Chapter 808 takes Great Demon King Bang! A Great Demon King palm his front small table patting a smashing, his two blood red eyes puffing said : „hasn't mister deceived me? In the eyes of that what Immortal Cultivator, are we used to collect the Strength of Faith tool really?” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, has not spoken, although his anything had not said that but Great Demon King actually already understand his meaning, what Zhao Hai said is real. Great Demon King complexion is pale, regarding his this kind of this lord, was regarded one specifically to be used to collect the Strength of Faith tool unexpectedly, this is he how, regardless of unable to accept. Great Demon King has stood, his look at Zhao Hai said : mister knew these many matters, do have solution?” Zhao Hai nodded, hand armed forces, small table and wine pot also had wine glass fragment vanish from sight, he has put out small table, a wine pot, two wine glass, several small side dish, have put on small table, then to the hand signal that Great Demon King has made invitation. Great Demon King looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, stares slightly, then cannot help but laughed, sat, carried wine glass to drink liquor, then put down wine glass said : nice wine, compared with liquor that I drank, but much better, has mister been able to say?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : this liquor is our nearest/recent two years does newly, he he, Your Majesty, if likes, I can I deliver give Your Majesty.” Great Demon King nodded, has not said anything, although his present frame of mind calm, but wants to let him like original calm is actually impossible, he wants to know how now Zhao Hai must solve the matter of that Immortal Cultivator. Zhao Hai has not let Great Demon King , etc. too long time, with eating dried beef, to Great Demon King said : Your Majesty to Ark Continent here should have some understanding, before Ark Continent here, is Inferior level plane, before Ark Continent here did not have God Rank Expert, because here Law of the Heaven and Earth does not permit, one, but appears God Rank Expert, that God Rank Expert on ascend, goes ascend to God Realm, God Realm can be said as Ark Continent Upper Realm, haven't I spoken incorrectly?” Great Demon King these years to cope with Ark Continent, but has used many methods, this intelligence collection naturally has not fallen, these matters that Zhao Hai said that when he is also knowing why this is also he must decide the piece clothing/taking Ark Continent reason, because of Ark Continent here compared with their Demon Race low level plane, conquer on conquer, no big deal. Zhao Hai looked that the Great Demon King appearance knows his very clear, he then I knows from the soul of that Immortal Cultivator to Great Demon King said : that regarding their Immortal Cultivator, our Ark Continent, God Realm, your demon office, appears Underworld, these belongs to big plane now, our these places, belong to small plane in this big plane, probably is several rooms in big courtyard is the same, actually in this courtyard, but belongs to the different rooms.”

Great Demon King nodded, before Zhao Hai him told when matter of that Immortal Cultivator, he already indistinct has guessed correctly this point, but is confirmed by Zhao Hai now. Zhao Hai then said : „, but in our big plane, highest degree I looked is also on God Rank Expert, thinks that was arriving at Saint God Rank Expert very difficult, moreover to Saint God Rank, will possibly go ascend to higher plane, might is that Immortal Cultivator, when we arrived that also with that person in plane, the nature on is not his under the hand/subordinate, the person who our these just rose, the strength was inferior to him to be high certainly, does not get so far as to there, by his air/Qi.” Great Demon King silent, what his very clear Zhao Hai said is right, looks like Ark Continent here God Rank Expert is the same, before Ark Continent here these God Rank, to put it bluntly are False God level Expert, is not true God Rank. But God Race there, an ordinary soldier, is God Rank Expert, in this situation, Ark Continent here ascend to the God Realm person, will have a higher status? Is impossible. Zhao Hai then said : Your Majesty should also know that I have outmigrated the people on Ark Continent, the truth you told that I have outmigrated a place the Ark Continent person, calculation that place I said that if some day I can go ascend to Immortal Cultivator, that Ark Continent all people on Immortal Cultivator with ascend.” Before Zhao Hai, said that many, does not have these words to come to shock, Great Demon King two eyes stares perfectly round look at Zhao Hai, what some little time he said : mister you said is real?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, turns the head Your Majesty to dare to Great Demon King said : to go a place with me.” Great Demon King look at Zhao Hai, laughing said : suddenly your Zhao Hai has the courage with me to Devil War Chariot, where I have do not dare to go with you, walks, now walks.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, nodded said : that to ask Your Majesty to be ready, we walk.” Said that his hand wields, they disappeared in the reason. Actually in the Zhao Hai original plan, has not brought Great Demon King to enter Space this, he wants to urge Great Demon King at that time, Great Demon King said that Ark Continent here appears the Underworld matter, having made Great Demon King stop attacking Ark Continent, like this he can deal with God Race with ease. However Zhao Hai has not thought that Great Demon King actually knows some Lu Wei matters, the words caught up with the words to rush to here finally, Zhao Hai to was thinks that this was opportunity, they wanted to draw Demon Race before to their here come, but before , they had thought that was unlikely, but Great Demon King knows that the Lu Wei matter, happen to opened this window to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has wanted to call this opportunity, took Great Demon King at one fell swoop, then has taken entire Demon Race on equal to. Zhao Hai and Great Demon King appears in Ark Space, Zhao Hai is to bring Great Demon King to have a look at here, making his life condition to the present Ark Continent person have a very good understanding.

Their present appears place, is in Ark Space, Buddha Empire direction, Buddha Empire that but Great Demon King just saw is the person goes to the room to be spatial, has become the ghost town appearance, but Ark Space here actually completely is two appearances, in the entire city everywhere is the person, on the face of people are having the smiling face, on the avenue is also piece of busy scene. Zhao Hai and Great Demon King they were hidden the body, therefore the following person could not see them, Zhao Hai brought Great Demon King to visit in Ark Space well this. After visiting, Zhao Hai was also bringing Great Demon King to ordinary Space that another nobody lived, this Space had the mountain to have the water, the environment was also good, was not bad compared with Ark Space. Zhao Hai was leading Great Demon King to this, got him to look at the scenery in all directions, after waiting to look, Zhao Hai turned the head to Great Demon King said : Your Majesty, you thought that here was what kind of?” said : that a Great Demon King face is infatuated with is very attractive, compared with our Demon Realm much better, when our Demon Race person has been able to move to here to come to be good.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „, so long as Your Majesty you nod, tomorrow you can move.” Great Demon King stares, look at Zhao Hai said : that then two eyes shines your what meaning?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : truth you to say to Your Majesty, Ark Space also had this Space, here was, in this Space that my Divergent Technique brought, calculation that I said that I said that who let, who can come, I said that whom did not make come, who cannot come, if Your Majesty wants to let Demon Race to the here life, was the matter of a few words, so long as you agreed that can come here.” Great Demon King has gawked, then his does complexion sink, turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : what condition you to have?” To be honest, this Space lets Great Demon King sound very , the Demon Realm there living environment was extremely bad, can arrive in a such environment to survive, is a Demon Race person biggest pursue. However Great Demon King very clear, a Zhao Hai condition will not have such to do, he does not think that Zhao Hai is a sage, believes that before him acquired, about the Zhao Hai material, Zhao Hai absolutely is vicious and merciless ruthless character. Zhao Hai look at Great Demon King shows a faint smile said : actually not to have anything, I have said that I to your Demon Race too many dislike, I had not understood why you must arrive at Ark Continent to come, you to better place life, this place I can you, here I not use now in any case, like this your Demon Race person however was impossible becomes my enemy, I can feel relieved coped with God Race, enmity of I and God Race, altogether did not treat the day, they were think that here survived is impossible, I will not give them this opportunity, I must. All turns into Undead Creature them!”

Great Demon King some do not believe that the Zhao Hai words, suddenly he has thought a point, he turns the head, complexion ugly look at Zhao Hai said : „don't you want to regard you to collect the Strength of Faith tool us?” Zhao Hai laughed were too many, collected Strength of Faith that said : Your Majesty you thought? If not run into that Immortal Cultivator, my Strength of Faith is any thing don’t know, even if now, my don’t know that thing is also useful, said it, will not collect, after this Space, whom your Demon Race and is willing to believe on the letter anyone, I do not dare.” Great Demon King look at Zhao Hai, said : that does not believe „, only then these?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „, only then these, Your Majesty on feel relieved, you looks at the Ark Continent there person, life isn't very? You noticed that I did force them to Faith I? Have you seen the church or the temple this class place in the Ark Continent city?” Great Demon King thinks that before he had not seen these in Ark Space there, he cannot help but nodded said : „, if you can achieve this point, our Demon Race to can arrive in Space.” These was one's turn Zhao Hai to be surprised, his puzzled look at Great Demon King said : „did Your Majesty such comply? Why? Do you such believe me?” Great Demon King smiles bitterly next step: „Do I believe you not to matter, mainly matter you and don’t know, matter about Underworld.” Zhao Hai stares, puzzled said : Underworld? Underworld what matter?” Great Demon King has smiled bitterly, this tells...... ro! ~!