Chapter 806 Great Demon King sees Zhao Hai This is only an immaterial detail, when Great Demon King hears Vulture Demon Luo Zheme said that cannot help but the complexion big change, deep voice to Vulture Demon Luo said : you really saw that the under foot of Zhao Hai is stepping on Great Sword? But is not although what thing?” Vulture Demon Luo was given to have a scare by the Great Demon King expression, his gingerly returns to Your Majesty to Great Demon King said :, the purity that the feudal official looks, is blood red Great Sword, the sword the type somewhat is also different from our common Great Sword, is also bringing a sword Guangzhou after the sword.” One hear of Vulture Demon Luo Zheme said that Great Demon King complexion is changing, his deep voice said : was good, the person gets down.” Vulture Demon Luo Ying, turn around walked. Vulture Demon Luo walks, Great Demon King immediately/on horseback deep voice said : army halts, called Demon Dragon King.” Soldier immediately/on horseback has complied with one, transmitted orders. Great Demon King stands in Devil War Chariot in front of the door, sky of look at distant place, muttered said : he is? Is impossible!” Before long Demon Dragon King arrived at Devil War Chariot side, to Great Demon King gave a salute said : Your Majesty, you called me.” Great Demon King nodded said : Zhao Hai to ask people the signalling to come, he said that he wants to chat with me, I have made army anchor, you assume command(er), I go to be able this Zhao Hai.” Demon Dragon King one hear of Great Demon King said that cannot help but stares, then complexion changes said : Your Majesty, asking think twice, Zhao Hai strength formidable, the scheme in many ways, Your Majesty this to go to be too dangerous.” Great Demon King shook the head said : you not to understand, just the scouting incoming telegram of demon vulture clan, said that he sees Zhao Hai, stands speaks to him on Great Sword, then sword style of Great Sword on with Great Sword complete is different.” One hear of Great Demon King said that Demon Dragon King complexion changes, whispered: Your Majesty suspected.......” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, therefore I must go to be able Zhao Hai, does not need that many with me, feel relieved was good, his Zhao Hai in fierce, my also not to be trifled with, you manage well the army.” Demon Dragon King this time has not been blocking, but has complied with one, Great Demon King then turns the head car(riage) health/guard to person said : of car(riage), forwards.”

The person of that driving a cart raises the whip, several elephant shape Magic Beast one hear whooshes, goes all out to forward, before long on leave large unit. Zhao Hai stands on Great Sword that Blood Staff turns into, felt, he presently like this fights the feeling on Great Sword also is really very good, the breeze holds the surface, the white clouds flutters in the side, this feeling is really good. Before long the distant place flew black spots, black spots getting bigger and bigger, getting bigger and bigger, has revealed the true colors finally, that car(riage) that Great Demon King rides, but made Zhao Hai feel what was surprised, a Great Demon King person has not brought unexpectedly, this arrived stems from the anticipation of Zhao Hai. Standing of Zhao Hai calm in there, look at Devil War Chariot getting closer and closer, War Chariot/Tank stopped Zhao Hai front before long, then the War Chariot/Tank gate opens, Great Demon King appears in the War Chariot/Tank entrance, he looked at Zhao Hai one, looked at Great Sword one of the Zhao Hai under foot, in the eye flashed with brilliant rays, this to Zhao Hai said : heard that Mr. Zhao Hai wants to discuss with me, don’t know mister wants to discuss anything.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to Great Demon King truly is something must chat with Your Majesty below, has several information below here, wants to come Your Majesty certainly to be interested.” Great Demon King look at Zhao Hai, suddenly smiles said : well, asking mister to come to discuss that can be good?” Great Demon King wants to give a try, has a look at Zhao Hai is the having courage quantity. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Your Majesty to invite, how below can not revere, since.” The personal appearance moves, appears in Devil War Chariot in front of the door, Your Majesty invited to Great Demon King said :.” Great Demon King rao interested looked at Zhao Hai one, shows a faint smile said : mister to invite.” Said that please Zhao Hai enter in Devil War Chariot. To War Chariot/Tank, Zhao Hai looked at the pendulum in War Chariot/Tank to throw one, has not said anything, with Great Demon King to small table there, has sat facing each other, Great Demon King took up wine glass to give Zhao Hai but actually one glass of liquor, but actually one cup, this have raised then glass to Zhao Hai said : mister invites.” Zhao Hai also raises glass said : Your Majesty to invite.” In they cheered the liquor, after putting down the cup, Great Demon King look at Zhao Hai, laughing said : suddenly mister outstanding person, the one person alone enters in my this Devil War Chariot, has a drink together with me who dares the surface not to change unexpectedly, is really makes me admire.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : Your Majesty to overpraise, below believes that Your Majesty will not intoxicate in the liquor, will not cope with me at this time.”

Great Demon King stares, look at Zhao Hai said : oh, mister is so confident.” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, is very confident below, wants also to know in Your Majesty that Ark Continent, is supporting by my Zhao Hai, if my Zhao Hai had any accident, that Ark Continent ended, will therefore not cope with me in this time Your Majesty, because I live am being useful to Demon Race.” Great Demon King laughs said : mister to chat, just like mister said that I know Ark in 6 is going against by mister, is this not just I must kill the reason of mister?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : that is only the idea of average person, but Your Majesty actually not, because of the present Your Majesty biggest enemy, besides my Zhao Hai, God Race person, but Your Majesty has not grasped defeats the God Race person, therefore Your Majesty wants to keep me, lets me and God Race puts together a mutual wounds, such Demon Race can sort cheaply.” Great Demon King shows a faint smile, has not said anything, but has actually tacitly approved, the Zhao Hai look at Great Demon King appearance, shows a faint smile said : today I to tell Your Majesty information, believes that Your Majesty in addition will do to plan.” Great Demon King look at Zhao Hai, don’t know he also has any astonishing language, Zhao Hai look at Great Demon King, shows a faint smile said : I to think that Your Majesty received an information, in that information said that the entire Ark Continent person, is preparing to move, must move from Ark Continent, right.” Great Demon King one hear of Zhao Hai said that the look cannot help but shrinks, his look at Zhao Hai said : this is information mister release comes?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : is not, deep that the Your Majesty person hides, I was also nearest/recent found him, from his mouth knows that Your Majesty received this information, in other words, that information real.” Great Demon King has selected the eyebrow, look at Zhao Hai, that meaning was to let Zhao Hai then says that Zhao Hai look at Great Demon King said : was open about the facts Your Majesty saying that one in Ark Continent here, already not only God Race and Demon Race these two enemies, moreover appears an enemy, but this group of enemies returned very fierce, cannot I have the entire Ark Continent person outmigrating.” Great Demon King frowns look at Zhao Hai, what his don’t know Zhao Hai said is really or fake, what if Zhao Hai said is real, Ark Continent here appears an enemy, he has outmigrated the Ark Continent here person, to had the reason of explanation, but where can he move the person to goes? Zhao Hai look at Great Demon King appearance, deep voice said : in I have repelled God Race after drawing back of your Demon Race attacks, in Ark Continent North Polar Icefield there suddenly appears the accident, North Polar Icefield there is one on Ark Continent certainly, but what unfortunately is, I have actually gone to there, to find Divine Artifact Beast God Spear that they lose for Beastman Race, regarding North Polar Icefield there I very familiar, nobody, almost does not have any life form . Moreover the temperature is extremely low, simply not suitable life form survival, therefore since I have been making war with the god demon two clans, had not paid attention to there, in my opinion, there is the safest place, even compared with marine. Is safe.”

Great Demon King nodded, he believes words that Zhao Hai spoke, North Polar Icefield there is any situation, he also knows, in information that before their Demon Race person collected, had the description to polar ice northern original there, even they also sent for entering North Polar Icefield, wants to have a look at there suitable not suitable to make a Blood Void department place, but was finally disappointed, there not suitable also died for this reason two people. Zhao Hai looked at Great Demon King one, deep voice said : I after knowing North Polar Icefield there has had an accident, immediately went to the North Polar Icefield investigation, presently there has been covered by Dark mist, in Dark mist appears large quantities of Undead Creature, fortunately below are Dark Magician, in capture Undead Creature, after he turned into my under the hand/subordinate, finally asks these Undead Creature origins.” Speaking of here Zhao Hai, looks was listening to earnestly Great Demon King, this deep voice said : these Undead Creature come from Underworld!” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Great Demon King complexion cannot help but changes, then he fiercely lifted the head, look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai nod said : gently Your Majesty had not heard that these Undead Creature were come from Underworld, had not said that in North Polar Icefield there, appears Space rift, moreover goes nonstop to Underworld Space rift.” Great Demon King one has stood, how many steps in the room has stamped gently, how some little time turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : this Underworld to open that to say Space rift? Some of do their also people help inadequately?” Zhao Hai forced smile said : some people will not help, at that time war time, entire Continent very anxious, moreover in North Polar Icefield there, Beastman Race also remained behind three formidable War Clan, some under the impossible people to hide in their eyes run up to the North Polar Icefield there arrangement, I suspected that this matter is related with God Race, God Race to invade Ark Continent, changed Ark Continent Law of the Heaven and Earth, this will possibly cause the destruction to the Ark Continent Space barrier, therefore that said that Underworld Space rift possibly is such appears .” The Great Demon King complexion number changes, then arrived by small table to sit, has drunk liquor, this muttered said : to think this regarding our Demon Race, was opportunity, what a pity, now looks like, here feared that will turn into another Underworld.” Zhao Hai look at Great Demon King said : „does Your Majesty such believe my words? Did not fear that I do deceive you?” Great Demon King looked at Zhao Hai one, has smiled bitterly next step: By the mister strength, will deceive me with this method? said it, couldn't such lie maintain how long, quick will reveal the truth not?” Zhao Hai laughs right that said : Your Majesty said that I truly do not need to deceive you, after a period of time, you should be able to know that Underworld to information that Ark Continent here came, when the time comes you must strive for fortunately.” look at Zhao Hai that Great Demon King decides, some little time said : looked like mister really has outmigrated the Ark Continent people, otherwise why wasn't mister worried?” ro! ~!