Chapter 807 real eye Zhao Hai look at Great Demon King, showed a faint smile said : Your Majesty to guess right, I had not said to Your Majesty, our Ark Continent person, truly was completely has outmigrated, moved one very safely, moreover compared with a Ark Continent better place.” Great Demon King shows a faint smile, in then downward had not asked that Zhao Hai looks at the Great Demon King appearance, cannot help but also shows a faint smile, deep voice said : speaks the truth, my not ruthless Demon Race, because Demon Race invades Ark Continent for the good life, this is in your opinion indisputable, you and God Race are different, God Race to invade to invade, you are actually not.” Great Demon King selected the eyebrow, Zhao Hai then said : said that matter don’t know Your Majesty was interested, that was I, when opposed the enemy with God Race the fresh matter, God Race has carried on a summon, but they unexpectedly when that summon, summoned a person, was called on the person of god by God Race, that person was actually not the main body, was only projection.” Great Demon King one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but complexion changes, anxious is staring at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai cannot help but two eyes one bright, the secret passage has the gate. Zhao Hai already present, Great Demon King just looked at his time, to his Great Sword being interested, that type is interested, is not to the curiosity of Great Sword, in he looks in the Great Sword look, hid many thing, but those who most make Zhao Hai curious is, hides the anger sentiment in Great Demon King eye. Having who can be angry for a sword? Zhao Hai believes that Great Demon King definitely is knows many thing, or hate to Master of sword, but sword that he at that time changed, appearance Lu Wei that matching the appearance of sword, in other words, Great Demon King knew Lu Wei that sword. Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai spoke the probe, has not thought that he has succeeded, looked at the Great Demon King appearance, obviously was to this matter being interested. Zhao Hai had not covered-up, he turned the head to eat below in that person of under the hand/subordinate to Great Demon King said : slightly has owed, but in some below also methods, has defeated luckily that person, but also used Secret Technique, knew that person of origin.”

Great Demon King more listens is the heart startled, hears Zhao Hai to know that person of origin, Great Demon King could not be sitting still, his two eyes is staring Zhao Hai said : mister whether to tell.” Zhao Hai look at Great Demon King said : before telling Your Majesty, I want to know why Your Majesty will be interested in that person? Actually Your Majesty should also know that now our Ark Continent and Demon Race did not have what hatred, can say that later my Zhao Hai can make war with Demon Race, can not make war with Demon Race, because Ark Continent here I gave up, I and Demon Race not in reason of battle, but conversely, god demon to arrive at Ark Continent, has carried on Blood Sacrifice a Ark Continent country with Magic Formation, I and God Race altogether do not treat the day, therefore now I and Your Majesty, could not be enemies, not?” Great Demon King deep looked at Zhao Hai one, what some little time he nodded said : mister saying that our Demon Race now and Ark Continent truly did not have what hatred, did not have the reason that anything battled against, I told mister not to have anything, but mister must guarantee that you considered my thing, certainly will make me be interested, otherwise, do not blame me to get angry Wuqing/ruthless.” Zhao Hai nodded said : I to guarantee that Your Majesty listened to my words, certainly will not get angry with me, conversely, possibly also meets very grateful I.” Great Demon King looked at Zhao Hai one, sighed said : hope so, today tells mister not to have anything, mister too had not possibly known about our Demon Race that the life of our Demon King person was not short, conversely, on most races compared with Ark Continent was much longer, sole can with fearing that our Demon Race compared be only then Elven Race, was because of this, therefore each Great Demon King, the time of reigning was very long, in every , no matter what Great Demon King ascended the throne, Demon God was manifests a presence, wishes clothing/taking.” Zhao Hai nodded, this point he to knows that Cai'er has told him, at that time he for better understanding Demon Race, was interested in Demon Realm some customs, therefore very careful has asked Cai'er. The Great Demon King actually don’t know Zhao Hai nod is any meaning, he thought Zhao Hai hear of understand, therefore his then said : when I ascended the throne, devil in flashes has manifested a presence, you do not think, I at that time how excited, because I must become Great Demon King, was receiving the blessing of Demon God.” Zhao Hai can understand that Great Demon King mood, looks like person who ten points believe in Buddhism, became King of country's in his suddenly, then received Pok's blessing to be the same, his mood certain very excited and excited.

Great Demon King then cold sound said : „, but I have not thought that big Demon God that I see is actually that appearance, in entire Demon Realm, nobody knows that I actually am one type of Divergent Technique, this Divergent Technique name was called the real eye, was all phantom, Illusion Technique that or and Magic made, was impossible to deceive my eye, but this Divergent Technique I have not spoken to anybody, therefore nobody knows.” Zhao Hai one hear of Great Demon King said that cannot help but two eyes one bright, his look at Great Demon King said : „did Your Majesty see that Magic Beast is actually not the appearances in your heart?” Great Demon King look at Zhao Hai, nodded said : now I to believe that mister must tell my content, certainly was thing that I was interested, good, such that just like mister said that Great Demon King that I saw, in Great Demon King with my heart complete was different, Great Demon King that in our heart I saw should be that appearance, Great Demon King that but I saw at that time was actually not.” Was saying Great Demon King while has referred to a picture on Zhao Hai body back wall, Zhao Hai turned the head to look at that picture one, presently that is a Demon King portrait, he cannot help but nodded. Great Demon King then said : although that Demon God semblance or Demon God appearance, but in my eyes, that Demon God actually changed the appearance, he turned into on one to put on the person of strange long gown, the attire of this person with the shape, was completely different to Demon Race, was different to God Race, on the person with Ark Continent was different, is one type of I have not seen style, but what most important was, that person also on was phantom, attached on place Tiny Pagoda, in other words, Magic Beast of our these many year of letter salaries, unexpectedly were fake!” Speaking of here, Great Demon King already the own in hand wine glass crumb, obviously he how excited, Great Demon King then made an effort patted table said : at that time I suspicion, this what's the matter, but I have not disclosed that but was smooth ascending the throne has become Great Demon King, then Demon God phantom vanished, but I actually clearly saw, that was just that Tiny Pagoda, broke Space to fly away, after I ascended the throne, I started to look for the clue, finally had found the clue in our Demon Race Great Demon Statue there.” Zhao Hai curious look at Great Demon King, don’t know he found any clue, Great Demon King look at Zhao Hai, deep voice said : that Great Demon Statue is our Demon Race unsurpassed treasure, according to legend big Demon God bestows our Demon Race, operational Magic Formation that but I in big Demon God, presently Magic Formation, have actually been keeping in the time!” Zhao Hai is suddenly enlighted, he before continuously strange, if around Ark Continent these Space, belongs to big Space, belongs to Lu Wei, how does he want to collect Strength of Faith? Obviously did one collect? Is impossible? Now he knew, all because of that Magic Formation. Great Demon King looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, knows that what Zhao Hai has thought , has he cannot help but what mister thought to Zhao Hai said :?”

Zhao Hai nodded said : I truly to think some thing, I to Your Majesty say person who God Race summoned, I did not fear that said to Your Majesty, the appearance that person said looks like that person who Your Majesty told really very much, moreover my here also had the portrait of that person, asking Your Majesty to have a look.” Said that Zhao Hai moved, has taken a paper, appears on this paper Lu Wei appearance, this was the picture that a Space neighborhood came out, seemed like exactly the same as Lu Wei, is naturally impossible to be wrong. Great Demon King looked the picture that Zhao Hai takes stares, carefully looks, complexion big change said : good, is this person, is this person in pretending to be Great Demon King, I after he has had the suspicion, looked up some standard collections on clan, because I do not believe that in the clan has not left has the person of real eye ability, finally was looked up by me to, Demon Race all has the person of real ability, inexplicableness that can die, including status also high of several people, there are two people. Can become the Great Demon King person, inexplicableness that finally also all dies, therefore I believe that certainly is this person does not want our clan to see clearly his true colors through the real eye, has killed these people, eye of ability my reality, is fortunately different from the real eyes of average person, moreover I had not told anybody I have the real eye, therefore escaped this tribulation.” Zhao Hai nodded said : this person to be summoned by God Race, but God Race called him on god, he when coped with me, has used several weapon one after another, that one just used with me the sword same sword, just his sword wanted to be smaller, but finally after I defeated that person, obtained a tower, looked like very scary Mota, now this place tower by my refining, was turned into addition an appearance.” Said that Zhao Hai turns the hand, Tiny Pagoda appears in Zhao Hai in hand, but Fu Wa does not have appears . Great Demon King carefully looked at Tiny Pagoda, nodded said : „the although style to have some changes, but should be I have seen that tower, mister did not say that you do know his details? Is he who? Why wants control we?” The Zhao Hai look at Great Demon King appearance, deep voice said : Your Majesty do not worry, listening to me to tell you slowly that person made several weapon be given to break by me, finally he carried on attack with this Tiny Pagoda to me, this Tiny Pagoda carries on Soul Attack unexpectedly, I one [say / way], had almost been given kill by this Tiny Pagoda, fortunately afterward my uniform Tiny Pagoda, used Secret Technique, the tower adhered to stick cohere that soul that to refining, this knew the truth of matter!” ro! ~!