spots, he often stares, immediately/on horseback overtook, was quick he to see that black spots, that was a person, a person of wear Dark Magic robe, but the under foot of this person, was stepping on blood red Great Sword. That Demon Race scouting look at this person, when that person leaves was near, that Demon Race scouts one to look, in front of him the person, is the Demon Race biggest enemy, Zhao Hai. That Demon Race had a scare, turn around must run, at this time Zhao Hai open the mouth and said: This Demon Race friend please wait, below Zhao Hai, wants to ask the friend you to have words to Great Demon King Your Majesty, said to Great Demon King Your Majesty that my Zhao Hai wants to chat with him.” Zhao Hai look at present Demon Race person, this Demon Race person and wicked Demon Race person are different, this Demon Race is growing a face, however his body actually likely is vulture, is tall and slender, does not have wool neck, only in the neck root minister growing hair, has looked like probably brought a scarf. A green black feather, flood the metallic luster, bare tail, two are similar to the iron grasps the same claw, the both wings open, fully more than ten meters, is similar to two huge Machete. That Demon Race person look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai also calm look at these people, he show a faint smile to that person, said : please convey a message.” That Demon Race person carefully looked at Zhao Hai, looked at flying sword of Zhao Hai under foot, finally he is one does not have, turn around flew. This foot stepped on the flying sword shape is Zhao Hai already wants to come out, he already envied in the Chinese myth these knight-errant swordsmen, they were stepping on flying sword, proud You in Heaven and Earth, free and unfettered how, therefore his these time turned into a flying sword appearance own Staff specially. That Demon Race scouting returned to fast large unit there, arrived at the Devil War Chariot surrounding directly, he to defending one team of spiritless soldier said : outside War Chariot/Tank please notifies, the demon vulture team third squad Vulture Demon Luo seeks an interview Great Demon King Your Majesty.” That spiritless soldier, turned the head to look at his one eyes, this look at Vulture Demon Luo Bianti lived coldly, then that talented person said : what words had saying that found the Ark Continent Battalion troops?” Vulture Demon Luo does not dare to neglect, shook the head said : not to have, but just below by Zhao Hai blocking, him has made me give a Great Demon King Your Majesty belt verbal message, he wants to chat with Your Majesty.”

One hear of Vulture Demon Luo Zheme said that soldier knitting the brows head, then nodded said : not to walk in here gently.” Said that turn around flies toward Devil War Chariot. Great Demon King is sitting in War Chariot/Tank, before War Chariot/Tank is still , such arrangement, on table as usual is putting two small side dish pot liquor. At this time the knock resounded, then a sound conveyed said : Your Majesty, the demon vulture clan scouts the incoming telegram, said that he present Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai made him have the words to you, wanted to chat with you.” Great Demon King stares, oh, has stood, opened the Devil War Chariot door, out look at these soldiers, that soldier immediately/on horseback to Great Demon King ritual said : Your Majesty, just the demon vulture Scout Team third squad Vulture Demon Luo incoming telegram, he in front present the Zhao Hai trail, Zhao Hai had made him have words to you, wants to chat with you.” Did Great Demon King knit the brows said : to want with me to chat? Interesting, goes to call to me Vulture Demon Luo, I ask him personally what's the matter.” That soldier complied with one, turn around walked, before long took Vulture Demon Luo appears in Devil War Chariot side, Vulture Demon Luo to see Great Demon King, immediately/on horseback lowered the lead, gave a salute said : has seen Your Majesty.” Great Demon King nod said : you determined that is really Zhao Hai?” Vulture Demon Luo nodded said : to return to the Your Majesty words, the feudal official determined that truly is Zhao Hai, but he has not summoned Undead Creature, but is stepping on blood red Great Sword in the under foot, flies in in midair.” ro! ~!